Athlon Optics is a sports product company from the US which delivers products of utmost quality and precision. The prices of the products are aggressive yet competitive at the same time. They have a strong supply chain in the market and have links with the best quality raw material providers in the state. The engineers working with the company have excellent capabilities and work to their full potential for creating world-class products that have taken over the market by storm. Read on for the rest of our Athlon Optics Midas ED Review.

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All the products are hand delivered to the customers while also providing cost savings. The targeted customer base is outdoor people and travelers who love to explore destinations on the go. Partnering manufacturers have built a close relationship with the company so much so that the company has an extreme edge over its competitors and always has the advantage of the first move. The product range of the company is fairly vast, the flagship product being the Athlon Optics Midas ED.

The roof-prism pair of binoculars from Athlon is the perfect optical instrument for travelers to get their hands on. This is one of the main selling points of these binoculars. Not only waterproof, the Midas is shockproof as well. It is also supported by a rubber armor, which can take on any shocks. Regardless of the conditions, the Midas delivers an unmatched experience.


Athlon Optics Midas ED Review


  • The power of the optic lens is 8x
  • The diameter of the objective lens is 42mm
  • The eye relief is 15.2m
  • The angular field of view is 6.5 degrees
  • The field of view is 1000 yards
  • The close focus is 2.5m
  • The weight is just 25 oz


ED glass: The ED glass is of the highest premium quality. It gives an image which is non-blurry, thus bringing clear and sharp images to the viewer.

Enhanced Spectrum Coating: Its ESP or enhanced spectrum dielectric coating is a multilayer prism coating that covers almost 99% of the picture size, bringing in all the light to give a distinct, sharp image.

Lightweight Chassis: Its magnesium chassis is something that makes the Midas stand out from the rest, making the binocular very light and strong at the same time, reducing the weight as much as 35%.

Extra Protective Layer or XPL Coating: The exterior lens has an XPL coating which prevents it from accumulating any kind of oil, dirt or dust.

Phase-Corrected Prism: It also has phase corrected prisms that deliver high contrast, clearer pictures.

BaK4 glass prisms: The BaK4 glass prisms give a clearer picture to the eye and enhance the image quality from every angle.

Fully Multi-Coated Lenses: Fully Multi-Coated or FMC Lenses allows the light to transmit better leading to correct brightness and color throughout the entire spectrum.

Eye Relief: The long eye relief is a very important feature of the binoculars as it allows the users to see the widest field of view.

Locking Diopter: Once the diopter is locked the chance of accidental movement of diopter adjustment knob is minimized saving you the trouble of setting it again and again.

Argon Purging: The argon purging provided on the binocular gives a thermal stability and much better waterproofing. Dry argon has bigger sized molecules than nitrogen giving more durability.

Close Focus: It also has a close focus feature which is fairly important for those enthusiasts who are nature observers and especially important if you want to watch and capture butterflies or insects.

Twist-up eyecups: These eyecups have stops in the middle which allow you to set eye relief as per your requirement.

Waterproof: The binoculars are waterproof which saves you from any hassle if accidentally dropped in water.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum: The aluminum which is used in the binoculars is of aircraft grade, which is stronger than normal aluminum.

There are certain advantages for certain products. Here is a list of the pros of the Athlon Optics Midas Binocular:

  • It has completely multi-coated optics
  • ED glass is another highlight
  • The roof prisms are dielectrically coated with BaK4 technology
  • Availability of various phase correction coatings on the outside which prevents scratches, oil, dust, and dirt.
  • Athlon’s market winning XPL coating
  • A wider field of view is available
  • It has spectacular and unmatched optics
  • It is very lightweight and has a durable construction
  • It gives a great utility for the price
  • The brightness of the image is unmatched
  • It gives an image which has fairly little or no chromatic fringe
  • Its advanced FMC provides better light transmission regardless of the light conditions in the environment
  • The argon purged setup also has some waterproofing advantages
  • Not only waterproof, it is also shockproof
  • The exterior lens has an XPL coating which prevents any kind of oil, dirt or dust accumulation
  • The BaK4 glass prisms give a clearer picture to the eye and enhance the image quality from every angle.
  • The ED glass is of the highest premium quality
  • It’s fairly light and thin, all because of a magnesium chassis
  • It is also supported by a rubber armor, which can take on anything
  • It has a dielectric coating as well as phase coating
  • Hass very good eye relief
  • Has a very good edge to edge sharpness for the price
  • Provides a very good low light performance
  • Really sharp images with excellent viewing quality
  • Very compact and not at all heavy
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty for any issues related to the product
  • Gives unbelievable clarity and brightness
  • Very affordable price for the utility provided
  • Very handy and compact to operate

The Midas ED 8×42 Binocular is a gem of a product. It comes with all-weather brightness and anti-rugged material of such quality that the binoculars are the only of its kind on the market. The argon purging provided for this pair of binoculars gives a thermal stability and much better waterproofing. The roof-prism binocular from Athlon is the perfect binoculars for travelers to lay their hands on.

