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Thinking about buying a fifth wheel trailer? If so, then our article may be of interest to you.

Today, we are going to overview 9 fifth wheels that offer great value for the money. They all differ from each other quite drastically, so there certainly will be something for you to have a look at.

In addition, we would like to touch upon the topic of fifth wheels vs travel trailers. Newcomers to the RV world often wonder what the difference between these RV types is. Aside from that, many people can’t decide which one is better for them.

To help you a little with making a clear distinction between fifth wheels and travel trailers, we are going to explain what fifth wheels are, as well as discuss their advantages and disadvantages over regular travel trailers.

But first, let’s have a look what the 9 fifth wheels we have picked have to offer!

9 5th wheels that offer great value for the money

Winnebago Micro Minnie

5th wheels that offer great value for money

Starting $35,888 MSRP

Floorplan Length Height (w/ AC) Width Interior height Dry weight GVWR
2405BH 26’9” 11’5” 7’ 7’ 5,740lbs 7,700lbs
2405RG 5,780lbs
2405RL 5,640lbs

Key features:

  • Very light and compact design.
  • Three-burner cooktop.
  • 13,500BTU AC.
  • 18,000BTU furnace.
  • Pull-out outdoor kitchen in some floorplans.

Up first on our list is the Micro Minnie fifth wheel line by Winnebago. Not the most comfortable and luxurious line on the list, it does offer a few interesting things nonetheless.

The Micro Minnie series has five floorplans, but we included only three in our chart since Winnebago provides no specs for the other two. These two floorplans aren’t out yet, which is why there are no numbers on them.

The floorplans in the Micro Minnie line are very similar to each other in terms of build. There’s only a slight difference in weights, which shouldn’t play that big of a role for most people. What instead differs between the floorplans is their layout. 

With all the floorplans, you are getting basic bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and dining amenities. However, some floorplans, for example, are limited to just the two sleeping spots in the bedroom, while others have two additional spots in bunk beds. 

Aside from that, what differs between the floorplans is the layout and location of the bathroom. Furthermore, the upcoming 2405BHDB floorplan will feature two toilets, though its main bathroom compartment will be smaller than in the others.

Additionally, some of the floorplans in this series offer pull-out outdoor kitchens, which is a nice feature for those who like to dine outdoors.

In the end, the Micro Minnie fifth wheel trailers definitely aren’t the most comfortable on our list, but their inexpensiveness, compactness, and lightness make them a great value for the price.

Jayco North Point

9 5th Wheels That Offer Great Value For Money 1

Starting $82,975 MSRP

Floorplan Length Width Interior height UVW GVWR
315RLTS 38’3” 96” 107-1/4” 12,430lbs 15,250lbs
375BHFS 42’10” 14,120lbs 16,500lbs
377RLBH 42’8” 14,040lbs 16,750lbs
379DBFS 43’1” 14,250lbs 16,995lbs
381DLQS 40’9” 13,275lbs 16,500lbs
381FLWS 43’ 13,905lbs 16,750lbs
383FKWS 43’5” 106-7/8” 13,700lbs 16,500lbs
385THWS 44’11” 107-1/4” 15,530lbs 19,000lbs
387RDFS 42’11” 14,035lbs 16,500lbs

Key features:

  • Exterior kitchen with a TV, cooktop range, sink, and refrigerator in a few floorplans.
  • 50-amp service.
  • 21 cubic feet residential refrigerator.
  • Ceiling fan in some floorplans.
  • 15,000BTU quiet AC.
  • 15,000BTU bedroom AC.
  • Underfloor garage in the 385THWS floorplan.

The Jayco North Point fifth wheel series vividly speaks luxury with all its fibers. Well, the chart above should have given you a good idea of what these fifth wheel trailers are – it’s obvious that they offer a lot of comfort inside.

Ranging from 38 feet 3 inches to 44 feet 11 inches in length, the Jayco North Point fifth wheels are literally packed with conveniences. No wonder that these things cost over $80,000!

