Our Five Favourite 5th Wheel Toy Haulers

Toy haulers can get pretty heavy when filled up with cargo. Due to this, you would need to be very careful while towing a toy hauler. You wouldn’t want to damage your RV with all its belongings, right?

There is such a thing as a fifth-wheel hitch. And this hitch can make controlling your towing vehicle with the RV behind vastly easier.

With that in mind, we decided to compile a top 5 of best 5th wheel toy haulers for today’s material. Without further ado, let’s see what they are about!

Jayco 2019 Seismic

Up first on our list of best 5th wheel toy haulers is the 2019 Seismic model line by Jayco. The first thing we like this line for is its wide choice of floor plans.

UVW, lbs.15845160251580015415156301592515735
GVWR, lbs.20695206952069520695206952069520695
L x W45’9” x 102”45’7” x 102”45’0” x 102”45’1” x 102”45’8” x 102”43’7” x 102”44’11” x 102”
Garage size12’6”12’6”14’16’13’11’4”13’2”11’8”

There are 8 floorplans available in this line. While their features are very similar in the basics, the main difference between them is the size of the cargo compartment. And this is the thing that interests us today most of all.

The garage size variety is pretty wide, going from 11’4” to 16’. Needless to say, the bigger the garage, the smaller the living compartment is going to be. So when picking a floorplan, the buyers would need to know what they want so they get the model with the right comfort-cargo capacity combo.

But overall, we can’t say that the garage leaves too little room in the living compartment, even with the floorplans that have larger garages. The interiors still look rather roomy, probably because Seismic toy haulers are pretty wide.

That’s not all though. The cargo compartments of this RV series have flip-up foldable and removable furniture installed. When you aren’t using the rear cargo compartment, you could use the free room to make the RV more comfortable.

This seems like a very good feature for people who aren’t always traveling with their toys. The cargo compartment doesn’t become a waste of space when you don’t have your quad bike with you.

Some of the floorplans have two toilets as well, which is another thing we liked about this model line.

In terms of amenities and included features, Seismic toy haulers are also pretty good. They come with the important basic things like a 40,000 BTU furnace, 3-burner cooking range, a water heater bypass system, a 21-inch stainless steel oven, and whatnot.

Things like an AC unit or a refrigerator don’t come stock though. Those are included in the customer value package, which you would probably need to get if you were to pick a Seismic toy hauler. Other things like 50A service, a 5.5KW generator, a 30-inch residential microwave, a 6-point leveling system, and a couple of LED TVs also come with this package.

Dutchmen Endurance

Priced at around $70 thousand, Dutchmen Endurance is a cheaper line of toy haulers.

Like Jayco’s Seismic, there are 8 floorplans available for the Endurance series:

Cargo capacity, lbs.44845704509844524484331437084381
Shipping weight, lbs.10516110961170212348123161335292929619
Garage size17’1”12’7”13’11’13’15’15’6”10’


Note the 17’1” cargo compartment of the 3006 floorplans. In this floorplan, the cargo compartment isn’t separated from the interior. It’s just one huge room that you could use either as a garage or more living space.

All the other floorplans have their garages separate from the living areas. But they still have sofas, tables, and whatnot installed, so they could be used to extend the living area.

Dutchmen’s iN-Command control system should be mentioned as well. It basically turns Endurance toy haulers into smart RVs, allowing you to control its lights, the generator, slide-outs, and other things remotely.

In terms of amenities, the Endurance series is great. With its Endurance Premium package, the buyers of an Endurance RV would get things like a 30,000 BTU furnace, 15,000 BTU AC, 30-gallon fuel station, an 8 cu. ft. refrigerator, a stovetop with an oven, a LED TV, and many other features. There is also a 5.5KW generator available as an exterior option.

There are some things that lack in the Endurance series in comparison to Jayco’s Seismic series. Mainly, it is free room and comfort. But let’s not forget that Endurance toy haulers cost around $60-70 thousand, while Seismic RVs are priced at around $100 thousand.

Forest River XLR Nitro

XLR Nitro by Forest River is one huge series of fifth-wheel toy haulers. Forest River offers 16 floorplans in this series. And they are quite different from each other in terms of garage size, length, weight capacity, and general layout.

FloorplanUVW, lbs.Cargo capacity, lbs.L x WGarage size
28DK510259603632’8” x 102”15’1/2”
29DK511553499237’10” x 102”10’
33DK512454406641’1” x 102”13’
35DK513299351143’8” x 102”15’
35VL512678390141’11” x 102”12’
36TI513598361939’11” x 13’4”11’
36VL512210464039’5” x 102”14‘
37DK512229423639’5” x 102”13’
38VL513979402145’11” x 102”16’
42DS515404259643’1” x 102”12’
33VL512569395642’9” x 102”13’
37VL512859392141’4” x 102”12’6”
25KW9017322532’5” x 10”8’1”
27KW9073345033’8” x 102”7’9”
28KW8428456736’9” x 102”17’
29KW9256425936’9” x 10214’


On one hand, the more options there are, the more likely it is that people will find what they are looking for. However, we also feel that such a wide choice can be confusing for people.

On the other hand, floorplans are different enough from each other to make choosing one easier.

