The 10 Best RV Surge Protectors of 2019: Reviews & Buying Guide

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For many fans of traveling, modern appliances are a luxury they can rarely afford to enjoy. Being out in the wild has its downsides. For one, you don’t get access to electricity and you can’t take any of your appliances with you. But what if you can take all your electrical appliances with you?

If you’re traveling in a recreational vehicle, it’s possible. You can enjoy your TV while you travel. You can even take a small air conditioner with you. Of course, with all these new additions to your RV, come new opportunities where accidents could happen. If you’re really dedicated to getting these appliances to your RV, get a good, heavy-duty surge protector along with them.

Cheating nature trips with electrical appliances aren’t wrong. As long as you still get that sun and that fresh air, then that trip is still definitely worth making. Plus, having access to electricity on your RV isn’t just for entertainment. It can help you stay in touch with family and friends even when you’re out in nature.

Always put the safety on top of your priority list. Having Surge protectors in your RV can literally save your life. Electrical appliances have power pedestals. Sometimes, they tend to damage your appliances and even cause accidents.

If you’re not a very handy person, this all might seem alien to you. Let’s give you a simpler explanation. Surge Protectors protect your RV from sudden power surges. It can regulate the electricity inside your recreational vehicle to eliminate the chance of an electrical overload or having your circuits overused.

It might not seem big, but this little equipment can save your life and your RV. So let’s take a look at the best surge protectors for recreation vehicles available in today’s market. If you’re ever thinking of getting one for your RV, you might want to consider these great products. They won’t let you down.

The Best RV Surge Protectors of 2019

Progressive Industries SSP-30XL Surge Protector

1,309 Reviews
  • Surge Protection: 3-Mode / 825J / 22,500A. Ratings: 30A / 120V / 3,600W. Operating Temperatures: -40C to +105C
  • Open Ground, Open Neutral & Reverse Polarity Detection, Miswired Pedestal Indication, Surge Failure Indicator

What we like about it:

This product’s highlights are an amazing design. It also has all the necessary indicators for a protector. It’s weatherproof so don’t worry about taking it places. Plus, this product has a certification and seal from Underwriter Laboratories(UL), which guarantees its safety and quality as a protector.

What we don’t like about it:

It’s larger than most protectors. You need to plan where you’re going to put it in your RV.

Here’s another great product from the manufacturer Progressive Industries, the SSP-30XL Surge Protector. Like progressive’s other product here, this one is also durable and impressive in its own way. Underwriter Laboratories(UL) gave it a seal of approval-a certification of its strength and safety as a protector.

This product can serve you in many ways. It can detect reversed polarity in wires.

It can check for open neutral and ground. This product is not portable like many on this list, but its installation process is really easy. There are photos included in the instructions for you to follow along with written commands. If you follow them correctly, you shouldn’t have any problems with it.

This product is really made to be taken outdoors. It’s thermal protection can protect you from extreme heat and overheating, and it’s waterproof. Don’t worry about whether or not it can make it through a storm. This protector comes with its own weather shield. It can function through any weather condition, no matter how bad.

It also has a pretty tight security lock to keep it in place. You can sleep in peace knowing it won’t easily slide off from where you installed it. This protector has 3 LED lights that would immediately let you know if there’s something wrong with any of your wires or your appliances.

The only disadvantage to this product is its size. If you choose to get it, you need to plan where it’s going to be. It’s bigger than most protectors. Other than this, it’s all good.

TRC Surge Guard 44260 Portable Surge Protector

Surge Guard 44260 Entry Level Portable Surge...
295 Reviews
Surge Guard 44260 Entry Level Portable Surge...
  • Identifies faulty park power plus offers 2100 Joules of surge protection
  • Analyzes circuits to verify pedestal power

What we like about it:

This product’s highlights are its portability. You can take it anywhere without needing to install it. Just hook it up. This protector can handle a maximum of 2,100 joules. It’s made for outdoors. It can withstand really harsh weather conditions, and it can check your current location for faulty power.

What we don’t like about it:

The indicator lights’ dimness is the only drawback to this product. It’s very minor compared to its countless features.

If you’re looking for the top protector RVs, then the TRC Surge Guard 44260 can be a potential candidate. It’s an almost perfect surge guard that pops up on almost all top surge protectors list and reviews. This product is known not just among RVers. You can use it for other things too.