What’s even better is that you have a wide array of layouts and floorplans to choose from. Every floorplan available boasts excellent comfort, but some offer more than the others.

As an example, the 385THWS, which is the longest floorplan in this line, features an underfloor garage beneath the bedroom, so it basically is a toy hauler fifth wheel. It won’t be able to take in large vehicles, but bikes or kayaks should be no problem for it. And to allow you to safely take toys with you, the GVWR of this floorplan is 19,000 pounds, much more than in the other floorplans.

Among the amenities offered by some floorplans are two toilets, loft areas with additional sleeping space, outdoor kitchens/entertainment centers, two AC units, ceiling fans, and many other things. And yeah, you are also getting a huge 21 cubic feet residential-style refrigerator, as well as 50-amp service in these fifth wheels.

All in all, for people who have the budget, the Jayco North Point delivers an amount of comfort unparalleled by many other fifth wheels.

Jayco Eagle HTX

9 5th Wheels That Offer Great Value For Money 2

Starting $48,359 MSRP

Floorplan Length Height Width Interior height UVW GVWR
26RLX 31’6” 145-1/2” 96” 95” 7,915lbs 9,995lbs
26BHX 31’6” 151-3/4” 7,355lbs
27SGX 31’ 8,100lbs
28RSX 32’10” 8,640lbs


Key features:

  • 8 cubic feet gas/electric refrigerator.
  • 15,000BTU whisper quiet AC.
  • Additional double bunks in some floorplans.
  • 7 sleeping spots in the 26BHX floorplan.

The Jayco Eagle HTX line is much more down-to-earth than the North Point, but it has its own goodies to boast.

Well, first of all, these fifth wheels aren’t as bulky and heavy as North Point models, so they are more suitable for those RVers who have limited towing capacity. Aside from that – which is arguably the most important difference – the models in this line cost nearly two times cheaper.

Still, not being exactly a budget-friendly line, the Eagle HTX has remarkable comfort to offer. There are just 4 floorplans available in this series, but they deliver a good amount of variety for buyers.

For example, for those who need some extra sleeping space, there is the 26BHX with its queen bed plus double bunks and a tri-fold sofa, which amounts to 7 sleeping spots. If you want to have a more kitchen-focused fifth wheel, then the 28RSX’s kitchen area with a kitchen island has a good amount of surface area to work with.

In conclusion, while the Eagle HTX line doesn’t have some of the fancy features of the North Point series, it does offer what you would expect for the money.

Starcraft Telluride

9 5th Wheels That Offer Great Value For Money 3

Starting $48,929 MSRP

Floorplan Length Height (w/ AC) Width Interior height UVW GVWR Sleeping capacity
251RES 29’3” 151” 97” 92” 7,360lbs 9,995lbs 2-4
292RLS 31’11” 149” 7,950lbs 4
296BHS 34’9” 150” 96” 7,830lbs 8
289RKS 30’7” 149” 7,415lbs 9,760lbs 4
338MBH 37’3” 95” 9,275lbs 11,500lbs 8


Key features:

  • 15,000BTU AC.
  • A good number of sleeping spots.
  • 50-amp service.
  • 8 cubic feet refrigerator.
  • Three-burner range/oven.
  • Outdoor kitchen.

Starcraft RVs are particularly renowned for the amount of sleeping space they provide to their occupants. 8 and even 10 spots are a common occurrence in their recreational vehicles, with the Telluride fifth wheel line being no exception. You aren’t getting 10 sleeping spots from this line, but 8 is a very good number nevertheless.

Is that the only thing that the Telluride fifth wheels can boast? No, there’s much more to this fifth wheel line.

First of all, the Telluride line offers quite a good range of RV floorplans to choose from. Whether you want comfort or are more worried about weight, Telluride fifth wheels should be able to satisfy you.

In terms of amenities, these fifth wheels are pretty comparable to other similarly priced RV lines. They have a very decent kitchen (both indoor and outdoor), a roomy full bathroom, and, of course, plenty of sleeping space. And interestingly, Starcraft has equipped the Telluride RVs with 50-amp service, which isn’t something that you always see in fifth wheels.

