best travel trailers for full time living

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Switching for full-time RV living is a significant lifestyle change, and you would definitely want to stay in the best RV that you could possibly buy. However, how do you choose a great travel trailer for full-time living from a variety of models available?

Well, let us introduce you to 11 travel trailers that we think are the best for full-time living.

11 best travel trailers for full-time living

Winnebago Minnie Plus

best travel trailers for full time living

MSRP starting at $39,498

Floorplan Length Height Width Interior height Dry weight GVWR
26RBSS 29’6” 11’4” 8’ 6’8.5” 6,280lbs 9,995lbs
27BHSS 31’4” 6,620lbs
27RBDS 30’7” 7,020lbs
29DDBH 33’9” 7,520lbs
30RLSS 36’11” 8,860lbs
31BHDS 35’6” 7,740lbs


Key features:

  • Plenty of interior space.
  • 8 cubic feet double-door refrigerator.
  • Three-burner cooktop.
  • 30,000BTU furnace.
  • 15,000BTU ducted AC.
  • Outdoor kitchen (in some floorplans).

Starting at $39,498 MSRP, the Minnie Plus line by Winnebago is a pricey one. However, if you have the money and comfort is of utmost importance for you (which it probably is), then a Minnie Plus travel trailer could be a great choice for you.

The Winnebago Minnie Plus travel trailer line consists of six floorplans, which all offer very different features. There are some things that are shared between them – mainly, the features we introduced above – but all the floorplans differ drastically from each other in terms of interior room, layout, and sleeping space.

For example, some floorplans have bunk beds aside from a primary queen bed. Others have more convenient kitchen areas with kitchen islands and/or outdoor pull-out kitchens. The longest 13BHDS floorplan even has a separate bedroom with bunks in the rear!

What is similar across all the floorplans, however, is the amount of comfort delivered. Needless to say, longer floorplans are going to be more comfortable (and expensive), but they all offer a comparable amount of comfort in all key areas.

First of all, all the floorplans come with full bathrooms, albeit their size and layout differ from floorplan to floorplan. The kitchen area is also similarly equipped and sized in all the options, though some additionally have conveniences like kitchen islands and outdoor kitchens. 

Aside from that, all the floorplans boast a roomy bedroom, as well as a dinette and an entertainment area with theater seating.

We offer you to get acquainted with the smaller details and differences in this line yourself, but what we can say is that each floorplan delivers an excellent amount of free room, albeit for a high price.

Gulf Stream Coach Conquest Lodge

Gulf Stream Coach Conquest Lodge

Floorplan Length Height Width Interior height Dry weight Net carrying capacity
34FLS 38’ 10’9” 8’ 80” 8,066lbs 3,314lbs
40DEN 40’3” 11’11” 9,670lbs 1,610lbs
406FLR 40’5” 10,517lbs 2,790lbs
408TBS 41’3” 9,570lbs


Key features:

  • Huge bedrooms.
  • Excellent comfort.
  • Four-burner cooktop.
  • Residential double-door refrigerator.
  • 50-amp service.
  • 35,000BTU furnace.
  • 13,500BTU ducted AC.

There are travel trailers, and then there are destination trailers. While technically still travel trailers, destination trailers offer much more than any travel trailer, though usually for quite a steep price. While Gulf Stream Coach doesn’t provide prices on their website, a quick search showed that the trailers in this line cost around $40,000 when new.

So what’s so special about destination trailers and the Conquest Lodge line in particular? Well, first of all, pay attention to the length of the floorplans in the series. Sized at around 40 feet, Conquest Lodge trailers are much longer than most travel trailers out there. What this means is that residents of Conquest Lodge RVs have far more living space.

A glance at the floorplans instantly shows how much room these travel trailers have. With the slideouts extended, you receive ample bedroom and living area room. What this allows is a truly residential feel and, most importantly, functionality.

For example, Gulf Stream has equipped the models in this RV line with full-size residential double-door refrigerators, which is a very rare sight in travel trailers. And overall, the amount of kitchen space you are getting here is astonishing.