Athlon Optics Midas ED Review
Athlon Optics Midas ED Review

As we all know, nothing is perfect. All good things have some flaws and disadvantages as well. Here are a few cons for the Athlon Optics Midas Binocular:

  • Relatively smaller sized lens
  • Less image coverage as compared to other large sized binoculars
  • To adjust the eye relief, the cupping needs to be twisted
  • The eye lens covers are made of rubber, making them somewhat hard to use
  • The lens covers are also clumsy in use
  • A few visible dust particles on the internal element
  • The close range focus radar is only 3 meters
  • A very stiff focus knob makes it difficult to adjust focus
  • An unpleasant noise on adjusting focus knob is quite distracting
  • The protective lens cap made of rubber tends to fall fairly easily many times
  • The focusing distance is fairly low
  • Doesn’t come with a side strap along the product
  • It is tough handling the binoculars at times due to the absence of a side strap
  • Feels heavier on the outside
  • The rubber retention bands are placed very low and need to be pushed a bit higher
  • The higher priced variants in its class are much better and give better picture quality as compared to the Midas ED binocular

It is safe to say that these binoculars may have some negative points, but overall it is a great bargain for the money. The pros outweigh all the cons because of the impressive build, design and the brand name of Athlon Optics.

The product is available on Amazon and is priced at a fair USD 289.00 with free shipping to the whole of the United States. There are a number of sellers providing this product online. Their prices vary a little bit, but not much. It is highly advisable that a customer order through Amazon Prime for faster delivery, less checkout time and other amazing benefits. The product ratings are fairly good on the Amazon website on the product page. The ratings are no less than 3 stars, the maximum being a 5-star rating. This is a very positive point for the Midas as it gives a better view to the customers of satisfaction with the product and builds a sense of trust and faith in the product shown on the landing page. As many as 81 reviews have been posted on the page, none of them being overly negative or critical. This gives the Midas a significant edge over its competitors.

Athlon Optics Midas ED Customer Reviews:

There were as many as 81 customer reviews on the product page. All the customers were quite appreciative of the fact that the product is well priced as they were offered a product of superior quality at a price less than USD 300. All the reviewers also listed the pros and cons of the product as well. Something common to all reviews was that the lens quality and build quality of the product was highly appreciated by its users and they were also aware of the fact that the product can handle considerable wear and tear. All in all, it was a customer’s delight and something they would recommend further to their friends and families, making it a clear favorite.


The Midas ED binocular comes along with a lifetime warranty, which is something you might not see among the competitors in the market very frequently. The company provides complete cover for wear and tear of the products and also assures replacement or repairs of any part of the product under the manufacturer’s warranty. This gives it an edge over its fellow competitors. Users also have the option of adding accidental protection to the original product exclusively on Amazon. Customers can add a 2-year accident protection plan for USD 15.25 and a 4-year accident protection plan for USD 28.79 available for selection on the product page. The product is available in new condition on Amazon, but there are also vendors selling used products as well.


There are a lot of similar product offerings from competitors on the market. Big brand name companies, such as Gosky, Celestron and Nikon also have their products listed in the same segment. Some considerable competitors giving direct competition to the Athlon Optics Midas ED are Gosky 10×42 Binoculars for Adults, Celestron Nature DX 8×42 Binoculars and the Nikon 7576 Monarch 8×42 Binoculars. But after considering their features, pros and cons we can say that Athlon Optics Midas ED Binoculars offer a complete package.

Athlon Optics Midas ED Review Conclusion:

We may conclude that the Athlon Optics Midas ED Binocular is a product to watch and one that has taken the market by storm. It can be anything from lens quality, build quality, scratch resistance, shock proofing, waterproofing or related issues, but the Midas ED has got it all covered. The roof-prism binocular from Athlon is the perfect thing for travelers to bring on their adventures. It’s fairly light and thin, all because of a magnesium chassis, not a material easily found in the state. It has a dielectric coating and also phase coating, which helps to gather light from all possible directions and delivers the best viewing experience even in the dark and the dimmest of lights.

It is quite fair to say that the Athlon Optics Midas ED Binoculars are a true winner for travelers needing high-quality optic instruments and is a customer favorite. These binoculars constitute as an amazing product on the market. For less than $300 you will be able to get your hands on a pair of great binoculars that have features which are normally available in very high-end products which cost hundreds to thousands of dollars more. These binoculars are highly durable with the best optics which can withstand the dusty, hostile and humid environment of the rain forests of Mexico and the heat of desert of California, Its focus dial is very smooth and adjusts very quickly across a variety of depths.