Bass boats are one of the most reliable forms of commute for anglers and boating enthusiasts. Whether it is professional fishing or angler tournaments, bass boats have been a trusted option.

Fishers, in particular, prefer bass boats for several reasons. Firstly, these boats are compact and perfectly designed for fishing. Secondly, their durability is beyond match, so they turn out to be very economical boats.

Whether you are a professional angler or a hobbyist, there is so much you can do with your bass boat. I have compiled a list of 40 fantastic bass boat accessories that can make your boating experience more enjoyable and luxurious to help you with it. If you love customization, you might want to continue reading. 

Must-Have Bass Boat Accessories

1. Boat Cover

People often ignore covers, but for me, they are the must-have accessories. Boat covers can influence the life of your boat by preserving the outer surface. Also, they protect the inside of the boat from unwanted intruders.

Boat covers help keep off molds and rust as they fight off harsh weather while locked at the dock. There are several options available to choose from. I suggest you take your boat’s measurements before choosing a cover.

Remember, boat covers have two types. First, there are travel covers. They wrap tightly to fight off strong winds. Second is the storage covers, which wrap loosely around when your boat sits in the garage.

2. Bass Boat Trailer

You can’t keep your boat in the water all the time. Therefore, you need a boat trailer to carry your boat to and from the water. When it comes to boat trailers, you have to be specific about your boat size and mounting options. 

Usually, most of the boat trailers come with flexible mounting options. Additionally, you may also look for add-ons such as boat trailer steps. You should also consider the towing vehicle and its compatibility with the trailer to avoid any mishaps.

3. Key Floats

Trust me; you need this device more than anything else. Even if we’re not clumsy on the boat, our keys will find a way to take a dip in the water at some point in the day. Don’t let that happen anymore with the help of key floats.

Key floats are simply keychains with a buoyant design that keeps it afloat on water. These are general-purpose devices for watersports. The key floats come with a lanyard that attaches the key chain to your belt. Even in the worst case, your keys won’t sink so you can quickly locate them.

4. Cooler Box

A cooler is a necessity on any kind of boat. It will serve a variety of purposes, like storing fishes and cooling your beverages. Their ability to withstand extreme weather makes coolers a must-have accessory on a Bass boat. 

Most modern-day coolers are durable and will last at least a couple of years, making your money worth it. The YETI Tundra 45 is one of the preferred coolers for boats and worth checking out too. I like this one because it can hold more than 25 cans at once.

5. Dry Bag

In the time of smartphones and tech gadgets, it’s challenging to avoid tech tools, and therefore, you have to carry them on the boat. However, it’s good to keep things dry as you never know when the next accident shows up.

A waterproof dry bag will do the job for you. You can store hand-carry items such as your phone, wallet, and even your food to ensure that your valuable stuff stays safe and dry. 

Since there are so many options to choose from, I don’t have a clear favorite in dry bags. However, I did like this waterproof backpack because of its compression feature. 

6. Boat Hook

A telescopic boat hook can be a lifesaver. It can serve numerous purposes. You may use it as a stick or as a hook to cling onto a tree if needed. Because of its telescopic action, you can collapse it and keep it in the boat under your seat, so it’s a space saver.

Collapsible boat hooks are readily available in the market, and several brands are offering excellent value for money for this product. So I don’t have a clear favorite as such. However, I recommend you go for longer poles of up to 25 feet for deep waters.  

7. Life Jacket

No matter how big or small, a boat ride can never be complete without a life jacket. Even if there is shallow water, and even if you know how to swim, life jackets must be present in your boat. 

Even though life jackets are very important wearables, id doesn’t mean you can’t have accessories. Most modern-day life jackets have several compartments and pockets to let you carry small devices and equipment. 

8. Rod Holders

If you are regular at fishing, rod holders are a must-have item in your bass boat. Rod holders allow you to set up multiple fishing rods on your boat at the same time. They are easy to mount and mostly come with all the mounting accessories.

Rod holders are general boating accessories, and there are many brands where you can choose from. It mainly depends on how many rods you carry at once. You can even have a single rod unit, or if you want a multiple-rod holder such as a T-bar rod holder, there can be various lengths depending on your boat size.

