5th Wheels Under 25 Feet

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Whether taking a trip to the national parks or around the state, you need accommodation with you. You can opt to stay in hotels or camping grounds. The thing is, hotels are too pricy and won’t get you close to the action, as you would like to get. Also, the idea of sleeping in your bed is appealing every time. 

Investing in a recreational vehicle (RV) will take you near the action and get you access to places where there are no hotels or any other form of accommodation. You can go off-road and camp in remote areas as you continue with your adventure. They come with amenities and functionality that solo travelers, couples, and families can take advantage of no matter where you travel across the country.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or looking for a new way to travel, 5th wheel RVs are a significant investment. They are bigger than your standard travel trailers or campers, but they are not always a big as a ‘class A’ motor home depending on the brand or model.

What makes a 5th wheel camper distinguishable from other RVs is its hitch and how it hooks up to its towing vehicle. A 5th wheel camper has a gooseneck hitch that hooks into the truck bed of a heavy-duty truck (the towing vehicle). By hooking the camper into the bed of the truck, there is better stability and a better center of gravity.

Fifth-wheel trailers need tow vehicles. The gooseneck hitch requires a truck for towing, and the heavier weight of a 5th wheel, the bigger truck for towing it requires. Depending on the size, a fifth wheel can be towed with a 6-cylinder sedan, 1/2 ton pick up or an SUV. 

Here are seven fantastic fifth-wheel trailers available in the market. They come in different sizes and looks to cater to many tastes. Families, couples or a single person depending on the size can use them. Fifth-wheel trailers are still popular, mostly among seasoned veterans of the RV lifestyle. They tend to be larger, ranging in sizes from 17′ to 45′. In this review, we are looking at fifth wheelers under 25 feet. 

7 Best 5th Wheels Under 25 Feet

Allen Idle-Time 219 RKS 

Allen Idle-Time 219 RKS 

Starting Price: $25,000

The 2018 Allen Idle model is 8½ feet wide with a length of 24 feet ten inches. It is effortless to tow thanks to its length and weight which is minimal. If you are looking to get a camper big enough for your family yet easy to maneuver around, the 219 KRS is an excellent choice. 

The 219 RKS comes in white and grey colors offering attractive designs. In the front, the camper comes with a power jack and hitch light enabling the driver to see behind the trailer. At 11 feet, 4 inches tall, it is short enough to fit under almost any bridge or fuel-station overhang. 

The Allen fifth wheel has one shallow-depth slide out that extends the living area considerably in the camper. It is also a lightweight trailer, with a GVWR of 7,600 pounds, and can be towed by a variety of full-size gas and diesel pickups. This nimble trailer has a generous cargo capacity of 2,700 pounds, allowing for storage of plenty of gear and provisions for longer-term travel. 

The camper sits on dual axle trailer and is made out of aluminum that is sturdy and lightweight. It’s fully insulated with spun fiberglass to make it an all-weather trailer for use in all four seasons. There are three tanks in this trailer: 36-gallon fresh water tank, 38-gallon gray water, and 38-gallon black water tanks that are located under the trailer bed and are fully insulated. 

This 2018 model comes with a fantastic floor plan that is very efficient. The entry door is located at the back of the trailer and opens up to a kitchen galley with a stove refrigerator and a sink. The living area comes with a sofa and a dinette area. A full bathroom is located between the living area and the bedroom with a queen bed with a large closet. 

The camper can comfortably accommodate four adults as the dinette converts into a double bed that can sleep two. There is enough storage in the camper for you to pack for extended periods or live in full time. Also, it is affordably priced, with a base MSRP just over $25,000. Optional upgrades include a walk-on roof heated basement, solar power, and satellite TV

    • Length of the camper- 24′ 10″
    • Interior height  – 7’ 3”
    • Freshwater capacity – 36 gallons
    • Black/ gray water capacity – 38/38 gallons 
    • LP Gas cap.- 10 gallons
    • GVWR – 7600 lbs 
    •  Cargo cap –  2700 lbs 

You can check it out here.

Escape 5.0 TA

Escape 5.0 TA

Starting Price: $45,000

With a length just over 21 feet and a GVWR of 5,500 pounds, the Canadian-built 5.0 TA is one of the smallest, lightest, and most maneuverable fifth wheels in this list. It four-star rated (RV Consumer Group) trailer, made purely from molded fiberglass body that is lightweight and yet extremely rugged unit recommended for off-road travel.  

