ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Review

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Probably one of the better known running shoe companies out there on the market today, the folks at ASICS have been responsible for helping to push these kinds of shoe designs faster into the future then maybe any other outside of companies like Nike – and many of the innovations that have been pioneered by the folks at ASICS have been copied almost wholesale by those giant companies, just because of how well they work out.

The ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 shoes are a perfect representation of everything that the ASICS company brings to the table. Smartly designed and engineered specifically for women, as well as specifically designed to accommodate medical orthotics with a removable sock liner option and built-in cushioning systems, you’ll have a tough time finding a more comfortable pair of affordable running shoes then these!

ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes
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ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes
  • Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System: Attenuates shock during impact phase and allows for a smooth transition to midstance.
  • Removable Sockliner: A sockliner which can be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Review Overall Impression

At first blush, you’ll notice the incredible design and overall futuristic aesthetic that these ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 shoe feature. These are the kinds of shoes that look great right out of the box but look even better when you have them laced up on your feet – especially since your feet, your legs, your knees, your hips, and your back won’t be dealing with any pain any longer!

Incredibly lightweight for a pair of shoes that can provide this much cushioning in this much support, these shoes don’t feel tight or rigid but instead feel “locked in” and secure.

High-end construction materials are featured throughout, with synthetic materials and high-density rubber featuring prominently, belying a shoe design that is set up to really last the test of time.

How true is the fit?

According to nearly 90% of those that have left online reviews regarding the overall fit of the ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 shoes, you won’t have any trouble whatsoever finding these pairs of footwear to fit as true as your “normal shoes” do.

Available in the full and half sizes, as well as in three different width configurations, getting a pair of ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 shoes that fit you perfectly – as though they were made for your feet specifically – isn’t going to be an issue at all.

The lace system is intuitively designed to really pull together the uppers of these shoes without constricting or confining your feet, and smartly designed toe boxes and heal cushions give you plenty of support while avoiding any potential for blisters or hammer toes to manifest.

What kind of shoes are these, really?

Make absolutely no mistake about it, these shoes from ASICS are athletic running shoes above all else.

Sure, you won’t have any trouble wearing these shoes and casual settings, walking around town or outdoing a couple of errands, or kicking back and relaxing around the house. But we are these shoes really start to shine is when you have them strapped to your feet and are getting in some exercise – walking, jogging, running, or working out, it makes no difference.

These shoes offer the kind of support that you’d expect out of orthotic options without looking like medical orthotics at the same time. Thanks to that movable sock liner we mentioned above you will be able to slip in an accessory orthotic if need be, though the insole is cushioned with a Rearfoot GEL system that protects each footfall across the board.

What kind of gait are these designed for?

Obviously, as athletic shoes first and foremost, these ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 shoes are going to do best when your gait is a little bit elongated and when you are pushing your body to its limits.

These shoes have been designed to attenuate shock during the impact phase while at the same time allowing for an effortlessly smooth transition to your midstance (and then back again), though as we highlighted above these are the kinds of shoes that you won’t ever feel uncomfortable in regardless of whether or not you really take them to the track and push them to their limits!

Support and comfort

Pretty much all of the ASICS shoes out there (but these in particular) have been designed to support athletes while providing them with a cushiony and comfortable footbed to avoid injury but also to avoid the kinds of nagging aches and pains that can come from daily wear and tear on your lower extremities.

That gel cushioning system we highlighted above is designed to support each and every footfall, and because you’ll be able to effortlessly pop out the sock liner and replace it with an orthotic you can take a pair of shoes in the ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 that are already supportive and comfortable and make them even more so!

Quality of materials and design

This company has never been accused of producing a cheap pair of shoes, pairs of shoes that are going to wear out in a hurry, or pairs of shoes that are going to fall apart on you unexpectedly or out of thin air – and the ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 shoes are no exception.

The quality of the materials in the overall design of these shoes support and athletic lifestyle and are designed specifically to stand up to some pretty heavy duty abuse. You won’t have to worry about your shoes breaking down on you in the first 24 months of use, and some people report getting 36 months of use or more out of a pair of ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 shoes.

Talk about durability!

By adding a medical orthotic (a discrete medical orthotic, at that) you can dramatically extend the comfort and usability of these shoes by a considerable amount of time, too.

ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Review
ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Review

Final Verdict

There’s a reason why the ASICS brand of shoes is so popular, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that there are pairs of shoes from this company on the market today like the ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 footwear options.

These are shoes that are designed to cradle a woman’s foot during some pretty athletic and explosive movements, offering support, stability, comfort, and confidence with every single step. You won’t ever have to worry about feeling as though your body is wearing out you when you have these shoes laced up on your feet, but will instead feel as though you are walking around on marshmallows – even when you are pushing your body to its physical limits during a workout!

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