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Naturally, the adventurist spirit in you isn’t looking for tons of luxurious space. All you need is a little space for your light traveling. You want to be able to pick everything up and leave on a whim. You have a bucket list to check off items from, and you keep running after the next thrill. When it comes to your search for the best accommodation on the go, an A-Frame camper is exactly what you need.

The beauty of the A-Frame camper lies in its small size and also the fact that on transit, the frame is folded and the trailer could be mistaken for the pop-up tent trailers thanks to the similarities held.

Note, however, that the pop-up tent is different from the A-Frame camper in many ways. Its hard sidewalls and the steeped roof turn the camper into a fully enclosed living area. This camper is also different from the canvas-sided traditional pop-up tent/ trailer which has gained popularity over the past few decades.

Therefore, if you’re looking for an outdoorsy living quarter that offers a higher level of protection from the elements, you might want to try the hard-sided pop-up A-frame camper.

A-Frame Camper: Still confused?

Well, an A-Frame camper, also classified as a pop-up camper, and known as a fold-down camper refers to a folding camper which differs from most of the old camp-styles in that it’s not made using canvas, but it’s made of hard walls. These hard walls fold in by themselves, creating a compact structure that’s easy to tow.

What the reason for the popularity of A-Frame campers?

As an active camper, you might have noticed an increase in the number of A-frame campers around. Besides this being the current trend, the rise in the use of this camper might have a lot to do with its features.

The camper is characterized by:

Hard walls that leave you with an RV that’s well insulated against the weather. Thanks to this design, you wouldn’t have to worry about rain, wind, snow, or any other less than optional camping weather.

Compact design – despite having hard walls and a traditional box trailer roof design, this camper can be easily folded down the same way you would a pop-up, to create a compact and lightweight package that’s easily towed by a minivan, a light SUV, or any other vehicle. Its compact design also means that you can easily store the camper in your garage and you don’t have to worry about paying monthly storage fees.

Versatility in floor plans – previously, A-frame campers have a limited number of floor plans, and you wouldn’t think of finding a shower in one. However, things have now changed, and the campers come with dormers that allow for more floor space including complete kitchens and hard-wall bathrooms. You might even find an A-frame camper with a toy hauler option.

Easy Setup – while pop-up campers are known for their ease of setup, the A-Frames beat the pop-ups in terms of their ease of setup. The reason for this is that the A-frame campers have walls that are assisted by gas-strut lifts and the larger models have power lifts. Setting up doesn’t have a learning curve.

The only major downside to the A-Frame campers include the fact that it lacks adequate headroom, it doesn’t have the home-like features, and you cannot set it up or pull it down in high wind conditions.

The Best A-Frame Campers

1. Rockwood Hard Side A-Frame Camper

a-frame camper

Manufactured by Forest River, along with its sister brand Flagstaff, Rockwood is one of the well-known A-Frame campers out on the market is known for its reliability, ease of use/ set up, and compact design. This trailer is made of fiberglass and vacuum-bonded exterior. Its set up is fast and thanks to the company’s time on research into what campers need, this Rockwood hard side camper boasts ample storage room, and you might also like its multiple floorplans and all the configurations available.

The camper’s standard interior features include:

  • Its two-tone fabric seating.
  • The cherry interiors with a wood-look linoleum
  • An electric water pump
  • A stainless steel look for its sink and other appliances
  • A double pan sink that boasts a high rise faucet
  • It also comes with a large opening picture window
  • The perfectly designed interiors of this camper and the large space make A-Frame camper the perfect place for you to spend your nights and days.

If you’re downsizing, this camper could be an ideal solution for you, your cozy home on wheels.

It’s also important to mention the fact that this Rockwood camper combines its solid exterior that makes this an ideal travel trailer, with the unique premier tent, leaving you with the best camping worlds. This camper’s design with a smooth fiberglass bonded exterior design coupled with the easy setup and the ease of storage and towing, make this camper your perfect blend of fun and home.

Worth mentioning is the fact that these hard-side campers by Rockwood come in different models that are differentiated by floor plan and the size of the camper.

You might also like its wood-look flooring, the anti-freeze inlet, the in-built 3-burner stove, and its residential flush toilet.

2. Bolwell RV AIR A-Frame Trailer

17 Best A-Frame Campers + Others 1

If you’re looking for an A-Frame trailer with stunning looks and highly functional design, you should consider trying out this trailer. It’s a towable trailer that can be easily towed by a small SUV and thanks to the AIR function which makes the trailer aerodynamic while on transit; this trailer promises to enhance your SUV’s fuel efficiency.