This protector can handle a maximum of 2100 joules. It’s strong and durable. It can really provide you protection on your camping trips. Plus, it’s portable. This product doesn’t need installing. You just need to hook it up, and you’re good to go. It’s really convenient when you’re already in the field.

The TRC Surge Guard 44260 can give all around protection. It can analyze your circuits and verify power pedestals. It can determine if any of the power sources have faulty power. There are some indicators on the device itself to alert you if there’s something wrong with any of the wiring.

The best part about this product is its waterproof feature. It’s really made to be taken outdoors. You can use even during a storm or a heavy rainfall. It even has its own lock that could help you secure it in place to make sure it doesn’t slide or fall.

If there’s one thing you could hate about this product, it’s its indicators’ dimness. The alert indicators are not that bright that you really need to pay attention to it. Although, compared to all of its features, this flaw is minor.

Progressive Industries 313.1168 SSP30X Surge Protector

Progressive Industries 313.1168 SSP30X Smart...
1,309 Reviews
Progressive Industries 313.1168 SSP30X Smart...
  • Surge Protection: 3-Mode / 825J / 22,500A. Ratings: 30A / 120V / 3,600W. Operating Temperatures: -40C to +105C
  • Open Ground, Open Neutral & Reverse Polarity Detection. Miss wired Pedestal Indication. Surge Failure Indicator.

What we like about it:

This product’s highlights are its easy and fast installation and great design. It’s got an indicator that would immediately alert you in the event of a surge failure, and it has thermal protection. This product is durable. You can take it out on trips with you without worrying. You can also test its power source before using it.

What we don’t like about it:

Sadly, it doesn’t have a monitor display. Its wires lack reversed polarity.

This product’s manufacturer is well known in the industry. It has consistently produced many great-performing types of equipment for RVs that it earned them a following. This time, progressive industries bring us the 313.1168 SSP30X Smart. It made waves when it came out, and users are quick to shower it with great reviews.

All of the praises were well-deserved. This product really delivered. It’s portable and really easy to understand. It even comes with its own polarity tester to help you check that the power source is working before you even start using it.

A great thing that you’ll like about this is its design. It’s small and sleek, and you shouldn’t have a hard time finding space for it in your RV. If you’re new to this, you should know that portable surges don’t need installing. You just hook them up in the right places, and they’re good to go.

This product is made to be taken on nature trips. It’s durable. With its thermal protection, you’re protected from overheats. It also has an indicator for surge failures, which means that you’ll immediately get a warning in the event of a power surge. This product has three other indicators. They are the LED lights that you see lighting up on the device.

There are no perfect products. Of course, this one has its disadvantages. For one thing, it doesn’t have a monitor screen. And another thing is it doesn’t have reversed polarity.

Progressive Industries SSP-50XL Surge Protector

1,309 Reviews
  • Surge Protection: 5-Mode / 1650J / 45,000A. Ratings: 50A / 120V/240V / 12,000W. Operating Temperatures: -40C to +105C
  • Open Ground, Open Neutral & Reverse Polarity Detection, Miswired Pedestal Indication, Surge Failure Indicator

What we like about it:

This product’s highlights are its fast indicators, which will immediately alert you if something’s wrong with the rig, its thermal protection, and its safety handles. This unit can detect open neutral, ground and even reverse polarity. Plus, it’s cheap.

What we don’t like about it:

It’s larger than most protectors. You need to plan where you’re going to put it in your RV.

Here’s another great protector from progressive industries. SSP-50XL is a strong and reliable protector. Like many products from its manufacturer, it has top of the line design and technology. This protector is the best 50-ampere protector in the market today and just by looking at its ensemble you should already be able to figure out why.

The product can handle a maximum of 1650 joules. It can tell if the wiring is open neutral, ground, or if it has reversed polarity before you’re even finished hooking it up to your RV. It’s a real heavy-duty and efficient device with an unbelievably low price.

The SSP-50XL comes with thermal protection. You can take it on trips with you without having to worry about overheats. The device has efficient and well designed light indicators. You’ll immediately be alerted in the event of a surge failure. It can detect wrong wirings in power sources. This device is designed to give you maximum protection. You’ll be in the know of anything and everything that goes on with your wires.

This product’s best feature would have to be its handle. You can pull the device out or plug it in with ease and without worrying about getting electrocuted. It also has the three very bright-colored light that lights up to alarm you when something’s wrong. They’re very noticeable so don’t worry about missing them.  