The living and entertainment area can also boast a lot of space. There is so much floor room here that some may even argue that the Conquest Lodge trailers don’t utilize the amount of free space available in them efficiently. On the other hand, you have more opportunities for RV remodeling.

Weighing close to 10,000 pounds, the Conquest Lodge travel trailers require quite a towing vehicle. But if you can afford such an RV, you probably have a towing unit that is powerful enough to tow such weights.

Overall, we think that destination travel trailers like the Conquest Lodge RVs are the best for full-time living due to the amount of comfort and free space they provide. Destination trailers are specifically designed for long vacations, after all.

Starcraft RV Mossy Oak Ultra Lite

Gulf Stream Coach Conquest Lodge

MSRP starting from $31,619*

*MSRP of Starcraft RVs includes base MSRP plus mandatory packages. At the moment of the material’s writing, the base MSRP for floorplans 212FB and 241BH was listed as $0, resulting in an absurdly low final MSRP of around $4,000. This is probably a mistake made by Starcraft. $31,619 isn’t the lowest price in this line, it is the lowest price where the base MSRP was correct.

Floorplan Length Height Width Interior height Sleeping capacity
212FB 23’7” 131” 97” 81” 3
241BH 29’9” 6
242RL 29’5” 4
261BH 30’8” 6
281BH 32’10” 134” 6
311BH 36’3” 137” 9


Key features:

  • Wide range of floorplan lengths.
  • Plenty of sleeping spots in larger floorplans.
  • Outdoor kitchen.

The Starcraft RV Mossy Oak Ultra Lite line is much more down-to-earth than the Conquest Lodge, but it nonetheless has a couple of features to boast. 

Namely, the main benefit of this travel trailer line is the number of sleeping spots in larger floorplans. In a couple of floorplans, it reaches 6, and the largest floorplan, 311BH can even sleep up to 9 people! This is going to be excellent for larger families that intend to live in a travel trailer full-time.

The 311BH floorplan, by the way, is 36 feet 3 inches long, so it’s pretty close to being as big as the Conquest Lodge destination trailers. This particular floorplan differs drastically from the others both in terms of free interior room and layout. It’s the only floorplan in the line that has a separate sleeping compartment in the rear, as well as two dinettes.

The smaller floorplans – aside from the smallest one, the 212FB – have a pretty similar layout which is very reminiscent of other travel trailers. Sized at around 30 feet in length, they offer a very decent amount of comfort thanks to their roomy bedroom, the nicely sized kitchen, and, in some floorplans, bunks.

The 212FB, sized at 23 feet 7 inches, delivers the least amount of comfort in the Mossy Oak Ultra Lite line. At least, in terms of free room. Though things are cramped in this travel trailer, you still have a full bathroom with a shower cabin, a roomy bedroom, and a fully-equipped kitchen. Plus, it’s much lighter than the other floorplans in the line.

Overall, the Mossy Oak Ultra Lite RV line is a good and a not so expensive option for RVers who need a good number of sleeping spots.

Palomino Puma Destination

11 Best Travel Trailers For Full-Time Living 1

Floorplan Length Height Width UVW GVWR
37PFL 40’6” 11’9” 96” 9,753lbs 11,980lbs
38DBS 41’11” 9,748lbs 11,522lbs
38DEN 40’4” 9,979lbs 11,500lbs
38RLB 41’8” 10,240lbs 11,685lbs
38RLQ 39’7 9,468lbs 11,629lbs
39FKL 41’11” 10,455lbs 11,700lbs
39PFK 40’6” 10,004lbs 11,592lbs
39PQB 42’1” 10,709lbs 13,413lbs


Key features:

  • Excellent comfort.
  • Three-burner range.
  • 16 cubic feet residential refrigerator.
  • 13,500BTU ducted AC.
  • 35,000BTU furnace.
  • Two bedrooms in the 38DBS floorplan.

The Palomino Destination travel trailer line is a lot like the Gulf Stream Conquest Lodge line. For those looking for home-like comfort in an RV, this series is another good option to consider.

However, there are some differences between this and the Conquest Lodge lines that will make the Palomino trailers more interesting to some people.

