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If you are shopping for a 5th wheel camper, you have found the article you need to read. Because in this article, I list and review the ten best fifth-wheel camper manufacturers. For every manufacturer I include in my list, I mention and describe at least one of their best fifth-wheel campers. I hope this will make it easy for you to pick and buy a fifth-wheel camper if you urgently need to buy one.

Let’s begin.

Top 5th Wheel Camper Manufacturers

1. Coachmen

Chaparral Lite Fifth WheelsCoachmen RV is one of the oldest and one of the best fifth-wheel camper manufacturers. The company started making RV products in the sixties in a plant it set up in Middlebury, Indiana. While the company made less than 100 RV products in its first year of operation, it has since made over 250,000 RVs over the years.

In 2008, the company was bought by Forest River. Nevertheless, it still maintains its original identity. While the quality of its RVs has improved because of its association with Forest River, its campers and motorhomes still give the same original Coachmen Vibes.

The Coachmen Chaparral Fifth-wheel with eleven different floor plans is arguably this company’s best fifth-wheel camper. It is a stylish camper with multiple features and has a floorplan style that can sleep, eleven people. A big-screen 55-inch TV is one of its many features. It is one of the best campers for long-term vacationing or living.

2. Keystone

Keystone 5th wheelLike Coachmen RV, Keystone RV is an Indiana-based recreational vehicle manufacturer. It is, however, based in Goshen as opposed to Middle, which is where the headquarters of Coachmen is located.

Keystone RV was founded in 1996. However, just a couple of years later the company was making hundreds of RV units and growing very rapidly. Its growth and its potential led to its acquisition by Thor Industries which also owns several other RV brands.

Keystone RV is known for producing high-quality fifth-wheel campers. Its fifth-wheel camper brands include Sprinter, Passport, Laredo, Cougar, and Montana. 

The Keystone Montana, which starts from $25,000, is this company’s best fifth-wheel.  This fifth-wheel has a brilliant exterior and a well-made interior. It can sleep five people and it has multiple features including a pass-through storage area, a 48-inch TV, a 22-inch oven, a porcelain toilet, and a quality mattress.

3. Forest River Inc. 

Forest River Inc. 5th wheelForest River is one of the biggest U.S. manufacturers of recreational vehicles. The company makes not only RVs but also buses, boats, utility trailers, and cargo trailers. It has over eleven thousand employees.

The company was founded in 1996 and it has grown tremendously ever since. It is now part of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. 

Forest River campers are known to be extremely good quality campers that are feature-rich and durable. They are so good that owners of Forest River campers have owners’ groups that meet regularly to catch up and do rallies and trips. 

In my opinion, the best Forest River fifth-wheel is the Forest River Cardinal that starts from $40,000. 

This camper has an aerodynamic high gloss exterior, two massive awnings, vacuum bonded sides, a genuine leather sofa/ hideaway bed, a king-size bed with a quality mattress, two AC units, great storage, and massive sinks. 

It is a great fifth-wheel for both veterans and newbies. 

4. Redwood

Redwood 5th wheelRedwood RV makes some of the most luxurious recreational vehicles in the world! The company is a subsidiary of Crossroads RV, which is also a subsidiary of Thor Industries. 

The thing that separates Redwood RVs from other RVs is luxury. Redwood RVs are several times more luxurious than other RVs. 

Redwood RV only makes fifth-wheel campers that start from $35,000. The best Redwood RV fifth-wheel camper is the Redwood line. It is available in 18 floorplan styles and it is extremely high-quality.

Its features and amenities include an enclosed and heated underbelly, a furnace, LED lighting, an electric awning, multiple storage areas, a 3-burner stove, an enclosed shower, a standard toilet, a soundbar, an oven, and a big bed.

The only thing you may not like about it is the fact that it is heavy and, therefore, can only be towed by a powerful truck.

5. Heartland

Heartland 5th wheelHeartland Recreational Vehicles is the third-largest manufacturer of fifth-wheel campers in the United States. The company was started in 2003 by Brian Brady in Elkhart, Indian, and has been making high-quality RVs since then.

Heartland RVs are renowned for their excellent quality, durability, and unique features and amenities. 

The company has hundreds of employees and multiple facilities. Its manufacturing facilities are capable of making 20,000 RV units every year. The company owns Fleetwood Enterprises, an iconic RV brand. 