SSP-50XL is really a great product. To think you can get all those features for a really low price. The only problem you might have with it is its size. If you choose to go with this one, you need to plan where you’re going to fit it in your RV cause it’s huge.

Technology Research Surge Guard 44270 Portable Surge Protector

Surge Guard 44270 Entry Level Portable Surge...
324 Reviews
Surge Guard 44270 Entry Level Portable Surge...
  • Identifies faulty park power plus offers 4200 Joules of surge protection
  • Analyzes circuits to verify pedestal power

What we like about it:

This product is extremely durable. It can withstand tough weather conditions and still be able to function perfectly. The unit can detect any faulty power wherever you are, and give you updates about its power status. This device can also handle up to 4200 joules. It’s portable so you shouldn’t have a hard time putting in on our RV.

What we don’t like about it:

The display’s light is dim and could use a little more brightness.

If you’re new to this entire thing, and you want a protector that’s easy to hook up and isn’t hard to use, try the Surge Guard 44270. This product from Technology Research embodies the definition of portability. It’s small. It doesn’t need installing and is built to be simple and easy to understand. It’s perfect for people who just started getting into RV accessories.

Like the SSP-50XL(also on this list), also run on 50 amperes. It’s just as efficient in sniffing out bad and faulty wirings wherever you plug it in. It’s very efficient and powerful that you don’t have to lose a single minute of sleep worrying about your safety. Let this protector handle it for you.

This unit can handle the most amount of electricity than everyone on this list-4200 joules! It can warn you of faulty or non-working power pedestals, and it’s also very efficient in analyzing the current status of your wires. This device has the extra ability to let you know of its power status. There’s a special indicator for it in its body.

This device is also weather-proof. You can take it wherever you want. Unlike some products that couldn’t really withstand heavy rain, the Surge Guard 44270 can take them all on- even snow and extreme heat. Don’t worry about it giving up on you in the middle of a trip. Plus, it can detect open ground and neutral situations.

This device can also reverse polarity. The only downside to this is its dim display. Well, It’s not that much of a disadvantage, but it could use some improvement.

Technology Research 34850 Surge Guard

Surge Guard 34850 Portable Model with LCD...
119 Reviews
Surge Guard 34850 Portable Model with LCD...
  • Protects RV from faulty park power
  • Built-in intelligence

What we like about it:

The product has a reset delay that protects your Alternating current compressor. It also has the self shut down feature that can keep your device safe when something’s wrong with the power. It can watch over your ampere and voltage continuously. This product is versatile and lightweight. It also has the safety handle that lets you move it around with ease.

What we don’t like about it:

This product does not have a light warning for a power surge. It’s also not fireproof.

Next, we have 34850 from technology research. It’s a way better upgrade than the original. It can handle double the amount of joules it can handle. It can monitor your ampere as well as your voltage draw, and detect reverse polarity all at the same time.

It’s very versatile. Aside from RVs, you can also use it on motorhome, trailers, and just about anything that runs on 50 amperes. It can handle a maximum number of 3,850 joules- a huge leap from its previous model. It also has a 128-second delay that could help protect your Alternating current compressor.

This device, like the other one from Technology Research, can shut itself down in the event of overheating or open ground. Its delay also makes it safe when the plug gets disconnected or when you’re bringing power back to the unit.

The unit has handles that keep you safe from electrocution and lets you pull it out or plug it back in. It’s extremely light so you shouldn’t have a hard time carrying it by yourself.

Of course, you can’t have everything. This device doesn’t have thermal protection. It can overheat, and it can catch fire. It also doesn’t have an indicator for failed power surges.

Progressive Industries EMS-PT50X Portable Surge Protector

1,309 Reviews
  • Surge Protection: 5-Mode / 3,580J / 88,000A. Ratings: 50A / 120V/240V / 12,000W. Operating Temperatures: -40C to +105C
  • Weather Resistant/designed for Outdoor Use

What we like about it:

This 50-ampere unit is water resistant. It can detect fluctuating voltages and warn you about them. It’s lightweight and isn’t hard to use and understand.

What we don’t like about it:

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an LCD screen.

And yet another of one from Progressive Industries. This one, EMS-PT50X, has all the best technologies and the top protector features on the market, just like most products from the same manufacturer. Progressive industries have really proven itself as the leading maker of protectors on the market, and this product reminds us of that.