Made entirely of hand-laid fiberglass in a two-piece mold, Escape 5.0 is lightweight and aerodynamic offering a low center of gravity for increased road stability. This shell is built around a frame constructed with thick steel tubing, eliminating any chance of fatigue. 

The trailer is wide to give the user more interior space at a total width of seven feet and 4 inches and a height of 9 feet. With a dry weight of only 3210lbs, the Escape 5.0 has been designed specifically for mid-sized vehicles such as SUVs and mid-sized trucks with a V6 engine or a minimum towing capacity of 5000lbs and cargo capacity of 1600 pounds. A 28-gallon fresh water tank and combined 68 gallons of waste capacity are adequate for short-duration dry camping. 

Escape 5.0 is fitted with 15-inch tires with a spare, LED marker lights, a 10-foot Fiesta awning and dual LP gas cylinders located at the front near the hitch. 

Don’t be fooled by the compact size of the trailer; it has all the amenities you would need when camping. Its small kitchen still boasts a 6.7-cubic-foot refrigerator, two-burner cooktop, microwave and sink roomy enough to get the job done. There is a lot of cabinetry in the camper for all your storage solutions. The trade-off for the trailer’s nimble size and weight is a wet bath without a dedicated shower stall. There are a permanent queen bed and the dinette doubles as an extra bed for those traveling with kids or guests, 

At a price point starting at $45000, a two-year warranty, the Escape will serve you well for a long time. 

  • Total Length- 21’2”
  • Total Height- 9’7”
  • Total Width- 7’4”
  • Dry Weight -3,700lbs
  • Cargo cap. – 1615 lbs
  • Freshwater cap. – 28 gal. 
  • Black/gray water tanks – 30/28 gal 
  • LP Gas cap. -10 gal

You can check it out here.

The Scamp 5th wheel

The Scamp 5th wheel

Starting Price: $20,000

The Scamp is a small trailer with a length of 19 feet that is perfect for boondocking. It’s light to tow with most trucks and is self-contained for your dry camping needs. It has no slide outs and with an exterior height under nine feet, it will clear all bridges and overhangs. 

The lightweight fiberglass trailer has a GVWR of 3,500 pounds and fits easily in tight spaces and garages for storage purposes. Its 1,000 pounds of cargo capacity is significant for its diminutive size. The trade-off for this affordable package is a small interior with a queen-size loft bed and a small bathroom. 

The Scamp offers 2 sleeping quarters, a bed in the loft and a dinette that transforms double bed that can sleep another adult. There is a sink, gas stove, and a 4.6-cubic-foot refrigerator in your compact kitchen. The trailer offers excellent storage solutions for clothes and food inside the camper. On the outside, some compartments are large to store camping essentials like hunting gear and a generator. 

 Holding tanks are small, which can cut short your dry camping. There are alternative to this; you can choose to use campgrounds facilities or switch to a composting toilet that does not need water. 

The scamp is available in two-floor plans, the pricier deluxe model offers a microwave, a shower, and toilet, plus stairs to the loft bed, but gives up 300 pounds of carrying capacity.

With a base price under $20,000, this 19-Foot camper is affordable. 

  • Length of the camper- 19′
  • Interior width – 6’ 8”
  • Interior height  – 6’ 3”
  • Exterior  height- 8’ 10”
  • Freshwater capacity – 12 gallons
  • Black/ gray water capacity – 9.5/21 gallons 
  • LP Gas cap.- 10 gallons
  • GVWR – 3500 lbs 
  • Cargo cap 1000 lbs 

You can check it out here.

Livin’ Lite Mercury

Livin’ Lite Mercury 

Starting Price: $45,000

Livin’ Lite is well known for its lightweight all-aluminum folding camping trailers and truck campers. The Mercury fifth-wheel by Livin’ Lite’s is a 24-foot aluminum camper that comes with two-floor plans each equipped with a single slide out. 

Mercury is designed for half-ton pickups with GVWRs in the 3,500- to 4,500-pound range. The floor plans feature either double bunks or queen bed in the master. The trailer comes with a sufficient amount of outside storage for all your camping gear. There are many compartments in different sizes for all your needs. 

