A lot of people love being in nature and being outdoors – but how to accomplish that is one of people’s biggest problems.

Not everyone can simply buy a full RV and haul it around the country, however, there are many people who would be interested in putting one of the best truck campers on their truck they already own & being ready to tackle whatever comes next!

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There are tons of different models out there in different sizes, so we’re here to help you make a more informed decision on the best truck campers for all budgets and requirements.

We’re going to be introducing you to 14 of the best truck campers on the market. Regardless of what you’re looking for, I can assure you that you’re going to find something that fits your needs here on our list!

Let’s get to it!

Best truck campers:

14 Best Truck Campers

1. Lance 650

best truck camper

Lance is an extremely well-known truck camper maker – they may be one of the most known manufacturers in the industry to date.

This 650 model is designed and sold by Lance Camper.

Lance Camper is an extremely innovative company. To build this truck camper, they used a process that had to be fairly expensive but included computer designs and new modern materials to reduce weight.

When all was said and done, this process allowed them to save money on final costs as well as save weight for the end consumers.

That makes the Lance 650 a very affordable option for most buyers and makes one of the best truck campers.

The big thing with this model is that it feels like it has a lot of space. There are actually a lot of smart storage opportunities here which if you’re out on the road with your family is very important.

The shelves and cabinets offer a great spot to put away so many of the different items you’re going to need and bring on your trip.

Many users online have noted that this model has a bathroom that also feels spacious, that’s going to be high up for comfort on a lot of people’s lists.

While the bathroom is positive, the kitchen area draws high remarks as well.

These individual “areas” so to speak get a lot of praise from everyone because they work so well together – it’s a really great floor plan that comes together and makes this feel so comfortable.

The camper’s floor plan has drawn so many positive reviews online, it’s hard not to recommend that everyone who’s looking for a great truck camper shouldn’t take a look at this 650 model.


You’ve got a nice model here that has a comfortable mattress and a bathroom with a lot of room. The kitchen has everything you need and that makes for a great all-around camper.


The biggest con for this camper is that the holding tanks are exposed and you just want to keep your weight distribution in check.

2. Cirrus 920

What Is The Best Truck Camper? 1

From nuCamp, the Cirrus 920 truck camper is definitely a model that is quite luxurious.

This model comes with so many feature items that people love.  It has a really great bed, an impressive stove, a spacious and comfy-feeling bathroom, among other things.

The one feature people are always blown away by is what nuCamp calls a “Monster picture window”. The view capabilities from that window are really only held back by where you can go – it’s a great feature in a truck camper.

The kitchen features a ton of counter space as well as a lot of room for storage.

The permanent dinette (where the huge window is located) has enough space and is definitely comfortable to eat in.

The Cirrus 920 has a proper Queen-sized bed that fits normal sheets.

The bedroom has storage above the bed & you’ve got a window to look out of at the top of the bedroom as well.

The Cirrus is a four-season model, meaning the water lines are all covered (not exposed) so your pipes won’t freeze.

This goes along with the heating system that will keep you warm in the cold; so you’re really covered on all fronts there.

The shower, sink, and toilet all share the space in the Cirrus, but you should still have space and feel comfortable there as well.

One downside people have noticed is that the electrical set-up of the truck camper isn’t the strongest, and so most people will probably have to go for the optional generator – this kind of varies based on personal preference though; so it’s not something to be put off by completely.

This just looks and feels like something that is such a luxury, I love the overall look of this truck camper a lot.


The Cirrus 920 has a luxurious feel and the floor plan gives it an awesome look. All the amenities that you’re looking for are going to be included here.  The Queen bed area is going to impress as does the amazing picture window for great views into the outdoors.


The main concerns with this model would be based on height and there are some minor concerns about electrical potential.

3. Four Wheel Camper Hawk

What Is The Best Truck Camper? 2

This truck camper is one that is known for its extreme durability. So if you’re looking for a truck camper that is ready for a long life of reliable travel; this offering from Four Wheel Campers is one you’re definitely going to want to look at.

The basic thing you want to see when you buy a Four Wheel Camper, other than durability that I just mentioned, is that it’s simple and light.

Four Wheel Campers have had that focus for a while now, but the Hawk model really is a simple one that gets the job done.  This isn’t the craziest truck camper out there on the marketplace, but it’s very practical and I can see that being very appealing for a lot of people.

The “Hawk” definitely has impressive workmanship across the entire camper. The things that stand out are things like the cabinets, and things that you may miss if you’re simply looking at a “features” list like the wiring and plumbing.

Those aren’t the most excitable items, but they’re very important when you’re out on the road.

Most users have reported they feel comfortable in the space of the Hawk and I agree as it does seem to have a lot of headroom.

The dinette is very spacious and should help keep users comfortable while they eat, and the bed design basically included with the dinette is a sharp one and I think that’s a very nice simple design that they decided on.

The storage in the Hawk has a lot of unique places to put things and gives you so much variety – it can almost be overwhelming with the different ideas of where to put different items.

For a practical customer who wants a simple design, this could be a really great choice. I’m interested in what Four Wheel Camper will do next because I think a lot of consumers appreciate their models and their designs.


The Hawk has high-quality workmanship. The interior definitely feels spacious – mostly due to the bed area and the dinette which is going to give you the space you need.