It’s a good 50 amperes protector. It‘s got all the features that most of those in this list have plus more. This device is guaranteed to last you a while. It boasts the same durability and resilience that every product from progressive industries has.

This protector can reverse polarity. It can alert you to open neutral situations. It’s made to be taken outdoors so don’t worry about whether or not it can withstand extreme weather conditions because it can. This product also has its own technology that prevents it from over or under heating.

The EMS-PT50X also has a 136-second time delay which is really a big highlight of this device. It’s got an efficient indicator that would immediately warn you of a failed surge the minute it happened. It also has a pull handle that lets you easily pull the unit out and plug it back in case you need it.

The only downside to this is its lack of LCD monitor which it makes up for with its digital status display and an efficient current indicator. It’s also extremely light so don’t worry about having a hard time plugging and unplugging it.

Progressive Industries EMS-HW30C Electrical Management System

1,309 Reviews
  • Surge Protection: 3-Mode / 1,790J / 44,000A. Ratings: 30A / 120V / 3,600W. Operating Temperatures: -40C to +105C. Includes 14' Data Cable
  • Open Ground, Open Neutral and Reverse Polarity detection and protection, Over/Under voltage Protection, Accidental 240V Protection and A/C Frequency Protection

What we like about it:

This product boasts its ability to save errors logs. You can use them to see what happened, in case something went wrong. It also has bright, clear indicators that would inform you of the current status of your wirings and the power you’re receiving from the source.

What we don’t like about it:

This product has tight plugs and cords. You might have a hard time with them when installing the unit.

And yet another product from Progressive Industries. The EMS-HW30C shares many of its manufacturer’s other products’ best qualities. It can detect open neutral, open ground faults and protect you from them. It can sniff out reverse polarity in wirings. This 30-ampere protector is a top hard-wired protector in the industry today.

This product provides more protection than most protectors, even on this list. It can guarantee your protection against Undervoltage and overvoltage. It can protect you from thermal protection to eliminate any chance of having your device overheat. Lastly, this device can also protect you from alternating current frequency, which is a rare feature for surge protectors.

A great thing about this product is its detachable monitor. You can see the current status of your vehicle even while the rig is still inside the vehicle, and you’re not. Plus, it can save its error logs so you can review them and see what happened and what went wrong. This will make troubleshooting problems easier when the time comes.

The EMS-HW30C is a well-designed protector. Its indicators are bright and very visible on the unit’s front. It’s also very easy to read so don’t be worried if you’re a beginner, you’ll find it easy to navigate this device.

The biggest drawback to this entire unit is its hard installation. The connection is really tight so expect some struggle when installing this unit in your RV.

Camco Heavy-duty Dogbone RV Circuit Analyzer

Camco Heavy Duty Dogbone RV Circuit Analyzer...
1,114 Reviews
Camco Heavy Duty Dogbone RV Circuit Analyzer...
  • RV Electrical Protection: Protects your electrical equipment from power surges
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Provide indication of faults when you connect your electrical cord to the power pedestal

What we like about it:

This product’s highlights are its easy installation and safety handles. You’ll find it easy to pull it out and plug it back in with handles like that. It also protects your appliances from power surges and ensures that no damage will come to them. It was labeled and easy to understand indicators and diagnostic lights.

What we don’t like about it:

It’s reportedly not as weather-proof as it claims to be.

Here’s a great surge protector from well-known RV accessories brand, Camco. This product is durable and reliable. It can secure all of your electrical devices and appliances. It can even effectively handle those with slightly wrong wiring. This product can really provide all-around protection for you and your RV.

This product can handle a maximum of 2,100 joules. It can detect faults as soon as you set it up on your RV. It will warn you of problems before you can connect to an electrical box.

This device has a power handle. If you’re not using it, you can just simply unplug it with your hands. Don’t worry about getting electrocuted, it’s perfectly safe. It has three light indicators to warn you in case something is wrong with your setup. This product is also weather-proof. You can take it out anywhere you go without having to worry about a thing.

You can trust the Camco Heavy-duty Dogbone RV Circuit Analyzer with your protection and your RV. It won’t let you down. Plus, it’s easy to understand. There are legends written on the device to let you know what each light indicator is for.

However, there’s are drawbacks to this product. Some sources suggest that its weather-proof claim isn’t all that effective and that this product bows down to heavy rainfall.

Putting that aside, this product is not that expensive so you’re still getting a really good deal by buying it.

