10 Best Built Fifth-wheels

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Buying a fifth-wheel camper can be overwhelming because there are many different models available on the market. However, it does not need to be. This is because I have done the research and I have compiled a list of 10 brilliant fifth-wheel campers in this article.

Only fifth-wheel campers that are well-built, durable, cozy, convenient, and perfect for camping appear on my list. Without wasting any more time, below are the 10 best-built fifth-wheel campers.

What Are The Best Built 5th Wheels?

1. Keystone Montana

This is a very popular fifth-wheel camper. In fact, it is one of the best-selling fifth-wheel campers in the world.

According to those who own this fifth-wheel and RV critics, it is one of the best campers to own if you plan to go off-grid for a long time. It is also perfect for those who want to do full-time RV living.

One of the best things about this camper is the fact that it has multiple storage areas. So if you have plenty of clothes and other belongings like most people, you should be able to find enough space to store everything you own out of sight.

In terms of sleeping areas, Keystone Montana has a single stately bedroom with a Queen-size bed. The bedroom has multiple storage areas. This RV also has several other sleeping areas in the form of hide-away beds. So it can definitely accommodate a family.

With regards to features, this fifth-wheel has got a large kitchen, a massive refrigerator, a washer, a dryer, a dishwasher, a microwave, a backup camera (for easy parking), and a bathroom.

Probably the reason why many people buy this fifth-wheel is how luxurious it looks both inside and outside. It is a great machine. Its construction is also something to write home about because it is quite sturdy and durable.

2. Forest River Wildcat Series

This is an award-winning RV! It has won various awards since it was first introduced to the market. It is regarded as one of the cheapest feature-rich and durable fifth-wheel campers in the United States!

The thing I love the most about this RV is how compact it is. It has a small footprint and it is also lightweight, making it easier and safer to tow. It also makes it easier to maneuver over rough/ slippery terrain.

I also love the fact that this camper comes with a beautiful bedroom that features a king-style bed. Other sleeping areas in this fifth-wheel include a bunk area and a convertible living room area. In short, this camper can accommodate a large family.

The living room in this camper has recliner couches and spinning captain chairs. It is the perfect place to lounge, have a game night, host guests, eat, or simply enjoy a movie or a TV show.

With regards to features, this fifth-wheel comes with a standard oven, a microwave, a refrigerator, an exterior grill/ cooking area, a large sink, a spacious bathroom, an entertainment center in the living room, and multiple storage cabinets. 

Forest River Wildcat Series camper looks and feels just like a small apartment. It is definitely a camper you will love camping in and it does not cost as much as most fifth-wheel campers do. 

3. Redwood RV Redwood Model

This is one of the most amazing fifth-wheel campers in the world! It is absolutely perfect for those who want to live the RV life because it has everything one needs to live perfectly comfortably off-grid.

So if you are thinking of buying a camper for full-time living or for constant use, you should strongly consider it! I must also mention that it is also great for occasional camping trips because it is extremely durable.

The thing that stands out the most about this camper is how versatile it is. For example, while it has one master bedroom, it can sleep a total of six people comfortably because it has several hide-away beds and convertible beds.

It also comes with plenty of storage areas inside and underneath to enable you to keep it neat and tidy by hiding everything away.

The kitchen in this camper is spacious and has a large island, storage areas, and quality appliances for cooking complete meals while on the road. 

The only thing you may not like about this camper is the fact that it is not a lightweight trailer. Therefore, you need to buy a big truck with a powerful engine to be able to tow it safely.

If you do not already have such a truck, it is better to go for the Forest River model I have mentioned above because it is lightweight and it can be towed even by many vehicles including midsize SUVs and smaller trucks.

4. Dutchman Voltage Series

I added this fifth-wheel to this list because it is slightly different from standard fifth-wheels. It is different in the sense that it is perfect for carrying dirt bikes, bicycles, and ATVs.

This is because it has a huge storage room and a massive door for taking your toys in and out. So if you are an adventure seeker, with dirt bikes, bicycles, or an ATV, you should strongly consider getting this RV.

Probably the most amazing thing about this Dutchmen Voltage Series camper is its sleeping capacity. The biggest model is a two-bedroom fifth-wheel camper that can sleep ten people. Two in the master bedroom, four or five in the second bunkhouse bedroom, and the rest in the three remaining in the convertible living room areas.

It is the second bedroom of this camper that can serve as a storage area for your toys. So if you have toys in it, then you cannot use it as a second bedroom.

The second most amazing thing about this Dutchmen RV is how luxurious it is. It is a machine that is available in various rich color schemes and has plenty of quality features for comfortable living.

Its features include a large television, a powerful fireplace, cozy sitting areas, a full kitchen, and a complete bathroom.

This is certainly an amazing one-of-a-kind camper.

5. Heartland Bighorn 

This camper is luxurious and well-built for handling all seasons. It is made by the famous Heartland RV Company that has been churning out top-quality RVs for US owners for decades now.

The RV has different floor plans available. The most family-friendly floor plan sleeps six people.

I mentioned above that this RV is built to handle different seasons. Let me explain this. This camper’s siding is vacuum bonded. This means it does not get unnecessarily cold inside. It also has an insulated floor and an insulated roof.

These facts plus the fact that this camper has a fireplace makes it perfect even for traveling during winter. For cooling during hot sunny days, this camper has a powerful AC.

The body of this RV is aerodynamic and it includes gorgeous slide-outs and automatic stabilizers.

