When it comes to kids’ bikes, 50cc is probably the engine displacement to go for.

With that said, how do you choose a good bike from the plethora of options available on the market?

Well, we think that we have a few decent options to offer. To be more precise, we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the 10 best 50cc dirt bikes for kids out there!

Are 50cc Dirt Bikes Safe for Kids?

50cc bikes are safer for kids than more powerful dirt bikes since they don’t go as fast. Most 50cc dirt bikes will go between 25 and 40 mph, which isn’t terribly quick. But it’s quick enough – these speeds are more than enough to cause serious injuries or even fatal incidents.

The safety of your kid is key when picking a 50cc dirt bike, so you should first make sure that you have got the necessary safety gear for your child. Not only that, but you will need to educate your kid on bike safety. Then, you will need to supervise your kid since education may not be enough – children very often lack good judgment, and you may want to be there to enforce what you’ve taught to your kid.

Local laws and regulations will be important as well. Be sure to check local laws to see whether your kid needs to go through safety courses, whether you need to supervise them, and whether you need any licenses or permits for the bike.

Things to Consider in a Kids’ Dirt Bike

There are plenty of things you will need to consider in a kids’ dirt bike. Maybe even too many things. You’ve got technical stuff on one hand and some features related to safety on the other.

We want to focus our buyer’s guide more on comfort and safety rather than technical specs. Technical specs are important, but less important when you are dealing with a kids’ bike. We suggest that you get acquainted with the technical stuff on your own, while we will overview things that matter in terms of comfort and safety for your kid.

Engine type

Dirt bikes – be it adults’ or kids’ bikes – usually come with either 4- or 2-stroke engines. For a kid, we would suggest a bike with a 4-stroke engine.

4-stroke engines have smoother power delivery than 2-stroke engines. 2-stroke engines can be abrupt and are relatively difficult to tame, and one needs to have plenty of experience to get most out of a dirt bike with a 2-stroke engine.


When it comes to transmission, fewer gears are better. If you can, go for a dirt bike that has a single-speed transmission. While a multi-speed transmission will perhaps provide your kid with better control over the bike’s engine, it may be distracting and difficult for your child to master.

Seat height

The seat height is very important since you don’t want to get a bike that’s too tall or short for your kid.

Ideally, your kid should be able to touch the ground with both feet when starting the bike. If the bike is too tall for your kid, then bike startup may be very inconvenient for them. And if your kid’s too tall, then the bike will be uncomfortable on the road.

It’s pretty difficult to give seat height approximations based on the height of a person alone. That’s because a shorter person with long legs can take a higher seat, while a tall person with short legs will need a little lower seat.

To know for sure, your kid just needs to sit on a bike’s seat. Then, it will be pretty easy for you to determine whether it’s the right size for you.

If shopping online, choosing the proper seat height will be difficult. We suggest that you go to a local bike shop and try to determine what kind of seat height is right for your kid.

Throttle limiter

We highly recommend that you choose a dirt bike with a throttle limiter. 50cc is among the smallest engines available on dirt bikes, but even a 50cc engine packs quite a punch.

An excellent way to control the power delivered by a 50cc engine is a throttle limiter. Kids’ dirt bikes do usually come with throttle limiters, so you shouldn’t have problems with finding a good model for your kid. With that said, you should carefully check each of the candidate bikes to find out whether it really has a throttle limiter.

Starter type

The type of starter system installed on a bike may matter to some people.

Dirt bikes usually have a kickstarter to get the bike’s engine going. A kickstarter isn’t a too convoluted piece of equipment, but it does require some force and skill. You may need to show your kid how to kick start a bike properly, or you may kick start the bike yourself for some time until your kid is able to do it on their own.

Instead of a bike with a kickstarter, consider a dirt bike with an electric push-button starter. This isn’t a must-have feature, but it will make things more convenient.

Bike weight

It may be a good idea not to buy a too heavy dirt bike for your kid. Not that dirt bikes are light per se, but the lighter your kid’s bike is, the better. This is not only a matter of convenience but also a matter of safety – for example, if your child gets trapped under the bike in an accident, it will be easier for them to get out from under the bike.


Finally, consider the price of the dirt bike. For a kid, it would probably make more sense to go for a cheaper bike.

A cheap bike won’t be too over-the-top. Besides, your kid may grow out of a dirt bike pretty quickly, which could make an expensive bike a waste of money. Thus, unless your kid really needs the bells & whistles of the pricier dirt bikes, you should look for a cheaper model.

Final Words

Dirt bikes are insanely fun to ride, but they can also be dangerous. A 50cc bike isn’t too powerful, but as mentioned earlier, it’s powerful enough for you to worry.

Be sure to make a responsible choice. Not only that, but remember that you will need to do plenty of other stuff apart from buying a dirt bike. Safety gear, local codes, dirt bike courses – these are among the things that you should also consider when preparing your child for his first off-road bike journey.

We also suggest that you try to understand the technical stuff since it’s pretty important. It won’t be as important while your kid is still learning, but you would want to buy a dirt bike that’s good specs-wise.