Bolwell RV AIR A-Frame Trailer is a trailer manufactured in Australia, but what makes this trailer quite unique is AIR’s construction on the modern aerospace and the use of composite technology while leaving you with a strong, corrosion-resistant camper that will stand the elements well. You might also like the fact that the camper’s sturdy construction doesn’t steal away any of the interior spaces or comfort. It also has large and wide-opening windows on all its sides which allow you to enjoy natural light and views when the weather is bad or when you want to spend some time indoors.

This camper has several features, most of which are upgradable. Its design allows for easy setup, as well as takedown.

You might also like the fact that the advanced construction and the innovative design of this camper make the camper aerodynamic and lightweight.

  • It comes with extra-large and a lockable front storage boot, and you could choose its large oversize double bed or the twin single beds.
  • It comes with an enormous rear tunnel boot which gives you extra storage space under the bed
  • Its front/ rear storage tubes are ideal for fishing rods and annex poles
  • Comes with a dinette seating which easily converts into an additional single bed
  • It features an 82-liter water tank, a 110-liter two-way refrigerator, and an electric and gas hot water.
  • It also comes with a three-burner cooktop, as well as a sink with a draining board.
  • An external shower headset that’s accessible in the lockable compartment
  • It also has a microwave open
  • It comes with a large-capacity deep-cycle battery
  • You might also like this camper because it’s customizable.

So, if you’re looking for a stable, economical, safe, and feature-packed camper, this is it.

3. Aliner Expedition A-Frame Camping Trailer

17 Best A-Frame Campers + Others 2

The Aliner Expedition model represents the largest of the airliner fleet of campers at a length of 18’ and a width of 84”. Despite its large size, this trailer has an impressive weight of only 1850lbs which means that the trailer could be towed easily by a small SUV.

This camper also boasts two pop-up sections – the front and the rear-hard dormers which are optional. It has many other options, but its most impressive feature is its ability to handle any adventure you take it on.

Compared to other campers, the Aliner Expedition gives you almost double the living space you’d get from other campers. To be specific:

  • This camper offers 30% more in the storage room
  • It has taller beds and countertops
  • And you might also like its flush-mount Euro-Style Sink and the stove
  • This Aliner camper also boasts the highest chassis capacity of all the other Airline Campers.
  • This camper also comes with 11 gallons of freshwater, optional the toilet/shower, but it lacks a standard axle.

Its standard features include:


  • Off-road axle
  • Outside shower
  • Baggage doors
  • Front utility light and LED running lights
  • Exterior outlet and LP connection
  • White fiberglass

Interior standard features include:

  • Sink
  • LED interior lights
  • And three electrical outlets

As mentioned above, it’s one of the largest Aliner campers, but it weighs not more than 2000lbs making it a towable camper even for the most fuel-efficient vehicles.

Because of its size, this camper is ideal for the entire family or even a couple looking for more space.

4. Aliner Scout-Lite A-Frame Camping Trailer

17 Best A-Frame Campers + Others 3

400;”>If you’re looking for a small camper for with a hard side construction, you might want to try this Scout-Lite camper by ALiner. Designed with a purist in mind, this camper has each of the Aliner construction features except that they’re packed into a simple and light package.

What this means is that the camper is lightweight (weighs 1180lbs), with small flush-mount Euro-style sinks and enough living space just for one.

Its other features include:

  • A fantastic fan
  • A front and rear diamond plate
  • Two skylights
  • One outlet
  • One sink
  • Aluminum rims
  • A solar port
  • City water hookup
  • And you get to choose the white or the black exterior

Unfortunately, this camper doesn’t come with a freshwater inlet, a toilet, or a shower. It also lacks an exterior shower, front utility or LED running lights, and no exterior outlet or an LP connection.

Its other features include the standard axle and standard fiberglass on the exterior.

5. Jayco Jay Series Hardwall A-Frame Camper

17 Best A-Frame Campers + Others 4

Just because you’re going to spend some time outdoors doesn’t mean that you get to use an ugly camper. And it would appear that this handsomely designed A-Frame camper is trying to tell you this. The camper comes fitted with an important storage deck in which you can store all your gear.

The camper has a simple three-step setup process, and you might also like the features and functions that improve the camper’s functionality. It also comes with a beautiful, expandable screen room which gives you more sheltered living space.