First of all, you have more choice when it comes to floorplans – 8 in this series vs the 4 in the Conquest Lodge series. And really, when it comes to layouts, this line offers plenty of variety. 

The Palomino Destination RV line has floorplans with the bedroom in the front, while Conquest Lodge RVs all had their bedroom in the rear. If this isn’t a difference big enough for you, then how about the 38DBS floorplan which actually has two bedrooms – one in the front and the other in the rear? The Conquest Lodge line certainly didn’t offer such a thing.

There are also some more minor differences between the floorplans in this line like the positioning and number of armchairs, as well as the layout of the kitchen.

On the other hand, the travel trailers in this line come with 30-amp service, which may be insufficient for some people. We feel that these travel trailers should have come with 50-amp service since they have plenty of equipment inside.

All in all, the Palomino Destination travel trailer line is a very interesting alternative to the Gulf Stream Conquest Lodge line, with both having comparable levels of comfort, as well as some differences here and there that make them stand out.

Travel Lite RV Evoke Full Body

11 Best Travel Trailers For Full-Time Living 2

Floorplan Length  Height(w/ AC) Width Interior height Dry weight GVWR
Model A 24’ 138” 102” 81” 6,221lbs 8,620lbs
Model B 31’5” 6,890lbs 9,550lbs
Model C 29’5” 6,670lbs 8,715lbs
Model L 32’5” 7,120lbs 8,755lbs


Key features:

  • Sleek design.
  • True 80 x 76-inch king beds.
  • Roomy and convenient bedrooms.
  • Roomy bathroom.
  • Outdoor kitchen (except for Model L).

The Evoke Full Body travel trailer line by Travel Lite RV is one unique line indeed. 

The first thing to catch the eye in the Evoke Full Body travel trailers is their sleek design. While the body shape of these RVs is very reminiscent of many other travel trailers, the front is something else. Its sloped shape imparts a futuristic vibe to the RV, as well as should make it more aerodynamic and thus fuel-efficient.

The glossy fiberglass exterior also hugely contributes to the sleek feel of this travel trailer line. Most travel trailers available out there look very similar to each other and are frankly quite boring, so the Evoke Full Body line is a breath of fresh air on the market.

Inside, this travel trailer line is no less remarkable than from the outside, both in terms of looks and comfort.

First of all, the Evoke Full Body travel trailers bring the sleekness to the inside by having a color scheme with mostly light colors like white or gray. The LED light tubing spread around the interior contributes to the futuristic atmosphere of this RV line, though these lights may seem irritating or annoying to some. Well, you can switch them off if you don’t like them.

In terms of comfort, the first thing to note in the Evoke Full Body trailers is their true 80 x 76-inch king bed. RV bed sizes are smaller than their non-RV analogs, and the extra couple of inches in the king beds in this line may be crucial for some people.

The comfort of the bedroom isn’t limited to the king bed – in two floorplans, the bedroom is actually equipped with a sink! Aside from that, the free room available in them is astonishing as well, especially in the longer floorplans.

The bathrooms in the Evoke Full Body RV line are likewise large and comfortable, though the bathroom is better in the Model A and C where it occupies the entire width of the RV in the rear end.

And, of course, you are getting some nice kitchen space along with a dinette and an entertainment area.

In conclusion, being not the largest and most comfortable RV line on our list, the Evoke Fully Body is arguably the most remarkable and eye-catching.

KZ Sportsmen Destination

KZ Sportsmen Destination

Floorplan Length  Height(w/ AC) Width Interior height UVW GVWR
362BH 40’9” 11’4” 96” 82” 8,150lbs 10,460lbs
362DB 8,530lbs
363FL 8,910lbs
363RL 8,740lbs
364BH 9,580lbs


Key features:

  • Plenty of interior room.
  • Three-burner cooktop.
  • 8 cubic feet refrigerator.
  • Outside shower.
  • 13,500BTU AC.

Yet another destination trailer series on our list! This time, it is the KZ Sportsmen Destination, which offers comfort comparable to that of the Palomino and Gulf Stream destination trailers. However, this line is more similar in its features and layouts to the Palomino line than to the Conquest Lodge.

