Best Small Truck Campers

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The era of truck camping has given most truck owners a new purpose for their truck and perhaps a new meaning to their life. Gone are the days when trucks were mainly used to transport items across places.

Many truck owners have come to realize that the bed of their truck can be more than a load carrier. Truck campers bring a new dimension for truck owners to put their trucks to better use. 

Apart from transporting items, truck campers can provide temporary accommodation for you, your family, your friends, and loved ones when traveling. Taking a road trip is a nice way to bond with people dear to your heart. You could have a nice time out with friends and family with a truck camper. All you need to do is choose a location and pack all the stuff you are going to need.  

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If you are going fishing or for any other fun, outdoor activity, you can mount your toys on your truck camper or in a fully fitted camper. There are so many good uses you can put your truck to with a truck camper.

The good thing about truck campers is that manufacturers are continually looking for ways to make truck campers lighter and smaller to suit the needs of their clients over the years. Truck campers have gone from weighing over a ton weighing as low as 300 pounds.

The small truck campers are great for people who do not need a mobile house but just need some form of shelter. Also, these small truck campers are more versatile and can fit into most trucks. They can easily be mounted and dismounted in minutes and provide better space for campers. If you would like to own a small truck camper, here is our list of the best small truck campers out there.

The Top 10 Small Truck Campers


Four Wheel Pop-up Campers Hawk Model


This camper is flexible and can be used on different trucks. It is definitely one of the best truck campers out there. When popped up, it is over 6 ft tall and has a lot of space. However, it can be popped down when traveling for easy mobility. It is built with materials that make it very compact. Another great thing about this camper is that it can fit into the bed of most trucks

There are six latches, two in the front, two at the back, and two on each side, which makes it easy to pop up the camper anytime. 

The Hawk comes with four windows all around the camper. Each window has three layers covering for privacy. Also, there is ample amount of storage in this truck camper. The countertop can be opened to reveal more storage. The countertop storage is really deep, and right under it is a two-way cabinet. This camper has more storage than most small truck campers.

The kitchen of this camper is well equipped. It has a deep sink with a cover top. There is also a two-burner gas stove with a cover too. This, there is enough countertop space for preparing meals. 

There is a 12-volt outlet, 4 USB plugs, and an AC outlet that only works when you are connected to shore power. However, the volts outlets and USB plugs work at all times. There is also a furnace with a regulator to control the temperature. There is a water heater tank that can hold up to 6 gallons of water. There is also a fresh water indicator, and this camper can hold up to 20 gallons of fresh water.

The Four Wheel camper also has a dinette, and if you lay the table on the tracks, you get an additional bed. The camper also has a king-size cabover bed and a three-inch mattress. The bed can accommodate two people.

Another thing that makes the camper stand out is that it is fully welded with aluminum. This makes the camper strong and durable. It also gives it stability when mounted on a pickup.

If you are looking for a strong small truck camper that will last a long time, the Four Wheel camper fits that description. 


Go Fast Campers Platform


The Go Fast Campers Platform is an extremely convenient truck camper for small trucks. The Platform is perfect for campers that are not looking for the comfort of a home, but a space to camp. With fewer facilities than most truck campers, the Platform has enough space.

If you want a camper with ample space, the Platform camper is for you. With this camper, you have control over your space and can decide what to put inside. Thus, you may only set up what you need for each trip on the bed of the truck and take them out on the next trip

The Platform’s roof is stronger than most truck campers, and it can support up to 500 pounds. You can keep the camper free and put your load on the roof. The Platform is designed with aluminum panels that wrap the four sides of the frame. The front panel is fixed behind the cab while the other three hinges at the top, are supported by gas struts, and can be locked closed.

To ensure that this camper is as lightweight as possible, the roof and floor are made with stong honeycomb composite material that is lightweight. The tent walls are made from heavy canvas for better stamina.

The Platform weighs about 275 pounds with a sleeping surface of 50 inches by 90 inches. It is easier to set up and pack down this camper, and it takes only a few minutes. Each side of the enclosed area opens for easy access to your gears and other outdoor toys you may put in the bed of your truck. 