9. Shallow Water Anchors

While fishing, it’s crucial to keep things quiet. Or you might disrupt peace and alarm the fishes. Particularly in shallow waters, silence is the key. Shallow water anchors prove to be great accessories to achieve this purpose.

Hundreds of brands offer several compact designs, but I like this shallow water anchor that just operates with a button. Professional anglers use these anchors in competitions because of efficiency and ease of use. 

10. Spare Batteries

Professional bass boaters will always carry a spare battery with them. Keep a fully charged, 12 volts spare battery on board to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. Particularly at night time travel, a spare battery can be a lifesaver in a power shortage.

Depending on your need, you can also use this battery as an alternate source for lighting and other electronic devices. It can reduce the load on your main battery and provide more durations of supply. 

While choosing a battery, always go for more current supply duration. In simpler words, a better Ah reading is what you will need. Typically, 100 Ah batteries are good enough for most applications to set this as a benchmark. 

11. Trolling Motors

Trolling motors are a handy option for more comfortable and accurate navigation of your bass boat. Particularly in smaller areas, trolling motors ensure decent speed and flexibility on sharper turns. 

I prefer foot control trolling motors, especially for fishing. My personal favorite is the Aquos trolling motor because it’s quiet. Hence, it won’t alert the fishes as you sneak upon them.

12. Trolling Motor Propeller Protection

Trolling motors do all the hard work when your boat is in water. So your propellers need rest and much-needed protection when they are not in use. Propellers can expose to rusting. They could bend upon high impact, so it is crucial to have them covered and protected. 

Trolling motor prop protectors are intricately designed with a hard material to ensure longevity to your propeller’s life. I like this one from TaylorMade among several products because it’s compact, lightweight, and made from sturdy marine-grade vinyl.

13. Pole Anchors

Pole anchors are useful gadgets for anchoring in shallow waters. They can ensure stillness and stability to your boat while you wait for your next catch. Anchor poles come in a variety of sizes and designs. 

I suggest the hydraulic anchor poles as they have a compact and collapsible design. The pole length goes up till 8 ft, so they are ideal for shallow waters.

14. Trolling Motor Control Enhancer

40 Best Bass Boat Accessories 1Particularly in rough waters, it is vital to have full control over your trolling motor. Often, anglers experience kickback and torque during side-to-side movement, but with a control enhancer, you can limit these elements significantly. 

Control enhancers are simpler to mount on your trolling motor shaft and come with all the mounting accessories. Secondly, it doesn’t weigh much, so it doesn’t add any significant load on your motor. 

Once you start using a control enhancer, you will feel a noticeable difference in controlling your motor in high winds and waves. 

15. Trolling Motor LED Lights

Trolling motor lights enable you to travel worry-free during night time. It’s much easier to navigate with these lights instead of a GPS. Among several brands, a low-cost trolling motor is just what you need.

Trolling motor LED lights are a cheap and straightforward solution for lower visibility to go fishing anytime you like.

16. Underwater Camera System

Let’s face it; we all face pressures of social media postings. Your boating adventure has to go out on social platforms, and if you’re not capturing underwater footage, you’re missing half the fun. Thankfully, the options are available.

To have stunning footage and underwater pictures in real-time, you need an underwater camera system. There are several cool features such as LCD color display, fin, and clip systems for both water and ice and a 6-hour rechargeable battery to cover it all. 

17. Keel Protector

Keel Protectors are low-cost but valuable accessories for bass boats. If you want to avoid unnecessary and frequent repairs, keel protectors should be one item you should always have.

Keel protectors are easy to mount and save your boat from scuffs and dents. There are several brands to choose from, and they come in a variety of sizes, so it mainly depends on the length of your boat. 

18. Fish Finder

For regular anglers, fish finders are essential because they reduce the workload and increase productivity. I prefer small handheld devices that give me a color display. Although accuracy is always the priority, I like having additional features too. 

I bumped into this cool fish finder that gives me accurate results, but it also has a GPS to search for a big fish.

19. Bilge Pump

A bilge pump will let you take out unneeded water from your boat. It’s a vital accessory, especially when you are going on long journeys. Handy and lightweight, bilge pumps will fit comfortably under your boat seat.

In addition to that, I recommend bilge cleaners too. They can make the job much smoother as they are excellent degreasers and don’t leave a bad smell after cleaning.