Mercury camper has a galley kitchen with a sink, stove, and a refrigerator for all your cooking needs. The kitchen comes with cabinets for your dishes, pots, and a pantry for your food.  The living area has a sofa that turns into a bed. A dinette sits on the slide-out, and when opened, it increases the size of the living area. This trailer has a separate shower and toilet located opposite each other just before the bedroom that has a queen bed with a wardrobe. 

The mercury is available in two-floor plans and at an MSRP of $45000. The trailer can accommodate four people comfortably and is towable with a half-ton truck. 

  • Length of the camper- 24′
  • Interior width – 7.65”
  • Interior height  – 12.58’ 
  • Freshwater capacity – 63 gallons
  • Black/ gray water capacity – 34/34 gallons 
  • LP Gas cap.- 14.2 gallons
  • Dry weight   – 4170 lbs 
  • GVWR- 5100 lbs 
  • Cargo cap – 930 lbs 

Sabre Lite 25RL 5th Wheel Trailer

Sabre Lite 25RL 5th Wheel Trailer

Starting Price: $47000

Forest River’s Sabre Lite 25RL trailer features an ultra-comfortable trailer with quality craftsmanship build in this model. This model comes with the classic paint job of black and white found in Forest River trailers. This camper is big enough to extended living yet its short of making towing with a ton truck easy. The Sabre Lite comes with three-floor plans to choose from.

The trailer sits on a double axel bed that is aluminum build, which is both light and sturdy. The sidewall construction is done with molded fiberglass that is well insulating and durable. The trailer has two slide outs that ultimately increase the livable square footage. 

Weight wise the trailer has a base weight of 7224 lbs and a carrying capacity of 4256 lbs. The Sabre Lite is a 24 feet trailer with a width of 8ft and a height of 12 ft and comes with front and rear leveling jacks. 

The standard package comes with a 16 feet power retractable awning with LED lighting on the outside. Also, the trailer comes with many exterior storage compartments that are heated. The trailer comes with double insulated frameless windows and two fans for venting. The floors are made of carpet in the bedroom and vinyl in the living area. It’s prewired for solar connection and comes with heat and air conditioning pre-installed. 

The Sabre has an open layout with a living area that has a slide-out. The back has a sofa that turns into a double bed. There is a four-sitter dining table in the slide-out. The kitchen is fully equipped with a double sink refrigerator and three-burner stove with a hood. The kitchen comes with inbuilt storage cabinets. This trailer comes with a full bathroom that has a flush toilet, shower cubicle, and a sink. 

The bedroom is located in the front of the camper. It comes with a queen bed with two side cabinets on each side. The second slide out is in the bedroom and provides a lot of space for a large closet.  

With a base pricing of $47000, this trailer is great for full-timers or campers who are on the road for extended periods. It’s easy to tow with a ¾ tone truck. 

  • Length of the camper- 25′
  • Interior width – 8”
  • Interior height  – 12.58’ 
  • Freshwater capacity – 31 gallons
  • Black/ gray water capacity – 42/42 gallons 
  • LP Gas cap.- 60 gallons
  • Dry weight   – 7224 lbs 
  • GVWR- 11480 lbs 
  • Cargo cap 4256 lbs 

You can check it out here.

Reflection 220RK Fifth Wheel

Reflection 220RK Fifth Wheel

Starting Price: $40,000

The Reflection 220RK fifth wheel features all of the amenities you need to enjoy comfort and convenience as you travel.

The Reflection weighs under 7000 lbs and can be towed using a half-ton or short bed truck. It comes with 90-degree turning point and a front aerodynamic cap with maximum turn radius with a marine-grade hitch. This aluminum trailer comes with coated ivory fiberglass construction. 

THE 220RK offers a rear kitchen layout and a private front bedroom. The camper has unobstructed pass-through storage for all of your outdoor camping items. It comes with aluminum entry steps along the curbside toward the rear of the unit. A retractable awning covers the entry door and provides a bit of outdoor space to enjoy while you are camp. 

You enter the camper to a kitchen landing. There is a deep sink, a three-burner stove, microwave above the stove and a lot of storage cabinets providing plenty of overhead cabinets for dishes and other cookware. Adjacent, you will find a refrigerator and pantry within the slide out along the roadside wall. 