On the other hand, being quite an inexpensive line, this RV line won’t offer extra-fancy features, like the ones in the Jayco North Point fifth wheels. However, what’s more important is that this RV has all the basics to make your traveling experience more enjoyable for not so much money.

Coachmen Chaparral Lite

9 5th Wheels That Offer Great Value For Money 4

Floorplan Length Height Width UVW GVWR
25MKS 29’3” 11’10” 96” 7,549lbs 9,800lbs
285RLS 33’7” 9,167lbs 11,000lbs
295BHS 34’7” 8,843lbs
29BH 35’4” 9,113lbs 11,300lbs
30BHS 36’5” 9,535lbs 11,500lbs
30RLS 33’7” 11’8” 8,981lbs 11,000lbs
28RLS 30’4” 8,028lbs
29RLS 34’3” 8,870lbs

Key features:

  • Good amount of comfort.
  • 50-amp service.
  • 13,500BTU ducted AC.
  • 8 cubic feet stainless steel refrigerator.
  • Outside kitchen in some floorplans.

The Coachmen Chaparral Lite fifth wheel line isn’t as compact and light as the Starcraft Telluride series, but it isn’t as heavy as something like Jayco North Point RVs either. Right in the middle of the spectrum, it is a nice option for those RVers who aren’t limited in their towing capacity but don’t need anything exceptional.

The Chaparral Lite series offers quite a few floorplans to choose from. These plans differ from each other by size, weight, as well as the general layout of things. The Chaparral Lite line thus will most likely satisfy most people out there with its selection.

Particularly notable in the Chaparral Lite fifth wheel trailers is the kitchen area. It varies from floorplan to floorplan quite significantly, but each of them is designed to ensure a more convenient cooking process.  A few floorplans come with more or less basic kitchens, some have an additional kitchen island, while a few even go as far as having an outside kitchen with a grill. 

The same goes for sleeping space. While most floorplans feature a single queen bed + tri-fold sofa setup, you also have the option of floorplans with an additional flip-up bunk, double bed bunks, or twin bunks.

The Chaparral Lite fifth wheel trailers also come with 50-amp service by default, which means that there are pretty much no limits to the number and wattage of the appliances that you could use inside the RV.

In terms of amenities, the Chaparral Lite isn’t as spectacular as pricier fifth wheel models. It doesn’t come with an RV generator, a huge refrigerator, or two ACs. But given that you can get this RV for around $30-40,000 (we are talking about used 2020 Chaparral Lites), the value is just insane.

KZ Durango Half-Ton

9 5th Wheels That Offer Great Value For Money 5

Floorplan Length Height (w/ AC) Width UVW GVWR
D250RES 28’11” 12’1” 96” 7,260lbs 9,000lbs
D256RKT 33’2” 9,170lbs 10,500lbs
D259RLS 29’5” 7,150lbs 9,000lbs
D271RLD 33’10” 8,520lbs 10,500lbs
D283RLT 8,750lbs
D286BHD 33’7” 12’ 8,800lbs
D291BHT 37’4” 12’1” 9,670lbs 11,500lbs

Key features:

  • Cozy and comfortable interior.
  • 15,000BTU ducted AC.
  • 35,000BTU furnace.
  • 8 cubic feet refrigerator.
  • Outside kitchen and grill in some floorplans.
  • Two bathrooms in the D291BHT floorplan.

When you read the phrase “lightweight luxury” on the Durango Half-Ton fifth wheel line’s webpage, you think that this is some kind of a luxury RV with an astronomical price. In reality, this RV costs around as much as fifth wheels like the Starcraft Telluride RVs, though it does have a cozy and maybe a little luxurious-y interior, mainly thanks to the plentitude of wooden elements.

We’d say that Durango Half-Ton RVs are very similar to the Coachmen Chaparral Lite RVs. However, there are still some notable differences here and there.