Its hardwall features include the fiberglass roof, as well as its electric brakes, the three-burner stainless steel stovetop, and the microwave oven, among other functions. ‘

Its interior is cozy with variable floorplans a wide range of amenities that meet your unique needs. Whether you need a camper with a full bed, a dinette, or a bathroom, or even a combination of these features, you will find an ideal camper.


The three steps of setting up the camper include:

  1. Pitching the spring-loaded roof and guiding it all the way up until it locks up in space
  2. From the inside, shut the bottom door behind you then flip up its top half and secure it with the latch.
  3. Then push and latch its triangular sidewalls for its final set up.

Its standard interior features include:

    • Residential cabinetry drawers and doors
    • Acrylic faucet and sink
    • 17-gallon fresh water tank which has a 12v on-demand water pump
    • Microwave oven
    • 6-gallon gas water heater


  • Three-burner stovetop made of stainless steel
  • Window drapes and ceiling valances
  • Tinted vinyl windows. Etc.

Its other features include:

  • Four Stabilizer jacks that come with sand pads
  • Electric brakes
  • Spare tire
  • 3-way electric/ gas refrigerator
  • Integrated A-frame and a heavy-duty construction resistant to corrosion
  • Fiberglass roof

On the downside, however, it the fact that this 2016 Jayco Jay Series Hardwall A-Frame Camper is no longer produced by the company, and you will have to try other brands in the future.

Note that one of the options of this Jayco Jay Series is the Baja Package which boasts 15-inch off-road tires and an extra 5-inch ground clearance which allows you to take this camper anywhere.

6. Arrowhead Pop-Up A-Frame Trailer

17 Best A-Frame Campers + Others 5

Are you looking for a pop-up A-Frame trailer with a length of 15’6” and a base weight of about 1435lbs? Perhaps you should try this Arrowhead Pop-Up A-Frame Trailer. It is not only good-looking but also well-built to last long and provide value.

Its standard features include:

  • Pre-wiring for solar
  • Fan
  • LED lighting
  • Fridge, two-burner stove and sink, and heater
  • 15-Gallon capacity freshwater tank
  • Its exterior features include:
  • Cold-water swivel faucet
  • Portable table with foldable legs
  • Coordinating interior décor
  • Durable wood-grain vinyl flooring
  • Panoramic windows
  • Diamond plate rock guard
  • Four stabilizer jacks
  • A patented lever system (lift system) that allows for the camper’s easy setup or takedown
  • High-winds harness system
  • Electric brakes
  • Insulated composite construction

Note that the design of this trailer includes a front dinette and a rear gaucho, as well as a sleeping space of three people.

The other construction features of the camper include a one-year structural warranty, a patented mutual lift system, high sidewall, electric brakes, fully-insulated composite walls, breakaway switches, a folding entry steep, and powder-coated boxed frame.

You might also like the fact that this camper comes with an off-road A-Frame package too.

7. Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Camper

17 Best A-Frame Campers + Others 6

Forest River’s Flagstaff Hard Side Pop-Up Camper is one of the best hard sidewall campers that features a solid exterior like that found in a travel trailer.

This camper makes it to our list thanks to its sturdy external construction and its intricate interiors. The exterior is designed using the fiberglass vacuum which makes this camper super easy to set up. Its size also gives you huge storage and towing functions, and you will also enjoy the amenities previously present only in travel trailers.

You might also like the fact that Flagstaff gives you access to up to eight different floorplans and you can choose any depending on your needs. This camper also features a fully enclosed living area which is beautifully designed with maple and a wood-look linoleum.

It’s affordable, and its residential-style high-rise faucets and the stainless steel double-pan sink and appliances make for stylish and comfortable camping experiences.

Its other features include:

A large-sized tinted rear roof with a skylight shade, a few front roofs, and tinted windows that give enough light, as well as airflow.

It’s a one-piece structure with an undercoated wood floor that’s coupled a two-tone seating. In addition to these and the maple interiors, this camper is definitely something you will want to spend your holidays in. These features also enhance the durability of the kit.

The camper also comes with four EZ Crank Down stabilizer jacks, as well as a powder-coated steel frame, which not only accounts for the stability and durability of the camper but also makes for the camper’s simple setup.