The platform camper combines the best of rooftop tents and full-size camper. Thus, this camper is ideal for campers always on the move. If you are going on a trip would love to set up a tent occasionally, the Platform is your best option. It is durable and very versatile.


The Snap Outfitter Treehouse


The Snap Outfitter Tree House is an Aluminum truck camper that is built to order. This truck camper can fit into any truck, and it has swing-open side hatches and a rear entry that make it incredibly easy to access gear in the truck bed while also keeping the elements out. It has a dual purpose as it serves as an ideal tent as well as a great camper. 

The Snap outfitter generally weighs 340 pounds and is built with durable weatherproof materials. Mounting this camper simply involves attaching it to the sidewall of your truck. It is perfect for trucks of different sizes and can be built to your taste. 

One great feature of this truck camper is that the sleeping deck is raised above the truck cabin. There is a full-size mattress in the overhead sleeping deck and two three-layered windows for privacy. This gives enough space on the floor to fit in as much as you can afford too. The open floor space is also great for keeping outdoor gears and equipment,

The Snap outfitter is waterproof, and the materials used in constructing it insulate the camper during summer. Thus, it is convenient for most weather and, therefore, a very versatile option. 

Because of the hydraulic position, you can easily open and close the camper in seconds. It takes a shorter time to mount this camper also than most campers. It is a flexible option for campers that need to set up a tent occasionally.

The treehouse camper comes with no fancy interior features other than the camp bed and LED light that brightens up the camp. Thus, all appliances will need to be fitted by the owners. This truck camper is ideal for temporary camping and not people regularly on the road. It is best used when you are traveling to places with all the facilities you need, and you just want shelter along the way.


The AT Overland Summit


The AT overland summit is a lightweight pop-up camper suitable for small trucks. The rooftop of this camper is insulated with honeycomb composites that keep the roof strong enough to keep bikes and other outdoor equipment on top. This presents a good option for campers traveling with their outdoor tools that cannot fit into the bed of the truck. You can mount your tools on the roof and be assured that the roof will hold them while you drive.

The Summit is a comfortable shelter for all weather. It protects campers from the heat during summer and keeps them warm during winter. The walls and roofs are made with insulative and fire retardant specialty fabric. As a result, the Summit is weather friendly and durable. 

The Summit weighs approximately 300-340 pounds and can fit into most trucks comfortable. Its lightweight makes it easy to drive around when attached to a truck. You can drive and park anywhere easily with this Summit, unlike other motorhomes. You may not even remember that you have a mobile home attached to your truck.

The AT Overland Summit has an upper sleep platform and a mattress that raises up and out-of-the-way when moving around in the bed of the truck. Once again, you get enough space with this truck camper. The bed is 48×80 inches, and the mattress is 2.5 inches thick.

The platform can support up to 500 pounds comfortably, but the Summit is essentially a topper. Most appliances and equipment are mounted on the bed of the truck, and the Summit holds them in. It has firm sides and a hard rooftop. The roof of the Summit is strong and can accommodate more weight. The roof can carry up to 100 pounds of toys on the rack, and solar panels can be mounted to the roof.

Each rear corner of the Summit has a wiring raceway designed for 12 volt and USB sockets. Thus, if you need to charge your gadgets continually, you can do so with the AT Overland Summit truck camper.


Laveta Pop Top Truck Camper


The Laveta Pop Top is one of the best small truck campers out there. This truck camper is a pop top camper made by Hallmark in Colorado. It is a very tall camper with an extendable height of up to 6.5 feet. This allows for easy travel anywhere you go as you can easily compress the camper for ease of movement. 

This is the most attractive feature of this camper. For a small truck camper, the Laveta pop top is quite tall and provides more room. You can easily stand in this camper when it is raised. 

This truck camper is exceptionally lightweight and flexible. It is built with a  molded fiberglass composite exterior frame and a one-piece molded fiberglass composite roof. This provides the structure, and superior durability, of a Hallmark pop-up truck camper.

