About crowsurvival.com

The idea behind “crowsurvival.com” came about when some friends and I were discussing the merits of the best survival knife. That conversation crystalised into the idea of creating a site where we discuss in depth the best of all survival gear and related items.

If you’re looking to find out which piece of kit is the best for you, I believe you’ll find this blog very useful.

Many people will just go with whatever product is recommended to them by their friends and family. Most don’t have the time to do serious research into what will best meet their needs, reading hundreds of reviews is no easy task. Carrying out in-depth research and testing is not trivial.

That original discussion with friends about the best survival knife ended up with countless hours researching, visiting online store and visting brick and morter stores. Some where excellent, some where OK, some where rubbish and some where diamonds in the rough. This research created the idea for a blog.


The idea behind crowsurvival.com is to provide honest and information reviews of products as well as roundups of the best of categories.

This blog is intended to be the first and last stop for people that are looking to pick a product that fits their unique requirements. Whether it’s a survival knife, hunting knife, tent or some other piece of outdoor gear, you can find our indepth and unbiased reviews here on crowsurvival.com.

Enjoy your stay and please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.