5 Best Class B RVs For Full Time Living

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Class B RVs are suitable for full-time living, provided you choose the right models. Motorhomes or campervans are perfect for temporary living. They can get a little limiting in due course of time. This is primarily why you should be meticulous with your assessment. There are many manufacturers of Class B RVs but the specifications vary considerably. While a basic checklist is quite simple, full-time living has its fair demands and they must be satiated if you are to have a convenient experience.

Class B RVs do not require a separate vehicle for towing. They are more compact and can be easily maneuvered on road and service lanes, at gas stations and parking lots. You could opt for a temporary halt at one of the parks or you may very well drive up a serene hill and find a spot to be nestled in for a few days. Class B RVs usually have a water system including sink and shower, a bed, heating and cooling including refrigerator, stovetop or cooking apparatus, a seating area that can be small, large enough or just sufficient and a toilet. Despite being compact, Class B RVs can be quite elaborate with various features, such as customized cabinets that will increase the cost.

Checklist to Buy the Best Class B RV for Fulltime Living

Class B RVs, also known as motorhomes and van campers or campervans, are costlier than the Class C RVs. The latter are larger so you are basically going to pay more for a compact design which inevitably means you will have less space. However, you will also be able to do away with a tow vehicle. Class B RVs use different types of chassis such as that of Ford E, Mercedes Sprinter, Chevrolet, and Ram ProMaster. You will need to be familiar with the major manufacturers of Class B RVs. The checklist cannot just cover extensions, windows and doors, shower, fridge, television or entertainment system, microwave and cooking area.

Manufacturers of Class B RVs in the United States

Ohio based Advanced-RV manufactures premium Class B RVs using chassis of Mercedes Sprinters. The company can customize a motor home or campervan for you. Airstream is a popular brand specializing in vintage trailers and they are better known for the aluminum coaches these days. Coachmen Galleria has an interesting inventory of Class B RVs built on chassis of Mercedes Sprinter 3500.

Also based in Ohio, Creative Mobile Interiors are an expert in converting Mercedes Sprinters. Leisure Travel Vans is one of the market leaders in Class B RVs. Elkhart based Midwest Automotive Designs makes luxury Class B RVs. The company works with Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans. Their Weekender model is quite popular. Troutdale based Outside Van specializes in Class B RVs and they cater to sports enthusiasts and adventurers.

Pleasure-Way is a Canadian company that works with Mercedes Sprinter and Dodge Ram ProMaster. The company has been making motorhomes for four decades now. Roadtrek is another Canadian brand that only makes Class B RVs. Naturally, they have sufficient diversity in floor plans and specifications. Safari Condo deals in Mercedes Sprinter, Dodge ProMaster and GM chassis for Class B. Some other well-known manufacturers are Sportsmobile that works on Ford, Chevy, Nissan and Mercedes, SVO Group that works with Dodge Ram ProMaster and The RV Factory that has a modest inventory of Class B RVs.

Portland-based Van Specialties has an interesting inventory of Class Bs. Winnebago is a name you have probably heard before. RV enthusiasts, outdoorsy adventurers and active campers love their RVs, especially Travato which is built on either Dodge Ram ProMaster or Mercedes Sprinter.

Tips to Buy the Best Class B RV

Class B RVs have a vast price range. The features vary widely and the experience will also be quite distinct depending on the model you choose. Always test drive a few before you form an opinion. If you have any experience with RVs, regardless of class, then put that to good use while evaluating specific models.

Prioritize fuel economy. Test all devices in the vehicle. Check the outlets. You may want to prioritize an air conditioner, microwave, fridge, television and media player. Assess the lighting, test the water system, inspect the shower and bathroom, try the furnace or the burner, run the generator and check out the storage spaces.

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Always consider Class B RVs that you will be able to afford. It is unwise to take on a debt you may struggle to manage. It is not hard to fall in love with majestic motorhomes. However, you will have to pay a little more for a premium model if you are considering full time living. Those in need of temporary stays may still do away with some features and keep the cost in more stringent check.

5 Best Class B RVs for Fulltime Living