This camper also comes with pre-plumbed allowing you to use the kitchen and other amenities as soon as it’s setup. The plumbing houses a 20-gallon freshwater tank, as well as a water filter, a shower, and a heater. You might also like the fact that the camper comes with a pump located under its floor to ensure the availability of water at all times.

The other nifty feature of this camper is its Wi-Fi ranger and the Wi-Fi booster which is designed to keep you connected all the time. You might also like its TV outlet, the multiple USB charging ports, and the satellite hookup. It also comes with a detachable power cord, a safety breaker, and a converter.

On the downside, it lacks a screen room, and it doesn’t have mud tires or a high-ground clearance.

8. Clipper Camping Trailers by Coachmen

17 Best A-Frame Campers + Others 7

If you’ve been on the camping scene for a while now, you’ve probably heard of Coachmen, and you know that the company is one of the best ones when it comes to campers and camping trailers. This Clipper camping trailer, a pop-up is one of their trailers, and it’s known for its wide variety of floor plans, as well as its lightweight design – Clipper 106 Sport tips the scales at 1503lbs while Clipper V-3 V-Trec tips the scale at 3065lbs.

Its leading features include:

  • A sturdy, tubular steel frame that’s coupled durable and laminated aluminum skin. The aluminum is on the trailer’s outside and being corrosion-resistant, you don’t have to worry about your trailer losing its shape too soon after purchase.
  • Its interiors boast walnut cabinetry, residential countertops, as well as LED lighting,
  • It also boasts over 15-floor plans
  • This Clipper camper also features a 12volt LED lit interiors.
  • The Clipper range of Coachmen campers accommodates between 2 and seven people.

9. The Clipper 106 Sport

The features that stand out from this Clipper 106 Sport include:

  • Its insulated tent beds
  • The booth dinette
  • Storage closets
  • And an exterior LP Grill
  • This camper has been uniquely designed for easy setup and towing. But its best features include its fully and double insulated tent bed for comfortable sleeping, not to mention the booth dinette for easy reading, eating, and sleeping. Cooking and washing of dishes in the camper is made easier by its deep acrylic bowl sink. The exterior LP grill makes it possible for you to grill in the camper.
  • The scissor-style stabilizing jacks of the camper come with pads which extend and easily retracts to the inbuilt and uniquely designed residential-grade linoleum. These features allow you to camp out anywhere,
  • The tubular steel frames are perfect for traveling, and the electric brakes increase the camper’s performance.
  • This camping trailer accommodates five people comfortably
  • It has a fresh water capacity of 16 gallons
  • Two cooktop burners.

10. Coachmen RV Viking Camping Trailers V12RBST Legend Hardside

If you’re looking for a folding pop-up camper with a quick-release exterior design one with an exterior storage box at the front, this could be it. Its rear features a 54” x 80” bed (flip-up) which doubles as storage space at its underside.

The interior of this camping trailer has the following:

  • A three-burner cooktop that has a refrigerator below it
  • One sink
  • Microwave cabinet
  • The hard side pop-up design of this A-Frame camper keeps you safe from the elements.
  • It has a 45” x 80” booth dinette which is not just an ideal space for eating since you could also use it for board games, and you could also turn it into sleeping space.

Exterior Features

  • AM/FM/DVD Wall Stereo with Exterior Speakers
  • Electric breaks
  • Outside Hot water shower
  • Tan filon exteriors
  • Roadside assistance for easy traveling.
  • It accommodates three people.

11. Aliner& Somerset – NewPort

The Somerset Newport by Aliner is an A-Frame camper that comes with a 6” tubular steel frame, and it could be exactly what you need on your next adventures. This camper is feature-packed with everything you need to go on your next camping trip comfortably.

Its main features include:

  • An inside stove
  • Interior and exterior speakers
  • A 35-amp converter that comes with a charger
  • A 6-gallon water heating system
  • 12v electric water pump
  • A 16,000 BTU furnace
  • A three-way refrigerator
  • Electric brakes and bolt hubs (5)
  • Four stabilizer jacks (crank down)
  • Lube axles
  • A 6-inch tubular steel frame
  • Bolt-on bumpers
  • Leaf-spring suspension system

If you don’t plan on spending too much time in your camping trailer, you might want to try this camper. When not in use, you could store the camper effortlessly, and it will not take up a lot of space. It also boasts a simple setup. Tipping the scales at 1150lbs, this camper can be towed easily with small SUVs,

Thanks to its flip-up gallery which has a lot of storage space, and the fact that this camper can hold a 4-inch mattress easily, it’s clear that this camper is very spacious. There is also the convertible dinette which can hold a 39-inch x 59-inch bed. Therefore, this camper will easily hold up to six individuals comfortably.