Technology Research 44750 Surge Protector

TRC Southwire 44750 Guard Portable Surge...
126 Reviews
TRC Southwire 44750 Guard Portable Surge...
  • TRC Surge Guard With Shock Shield
  • Perfect for Pop-ups and Travel Trailers

What we like about it:

This product is weatherproof. It also has its own shield from lightning as well as safety handles that would allow you to unplug and replug it with ease. Its self-shutdown feature could be a huge help in protecting you and your devices. Plus, it’s versatile. It’s not just made for RVs. You can also use it for other vehicles.

What we don’t like about it:

This product can’t warn you against low power voltage.

If you’re not really looking for a protector that’s popping with new features but for a simple one that can get the job done, Try 44750 from technology research. It’s got all the features that’s expected from a protector. It has great feedback from its previous users, and it’s incredibly versatile. You can use if for RVs, Trailers and even pop-ups.

This device has all-around weather protection. Aside from being able to withstand heavy rains and extreme weather, this protector can also protect you from getting electrocuted from the device. It has its own shield that keeps it safe, and you safe from it. Don’t worry about taking it anywhere, it won’t die on you in the middle of your trip.

This protector also has handles. You can pull it out and plug it back easily. You’ll find this very useful, especially when you’re already in the middle of your trip, and you need to make adjustments. Sadly, it can only handle up to 510 joules. It doesn’t sound much compared to other items on this list, but it’s actually the average joules that typical protectors can handle.

One of this product’s best features is its ability to shut itself down the moment it detects that something’s wrong. With this feature, you’re sure that no matter what happens, you’re protected and secured. That even if you miss the light indicators, the worst that could happen is for the power to get cut off.

The only downside to this is it doesn’t have a feature that protects you from low voltage.

Factors to consider when buying surge protectors for your RV

best rv surge protectors

In order to have the luxury of electrical appliances on your RV, you need to have a reliable power source for them. Since you’re moving from places to places, you’re not in control where and how your appliances receive power so you can’t really guarantee that they’re all safe from power surges or faulty sources. This is why having a protector is a must.

A protector can ensure that all your devices are safe. You can guarantee that they won’t blow up from too much power from the sources and that no damage will come to them.

There are many factors to consider when buying surge protectors for your RV. One type of protector doesn’t fit everyone so you need to think about your needs before putting your foot down on a particular model.

Try to consider the following before purchasing anything:

Underwriter Laboratories(UL) seal

The UL seal is a certification that guarantees strength and durability. If a product is fortunate enough to catch this certifying body’s attention, then they must be top of the line and extremely high-quality.

If you see surge protectors that have the UL seal, go for them. The seal proves that they’re good and tested. You RV is guaranteed to be in good hands with products approved by this certifying body.


You should also consider what particular appliances you would hook up in your protector. Appliances consume power differently, and a sudden power surge would affect them all differently.

Try to make a mental list of the things that you’d hook up to a protector. A telephone won’t be as demanding from a power protector but a refrigerator would be. If you think that you have heavy appliances onboard, shop for a strong and reliable surge protector. It’ll guarantee the safety of all of those appliances for you.

Guaranteed safety

You need to really pay attention to those features. You don’t really need protectors that have way too many features. You just need one with the right features and a fast reaction. It needs to be able to alert you immediately in the event of a failure or any other problems.

Focus on those that can detect more problems, those can shut themselves off, and the ones with bright and clear indicators. Those features should be high on your list when looking for a good surge protector.


Sure, you need a good surge protector, but you don’t need to give up half your savings for it. There are really good surge protectors out there that would still fit in your budget.

Of course, don’t go for the cheapest one. You’ll just end up needing a new one soon enough. Go for a mid-priced unit that can still guarantee your safety and your protection without costing too much. Don’t buy those units with too much added features. The basic units with all the right indicators have been protecting many RVers for years. If it worked for them, it’ll for work you too.

Power Rating

This factor is important. Before buying anything, you need to find out the amount of electrical power used to run your RV. It’s going to be important once you start looking for appropriate protectors.

Once you already have your numbers, be sure to find a protector that can handle way above the amount that your RV needs. This is just to make sure that the protector can easily handle your RV’s current needs, and that it has more than enough space in case you ever go over that amount.


Surge protectors often come with 4, 6, 8 or 12 ports. It’s important to know how many ports to determine whether or not you’ll get a second protector. To determine how many ports you need, take a look inside your ride. If you see many electrical appliances, choose a protector with many ports. If you think you only have few appliances that runs on electricity, then the minimum four ports is fine.


