Aluminum Toy Haulers

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There’s something liberating about owning a toy hauler. Not only do you get to carry your home with you, but also your ATVs, dirtbikes, and whatnot.

However, most toy haulers will weigh a ton and put too much strain on your tow vehicle. If that sounds uncomfortable, an aluminum toy hauler is just what you need. 

This metal makes your vehicles durable and lightweight. Hence, I’ve reviewed some of the best aluminum toy haulers below and included a buying guide, so you can make an informed decision.

Ready to find your sweet ride? Read on! 

Top 10 Aluminum Toy Haulers 

With aluminum toy haulers, your road trips are going to be much more enjoyable. Not only are they lightweight, but they’re also easier to clean and fuel-efficient.

Here are some of the best aluminum toy haulers to accompany you on your next trip:

1. ATC 8.5 x 29 Toy Hauler

ATC 8.5 x 29 Toy Hauler The first on my list is this heavy-duty bad boy from ATC. If you’re looking for a durable toy hauler that can carry your heavy bikes, you will love this one. 

This model is their largest toy hauler, with enough room to fit multiple toys and accommodate one to two persons. It’s fully aluminum – the exterior, floor, frame, and even the cabinets. This not only makes the toy hauler lightweight but also pretty robust. 

ATC also features a front aerodynamic wall, which helps in smooth traveling. It also has a lot to offer in terms of storage. For instance, you get a separate storage compartment at the back with a roadside access door. There’s also plenty of space in the living area with fold-down furniture. 

With its kitchen, you won’t run short on quality equipment. A stainless steel convection microwave and an 8 CU FT refrigerator will enable you to cook your favorite meals with ease. A stainless steel sink and a brushed nickel faucet also add to the kitchen’s modern look. 

The bathroom is no less spectacular, either. It has the same brushed nickel hardware and steel sink as the kitchen, giving a luxurious feel to this space. Moreover, it has a sink and full-length mirror as well. 

Just because you’re living in a toy hauler doesn’t mean you can’t click awesome mirror selfies! 

Even though it’s not cheap, I’d recommend this toy hauler if you don’t want to compromise on build quality and added features. 

2. InTech Flyer Explore

InTech Flyer ExploreSo you’re more into simplicity, and a luxury hauler isn’t your thing. You don’t mind less space, and what you’re looking for is a small, lightweight, yet convenient toy hauler. Consider InTech Flyer Explore, a super lightweight toy hauler that you can pull even without a towing vehicle. 

With a welded aluminum frame and roof, this toy hauler has a dry weight of 1450 – 2020 lbs. This also means that you’ll have to compromise on living space, with less than six feet of width and 14 feet of length. 

However, to make up for it, you get to add several features in your toy hauler to make it feel more homey and convenient. 

For instance, you can choose to add a slide-out kitchen, featuring a two-burner stove, a 50-quart refrigerator, and a fold-out countertop. Campside dinner? Yes, please! You can also incorporate a curbside fold-out bed that saves living space. 

In terms of storage, the Flyer Explore gives you enough space to store necessities, plus some extra gear.

A roof rack serves to store heavy equipment while the front tongue storage has a carrying capacity of 350 lbs to store just about anything. You also get frontside overhead storage. 

Bubble foil insulation helps heat transfer, so your toy hauler is fit for any sort of weather. Overall, it’s a good choice for someone who wants to stay on the road and camp around for a short while. 

3. ATC 8.5 X 32 Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler

ATC 8.5 X 32 Fifth Wheel Toy HaulerThe ATC fifth wheel toy haulers are made for you if you don’t want to compromise on storage space and living area. 

On a total length of 32 feet, you get 10.5 to 15.5 feet of storage space for all your toys – canoes, bikes, it can fit it all. This garage is also 8 feet high. 

The fifth wheel has all the standard features of an ATC toy hauler, plus some extra luxury features. This includes a woven vinyl flooring in the bedroom and bathroom to give your toy hauler a very homey feel. 

The bedroom also has a queen-sized bed with storage, and decorative lamps, which makes staying here a truly luxurious experience. 

Of course, you get other perks of getting a fifth wheel. For instance, instead of a standard 2-stove burner, you get a 3-stove one, along with a capacitive 18 CU FT refrigerator. 