This camper is also affordable.

12. Rockwood High Wall Series Hw276

Wouldn’t you love a spacious and comfortable camper that also comes with a private shower area? Well, this camper could be exactly what you’re looking for thanks to its private bathroom, a large and furnished kitchen, as well as a bedroom. This Rockwood High Wall HW276 comfortably holds up to six individuals comfortably, and it also comes with a lot of luggage space.

For your eating/ cooking needs, this camper features a three-burner cooktop, and it also has a microwave fitted cabinet.

Its other features include:

  • An overhead kitchen cabinet that simplifies the preparation of means at all times. The walls also have hanging wardrobes for storage of clothes and neatness of the camper.
  • This high wall package also comes with extra packing accessories
  • Thanks to is double pan sink fitted with a high rise faucet, cleaning utensils will be a seamless thing, and you don’t have to worry about dirty water messing up your appliances
  • It has a wholesome home-feel with the fitted bunk LED Lights and fans
  • The beds are comfortable thanks to the frames made of tough aluminum, as well as the powder-coated bows, and poles.

The bathroom comes fitted with reliable hard wall showers. Also present is a private flush toilet. You can also monitor the water pump switches and the batteries with ease.

13. Somerset Mesa

This is yet another A-Frame camper that promises to take you on every adventure you’ve been dreaming about. Fitted with modern facilities and amenities, you can live in this camper very comfortably.

It is a trusted pop-up camper than with multiple essential features, and its structural features will handle toughest conditions with ease/

Its exterior is made of a simple design, a perfect blend of the rugged outdoors and a modern life. It has an exterior front storage box, a spare tire, as well as crank-down stabilizer jacks.

And don’t let the exterior fool you since this camper holds a minimum of 8 adults with ease. It also offers a great deal of storage space.  

Its other interior features include:

    • Two king size beds located at the front and rear ends of the camper. For additional sleeping space, there is the collapsible dinette and the 12’ awning.
    • A two-burner cooktop
    • Toilet/ shower combo
    • A comfortable dinette that seats four
    • It also comes with a shower or a toilet chest next to the door’s entrance
    • It also comes with an adjustable mesh screening which ensures that the interior of the camper has adequate ventilation depending on the season.
    • A 13,500 BTU roof-mount air conditioner


  • You might also like that this camper comes fitted with an important safety feature, a carbon monoxide detector.
  • It also has an outdoor grill, which makes the camper ideal for hunting and fishing adventures.

14. LivinLite’s QuickSilver Tent Camper

This is yet another camper that offers a high level of luxury, and the best part is that the camper is budget friendly. While there are several types of options of this QuickSilver Tent Campers, it’s important to mention that the campers have similar characteristics. These features include:

Extremely lightweight design thanks to the aluminum construction. The aluminum construction makes for the camper’s maneuverability and its easy handling.

It also comes with a swivel jack on its tongue, stabilizer jacks, as well as pre-wires Furrion Solar which works together to for stability and convenience during setup

The camper’s interior has high-end and crack-proof linoleum, aluminum cabinetry, lightweight countertops, as well as thermoformed compartments which provide a high level of comfort and usability

Its exterior is made of tubular aluminum frames with high-quality vacuum-bonded walls laminated with premium-quality composite walls which provide longevity and weather protection.

Other packages of this camper include different features like an aluminum rear storage deck, electric brakes, air conditioning, 7-way plug, privacy drapes, and an awning room, among others.

15. Forest River Rockwood Hard Side A122BH

If you’re looking for a small family sized A-Frame camper that sleeps about 4, you might want to try this Rockwood camper.

It comes with an auxiliary battery, air conditioning, a furnace, a microwave, a refrigerator, a stove burner, and a water heater. To bring a homely feel on your adventures, this camper has a comfortable queen bed and roof vents.

It also features a smoke detector, an LP detector, and a carbon monoxide detector for safety.

Its exterior comprises of leveling jacks, a spare tire kit, an external shower, external speakers and a skylight.

16. Forest River’s Rockwood Premier Pop Up Camper

With luxuriously designed interiors, this camper gives the most home-like feeling. It’s also a top recommended brand thanks to its versatile and durable design, as well as its reasonable pricing.