Probably the best fifth-wheel camper by Heartland Recreational Vehicle is the Heartland Bighorn which starts from $60,000. This camper is amazing and perfect for luxury camping. It is available in multiple floorplan styles. All the styles are big, comfortable, and luxurious. 

They are encapsulated, have electric stabilizers, have laminated slide-out sections, and brilliant LED light. They also have comfy sofas, a big-screen TV, and a high-quality surround sound system. These plus other features make them great homes away from home.

6. Winnebago Industries 

Winnebago Industries 5th wheelWinnebago Industries is one of the oldest and biggest manufacturers of recreational vehicles outside Indiana. The company was founded in the year 1958 and it has been in operations since then. It is named after a Native American group that used to dominate in the city where its manufacturing facility is based in Iowa. 

The best thing about Winnebago Industries is the fact that it makes some of the best quality RVs in the United States. The best fifth-wheel camper it makes is the Winnebago Micro Minnie. This is a lightweight camper weighs less than 6,000 pounds meaning it can be towed by virtually any truck. It is available in three versions including one with a slide-out section and bunk beds.

7. Dutchmen

Dutchmen 5th wheelDutchmen RV is a part of the Keystone RV Company. Although it is now a subsidiary, the company still largely operates as an independent entity. It is best known for making some of the sleekest and most durable recreational vehicles. 

The thing that stands out the most about Dutchmen RV is the fact that it offers the best warranty in the RV industry. Their warranty is a 3-year warranty. No other manufacturer offers a warranty like this one.

The best Dutchmen fifth-wheel camper is the Dutchmen Voltage Series that starts from $40,000. By all standards, this camper is a luxurious camper! It is available in 21 floorplan styles including styles that can sleep ten people.

It includes powerful axles and space to load toys such as dirt bikes and ATVs. Its features include stylish tinted windows, quartz countertops, solid wood cabinets, multiple storage areas, a big bed, a rotating TV, and a big refrigerator.

It is a get camper/ toy hauler.

8. Gulf Stream Coach Inc.

Gulf Stream Coach Inc. 5th wheelGulf Stream Coach is one of America’s leading RV manufacturers. It is a family-owned manufacturer, unlike the other big boys in the RV industry. The company was founded in 1971 and has been making campers and motorhomes ever since.

As of now, the company owns 22 brands, has produced about 300,000 RVs and it is known for providing excellent support to owners.

The best Gulf Stream Coach is the Gulf Stream Sedona. It is available in three under 8,000 pounds floorplan styles. The best thing about it is that it is extremely cozy. You will feel as if you are at home when you step inside this camper because it is very spacious, very homely, and it has big seats. 

9. Escape Trailer Industries 

Escape Trailer Industries 5th wheelThis company was founded in 1993 as a repair shop and then as a rental. It was not until in 2002 that the company started making its own trailers as Escape Trailer Industries. 

The company is renowned for allowing people to really personalize their fifth-wheels when buying them directly. 

Probably the best fifth-wheel camper from Escape Trailer Industries is the Escape 5.0. This compact and aerodynamic trailer has a big comfortable bed, a big dinette, a big front kitchen, a full bathroom, and can easily be towed by a mid-size truck. It also has multiple storage areas and is known to be easy to pull.

10. DRV Luxury Suites

src=”” alt=”DRV Luxury Suites 5th wheel” width=”1300″ height=”644″ />DRX Luxury Suites are basically small luxurious homes on wheels. The company was founded in 2003 and has been making quality, comfortable, and extremely luxurious fifth-wheel campers ever since.

According to some RV critics, DRV Luxury Suites are some of the most family-friendly campers in the United States! The best campers from this manufacturer are the Mobile Suites Luxury Fifth-wheels. They are extremely safe because they are made of a box steel solid, they have Goodyear tires, thick walls, and powerful suspensions. 

Just like the other campers I have mentioned in this post, they are available in multiple floorplan styles including some with front kitchens, front bathrooms, or front bedrooms. What is consistent among them is that they are luxurious and their kitchens are nice-size kitchens.


You now know the 10 best fifth-wheel camper manufacturers. You also know the best fifth-wheel camper made by each of the ten manufacturers. I hope that the information I have provided above can help you to choose a camper and have an amazing RV camping adventure.