Perhaps the most important difference between the two fifth wheel lines is that the Durango fifth wheels come with 30-amp service by default, though there is 50-amp service is available as an option. While we feel that 50-amp service is better since it provides more power room for appliances, there undeniably are people out there who would rather prefer to have 30-amp service.

Another, a little bit more minor difference is the 15,000BTU AC. Since the Chaparral Lite fifth wheels have only 13,500BTU AC units preinstalled, you are getting a bit better cooling capacity with Durango fifth wheels.

The Durango fifth wheels are also better in heating since they come with a 35,000BTU furnace, while Chaparral Lite RVs seem to come with none.

There are certainly many more little differences here and there, but these were the most important ones. While the two fifth wheel lines offer comparable comfort, the small differences we outlined above are going to make this RV more appealing to some people.

Gulf Stream Coach Sedona

9 5th Wheels That Offer Great Value For Money 6

Floorplan Length Height Width Interior height Dry weight Carrying capacity
26FRKW 29’1” 12’1” 96” 6’2” 7,550lbs 2,290lbs
27FLRD 29’11” 11’9” 9,900lbs 2,239lbs
28CBF 31’6” 11’7” 7,500lbs


Key features:

  • Light, compact, and not too expensive.
  • 30,000BTU furnace.
  • Three-burner range.
  • 6 cubic feet refrigerator.

The Gulf Stream Sedona is a nice option for those looking for a not too expensive fifth wheel, as well as those who don’t want to wrap their heads around a dozen floorplans. With just three floorplans available, there isn’t a lot for you to consider in the Sedona line.

In terms of amenities, the Gulf Stream Coach Sedona fifth wheel is rather simple. While it does come with the same stuff that other, even pricier fifth wheels come with, its base setup isn’t as packed with features.

For example, Sedona fifth wheels come prewired and prepped for roof or ducted AC units, but they seem not to come with any air conditioners. Instead, they are available as options for additional money. At least, Gulf Stream Coach lists 13,500BTU and 15,000BTU roof ACs as options, and it seems that they aren’t mandatory.

Aside from that, Sedona fifth wheels come with 30-amp service preinstalled, with 50-amp service being available as an option.

Other than those, you are getting a very familiar set of features and layouts with each of the Sedona floorplans. Around 30 feet of length is still a lot, so even demanding RVers should feel like home in these RVs.

Dutchmen Astoria

9 5th Wheels That Offer Great Value For Money 7

Starting $48,280 MSRP

Floorplan Length Height (w/ AC) Carrying capacity Average shipping weight Sleeping capacity
2503REF 30’ 12’5” 2,070lbs 7,880lbs 2-4
2513RLF 29’6” 12’11” 2,247lbs 7,703lbs 3-4
2953RLF 33’4” 12’3” 1,664lbs 8,896lbs 4-6
3003LRF 34’4” 12’8” 2,745lbs 9,255lbs
3123BHF 35’4” 12’3” 1,464lbs 9,096lbs 6-8
3273MBF 36’ 12’10” 2,200lbs 9,800lbs 8-10


Key features:

  • 13,500BTU ducted AC.
  • 35,000BTU furnace.
  • 8 cubic foot double-door refrigerator.
  • Three-burner range.
  • 50-amp service.
  • iN-Command RV management system.
  • Automatic leveling system.
  • Outdoor kitchen/entertainment center in some floorplans.

We’ve overviewed a couple of around $50,000 fifth wheel trailers. Again priced around $50K, the Dutchmen Astoria offers many new and unique things to the owner. 

The most remarkable feature in the Astoria fifth wheel trailers is the iN Command RV management system. This system basically turns the RV into a smart home, allowing you to remotely control the lights, tank levels, slide outs, awnings, and other components of the RV.

Another very interesting feature is the automatic leveling system. As the name suggests, this system is designed to help you with leveling when parked, allowing you to avoid doing manual measurements with levelers or whatnot. This feature is available in many other RVs as well, but usually only as an option.

Other than that, in terms of overall comfort and amenities, the Astoria fifth wheel line is very similar to comparably priced RVs. The main features of Astoria fifth wheels are the auto leveling system and the iN Command RV Management system, which makes it a good choice for people who want to automatize their RV as much as possible.