This is mentioned a lot in the list of products that we recommended for you. Joules can be considered as a protection measurement. The higher the joules, the more electricity your rig can handle and the better protected you’ll be. Of course, the price goes up along with the amount of joule a rig can handle so try to find one that can handle a lot but not too much that it’s excessive.

LCD monitor

Not every protector has an LCD screen. Majority of them just have indicators on the device itself to warn you of danger. Of course, those units are still good enough to protect you, but if you can find that has a monitor, then that’s much better.

You’ll see statuses much clearer with a screen. Just make sure that it’s readable, and that it has its own light at night.

Ease of installation and setup

When shopping for a protector, try to take a look at the installation instructions. Imagine yourself following those steps and determine if you found them easy to hard. The point is to avoid units that are too complicated to set up. Remember that these rigs cost a lot and making a mistake when installing them might damage them permanently. Just go for a unit that you think you can easily handle.


There are two types of surge protectors available on the market today, the portable ones and those that are hardwired. You probably know all about the portable, we mentioned it a few times in the list of recommended products above. The hardwired, on the other hand, is the opposite. You need to install it on your RV. Unlike the portable, you can’t unplug it and move it around.

Of course, the portable has the great advantage of easy installation. You just plug it in the right sources, and then it’s good to go. You can unplug it when you don’t need it, move it around and plug it back in. It’s that easy. Plus, it’s easily replaceable. Once you’re done with it, you can just as easily get a new one.

The second type, the hard wire, has to be installed on your vehicle. You have to decide its permanent place in your vehicle and hook it up to your vehicle from there. You won’t be able to move it around after that. It’s best to put it near your power wheel. A great advantage to this unit is it can take away the worry of messing anything up by unplugging and plugging, which can sometimes damage your rig.

Hard-wired protectors are placed inside the vehicle. You don’t need to worry about their ability to survive the weather. They are not exposed outside. Plus, you’re sure that no matter what happens nobody could steal them. They’re too hidden in the RV, and they’re hooked to it pretty tight that people will have a hard time getting it out.


Some protectors produce a loud noise when they operate. This could be really distracting and annoying especially since you’re out on the field with other people. Vendors won’t really tell you this if you asked if a particular rig is noisy or not. Try to read reviews about a certain product before buying to make sure. Your best sources of information for products like these are people who bought them before.

It can’t be helped that protectors would produce some kind of noise when they operate but at least get one that makes the least amount of noise.

Why get your RV a surge protector?

Surge protectors can protect the appliances inside your recreational vehicle in the event of a power surge. It can guarantee your safety on the road and by shielding you from any spikes in voltage that might happen. There are more than one definition for surge protectors.

The first is the basic one. The usual surge protectors are inserted between your RV and all of the appliances in it and whichever power source you’re going to get electricity from. Since there are no guarantees that these sources are safe, having a protector can eliminate all the dangers for you. It can protect your RV in case there’s a sudden surge in electricity coming from the power source.

Sometimes power surges comes from sudden lightning, electrical lines that carry power, or even by the power source that you’re plugging your RV into. In any case, the main purpose of this product is to stop any of the surges from entering your vehicle and blowing up your appliances.

The second is the more advanced one. The newer RVs fall into this definition. They don’t just block surges, they also help RVers with other things like protection from high or low voltage and thermal heat.

These new units have the ability to protect themselves. For example, when the source starts running at a really low voltage, the unit would shut itself down. This is to protect you and your devices from sucking in that low electricity and damaging your appliances.

These new features can really help you alot. It can ensure your protection even if you miss the warnings on the indicators. That makes them valuable and also expensive. But if you’re really serious about bringing appliances on nature trips, you might want to start investing in them.

How can Surge Protectors protect you?

The biggest purpose of having this product on your RV is to protect your vehicle from sudden power surges when you plug it in a new power source. RVs go everywhere, and their main power source are parks and camping sites. You can’t really guarantee those sources to be safe or well regulated. You need a protector to look into the wirings and determine if it’s safe to get power from a source or not.

Surge protectors protects you from high and low voltages. It also helps you deal with reversed polarity. It can watch over power surges for you and alert you with its indicators. In this way, it functions like the breaker in your house that you use to control everything electrical with.