    • Its top features include its maple interiors, the vinyl windows, and the USB charging ports.
    • It’s spacious, and it accommodates seven or eight people.
    • It has a solar panel prep function


  • Its windows are tinted
  • It’s got a five-piece tenting, and you can choose from the four available plans
  • It also has a 12v safety breaker, a carbon monoxide, and an LP Leak Detector.
  • You might also like its upgrade features which include the 40W solar panel, the screen room, and the 15,000 BTU air conditioning.

17. Conqueror UEV-490 Extreme

If you’re looking for a camper to take out to your extreme adventures, you might like this Conqueror UEV-490 Extreme – a military-style camper that is super-durable to withstand most environments. It’s designed to last.

The camper’s interior is highly organized, and everything you need is in a spot that’s easy to find. It also comes with a lot of pantry space accessible from inside and outside this camper.

Despite the practicality of its interior setup, this camper is comfortable, and it will fit two good-sized beds.

Note, however, that this is not the most stylish camper around.  Its tough construction from the electro-galvanized steel and the little setup time required make this one of the best campers for you. It will accommodate up to 5 people comfortably.

This camper also features a patented, independent suspension system which allows for weight distribution. It is also balanced masterfully for use on and off-road.

To keep the dust out, the camper’s interior has a pressurized blower. And for extra security in remote destinations, there are high-lift jacking points, as well as a spare wheel that comes complete with a hub and bearings too.

18. Turtleback Trailer

If you’re looking for an off-road camper, you might want to consider this Turtleback Trailer. It’s capacity ranges from two to six people. Its build to precision to handle the stress, load and components advertised.

  • It has a lot of work space, and its interiors boast the stylish Baltic Birch cabinets, with separate drawers for great storage
  • It has a 42-gallon water tank with excellent water pressure at the faucet. There is also an Atwood water heater fitted in the camper to provide you with consistent access to hot water. It also has a gas safety cut out.
  • This camper has a large kitchen and a stainless steel table that could be deployed easily from the camper’s swing-out.
  • The canvas used in construction is durable and thick poly-cotton rip-stop canvas
  • The mattress is thick
  • It has a 270 awning for protection from the rain
  • Easy to stow away.
  • On the downside, it lacks a refrigerator, and the cabinets lack locks forcing then to slide out when the camper is in slanting position.

Factors to consider when buying an A-Frame Camper

  • Function

Regarding function, it’s important to check the number of people who can sleep in the camper, while remaining cozy. You also need to check its storage space since the lengths of campers vary. Also, is the camper easily towed with your car? While these campers are generally lightweight, some might be heavier, especially because of the hard side construction.

  • Durability

You don’t want to waste money on a camper that will break down on the road. For durability, check for structural stability when driving, as well as the camper’s ability to hold up in high winds.

  • Amenities

Does the camper come with a toilet/ bathroom? How reasonable is the available space? Is there a living room or a kitchen? To be safe, look for a camper with a dinette and a kitchenette. You should also check if the camper has space to fit a refrigerator, if it comes with beds, and if it will accommodate a heater or an A/C.

  • User-friendliness

The foldable function of the camper should be easy for us with simple functions for hinging and unhinging the camper. Since assembling the campers is rather complex, you should read the user manual and check videos about setting up the camper.

  • Maintenance

Besides regular cleaning, the camper’s repairs and replacement parts should be affordable. Constant checks should keep the camper in great condition, and you also need to make sure that the tires, seals, and the roof-lift system work well. It’s also important to put in mind the cost of simple repairs.

  • Condition

Is a new model better than a used camper? While buying a used camper is a huge risk, it’s a risk you can take if the camper meets all the other conditions above. Note, however, that you should check if the camper has any damage from moisture if it’s physically sound if the heating/ cooling systems work and if the quoted price is fair or not.

  • Appearance

How does the camper look when folded and when unfolded? Can you customize its appearance?

The other considerations include the camper’s portability, its versatility, and the storage space.

Also check the selling price in comparison with features, its functionality, customer ratings, and feedback from experts.


If you spend most of your free time outdoors for more than a few days, you might want to invest in a little luxury in the form of an A-Frame camper. You want to feel at home even when far from home with a camper that comes with a comfortable bed, a cooking area, a bathroom, and storage space.  The best A-Frame camper is the one that you can live in, cook, sleep, and shower comfortably. Its setup should also be easy, and you should be able to spend little time setting up the camper or folding it down. The 17 campers above are the best A-Frame campers for you.