In terms of variety, the Palomino Destination line certainly offered more. On the other hand, what we like about the Sportsmen Destination line is all its floorplans have the same exact length of 40 feet 9 inches. Thanks to this, if you like one floorplan more than the others, you don’t have to sacrifice free room inside or go for an RV that is larger than you would like.

While the overall variety in this line is less than in Palomino Destination RVs, you still have the option of a floorplan with two bedrooms. In addition, you can choose between front- or rear-bedroom floorplans, as well as choose between bunks, an entertainment center, or additional storage space in the front.

The KZ Sportsmen Destination line is very well-equipped, but it seems to be more modest than the other two destination lines we overviewed above. For example, Sportsmen RVs come with an 8 cubic feet refrigerator, with a 10 cubic feet option being available. Both are much smaller than the huge 16 cubic feet unit in the Palomino RV.

Aside from that, the Sportsmen line RVs only come with 30-amp service, with the option of 50-amp service being available.

KZ also doesn’t indicate any furnaces in this line’s trailers, but they may have just forgotten to include it in the feature list. We wouldn’t really expect a destination RV not to have a furnace by default.

In the end, the KZ Sportsmen Destination series seems like a more modest destination trailer line than the two others, but it still has remarkable levels of comfort to offer.

KZ Escape

KZ Escape

Floorplan Length Height Width Interior height UVW GVWR
E160RBT 18’10” 107” 90” 78” 2,690lbs 3,500lbs
E171MB 19’8” 118” (w/ AC) 3,170lbs 4,000lbs
E180RBT 21’3” 3,220lbs 4,500lbs
E181RB 21’11” 112” 3,099lbs 4,000lbs
E191BH 3,233lbs
E191SS 23’8” 118” (w/ AC) 3,530lbs 5,000lbs
E201BH 23’7” 112” 3,480lbs 4,400lbs
E201RB 23’10” 118” (w/ AC) 3,530lbs 4,500lbs
E213BH 27’3” 3,760lbs 4,800lbs


Key features:

  • Compactness & lightness.
  • 4/7 cubic feet refrigerator (depending on the floorplan).
  • Double-burner gas cooktop.
  • 8,000BTU exterior AC.
  • 13,500BTU AC (on E180RBT, E191SS, E201RB, E231BH).
  • 20,000BTU furnace.

While larger RVs offer an excellent amount of comfort for full-time living, not everyone can afford or needs a 40 feet long destination travel trailer. Some people have a more limited budget, others don’t have the towing capacity, while the rest simply don’t need all that fancy stuff. For such RVers, more compact travel trailers like those in the KZ Escape line would be more appealing.

Sized from 18 feet 10 inches to 27 feet 3 inches, KZ Escape travel trailers certainly don’t deliver the amount of free room and comfort in the RVs we overviewed previously. On the other hand, these RVs are more compact, as well as weigh half as much as some of the RVs above.

Interestingly, there is also a toy hauler floorplan in this line, the E180TH, but we didn’t include it in the chart above since we are talking about travel trailers today.

The KZ Escape line undeniably isn’t the most comfortable on our list, but it does offer all the essentials that you would want for full-time living. Most importantly, Escape RVs have full bathrooms, well-equipped kitchens, small entertainment areas, and bedrooms.

And if that’s really everything that you need from a travel trailer, then the Escape line may be of great interest to you.

Flagstaff E-Pro

11 Best Travel Trailers For Full-Time Living 3

Floorplan Length Height Width UVW Carrying capacity
E12RK 11’4” 7’6” 76” 1,164lbs 798lbs
E12SRK 12’ 84” 1,763lbs 1,135lbs
E14FK 14’1” 9’4” 76” 2,259lbs 712lbs
E15TB 15’10” 9’7” 88” 2,483lbs 1,383lbs
E16BH 18’4” 2,993lbs 927lbs
E17PR 20’ 3,161lbs 791lbs
E19BH 3,088lbs 772lbs
E19FBS 3,075lbs 838lbs
E19FD 2,829lbs 1,061lbs
E19QB 3,144lbs 769lbs


Key features:

  • Exceptionally compact and light.
  • 20,000BTU furnace.
  • 3-way refrigerator/auto gas or electric refrigerator.