Dutchmen Voltage

9 5th Wheels That Offer Great Value For Money 8

Starting $112,756 MSRP

Floorplan Length Height (w/ AC) Carrying capacity Average shipping weight Sleeping capacity
3615 38’11” 13’3” 3,055lbs 13,745lbs 5-7
3655 39’4” 13’4” 3,204lbs 13,596lbs
3705 39’ 13’3” 3,657lbs 13,113lbs
3915 42’11” 4,990lbs 15,010lbs
4115 43’10” 4,544lbs 15,456lbs
4185 44’5” 4,611lbs 15,389lbs
4205 43’9” 13’4” 3,953lbs 16,047lbs 8-10


Key features:

  • Toy hauler design.
  • The iN-Command RV management system.
  • 18 cubic foot refrigerator.
  • 5.5KW gas generator.
  • Two ducted AC units.
  • 50-amp service.
  • Excellent sleeping capacity.
  • Outside kitchen & entertainment centers in some floorplans.

The Dutchmen Voltage line, being the priciest fifth wheel line on our list, offers a couple of exceptionally interesting features. Of course, a fifth wheel of such a price is going to be very comfortable, but saying “comfortable” isn’t nearly enough to describe what the Voltage line has.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the Voltage fifth wheels is their toy hauler design. All of the floorplans in this series have a garage compartment in the rear, which is an excellent feature for RVers intending to occasionally bring along toys.

The size of the garage area in the Voltage line varies from 10.5 feet to 18 feet, so no matter what toys you have, you should be able to find the right model for you. On the other hand, the floorplans with longer garages have less living room when the garage is occupied, but that’s just a thing that you will have to roll with.

What about living in the Voltage fifth wheels? Well, this line certainly delivers a lot for its over $100,000 price tag.

A particularly notable thing in this fifth wheel series is the number of sleeping spots. Even in the smaller floorplans, you are provided with 5-7 sleeping spots, depending on whether the garage is occupied or not. And in the largest floorplans, you get an amazing 8-10 sleeping spots.

A unique thing about this fifth wheel trailer line is that Dutchmen includes a 5.5KW generator, which is enough to safely run all the included appliances, albeit maybe not simultaneously. If necessary, you could easily get a beefier generator – the 50-amp service in this line will readily accept it.

In the end, getting exceptionally close in price to motorhomes, the Dutchmen Voltage line does have a lot of comfort and fancy features to boast.

Should you consider getting a fifth wheel trailer?

What’s the deal with fifth wheel trailers anyway? Most importantly, is a fifth wheel a better choice for traveling than a regular travel trailer?

Well, there isn’t such an answer to the latter question that would apply to all cases. It all depends on your needs and preferences. And to help you decide whether a fifth wheel trailer is better for you than a regular travel trailer, let’s try to understand what fifth wheel trailers are.

What is a fifth wheel hitch?

Towable RVs are usually equipped with rear receiver hitches. Fifth wheels, on the other hand, are equipped with fifth wheel hitches.

A fifth wheel hitch consists of a large horseshoe-shaped plate that is attached to the bed of pickup trucks via metal rails. These rails are directly connected to the frame of the pickup, which allows for increased strength and stability. A fifth wheel trailer also has hitch plates that connect to the horseshoe socket via the so-called kingpin.

Fifth wheel hitches have quite a complex design, but for the purpose of this material, knowing the above is enough. 

Due to the specifics of their design, fifth wheel hitches have some advantages and disadvantages over regular receiver hitches. Let’s discuss them below.

The good and the bad of fifth wheel hitches


Increased towing capacity

The number one benefit of fifth wheel hitches is their increased towing capacity. Attached directly to a truck’s bed, fifth wheel hitches can carry much heavier loads than receiver hitches. Plus, the hitch itself has a durable design, which combined with the strong mounting allows for the support of up to 30,000 pounds of load.

