6 Best Campground Memberships

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Campground memberships allow you to save a good chunk of money in the long run. If you travel and stay in RV campgrounds frequently, then it’s a good idea to buy a campground subscription.

There are plenty of names out there though, so how do you choose the right subscription for you?

Well, below, we want to introduce you to the 6 best RV campground memberships out there. We’ll provide you with a detailed insight into their benefits, which should allow you to make a choice more easily.

Is Buying A Campground Membership Worth It?

So is buying a campground membership even worth it? While these memberships are mostly not too expensive – under $100 annually – why spend the money if you don’t need all those benefits?

Here’s the thing. You will need to decide yourself whether it’s worth to buy an annual membership at any club.

A Thousand Trails subscription costs $585 annually, for example. When would it be a reasonable buy?

Well, if your savings throughout the year are at least $585, then you can say that the purchase is worth it. If you would have spent more than $585 without the membership, then it was a worthy buy. But if you only save say $400, then you will have wasted $185. 

What this means is that if you spend those $585 on a Thousand Trails membership, then your stays should amount to at least $585 through the year.

If you are mostly on the road than at campgrounds, then you may want to look at something like the Good Sam subscription. This subscription gives you just a 10% discount at campgrounds, but it also offers fuel discounts.

These numbers imply that a Good Sam subscription would be a good buy if you are traveling a lot. 

On the other hand, if you stay at campgrounds most of the time during your RV trips, then you would want to get a subscription that would provide you with higher campground discounts, e.g. Passport America. Since you won’t be on the road too much, there will be less use for the fuel discounts provided by the Good Sam Club membership.

Hopefully, our little analysis above gave you an idea of how you should read the numbers provided by subscription providers. The good thing about the overviewed plans is that they are quite different from each other, which means that choosing one shouldn’t be too difficult for most people.

If you are struggling to choose between 2-3 membership providers, then you may need to do some calculations to approximate how much money you would be saving with each. 

Remember – you spend money now to save more money in the long run. No matter which plan you choose, you should make sure that it allows you to save money. If you plan ahead and know your costs, then this should be easy for you.