The Flagstaff E-Pro travel trailer line goes even smaller than the KZ Escape series. The amount of free room in these travel trailers is very limited, but you are nonetheless getting all the essential travel trailer amenities.

Well, aside from E12RK and E12SRK floorplans, which don’t have interior bathrooms. While some people may be willing to sacrifice the bathroom for lightness and compactness, we think that the floorplans with bathrooms are much better for full-time living.

The rest of the floorplans, sized at 14 feet 1 inch and above, offer all the basics that you would need in a travel trailer. Obviously, the bigger you go, the more comfortable and roomy the RVs get, but you nonetheless receive comparably little comfort in these travel trailers.

But if your vehicle only has 4,000 pounds of towing capacity, then an RV from the E-Pro line would work wonderfully for you.

Forest River Sierra Destination

11 Best Travel Trailers For Full-Time Living 4

Floorplan Length Height Width UVW GVWR
393RL 41’4” 12’7”” 96” 10,726lbs 13,379lbs
401FLX 40’7” 10,830lbs 13,841lbs
403RD 42’3” 11,009lbs 13,268lbs
404QBWD 42’2” 10,967lbs 13,335lbs
399LOFT 40’11” 13’4” 10,998lbs 13,619lbs


Key features:

  • An interior ceiling fan.
  • A loft with sleeping space (in the 399LOFT floorplan).
  • 20 cubic feet stainless steel refrigerator.
  • 15,000BTU ducted AC & digital thermostat.

We’ve overviewed a few destination trailers above, and it may seem that what they are offering can’t be surpassed by anything. Well, the Forest River Sierra destination line proves otherwise. This probably isn’t the most well-equipped destination trailer series out there, but it nonetheless offers more than others.

With a layout that is overall similar to that of the other destination trailer series overviewed, the Sierra trailers have a few unique details to offer.

For example, all floorplans come with a single ceiling fan installed in the living/entertainment area, which is going to allow you not to waste as much power on moderately hot days as an AC would.

Plus, the kitchen area of every floorplan except for 404QBWD features a kitchen island. Not a must-have feature, but it does add more useful surface area to your kitchen. The sizes of the kitchen islands vary from floorplan to floorplan, with the largest and most convenient one being in the 393RL floorplan.

In the 403RD floorplan, all the areas of the RV are separated from each other (rather than overlap like it usually is in RVs), allowing for a more residential feel. In the 404QBWD floorplan, you are getting two toilets instead of one! And the 399LOFT floorplan boasts a loft above the bedroom with some additional sleeping space, albeit with the tradeoff of making the RV taller.

Particularly notable in these floorplans is also the refrigerator – sized at 20 cubic feet, it is the biggest RV refrigerator we’ve seen on our list.

Any destination trailer is going to offer excellent comfort to you. However, some do it better than the others, and the Sierra Destination series is among the most comfortable travel trailers out there.

Jayco Jay Flight SLX 8

11 Best Travel Trailers For Full-Time Living 5

Starting $24,359 MSRP

Floorplan Length Width Interior height UVW GVWR
212QBW 25’6” 96” 81” 4,135lbs 6,000lbs
224BHW 26’11” 4,330lbs 6,000lbs
232RBW 27’2” 4,170lbs 6,000lbs
242BHSW 29’2” 5,295lbs 7,250lbs
244BHSW 28’8” 5,350lbs 7,500lbs
245RLSW 28’1” 5,155lbs 7,000lbs
248RBSW 28’8” 5,160lbs 7,000lbs
264BHW 29’2” 4,460lbs 6,500lbs
267BHSW 30’2” 5,440lbs 7,500lbs
285RLSW 32’5” 6,160lbs 8,250lbs
286BHSW 33’2” 6,170lbs 8,150lbs
287BHSW 33’5” 5,960lbs 8,150lbs
324BDSW 36’2” 7,355lbs 9,600lbs


Key features:

  • A nice balance between comfort, price, and size.
  • 13,500BTU roof AC.
  • Three-burner range.
  • 6 cubic feet refrigerator.
  • Outside kitchen in some floorplans.