20. Cup Holders

There is nothing like a soothing beverage in the middle of the water as you wait for your next catch. However, it may get messy if you don’t have a place to hold your drink. Cup holders are simple yet effective accessories on bass boats.

You’ll get a lot of variety in terms of color, size, and design to choose from. Hence, you can choose from a range of dual clamping jaws or stainless steel spring designs. All in all, you must have them on your boat.

21. Digital Battery Charger

Earlier I mentioned a spare battery. It’s also a good idea to keep a digital charger along with it. Digital chargers can help in emergencies, especially when you’re not carrying an extra battery on board. 

Onboard digital chargers are small and easy to store. Also, they have battery protection features in case of over or undercharging. 

22. Bluetooth Speakers

When on a boat trip, you might be alone, which can be quite dull. If you’re not having a good day fishing, there must be something to cheer you up. Listen to your favorite tracks with small yet powerful Bluetooth speakers.

They are lightweight and can adjust almost anywhere. Because of Bluetooth connectivity, they will connect to most smart devices. There is a wide variety to choose from. I don’t have a clear favorite in this one.

23. Anchor Winch

An anchor winch is a handy equipment that will let you restore your anchor without much effort. They are reeled mechanisms and operate seamlessly and locks into its place without breaking a sweat. 

My preferred anchor winch can hold up to 12 pounds of anchor weight. So it’s ideal for smaller bass boats. 

24. Seat Mounts

Although bass boat seats are mostly sufficient for the users, there can always be a need for additional sitting space inside the boat. Seat mounts let you arrange more sitting space. From several designs, I have always preferred the ones which allow 360-degree seat rotation.

Seat mounts are easy to fix and quite sturdy. A one-time installation should be good enough to last for years. 

25. Bass Boat Seats

Once you have installed the seat mounts, it’s time for new seats. Often, users want to upgrade their original boat seats anyways. At times, it becomes necessary as the original seats may not be as comfortable as you want them to be.

With a customized seat, you can also enjoy your boat ride better, mainly if you’re using a 360-degree rotatable seat. Since boat seats are usually a bit expensive, I always recommend new users to start with cheaper models and gradually upgrade. 

Retractable seats are also a good option because you can create space inside the boat when needed. 

26. Repair Kit

Just like your car or bike, your bass boat needs an onboard repair kit. Even more important than a car repair kit, a bass boat repair kit can be a lifesaver for anglers. 

Imagine getting stranded in the middle of the water if something goes wrong. With a repair kit at hand, you will get out of trouble most of the time. As far as the repair tools are concerned, you are free to buy as many as you want. 

27. Repair LED Lights 

Experiencing technical faults on the boat and that too in the dark is the last thing anyone would want. Therefore, it is better to prepare for it. Although nowadays smartphones offer high-intensity light, there is too much risk. You might drop your phone in water during a repair.

Therefore, carrying a pair of LED lights for repair purposes is a good option. These are cheap yet highly effective devices that can run on rechargeable batteries. Your repair kit must have a couple of these to make your life easier on the boat.

28. Base Plug

Base plugs are small but very cool items to have on the boat. They stop water from gathering in the pedestal base when there is no seat attached. 

Base plugs easily fit into the pedestal base keeping unwanted water away from the boat. Hence, there will be lesser chances of metal corrosion inside the boat. 

More importantly, base plugs have regular plastic bodies so that they will last for longer durations. Although there are cheaper metal plugs available, they rust quicker and ultimately cost you the same as plastic plugs.

29. Interior Glow LED Kit

This accessory will turn your boat into a luxurious party place. It’s not critical for the boat, but it will add some flare to it, especially during the night. The interior LED glow kit lets you decorate and customize your bass boat.

It is a multicolored LED strip that can change colors with remote control. You have the power to change the theme of your boat according to your mood. On top of that, it also makes the boat’s interior more lively and adds to the lighting options. 

30. Fish Box Deodorizer

It is one of my most preferred accessories. If you’re regular at fishing, you must have a fish box deodorizer in your boat. 

It is bound to get smelly inside the boat when you catch a decent number of fish. Several renowned brands produce quality deodorizers, so there is a lot of variety to choose from.

Fish box deodorizers can work on surfaces like vinyl, plastic, and fiberglass. They clean off the unwanted smell and leave behind a nose-soothing scent. Because of their nanotechnology, you don’t need to scrub the surfaces with much force. 