Speaking of the differences, the floorplans vary widely when it comes to garage size, first of all. The garage size ranges from 7’9” to 17’ in this series.

Like it was with Dutchmen Endurance, the garage compartment in Forest River Nitro toy haulers can be used as a living area. Depending on the model, the garage area can be equipped with an additional electric bed with a pass-thru dinette, a couple of armchairs, TVs, and whatnot.

In addition, some floorplans also come with two toilets, which is a great thing for family journeys.

In terms of packages, Forest River Nitro is pretty remarkable. Its base package includes kitchen appliances like a large 12 cu. ft. refrigerator or a 3-burner cooktop, entertainment stuff like JBL speakers and an LCD TV, etc. The mandatory extension packages include things like 50A service, 15,000 BTU ducted roof AC, a single electric bed (which goes in the garage), and other items.

There are also other options like a 5.5KW generator, a second 13,500 BTU Ac, and an AC energy management system available. While not everyone will need a second AC, a power generator definitely is a thing you should have. So one may want to opt for the 5.5KW unit that Forest River offers.

Jayco 2019 Talon

Jayco 2019 Talon is very similar to the Seismic series we examined in the beginning, but it is a bit different.

The main difference between the two Jayco toy hauler series is size. Talon RVs are about 3-6 feet shorter than Seismic RVs. And besides, this series is priced at about $60-70 thousand, so it is a cheaper line of toy haulers.

In the Talon series, Jayco offers 6 floorplans:

FloorplanUVW, lbs.Cargo capacity, lbs.L x WInterior heightGarage size
313T10800520039’10” x 102”103”13’
320T10675532539’10” x 102”103”16’9”
392T12235466542’4-1/2” x 102”103”12’6”
393T11375462541’5” x 102”103”13’6”
403T12180431041’5” x 102”103”13’
413T11960454041’5” x 102”103”13’


The cargo compartment length ranges from 13’ to 16’9”. In fact, only the 320T floorplan has a 16’9” garage. The garages of other floorplans are about 13’ long, so they aren’t that different from each other.

And overall, the garage sizes are pretty similar in both the Talon and Seismic model lines. So this isn’t the thing that differentiates them.

What does differentiate them is the amount of comfort and free room. Talon toy haulers are shorter, so they are going to have somewhat less free room than the longer Seismic toy haulers.

However, because you again can make use of the cargo compartment even if you don’t have toys with you, you can potentially get plenty of comfort from Talon toy haulers.

In addition, people who don’t have powerful towing vehicles could opt for Talon instead of the Seismic. Talon RVs weigh about 11-12 thousand pounds, while Seismic RVs are about 15 thousand.

When it comes to packages, the two Jayco toy hauler series are very similar to each other. This means that the buyers of Talon toy haulers are going to get the same functionality, albeit at a smaller scale since this series is smaller. For example, you are getting a weaker 35,000 BTU furnace, while Seismic came with a 40,000 BTU furnace.

But overall, the included equipment is similar. Like Seismic, Talon toy haulers come with the mandatory customer value package with a 15,000 BTU AC, 50A service, kitchen appliances, and whatnot.

Forest River XLR Thunderbolt

And the last RV on our list of best 5th wheel toy haulers is Forest River XLR Thunderbolt. We chose this line since we thought that we should include a Forest River toy hauler line that contrasts XLR Nitro in terms of floorplan options.

XLR Thunderbolt series only has 7 floorplans:

FloorplanUVW, lbs.Cargo capacity, lbs.L x WGarage size
340AMP13462317440’4” x 102”11’
341AMP13903282243’ x 102”14’
369AMP13644349635’4 x 102”13’
382AMP15729527143’9” x 102”13’
413AMP16280472044’6” x 102”13’
422AMP16364463644’6” x 102”13’


Not that 7 is a low number, but compared to XLR Nitro’s 16 plans, XLR Thunderbolt doesn’t have that much width of choice.

This can be a good thing though since one wouldn’t need to wrap their head around the differences of 16 models, right?

So, the first difference between XLR Nitro and Thunderbolt is that the latter has fewer floorplan options. As a result, there is a more limited choice of garage sizes and lengths.

Another thing that differs between the two Forest River toy hauler lines is exterior design. XLR Thunderbolt has a more colorful and eye-catching appearance, which may be a great thing for some people. As for us, the design has been one of the reasons why we added this toy hauler series to our list.

At the basics, the layout and equipment of XLR Nitro and Thunderbolt are very similar. The garage can be used as a bedroom if there are no toys parked there, first of all. Secondly, the amenity packages are pretty similar in the two series.

Among the notable differences is that Thunderbolt toy haulers come with a larger 18 cu. ft. refrigerator, which may make these toy haulers better for long-term journeys. Other than that, there aren’t other noteworthy things. Thunderbolt RVs still come with things like an LCD TV, a 5.5KW power generator, a 15,000 BTU ducted roof AC, etc.

You may also like the best 5th wheels for full time living.

A pretty important thing that is also common between the two lines is that some XLR Thunderbolt floorplans have 2 toilets.

So in the end, Forest River XLR Thunderbolt is a good choice of a flashy toy hauler. And it has some good comfort and storage capacity to offer!

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