The water tank also has an increased capacity, with up to 90 gallons for gray water, and you get a 35000 BTU Lp furnace instead of the 25000 in the standard toy hauler. 

Keep in mind, this is the smallest fifth wheel ATC offers, and yet, it’s quite expensive. But if you have the pocket, I say go for it – a bit more luxury while camping always feels great. 

4. KZ Escape E180TH

KZ Escape E180THA more affordable option is the KZ Escape ET180TH, with decent cargo and living space, enough for two.

The nine feet long and 6.5 feet tall garage can fit medium-sized toys, plus, it doubles up as a living space with a fold-out sofa. 

While it’s tight on space, the KZ Escape offers ample storage within its interior. You get a shelf in the garage/living space, a pass-through storage at the back, and a spacious overhead cabinet in the bedroom. 

In the kitchen, you’ll have a nice little 2-stove burner with a convection microwave at the top. Along with this, there are multiple cabinets at the bottom and a tiny window above the sink. It looks cute, especially with the attractive decor and color themes you get to choose from. 

However, the refrigerator is pretty small (4 CU FT), and the freshwater tank capacity is about 38 gallons only. 

But considering the vehicle’s solid aluminum roof and frame, 13-feet LED-lit awning, insulated floors/walls, and the reasonable price, it’s a pretty smart pick for short-term traveling. 

5. KZ Venom 3911TK

KZ Venom 3911TKThis version of KZ toy haulers is significantly more luxurious, larger, feature-packed, and inevitably, heavier. 

The Venom 3911TK is the smallest of the Venom series, yet it has an 11 feet long garage that’s also a makeshift lounge. 

But that’s not all of it. In the middle of the trailer, you have the main living area and a well-equipped kitchen. It includes an 18 CU FT refrigerator, a 2-stove stainless steel top burner with an oven, and a convection microwave on top.

What’s more? It also has a nice little pantry at the back. Sweet. 

The bedroom is another comfy haven of its own. With a king-size tilt bed and lots of storage in the form of cabinets and a dresser, there’s little chance of running short on space. Moreover, all the cabinets and countertops in the Venom series look and feel expensive and bougie. 

To add to the ultra-modern vibe, this toy hauler has a touch screen control system near the entrance. You can use it to control and keep track of the water tank level, lighting, awnings, and more. You can also download its app on a smart device. 

A solar panel on the roof makes the vehicle self-sufficient, making it the grandest of toy haulers. I do wish they offered a better warranty – the limited two-year hitch to bumper warranty just doesn’t seem satisfying enough. 

6. LivinLite Quicksilver VRV 7 x 20

This lightweight and affordable toy hauler is a simpleton that you may appreciate if you don’t care about the fancy life. 

With a full aluminum body, the VRV has a dry weight of only about 3900 pounds, which is quite light compared to vehicles like the KZ Venom.

On the inside, you get a small, combined kitchen/living area. A basic refrigerator and 2-stove burner makes up the kitchen while the lounge includes two vinyl sofas. 

You also get overhead cabinets above the sofas. They’re not much, but there’s some exterior storage for storing extra gear. A curbside fold-out double bed serves as a bedroom, which makes the vehicle space-efficient. 

On the outside, a 16 feet long awning will let you sit in the shade and take in the view. 

A simple, no-fuss toy hauler like this one makes life a lot easier. You might not haul in huge toys, but it’s good enough for bikes and smaller to medium-sized stuff.

7. Lance 2612 Toy Hauler

Lance 2612 Toy Hauler You don’t always have to get huge vehicles to experience luxury in an RV. The Lance 2612 measures only around 26 feet lengthwise, yet there is enough room for sleeping in seven persons when the garage isn’t in use. 

With double bunker beds that drop down at the press of a button, the garage accommodates four to five sleeping persons. There is also a separate bedroom at the back designed for couples to have complete privacy. 

It has two single sofas, a fold-out sofa, and a dinette in the 12 feet long garage. When the beds aren’t in use, you can fit in a huge ATV here, with some space still left on the sides. Impressive, isn’t it? 

Coming towards the center, you get an 8 CU FT refrigerator, a 3-stove burner, and plentiful storage cabinets all over the place. You won’t have to hold back from practicing your chef skills here. 

The bathroom is exceptionally spacious as well, with a glass door shower and a medicine cabinet. With a sizable 100 gallon tank and bonus features like LED mood lights, the Lance 2612 is a fully-equipped and modern tiny house for a large family. 

