6 Best Folding Camping Tables in 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

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I love to spend time in the great outdoors, and I’m sure a lot agrees with me. Camping is a good way to appreciate the beauty of nature and should always be accompanied by good food. Although a lot may associate camping with inconvenience, no one is stopping you to go for a comfortable vacation and to have one, you definitely need to bring your own folding camping tables. It is nice to have somewhere you can organize food and eat them in luxury.

There are so many tables available in the market for you to choose from. If you find it hard to decide on what to buy, here are some hints on what you should look out for if you decide to purchase tables and some reviews of the best folding camping tables to consider when you plan on going in a camping adventure anytime soon.





One-Piece Design

Beckworth & Co. SmartFlip Bamboo Portable...
Beckworth & Co. SmartFlip Bamboo Portable...
  • Easy setup which doesn’t take time at all
  • Legs that can be adjusted according to the desired height

Rust Free

ALPS Mountaineering Square Dining Table
ALPS Mountaineering Square Dining Table
  • Made with three different sizes
  • Built from Aluminum

Lifetime Limited Warranty

GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen Portable...
GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camp Kitchen Portable...
  • Gives you areas to keep small items
  • Has 4 fold out, side tables

Very Light

Coleman Camping Table | Compact Roll Top...
Coleman Camping Table | Compact Roll Top...
  • Legs are known to be sturdy
  • Legs fan out a bit so it is less susceptible to tipping over

600D Polyester Material

Helinox Table One Hard Top Lightweight,...
Helinox Table One Hard Top Lightweight,...
  • Made with a low height good for low profile camping chairs
  • Legs are made from DAC aluminum

Small and Compact

Trekology Portable Camping Side Tables with...
Trekology Portable Camping Side Tables with...
  • Used for small cooking and drinks
  • Correct height for low profile camping chairs

What you Need to Know About Portable Folding Camping Tables

People decide to bring camping tables for convenience when they go on one of their outdoor trips, so we need to bring portable ones that are easy to transport around, set up when needed and breakdown once done. When choosing your portable outdoor camping tables, you need to think about what you need during your planned trip. There are three basic types of tables, cooking stations or outdoor prepping tables, outdoor dining tables and outdoor accessory tables. Let us define each of them for a deeper understanding. It should help you decide on what you need during your trip.

Camp Tables for Cooking and Outdoor Prepping

Best Folding Camping Table



When camping, you still need to prepare the food and cook it. This is something no one wants to do with the inconvenience. Luckily, there are counters you can use to prepare your ingredients and cook the food you plan on feeding your companions while you are camping. Although labeled as such, they can actually be used for other purposes with their multi-functional designs too.

When looking for cooking stations or outdoor prep tables, you should choose the solid. Take note of their load capacity and if they are made of materials that can support such weight. This type of portable desk will most likely bear a lot of kitchen instruments, tableware, silverware and food items not to mention your portable grilling station, that will surely weight a lot you need to get tables that can carry a heavy load and will not break down after being used for just a few numbers of times. You want something stronger that can serve your camping needs for years to come.

It is best if you can find one that can accommodate your table-top grill, converting it to a portable grill station. You don’t want to risk losing your dinner when cooking over uneven surfaces. They could topple and fall over which could prove to be a real inconvenience. You are not only wasting food, but you will waste time too in doing everything all over again. That is if you still have enough left for another round.

As you scout for outdoor prep tables and cooking stations, you need to find those that come with a lot of different compartments you can use for stocking your kitchenware and other cooking utensils. They will serve you well in being organized with the things you bring. You don’t want to be messy and dirty when you are camping and lose valuable kitchen things. This is the food we are talking about, no dirt allowed.

You can actually find ones that have a hanging dry rack beneath the table, beverage holders or wine glass holders at the sides. Some even come with hooks you can use for your cooking utensils, lantern hangers and more. A paper towel holder would also prove useful, especially when you are camping in windy areas.

One thing cooking stations are not made for is dining. When camping, try not to eat on one. This is especially true if you have one of those types that comes with different compartments under the table top. Without much legroom, the experience could be a bit bothersome.

Folding Camp Tables for Dining

When I say you can’t eat on your cooking stations or outdoor prep tables. I mean there is another table made for that purpose, the dining camp tables. These are tables where everybody settles down to eat with comfort.

Usually, campers decide not to bring one, trying to save space. They just hold their plates and make do with what nature has to offer. However, if you are a big family, or with a number of friends, having portable dining tables will make eating convenient for everyone, especially to those in charge with feeding the bunch and cleaning after. Even so, no matter how many people are going camping with you, having a meal with a decent dining camp table will allow for a leisurely vacation.

Like the previous table, dining stations can be multi-purpose too. You can put your condiments, paper towels and other accessories you bring at camp. They can also be a point of gathering for the whole group where you can play games or just simply talk and catch up.

Dining camp tables, when compared to your traditional dining tables at home, are shorter than your average table height of 30 inches. They tend to be smaller than what you usually have set up in your houses, so they can be portable, easy to carry around with you and not eat up a lot of space with your car or RV.

When looking for dining tables, find ones that have enough leg room under it. That is one of the reasons why you need a dedicated dining table when camping instead of settling for your cooking stations. Eating with compartments below your tabletop take up space and can be uncomfortable, defeating the purpose of bringing your own table.