The Jay Flight SLX 8 travel trailer series is somewhere in between the bulky and comfy destination trailers and compact & light travel trailers. At quite a low price, this line offers a good balance between price, comfort, and size.

The first thing to catch the eye with this travel trailer line is the wide selection of floorplan options available. Ranging from about 25 to over 36 feet, the Jay Flight SLX 8 RV could be suitable for a good number of RVers.

With such a variety of floorplans, it is quite difficult to pinpoint the unique features of each. Well, we don’t really have to since the Jay Flight SLX 8 RV has quite a traditional travel trailer setup. 

However, this series provides many options when it comes to amenities and the general layout. For example, some floorplans feature a main bedroom plus an area with double bunk beds. Or if you are particularly worried about bathroom comfort, you could pick from the floorplans that have larger and comfier bathrooms.

Aside from that, most floorplans are equipped with outdoor kitchens, which is going to be a nice feature for people who like to spend most of their time outdoors.

The Jay Flight SLX 8 travel trailer line certainly isn’t as comfortable as say the Forest River Sierra destination trailer, but it does offer many other good things. Most importantly, Jayco travel trailers are cheaper, so they are better for RVers with a tighter budget.

Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow

11 Best Travel Trailers For Full-Time Living 6

Starting from $53,609 MSRP

Floorplan Length Height Width Interior height UVW GVWR
40BHTS 41’ 146-3/4” 102” 96” 10,850lbs 13,000lbs
40BHQS 40’2” 145” 11,350lbs 13,000lbs
40RLTS 40’2” 145-3/4” 10,775lbs 13,000lbs
40FKDS 40’11” 146-3/4” 10,690lbs 13,000lbs
40LOFT 145-3/4” 11,725lbs 13,250lbs
40FBTS 40’2” 145-1/4” 11,090lbs 13,000lbs


Key features:

  • Living room & bedroom ceiling fans (except for 40LOFT and 40FKDS).
  • Loft with additional sleeping space in 40LOFT.
  • 18 cubic feet residential-style refrigerator.
  • 15,000BTU central AC.

And the last RV on our list of the best travel trailers for full-time living is Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow. Jayco doesn’t market this travel trailer model as a destination trailer, but it, in fact, is a destination trailer if we follow the branding logic of other manufacturers.

For quite the money, the Jay Flight Bungalow offers a set of features that is comparable to what the Forest River Sierra RV had. However, there is one little difference that instantly catches the eye.

The Jay Flight Bungalow travel trailer floorplans again all come with ceiling fans, but in all models except for 40LOFT and 40FKDS, you are actually getting two ceiling fans – one in the living/entertainment area and one in the bedroom.

Other than that, the Jayco and Forest River destination trailers seem to offer very similar features. Want two toilets? The 40BHQS and 40FBTS floorplans will give them to you. Want a lot of sleeping space? Then the 40LOFT floorplan will be the best option. 

In terms of bathroom space, particularly notable is the bathroom of the 40FBTS floorplan. Occupying the entire width of the trailer’s front, it is the best bathroom in this travel trailer series. It is a full bathroom with a lot of storage space and plenty of wiggle room!

In the end, the Jay Flight Bungalow RV line again offers comfort levels comparable to those of the other destination trailer series overviewed, but there are a few things in it that are better.

Final words

Here you have our top of 11 best travel trailers for full-time living. Even compared to motorhomes, travel trailers are the preferred choice of most people.

Travel trailers can be insanely comfortable, especially if you have the budget and towing capacity to go for a destination trailer. However, there is one thing that travel trailers (and any towable RV) require. That thing is a towing vehicle.

Whether or not to go for a travel trailer will mainly depend on whether you have a vehicle or not. If you have and aren’t intending to sell it (or are even planning to buy one), then you will have to go for a towable RV. Otherwise, if you will be selling your car or just don’t have one and aren’t planning to buy it, then you will have to go for a motorhome.

As for other factors like comfort or price, any RV type could work for you. But as long as you have a towing vehicle, a travel trailer would probably be a better option for you.

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