Surge protectors that are specifically made for RVs comes in either 30 or 50 amperes. You usually get a kit with them that could help you wire your device to a public power source. Protectors for RVs are conveniently designed to be easy to plug and unplug to power sources since RVs move around a lot.

To make sure it works properly, plug the protector to your vehicle first. Turn your breaker on and then let it power on properly for sometime. Then, plug it in the new power source.

The device examines the voltage, the condition, polarity, the grounding, and frequency of the new power source. It also continually checks the power’s condition for any sudden surges. All these are done to make sure you’re safe and so is your RV.

Any sudden changes and danger will make your device shut itself down. This is to avoid channeling all that power into your RV and your appliances. This way, you’re sure that no hard damage could come to your devices, and that you could comfortably hook anything to your power sockets without worrying.

Types of Surge Protectors

Below are the different types of protectors. Before heading to a shop, try to read through each of them and retain even just a little bit of information about them. That will come in handy once you’re already on the store.

Primary surge

When we say surge protectors, those small, portable boxes attached to power sockets probably popped-up in your mind. You’re not wrong. Those are also surge protectors. But for RVs this primary protector is different. It’s what keeps their sockets safe from getting fried when connecting to new power source.

These protectors are big. They are space consuming and, depending on your model, could be a little bit difficult to install, but they get the job done. These boxes protect your RV from power surge and keep your appliances safe from damage.

Secondary surge

Now this is what you were thinking of the first time. This little protector is the most common type of surge protectors. It’s small enough to just plug into your outlets without being too much of a bother.

It not as effective as the primary one but it is convenient, and if you’re only protecting a small appliance, it should get the job done.

Power strip

The power strips function almost the same as secondary surges. It’s also not as powerful like the primary, but it can give you at least a measure of protection. This little device is plugged directly into your sockets. It has multiple outlets where you can hook up your appliances.

It’s ability to stop the flow of electricity in the event of a surge, is a features that make it valuable and helpful. It can help protect your devices from being fried.

Uninterrupted Electricity

This protector comes in different types. You can get it in power strips. The main difference that sets this from the rest of the items on this list is it’s battery operated feature.

This also has the feature to shut itself down when something goes wrong to save your appliances from damage.


This particular type we’ve mentioned above. The hardwire is a protector that you install in your compartment where your wirings are. It can’t be moved from place to place and is really hard to take off once it’s plugged in.

The best thing about this is you can’t lose it. Even thieves would have a hard time getting it given it’s connected to all your wires. It’s also safe. This device doesn’t stop working until you turn everything off.


This is the best and easiest option for a protector. When we say portable, we meant that it doesn’t need installing. You just need to plug this device in the right sockets, and then it’s good to go. This device is designed to be easy to plug in and to use.

Portables like these are just as functional as hardwired ones. They can also detect dangers and warn you almost immediately about them. It can tell if a power source is good, if it’s bad or when it has power surges. Portables can give just as much protection as hardwired ones to you and your devices.

Why are Surge protectors important to your RV?

If you’re really determined to have access to electricity on your RV, then having a protector is really important. Protection is the number one reason why you should always have surge protectors on board. It can keep your devices save and save your wirings from possible damage.

Protectors also keep your RV’s wiring in check. We all know how dangerous fluctuating voltages are and having a protector to handle it for you means that none of your devices will have to be damaged from it. Plus, surge protectors are mostly weather proof, especially portable ones. You can take them anywhere and subject them to any weather conditions. They’ll hold up really well.

Newer models of protectors keep getting more and more added features. Many of the best ones on the market today can detect more than just high and low voltages. They can tell you almost anything and everything about your wiring’s status and the condition of the power source you’re attaching it to. Some can even detect the rise and fall in power coming from a source and protect your appliances and your RV from it.

New surge protectors also have the ability to shut themselves down if they think you’re connected to a source that could only damage your devices. This is handy, especially since RVs usually get their power from public places where the source is shared among many other RVers. Having an unstable connection could damage your appliances. New protectors will power off to avoid channeling that low power to your devices. It would only start up again when the power stabilizes.

Here is a list of things that protectors can detect and protect you from:

Bad wiring

Most RVers rely on parks for electricities. RV parks have almost have everything you’d need today. Don’t worry about most of them since they have good, code-complying wirings but if by chance you find yourself in an old RV park, then expect the wiring to be faulty.