31. Fabric Guard Spray

The interior of your boat is bound to get messy. Boat fabric, in particular, will be exposed to harsh weather and scorching sunlight. 

Therefore, it’s a good idea to have protection for the seat fabrics. For this purpose, a fabric guard spray is handy. It’s easy to apply and is long-lasting. 

Most fabric guards use nanotechnology to protect from mold. They can work on any fabric and material as well.

32. Fish Lip Grabber

Don’t let a big fish slip away with this excellent tool. The fish lip grabber allows you to get hold of heavier catches. These simple and useful tools can bear up to 40 pounds.

This tool comes with an anti-slip handle and a retractable lanyard. It’s a pocket-size accessory made from sturdy material that fights corrosion. Hence, once purchased, it will be there to last for long. 

33. Retractable Paddles

No matter how reliable your trolling motors might be, you must always carry a pair of paddles in your boat. If your trolling motor makes much noise, paddles will help you quietly get closer to your hunt.

Paddles generally consist of vinyl and hard rubber. Since they are retractable, they easily fit inside your boat under a seat. 

34. Custom Bass Boat Wrap

It is optional customization for bass boat lovers. If you want to go a step further in personalizing your boat, you can get high-quality bass boat wraps. 

These wraps consist of vinyl and plastic. They are waterproof and come in various colors and designs to make your boat look more attractive than before. Here are some ideas for you to get started. 

Vinyl wraps give your boat a different look, but they can also help maintain and even increase the value of your boat. 

35. G Force Equalizers for Trolling Motors

G Force equalizers are essential accessories to go with a trolling motor. With these equalizers, your trolling motors’ weight decreases dramatically, making it easier to lift on the ground and water.

The kit features two air pistons and comes with an installation manual, so it’s quite simple to mount. This kit has been a reliable option for most boat owners to reduce lifting load while on the boat. 

36. Smartphone App 

40 Best Bass Boat Accessories 2Since most of the anglers, whether professional or weekend hobbyists, carry smartphones, there is a useful app that can assist them. This app allows the anglers to record their catches, track positions, and create a data log for their fishing activities. 

You can also post photos and mark locations for your future trips. In a way, it also works as a social platform for anglers to share their activities and insights.

37. Fishing Sunglasses

Fishing sunglasses are an essential accessory for any day time outing. Particularly for boating, sunglasses can help you keep calm and focused on your job instead of looking for shade now and then. 

Some sunglasses can stop nearly 99% of harmful rays, protecting your vision. Also, there are some cool shades and designs to choose from. Therefore if you haven’t bought a pair of sunglasses, you may just do it now.

38. Oars

If you like rowing, you can also keep a pair of oars on your bass boat. While your trolling motor rests, you can practice your rowing skills and also save some battery. 

Oars are lightweight, and they don’t take up too much space so that it won’t burden your boat. You can get an additional option for moving across both shallow and deep water. There are several options available both in wood and hard rubber. 

39. Oar Locks.

Oarlocks will allow you to keep your pair of oars firmly in one place. When not in use, the oars shouldn’t be lying around, creating a mess inside the boat. So oar locks become a handy accessory for that.

Because oarlocks are very small, they should always be there on any type of boat. Usually, they come with all the mounting accessories, so installation isn’t much of a problem. 

40. Vinyl Conditioner

Vinyl conditioner lets you keep all the vinyl surfaces as fresh as new. These are beneficial agents that are designed with nanotechnology to condition and protect vinyl surfaces.

Regular conditioning helps in prolonging the surface life. Hence, it will keep you from frequently replacing seat covers. 

Particularly for boats, it is always better to look for marine-grade vinyl conditioners. I prefer spray-on applications to make the job easier. 


The list can continue, and we can go on talking about customizing your bass boats. In this aspect, Bass boats have a customization-friendly design. Since they allow easy and cheap customization options, you have a free hand regarding what you can achieve with your boat.

I always advise people to keep a budget check and not to go too heavy on spending just on accessories. Also, in my opinion, it’s better to spend on protection and guarding accessories as compared to repair accessories.

From this list of some necessary Bass boat accessories, I am sure you could pick a bunch of really cool stuff to make your style statement.