The living area comes with a coach and a dining area. You will find a corner chaise lounge to your right side, just inside the door. A dinette seats four next to the sofa. To get to the bathroom, three steps lead to the bathroom and bedroom. The bathroom features a shower with skylight, a toilet, and a vanity with sink, including overhead storage.

The very front of this Grand Design Reflection 220RK model provides a private bedroom with a sliding door that includes a queen size bed with overhead cabinets, and a closet for clothing storage off the foot of the bed near the curbside wall. 

This camper has an MVPC $40,500

  • Length of camper- 25.6’
  • Interior width – 8”
  • Interior height  – 11.9’ 
  • Freshwater capacity – 52 gallons
  • Black/ gray water capacity – 39/71 gallons 
  • LP Gas cap. – 60 gallons
  • Dry weight – 6945 lbs 
  • GVWR – 8995 lbs 
  • Cargo cap. – 4256 lbs 

You can check it out here.

2019 KZ Sportsmen 231RK Fifth Wheel

2019 KZ Sportsmen 231RK Fifth Wheel

Starting Price: $25,000

This Sportsmen 231RK fifth wheel by KZ offers a single slide, walk-through bath, and a rear kitchen. The 231RK trailers have a dry weight of 6100 lbs and a total capacity of 7000lbs. The camper is an all-climate weather thanks to the climate package that includes insulated and heated camper that can adapt to all seasons on the road. 

As you enter the camper, you will find the kitchen area with a pantry, three burner range, microwave, and a double kitchen sink along the rear wall. The living area has a 70″ sofa and a dinette, which both transforms to beds to make room for more sleeping areas. The couch is situated on a slide-out that pulls out to increase the square footage in the living area. 

On the gooseneck part of the trailer is where the bedroom is located. The front bedroom has a queen bed with wardrobes on either side of the bed. There is a bathroom located between the living area and the bedroom.

This trailer has many windows for cross ventilation. There are plenty of overhead cabinets throughout the inside of the fifth wheel as well as a large exterior pass-through storage area, and 15′ awning.

At an MVRP of $25000, this trailer is all that you need for your adventures. It’s spacious and can sleep six people so you can bring everyone with you on your next trip. 

  • Length of the camper- 25′ 3″
  • Interior width – 8”
  • Interior height  – 11”11’ 
  • Freshwater capacity – 38 gallons
  • Black/ gray water capacity – 53/53 gallons 
  • LP Gas cap.- 30 gallons
  • Dry weight   – 6100 lbs 
  • GVWR- 7000 lbs 
  • Cargo cap 900 lbs 

You can check it out here.

Benefits of buying a 5th wheel

Spacious living space

This type of RV offers a sufficient living area to accommodate you and your family. Depending on the model and inside design, you can easily fit four adults in a 25 feet RV. They come fully equipped with a living area, kitchen, bathroom, dinette, and a bedroom area. 

More stable ride

The longer they are, the more unstable RV vehicles are to tow. The 25 feet trailer is easy to tow due to its size and no overhangs that can make driving on uneven surfaces harder. Unless you are planning to buy two new vehicles, make sure your pickup or truck can tow the weight of the fifth wheel camper. Larger pickups with a long bed are usually the best option for towing. 

You will need to know whether your pickup truck will need a slider hitch as this can add expense. The slider hitch also affects how your truck maneuvers with the trailer attached.

Less maintenance 

Fifth wheels tend to have less maintenance costs compared to motor homes. This is because the trailer is detached from the truck. You will be maintaining your vehicle more, and it costs less to train. Also, insurance costs are much lower for the fifth wheel than for motor homes. 


These trailers are spacious and luxurious houses away from home. They add the convenience of being able to park the trailer and venture off without towing it. You can park it in the camping grounds and venture into town or terrain without the added weight of towing. 


Buying a travel trailer is a significant investment. The fifth-wheel trailer is well constructed to give you value for your money. You will use these trailers for years, maybe even decades of fun and adventure. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for comfort and adventure in your travels, a fifth-wheel trailer will offer both. They are fully equipped with a living area, kitchen, and a bedroom for off-road camping. These trailers have the capacity for boondocking as you have all the amenities with you. 

Because the fifth wheel is detached from the truck, it’s easy to tow and set up. You will have your vehicle free from the extra load for exploring those problematic terrains. Fifth wheel trailer comes in different sizes to suit both couples and families. So when you go on an adventure this summer, don’t leave anyone behind, choose a camper that fits everyone.