8. Coachmen Adrenaline 21LT

With a dry weight of about 5700 lbs, this model from Coachmen is a pretty lightweight toy hauler on this list. It consists of a 13.8 feet long garage that can serve as a lounge and as extra beds for people when not in use. 

For baking some delicious pizza or simple mac n cheese, you get an oven, a 3-stove burner, plus a microwave. 

Moving on from the kitchen to the bedroom, a queen-size bed and a dresser occupies most of the space here. Even though there’s a dresser, you get overhead cabinets for storing more stuff. 

You can also use the ramp door as a patio for some added space and the 19 feet long awning for more outdoor fun. I recommend this for someone who doesn’t want to spend a ton, but also wants a large garage. 

9. Northwood Desert Fox 21SW

Northwood Desert Fox 21SWThe Desert Fox from Northwood comes in three floorplans. I’ve chosen to include the smaller one since it’s the most economical option. Plus, it’s not too lightweight, but the aluminum-frame helps, of course. 

First off, the garage space is used as an electric bed with a top bunk, that you can choose to have as a reversible lounge, second bunk, or opposing sofas. Meanwhile, the kitchen offers a 3-stove burner, more than average countertop space, and lots of overhead cabinets. 

The bathroom is also spacious with a large shower and a full wardrobe to fit in all your clothes and necessities. The cozy feel of solid wood cabinetry and well-lit areas makes this toy hauler feel more like home. 

You can also add features like grills with brackets and solar panels at the top, so you’re not short on anything. 

10. Sundowner Pro-grade Toy Hauler

If none of the above styles float your boat and you want more flexibility in customization, the Sundowner Pro-grade toy hauler is your best bet. 

To start with, you get to choose from a variety of floorplans and sizes. But all of these models have one thing in common – they’re super spacious, with a width up to 8.6 feet and height up to 9 feet.

Apart from this, you get some very accommodating kitchens and bedrooms as well. 

Secondly, you can customize all sorts of things with Sundowner – carpets, countertops, sinks, walls, ceilings, lights, cabinets, and furniture – almost every aspect of the interior. Turn it into your dream house because there’s nothing stopping you. 

The all-aluminum construction makes this large toy hauler very lightweight and easy to tow, so it’s an excellent choice to consider if you want lots of space to live in.

A Quick Buying Guide 

When making a decision this big, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. Don’t worry, though. Below, I’ve compiled some points that you need to keep in mind when making your purchase: 

Toy Size 

What kind of toys will you bring in your hauler? How much do they weigh? The answer to these questions will decide what your vehicle’s hauling capacity will be. 

Living Area

Can you rough it with a makeshift lounge? Or do you need your toys inside the vehicle most of the time?

If so, you’ll have to opt for a toy hauler with separate living quarters or a fifth wheel that offers a lot of space. 


Some people overlook this aspect, but I can’t emphasize enough how important it is. When traveling for longer periods or living permanently in your toy hauler, you’ll accumulate stuff over time and need lots of storage. 

If you don’t have plenty of cabinets and outdoor storage, you’ll quickly get frustrated with your ride. 


While ACs and heaters help, insulation makes sure you preserve the coolness or heat inside your vehicle. This is important if you’re going to live in extremely cold or super hot climates. 


If you’ll be traveling into remote areas, this is a must-have. Solar panels also help, though they’re more expensive. 


How many people will travel with you on the toy hauler? If you have kids, you’ll have to get a bigger ride that offers at least two double beds. Some companies let you add these features for a high price. 

These are just some of the basic things that you should look for in a toy hauler. There are many other things to consider, like a patio, bathroom and kitchen size, etc. However, these aspects depend on your preference. 

Final Words 

If you don’t want to invest in a heavy-duty tow truck, an aluminum build helps. But some of the toy haulers on this list are pretty heavy; I’ll say that. Nevertheless, an aluminum structure helps with durability, which is also essential for a toy hauler. 

Also, if you’re a first-timer, don’t get discouraged by how small the living space looks inside a toy hauler. You’d be surprised at how roomy some of these rides are, and all that could fit inside their garages. 

Of course, you’ll have to compromise on size and weight if you want luxury and space, but some options offer a middle ground between both the things.