Some of the standard features of this truck camper include insulated soft-walls, real oak cabinetry, manual crank roof lift mechanisms, DSI water heaters, three-way DSI absorption refrigerators, and two-way 12-volt compressor refrigerators, forced air propane furnaces, LED interior lighting, dual battery systems, 45-amp power systems with built-in charging and exclusive big-view double windows. 

Also, the Laveta Pop Top has a 30-gallon tank and a 3-gallon water heater. This is more water capacity than most campers of its size and weight. The 30-gallon tank can hold enough water to last for days, depending on your water usage.  

The Laveta Pop Top Truck camper has a kitchen for campers who would love to prepare their meals. The kitchen is well equipped with a two-burner gas stove, cabinet, and inset sink. There are some cabinets in the kitchen for storage. 

Also, the Laveta Pop Top has a dinette and a king-size bed for more comfort.  This truck camper is definitely one of the best out there.


The Vagabond Drifter Truck Camper


This is another lightweight camper that can fit perfectly into any truck. It is suitable for small trucks. The Vagabond drifter is made with aluminum, which makes it very strong. It was made to be a lightweight camper without sacrificing durability. It is made with quality materials and is suitable for all weather.

 It features a one-piece insulated lid designed to help control the interior temperature while reducing condensation. The sides of the drifter cannot be opened and are sealed to protect the inside from the weather.

The sides also don’t fold up. Although this makes the cargo harder to access, it also protects the things in the cargo area from the elements of the weather. Most people store valuable equipment and systems inside these canopies, and the last thing you need is any dust or water on your stuff.

Also, the Vagabond Drifter is coated with polyester, which makes it waterproof. It has a 3 inch fitted mattress in the tent. There are side windows that can be covered for privacy, lower-level lighting, and interior roof lighting. The 18-ounce polyester-coated vinyl tent features three windows for an open and airy feel. These can be closed to block light and opened for visibility in bad weather.

The drifter leaves campers with enough space but has very little features. Every other thing has to be brought in by the campers. 


The Palomino Truck Camper


The Palomino is a truck camper designed explicitly for smaller truck beds. There is a soft side and a hard side palomino truck camper. The soft side camper is best suited for small trucks.

The first major pro of this camper is that it is a pop-up truck camper that has lower wind-resistance, better fuel economy, better off-road performance, lower weight, lower center of gravity, and more overall versatility.

The Palomino can be fixed and controlled through a system. The manufacturers put in a lot to make this truck camper adapted to modern technology. There is a rear camera for you to connect wirelessly with a monitor. This can be used when driving to view other vehicles coming behind. Also, It has a fiberglass hood looking exterior. The exterior is built to last with the best materials. 

The Palomino also has an outside shower with hot and cold water options. One unique feature of the Palomino is that it has a tankless water heater. This gives you constant hot water supply.

Also, Palomino has a durable roof. The roof is covered with textured fiberglass, and this makes it strong enough to walk on. You can also carry extra weight on the roof. 

The Palomino comes with a kitchenette that has a two gas burner stove with a nice European flush mouth cooktop and a single sink. There’s enough countertop space for meal preparation, and the gas stove can be closed to reveal more space. 

This truck camper has a refrigerator. It also has a dinette that can be converted to a smaller bed just after the cabover. You get enough space and comfort with this camper than you would get with most truck campers. Even though it also comes in a hard side, the soft is more suitable for smaller trucks. The many great features of this camper discussed above make it one of the best small truck campers out there.


Stealthy-Mini Phoenix Pop-up Camper


Phoenix is a brand that makes truck campers that can fit into any truck. They have a variety of campers, and depending on your truck; you can go with anyone you find suitable. The Stealthy-Mini Phoenix Pop-up camper is a small truck camper and one of the best small truck campers out there.

This camper has some useful features that ensure you get the best camping experience. It has a 5-inch bed, which is quite a good size for its size and weight. It has an under-bed storage and a dinette that can be converted into a second bed. Thus the camper can accommodate three people. 