In terms of features, this trailer has brilliant LED lighting, a wide living room, spacious leather seats, a 46-inch TV, a surround sound system, a big kitchen and all the necessary kitchen appliances and features.

It also comes with a full bathroom.

6. Grand Design Reflection Series

This fifth-wheel camper is unique. It is unique in the sense that it is a true lightweight camper. In fact, it is so light that you can actually safely tow it using a half-ton truck such as the Ford F-150. So if you already own a half-ton truck and you want to buy a fifth-wheel camper and to save money on upgrading your truck, I recommend this camper.

I also recommend this camper if you want a smallish trailer that is not difficult to tow on challenging terrain or while traveling at high speeds on highways. This is because it is a super lightweight and compact fifth-wheel.

Because it is a compact and lightweight model, it does not have a lot of extra space. However, it does have a living room and a bedroom.

The bedroom has a large bed, a closet, and other storage spaces. In case you want to travel with your kids or you receive guests while traveling, they can sleep in the living area on the spacious couch that can be converted into a bed.

The living area in this trailer comes with a TV area. Next to it, there is a kitchen with everything for preparing hot meals for your partner, your guests and/ or your family. 

7. Forest River Cardinal

While the Forest River Wildcat Series I discussed earlier is one of the cheapest and lightest fifth-wheels, this one is pretty pricey and heavy. The cheapest version of the Forest River Cardinal goes for around $49,000 and weighs approximately 13,000 lbs.

But while this fifth-wheel camper is heavy and expensive, it is also a very high-quality and durable RV.

You can tell it is a high-quality camper by simply looking at its exterior; the camper looks sleek and aerodynamic.

The walls of this camper are vacuum-bonded making the temperature in it stable. So even if it gets extremely cold outside, as long as you are inside this camper, you have closed your windows and you have the camper’s furnace on, you will be warm and cozy.

The sleeping areas in this camper include a king-style bed in the bedroom suite with a premium mattress and a leather sofa in the living room that can be converted into sleeping space for two.

Speaking of the living room, it is quite spacious and it looks and feels cozy. In addition to the sofa, it has theater-style seats

In addition to what I have mentioned about this camper, it comes with a bathroom, a full kitchen, plenty of storage spaces, and two awnings. 

It is a great fifth-wheel camper, especially for experienced RV owners.

8. Grand Design Solitude

The Grand Design Solitude is one of the best made fifth-wheel campers in the United States right now. This is because it is very customizable and some of its versions are perfect for camping with family.

What makes this camper perfect for camping is the fact that it can sleep many people and the fact that its living area is big enough for an entire big family to lounge in or to play a game or two.

Its main sleeping area is the master bedroom. This Grand Design camper also comes with hide-away beds that are easy to pull out at night to sleep your kids or your guests. 

The living room in this camper is quite large and customizable. The kitchen too is large and customizable. It has a large pantry for stocking food for long trips.

Almost everywhere in this camper, there is storage space. The many storage spaces in this fifth-wheel make it perfect for storing things out of sight making everything look neat and tidy. One of these camper’s many storage spaces is a full walk-in closet. Another is a large undercarriage. This is great for storing camping supplies that you do not intend to use frequently.

In short, this travel trailer is luxurious and brilliant for storing everything you will need for a long camping trip.

9. Coachmen Chaparral

Coachmen Chaparral is one of the best built fifth-wheel campers. And it is perfect for big families biggest it can accommodate many people. Its most family-friendly version can sleep 11 people. So if you have a very big family or you want to go on a vacation with your family and a best friend’s family, it is a very good option.

The camper has two doors. This makes it perfect to live in especially if you are traveling with many people. 

One of the things that stands out about this trailer is its digital leveling system. This system makes it relatively easy to level the camper.

This camper’s automatic awning also stands out. This is because it is automatic and because it is fitted with awesome LED lighting. So if you like cooking or lounging outdoors when camping, this awning will make it possible and convenient both during the day and during the night.

The interior of this fifth-wheel camper is cozy and very luxurious. It features solid surface countertops, hardwood cabinets, dining chairs, a living room with comfy chairs, a big screen smart TV, a master bed with a premium mattress, a bunk area, a well-equipped kitchen, and a full bathroom.

10. Jayco North Point

Jayco North Point is a world-class fifth-wheel camper perfect for solo and family camping trips. It has everything you need for a fun, memorable, and comfortable experience alone or with family.

What makes this Jayco RV perfect for family camping trips is the fact that it has two bedrooms. One bedroom is located on one end with the other located on the opposite end of the camper.

The main bedroom is a master bedroom suite with a large bed and a premium mattress. It has a door and it is separated from the other bedroom for maximum privacy.

The second bedroom is a bunkhouse. It has bunk beds perfect for accommodating teenagers. The second bedroom has a small refrigerator.

In both bedrooms and in the rest of this fifth-wheel, there are plenty of storage spaces/ areas for storing belongings.

Another thing that makes this fifth-wheel perfect for families is the fact that it has a full kitchen for preparing hot meals for everyone. So if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on unhealthy junk food on the road, get this trailer and bring plenty of food supplies with you.

Other amazing features in the Jayco North Point fifth-wheel include multiple TV hookups, a multi-burner stove, a big refrigerator, an equipped external/ outdoor cooking area, multiple air conditioners, and a big bathroom.

In short, this camper is an amazing fifth-wheel camper to explore the world.


You now know the 10 best-built fifth-wheel campers. So if you have been thinking of buying one, you now know which ones to consider. Because I have detailed the standard and unique features of all the campers on my list, I hope I have made it easier for you to choose one.