These parks are old. Their wirings have been barely touched, and nobody really bothers to correct their bad wirings anymore. You can try and see the condition of the power using your own voltage meter, or you can just leave it to your protector and let it do its job.

Fluctuating voltages

The best thing about having a protector is its function as a shield for your RV in case the power source that you’re trying to hook up to is bad or faulty. This security can protect your devices from damage. It can handle fluctuating voltages so your appliances don’t have to. In the event of a power surge, there’s almost no way for you to do something about it given how fast it goes. You’d be thankful for having a protector in your RV then.  

In the absence of a protector, the only chance that you have to protect your device is to quickly pull your plugs. But you’d be totally defenseless from low voltages. There’s no way of determining when that’s happening unless you have a protector. This is why it’s more effective to just have one hooked up to your RV.

Low voltages are rampant in the summer months. This is when most people go on vacations, and parks are almost surely full. It doesn’t help that many people plug into power sources to power up their air conditioners. They eat more than their fair share of the power in public places.

Having a protector is really a smart move. Imagine the amount of protection and peace of mind that it can give you. Just think that without it, all your devices could be fried at any moment and what’s shelling out a little money for a protector than trying to replace all the broken appliances.

It can guarantee that you’re safe from power surges and fluctuations. It can save your RV from fault and bad wirings and save it from changing power levels. There’s really no substitute for the protection that a protector can give you.

Things to look out for in the best RV Surge Protectors

To maximize your money’s worth and have the best experience you get from a protector, be on the look for these features:

LED monitor

This piece of equipment is not found in many surge protectors, but if you can find one that has it, then that’s better. A monitor can help you see statuses better and help you better understand indicators. Having a monitor means you get to see more information about your wirings than a few lights in the equipment can tell you.

Just find one that has clear and bright enough details that you won’t have a hard time reading. Also, make sure it has its own light at night, and you don’t have to flash a light on it just to see it. You also have to see that it’s big enough for all the information that you need. Most monitors come with the indicator lights that are usually found attached to surge protector’s main box.

With this setup, you can easily see when and where something’s wrong. You’d also be updated on the condition of your wires, the power that your RV is receiving and the current status of the power source.

Self restart and shutdown

A great feature that came with the new protectors is the self-shutdown. It really brought RV protection to an entirely new level. Instead of just getting an indication when you should do something, this time the protector itself moves to protect you. It shuts itself down to make sure nothing bad happens to your devices.

This new line of devices also has a sensor that brings power back to the unit once it detects that the power condition is stable again. There’s really no need to do anything more, just let the machine do its job.


RVers are very familiar with the road’s changing weather. You can have sunny skies one moment and the next thing you know it’s raining. Luckily, protectors are mostly weatherproof. You can take them wherever you go. They can withstand any weather condition and still function perfectly.

This feature is most helpful when you find yourself braving the storm while you’re traveling. It can save you from trouble and keep you away from danger.

What you should know about surge protectors:

Are all surge protectors waterproof?

No, not really. It would depend on which model you’re planning to get. Although, given the tough competition in today’s market, most of the top protectors are waterproof. Some are even weatherproof. You can put them under any conditions, and they’ll just continue to work perfectly.

How long is the typical warranty for surge protectors?

The answer really depends on the manufacturer of the protector. Progressive industries is very generous with their warranties. They give out lifetime warranties to people who buy their products, and it’s not limited warranty too. It includes parts, service, and materials. Anything and everything with the product is included in the warranty. Some companies, on the other hand, can’t afford to do that. The typical warranty for a protector is about 3 years to 5 years.

Are they really that necessary?

Of course. These protectors could mean life or death, especially to avid travelers. It’s the best piece of protection you can give your RV and yourself while you’re traveling. It can improve your experience while traveling and transform your RV to feel like a home with all the appliances. This is why you shouldn’t be cheap when buying protectors.

Remember that while you’re on the road, the only change you have at electricity will come from public places like parks and camping grounds. You’ll be lucky to find a park with a decent power source but one mistake and your entire setup is fried, with all the devices attached to it. That’s what getting a protector is for. It’s to eliminate any chances of this ever happening to you.

Final word

If you really read through the entire article, you’d have a better understanding of how surge protectors work and how important it is to have one in your RV. Of course, you have to be critical when getting yourself one. Try to follow all the tips and factors we mentioned in this article and weigh the pros and cons of each product before putting your money on the counter.

Thanks for reading all the way through, and we hope you find a protector that will really work with you and your RV.

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