The Stealthy-Mini Pop-up camper can fit into different small trucks. It is a lightweight camper as it weighs about 850 pounds. This pop-up camper is fully insulated and suitable for different weather types. The inside is fully equipped, and it has the full kitchenette style with a cooktop and sink. There are shelves for storage, and it also has a refrigerator. 

The Phoenix Stealthy- Mini camper is built with extremely durable materials like fiberglass with an aluminum frame. The compass unit is quite accommodating and spacious. The Phoenix pop-up camper is fully equipped with LED lightings on the ceiling and a 12 V outlets. It also has solar charging capabilities with an LED screen solar controller. 

This truck campers has an 11-gallon freshwater tank, which is enough water for about two days. The sleeping compartment is directly in the front area of the truck camper.  It is a good small truck camper for short trips.


EarthCruiser Adventure Mod 400


The Earth cruiser is a dynamic truck camper with a unique design. It has a pop-up top that raises only in the rear of the truck. The Earth Cruiser Adventure Mode 400 is made from molded fiberglass and other lightweight materials, which makes it a very light truck camper. Its dry weight is merely 800 pounds, and it has a lot of features for that size. 

The Earth Cruiser comes with an 80 by 60-inch cabover bed and a dinette. The dinette can be converted to an extra bed. Its floor-length is only 5.3 inches, so it has little floor space, but that is expected for a truck camper of this weight. 

While there are fewer features in the Adventure camper, customers have the option of pimping their campers to suit their needs. You can make this truck camper much more comfortable by merely adding personal accessory kits. The personal accessory kit options include a portable toilet shower sink 1.5 cubic compressor refrigerator, 2.6 water heater tank.

This camper is one of the best small truck campers out there, and the good thing is that it is customizable to suit your needs.


ATC Panther Pop-Up Camper


This is another great small truck camper. It has exterior panels over the windows to protect the pop-up area when not in use. This camper has manual Jack’s for mounting it on trucks.

There is an aluminum luggage rack on the roof of the camper so you can pack your luggage on the roof. The panther has the long couch set up. There is a long couch inside the camper that can be converted to a second bed easily. 

The windows have thermal layers for insulation in the colder season. The windows are arranged opposite each other for cross ventilation. Thus, you get an airy camper during summer and a warm camper during winter. 

Opposite the long couch is the kitchenette. There is a single sink and a two-burner gas stove in the kitchenette. There is also a two-way refrigerator in the kitchenette.

The camper weighs 850 pounds, which is exceptionally lightweight. It has a 15-gallon freshwater tank. It has an aluminum frame, and it is solidly constructed to resist harsh environmental factors. 

There’s one big slider window on the side of the main body of the camper. The overhang is about half of the truck size, which makes it a small truck camper when it is not raised. 

In summary, If you’re considering the RV lifestyle but just can’t stand anything grandiose, you would probably love small truck campers. Small truck campers allow more flexibility than Class A, B, or C motorhomes. Thus, maneuvering bumpy roads and boondocking will be a whole lot easier. They are also easy to set up as they have less interior appliances.   

Small truck campers are an excellent option for people who own a good truck already and just need a camper that will fit into their truck. Small truck campers are a lot easier to maintain and store. With minimal storage options available for the big motorhomes, a truck camper is a great option if you want something that can easily fit into your garage. 

Owning a Truck camper is also a cheaper option. You are not required to pay registration fees for the truck camper or licensing fees. A truck camper is mostly considered to be a cargo and not a vehicle. 

Because truck campers are built to fit into the rear of your truck, you can still tow other vehicles with your truck. This is why smaller truck campers are great. If you are going to tow other vehicles or camp trailers, you should get a small truck camper to reduce the weight. 

A small truck camper is also great for taking solo trips and going for outdoor activities. Most small truck campers come with a hard roof that you can easily keep your toys on. If you are a biker, diver, or you own a portable canoe, you will enjoy owning a small truck camper.