Generally, when looking for camping tables, you need to find sturdy ones. You need well-balanced tables you can adjust if you plan to set them up on unknown terrain. This goes for your dining camp tables too. Naturally, they will have to carry all the food, beverage, utensils and whatever it is you use when eating a meal. Not to mention body weight when you rest your arms and elbows. All of these things can be quite heavy and with the people’s tendency to bump against tables, they should be able to carry all this weight and withstand the forces that can knock them over.

You need to consider the number of people going with you on your trip when you buy your table. At the same time, you need to coordinate the number of camping chairs you will need and make sure their size does not contrast with your table. The table can’t be too high or too low, it should be the right height that makes eating comfortable.

Another thing you need to consider when buying is the size of the table, which should be big enough to accommodate all your guests, at the same time small enough to fit in your RV or whichever vehicle it is you plan on bringing. You must acknowledge the fact that you are bringing these accessories and there could be limited space for all your stuff.

Furthermore, you should also consider the weight of your table. You can’t possibly bring a heavy one when traveling long distances. It should be light in weight but strong enough to carry your needs. Always consider the weight of the things you bring when camping. You cannot overload your vehicle for it can be dangerous and can lead to accidents.

Again, choose your table design well.  That open space under the table is important. Considering this plus the size and weight of the table, you should buy tables with just the right size of legs. They should be enough to support the whole weight you plan on putting on top of your dining camp table.

Folding Camp Tables for Accessories

For general use, you can bring with you accessory camping tables. These are folding tables you can use for nearly everything. If your family is big on playing card games or board games, or any other entertainment they have in mind, this is the table to use. It can also hold some of your food, drinks and cooking ware.

They come in different size and height, according to your needs. It is critical that you plan ahead on how you want to use one before buying so you can choose the size that will fit your purpose.

Typically, you will be using your table outdoors so you will need to find ones with great stability. You don’t want winds knocking them down and messing everything up. Even so, accessory camping tables are made to be light. You can go for the ones with legs that tilt outward for more leverage and the types with a low profile for stability.

To add more balance and durability, some tables are designed with a provision to weight them down. Some are equipped with places you can put rocks or sandbags on to anchor them to the ground and help you with stability.

Some things you need to consider when buying folding camping tables

No matter what type of camping table you decide to bring with you, there are things you need to consider when buying them. Aside from its stability, here are some of the things you need to look into as you choose which model to purchase.

Setting up your table

If you plan on camping, you want everything to be convenient like, for example, tents. It would be annoying to erect complicated tents that take time and energy. The same applies with tables. When you buy a table, you wish to bring with you, you should look for the ones that are easy to set up.

Sometimes they come as they look. You can see if they can be complicated to set up or is very easy just by looking at them. This is true for the small folding table types you use for accessory camping tables.

Outdoor prep tables or cooking stations are admittedly much more complicated to assemble compared to the other types. What you can do is to find the least difficult one. When getting one, make sure to ask the seller to show you how to put it up. Get a copy of the product’s instruction manual and see if they are easy to understand.

Always ask for information that can help you when it comes to table shopping. You can also go through reviews in the internet. To start you with your canvassing, you can try to look at the ALPS Mountaineering camping table, which we have found setting up to be a breeze.


Camping tables are not disposable items that you can let go after one use. Neither should it last only for a few trips. You should always go for those long-lasting ones that will serve you for a long time. They could be more expensive but we encourage you to invest in one which will eventually save you more money than buying those cheap ones and having them buckle down after a few outings.

Hardiness comes from the materials used for a table. Portable camping tables made from aluminum are your best choice. They do not rust, which makes them good for the outdoors. Aluminum tables are also not easily damaged by hot pans and pots where you put your food. They are softer than steel and is light compared to your other options. Remember, we need them to be light for travel.  Fortunately, many manufacturers make use of top grade aluminum for production.

All the same, you should note that there are those in the market that make use of aluminum only for the table tops. The rest of the parts, especially those that move, like the legs or the compartments are made of steel. They do rust so you should watch out and bring them inside your RV when it rains.

Some might prefer the look and feel of wood. They are heavier and are weaker than the ones made from aluminum. They need more care and maintenance when you decide to have one.

When looking for side tables that are very light and undoubtedly strong, you should ask for those made with carbon fiber and DAC aluminum. Mostly will have table tops that are composed of fabric, which does not add to its weight. They are typically made of Polyester. If you fancy this kind, look for those made with 600D Polyester which is the best quality in the market for portable folding tables.

Size and Weight

When camping, the first thing that comes to mind when packing is to bring small and lightweight materials that will serve your purpose. You must always consider the capacity of your transportation when doing your preparation. Your car rigs and RV’s have so little space for you to bring your whole house and can only carry as much as their weight capacity will allow them which is a bit limited.  In lieu of this, you will need to find things, including your tables, that are light and compact. This will allow for easier storage, moving around and set up.

There are a number of tables that will fit your camping needs. All you need to is look for them earnestly.

So far we have shown you that camping can be simple, convenient, messy or comfortable. Everything depends on how you want to enjoy your trip. A lot of different kinds of portable camping tables are available in the market to make sure you live up to your lifestyle. You just need to choose the right tables that will serve your purpose.

If you are looking for portable tables you can use, here are some reviews we can share for your reference.

The Best Folding Camping Tables

Noting the need for portable camping tables, we have below six of the best models for you to choose from.


Not everyone needs a camping table to go on that trip, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have one for comfort and convenience.

Isn’t it nice to enjoy a leisurely time with nature, with all your things organized and dirt-free? Anticipate your needs and prepare accordingly.

With the right table you will surely have a good and memorable camping trip.

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