Best RV Composting Toilets of 2020

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The best RV composting toilet can turn human waste & toilet paper into compost. Such toilets do not require water. They may be powered by electricity for the process of composting. There are nonelectric variants as well that rely on the natural process of evaporation and decomposition.

Most toilets produce waste comprising of as much as ninety percent water. This water can be made to evaporate using some kind of ventilation system. The ventilation also eliminates or regulates odor. The solid waste is subjected to decomposition or a composting process to become fertilizer.

A composting toilet relies on moisture, oxygen, organic waste matter and heat to be adequately balanced for the composting process to be effective. Natural decomposition is facilitated by bacteria and other microorganisms. The ideal environment should be created for the composting process to be reliable and steadfast.

A composting toilet is a quintessential requirement in recreational vehicles, they are absolute rv essentials. Such toilets are also used at homes, especially where there are gardens. There are different types of composting toilet with varying specifications and you should explore all relevant options to choose the best.

Comparison Table





Operates Quietly

Nature's Head Self Contained Composting...
Nature's Head Self Contained Composting...
  • The toilet has an elongated seat and weighs 28lbs.
  • It runs on 12 volts and 0.72 watts.

Most Compact

Villa 9215 AC/DC
Villa 9215 AC/DC
  • The fan operates quietly, producing less than 30 dB noise. 
  • The capacity of this composting toilet is three weeks for average use by a family.

Larger and Heavier

Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric Self-Contained...
Sun-Mar Excel Non-Electric Self-Contained...
  • It is larger and heavier than the aforementioned options.
  • It has sufficient capacity for up to four people using the toilet full time.

Limited Capacity

Sun-Mar Compact Self-Contained Composting...
Sun-Mar Compact Self-Contained Composting...
  • It weighs 90lbs and comes with a venting kit. 
  • It runs on 125 watts.

4 Top Rated RV Composting Toilets

How to Compare Composting Toilets

Composting toilets are economical and environmentally friendly. Some are quite expensive but you need not spend a fortune. Not all composting toilets are equally effective so you must choose a reliable brand. You must compare everything from the capacity to how it works, the method of installation to the warranty before you can come up with a shortlist. There are broadly two types of composting toilet, self-contained unit and a central unit.

A self-contained composting toilet is smaller. The tank where the composting will happen is connected to the installed toilet. A central composting toilet has a separate tank. The tank is connected to the toilet but it is neither attached nor does it have to be exactly where the toilet is. Central composting toilets have greater capacity but they are irrelevant for recreational vehicles. You will need a self-contained composting toilet for your RV.

Self-contained composting toilets do not cost much and the installation is considerably easier. There is no separate tank. The size is compact but the capacity is limited so one must exercise caution to avoid waste overflow. Composting toilets require more frequent maintenance compared to regular toilets. The compost generated should be cleared out from time to time. If you are choosing a self-contained composting toilet that runs on electricity then you should ensure the connections are working fine. Else, the composting process will be hindered and you will have a crisis to deal with.

Always study the specifications and features, ease of installation and warranty of every relevant composting toilet for your recreational vehicle. Embark on an extensive comparison where every important specification or feature is considered and only the best are shortlisted. While dimensions or size is of more significance, you cannot dismiss the weight either. You must know how much additional weight your recreational vehicle will have to carry. You may have a preference for electrical or nonelectrical composting toilets depending on the availability of energy. Electrical toilets are better since they can expedite the composting process.

Always prioritize safety, warranty, and price without compromising on any quintessential feature you need. You may not want to spend a lot of money but cutting corners will get you an unsafe composting toilet. You do not want the waste to overflow or any pathogen to find its way out of the tank. You need a comprehensive warranty for a substantial period of time. Balance safety and warranty vis-à-vis the price to choose a reliable composting toilet.

Major Manufacturers

Dry composting toilets do not require plumbing. There is no need to flush and chemicals are not involved in the process. The natural process is environmentally safe and also does not pose any threat to the occupants of a recreational vehicle. Composting toilets have their small ecosystem that does not interact with the environment inside or outside the recreational vehicle. Of course, there is evaporation, ventilation, decomposition and the eventual composting but the toilet will not pose any threat to the safety or wellbeing of the passengers in an RV.

You should not consider manufacturers you have not heard of. Only credible brands can be trusted to have a reliable and safe composting toilet. Such an installation is not complex for the user but the specific processes are quite complicated. A composting toilet should be easy to use and it must be versatile too. The two market leaders in this niche are Sun-Mar and Nature’s Head. There are a few brands such as Separett that are equally credible.

Nature’s Head is the largest brand of composting toilet. The company has a few models to choose from. While the models have many similarities, there are some differences in design and hence the variation in price. Nature’s Head makes effective and durable composting toilets for recreational vehicles. Sun-Mar specializes in composting toilet for recreational vehicles. It is not the most affordable brand by a mile but it does have some great options. Many people gravitate towards Nature’s Head as the prices of Sun-Mar can be twice as much. Both these brands make portable composting toilets. Some models have additional features. The manufacturers also have replacement parts and accessories.

Choose the Safest and Most Effective Option

A distinction should be drawn between portable toilets and composting toilets. There are companies making portable toilets that are advertised as appropriate for use in recreational vehicles. While portable toilets can be used in recreational vehicles, they need to be connected to a septic tank. There should be a black water tank and a grey water tank. If you do not have such tanks in your recreational vehicle or trailer, then you must choose a composting toilet. Portable toilets are not by definition or description of composting toilets. You will not get composting toilets priced at below a hundred or anywhere close. The best composting toilets are priced close to a thousand dollars. There are some models priced at fifteen hundred and above. You may not choose the most premium model but do not compromise on the safety or effectiveness of a composting toilet for your RV.