This is well beyond the typical weights of fifth wheels. You may come across a few fifth wheels that weigh half this amount, but probably no more. This means that in your truck-hitch-trailer system, the hitch is the link that is the least likely to break.

Thanks to the increased towing capacity delivered by fifth wheel hitches, fifth wheel trailers can carry heavier loads than similarly sized travel trailers. For example, the 38 feet 3 inches long Jayco North Point 315RLTS has a GVWR of over 15,000 pounds, while the 39 feet 4 inches long Jayco Eagle 338RETS has a GVWR of 11,700 pounds.

Due to their higher load capacity, fifth wheels can carry much more stuff in them. So at the same size, a fifth wheel trailer is likely going to be better-equipped than a travel trailer.

Increased stability & maneuverability

Another crucial advantage of fifth wheel hitches is that they deliver increased stability and maneuverability. That’s because a fifth wheel hitch brings the RV forward closer to the vehicle, as well as makes it sort of hang over the rear axle of the truck.

In addition, the position of a fifth wheel hitch over the rear axle of the truck isn’t fixed and can be adjusted. Thus, fifth wheel hitches allow you to control the stability and maneuverability of your RV to some extent.

Smoother ride

Modern fifth wheel hitches tilt across multiple axes, which, aside from increased maneuverability, allows for increased comfort of drive. Overall, fifth wheel hitches are good at alleviating shocks from the road, which can make the ride more comfortable for both the driver and passengers in the RV. An air-ride pin box upgrade can further improve the smoothness of fifth wheel hitches.



Fifth wheel hitches are rather expensive, priced from several hundred dollars to around $3,000 and even more. Well, that’s the price you have to pay for the increased complexity of fifth wheel hitches and the comfort they deliver. The expensiveness of fifth wheels is an important thing to be mindful of if you don’t have a fifth wheel hitch installed in your pickup.

Aside from the hitch itself, fifth wheel trailers also tend to be quite expensive – usually, around 1.5-2 times more expensive than regular travel trailers of comparable size. This most likely is due to the larger variety of equipment included in fifth wheel trailers.

Occupy room in the truck bed

Since fifth wheel hitch horseshoe sockets are installed in the truck bed, they occupy a considerable amount of truck room that could be used for other purposes. Thus, when deciding to mount a fifth wheel hitch receptacle in your truck, consider your needs for storage. If you aren’t really dependent on the truck’s room or if the size of the fifth wheel hitch socket is just right, then feel free to go for it.

Increased RV weight

Fifth wheel hitches do allow trailers to get bigger and comfortable, as well as carry more useful appliances and items in it. On the other hand, the increased capacity of fifth wheels means that fifth wheel trailers tend to weigh much more than regular travel trailers.

We can’t say that the increase in weight by itself is bad. After all, even towing a 5,000-pound RV is going to be a challenge for some people. However, there are probably fewer people out there who own trucks capable of carrying 15,000 pounds.

On the other hand, the heavier weight is the tradeoff for the increased level of comfort. And this isn’t necessarily bad since some people are going to be completely alright with the heaviness of fifth wheels, while others will prefer to stick to lighter travel trailers.

Should you get a fifth wheel trailer?

Now, we generally understand what a fifth wheel hitch is and what the ramification of its use on travel trailers are. The question here is whether you should get a fifth wheel trailer or not.

Well, it comes down to your needs and capabilities. For example, if you don’t have a truck or a fifth wheel hitch and are planning to get them, then you would need to consider the cost of not only the RV itself but also the cost of the truck or the fifth wheel hitch. 

No less important than your capabilities is understanding what you need. Fifth wheels do offer plenty of advantages over regular travel trailers, but does this mean that you must choose a fifth wheel?

No, it doesn’t. While fifth wheels do feature better comfort, higher carrying capacities, and smoother rides, regular travel trailers are better in some other fields. They are lighter, less expensive, and don’t require special hitch receptacles.

In the end, if you find that you need a fifth wheel, then you will need to prepare a hefty budget for it. But if the benefits of fifth wheels aren’t that appealing for you, then you should go for a regular travel trailer.

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