The storage opportunities are a little bit confusing and all over the place.  The windows in the dinette don’t do much and could be better served elsewhere.  There’s also some concern over the positioning of the electrical systems.

4. Northern Lite 8-11 EX Dry Bath

What Is The Best Truck Camper? 3

Many individuals feel that the 8-11 is one of the best-arranged campers on the marketplace today. With that knowledge in mind; Northern Lite didn’t change much when building this model.

They did add a dry bath obviously to set this model apart; which is really supposed to be a big convenience for consumers.

Although I do agree the convenience is there and that does add to this model, the bathroom doesn’t really feel like a traditional dry bath model.  There was a lot Northern Lite could’ve done since they switched to a dry bath, but kind of failed to do so.

The camper itself is made from high-quality materials along with great build quality.

The interior has a gorgeous design and Northern Lite is correct when they think that they have a good layout here.

The dinette also has added headroom from previous models and should feel quite spacious.

While this model does a few things right, I’m not sure it can really compete based on the level of price to some of its counterpoints.

The dry bath is supposed to be a huge feature, and it could be depending on your tastes; however, the dry bath still looks like a wet bath and from my experience, it does not always keep the sink dry.

At the same time, the dry bath also does not have a great storage system and that includes an awkward spot for the toilet paper holder.

It’s a beautiful camper structurally and with the design, but depending on your tastes with the dry bath, it may not be exactly for you.


The dry bath is a new feature that’s going to keep your bathroom floor and toilet area dry. The quality is extremely nice from top to bottom – and that goes along with some amazing interior design to make you feel right at home.


The dry bath can be a pro, but it also has some shortcomings.  It doesn’t really do its job when it comes to the sink, and the storage in the dry bath is a concern.  They also didn’t take the opportunity to make the dry bath look better and it still has the feel of a wet bath.

5. Arctic Fox 865

What Is The Best Truck Camper? 4

Northwood has had an off-and-on relationship with the 865, and even though it hasn’t been a year after year release, that doesn’t mean the 865 should be looked at negatively.

We want to keep an open mind when looking at truck campers, and I think this entry is a decent one.

You have really nice LED lighting with the Fox 865 as well as cathedral-arch ceilings that give one of the most beautiful designs you’ll see in a truck camper.

Another unique feature about the Arctic Fox model is that is has a hallway. That’s pretty different when you think about campers and the limited space they have to deal with, but it actually utilizes space well and can break up the areas so that one person could be in the main living area and not wake someone sleeping in the bed.

This hallway really creates three “rooms” in the camper: the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

The bathroom has a really high quality feel to it, as it’s a fiberglass wet bath.  

Everything in the Arctic Fox has been taken care of really well so you can tell they have high attention to quality.

The arches and the windows – really the whole design in this model is exceptional and creates a great “interior design” kind of feel.

One negative you’re going to find through a few reviews and one that I personally agree with is that getting up on the roof is going to be a pain in the butt.

Some people may not like the design; it’s probably best to check it out for yourself, although personally, I am a really big fan of the separation seen in this unit.


This camper has a great design and awesome window views to the outdoors.  The bath is high-quality as well as the whole camper overall, honestly. There are tons of storage opportunities and lots of storage all around the camper.


The sink may be taking up too much space in this model and the roof is very hard to maneuver on to. Not everyone will be a fan of the design so definitely test this out to see if it’s for you.

6. Phoenix Mini Max

What Is The Best Truck Camper? 5

Phoenix Campers has quite the name with this one – the “mini max”, which at face value seems to be a little confusing; but I think actually hits the nail on the head with what they’re trying to do.

The idea behind the name is that they took a miniature sized truck camper and then changed the designs to the maximum…. A.k.a. the Mini Max.

It comes loaded with a ton of features to back up that name’s billing.

The size is going to be a surprise to some who aren’t used to something this small having so many features, but that’s obviously the idea.

This is a premium and custom-made truck camper; so be expected to pay a bit more than you normally would for construction that is good; but not great.

It’s a really interesting idea that if you’re in the market for a truck camper – I absolutely think you should explore if you’re thinking it may align with your individual needs.

The fact that it’s a custom camper means that you get your Mini Max fully designed to meet your individual payload requirements and bed size.

You’ve also got a lot of storage that comes underneath the bed – trying to off-put some of the size difference.

The design of the cabin is nothing to scoff at – just because I said it’s “good but not great” quality in certain areas, doesn’t really apply to the cabin and the designs themselves.  Phoenix is clearly a high-quality business that wants to take care of its customer as thoroughly as possible and I applaud them for that commitment to service.

I’m happy Phoenix is out there doing their thing; because I believe the competition is great for the industry and they’ve brought some good ideas into this industry as well.


The Mini Max can be custom ordered for your exact sizing and payload needs – wow!  This model features great interior design and has really beautiful cabinetry. The refrigerator is a standard size fridge & you get a ton of storage with the under bed area.


On the flip side; this is a bit high-priced for what you’re getting because it is a custom deal.  The door and entry can be a tight fit for some. Outside of that, the only other real negative would be some complaints about electric availability through the camper.

7. North Star 12STC

What Is The Best Truck Camper? 6

North Star Campers took a very unique approach to this truck camper.

If you’re looking for something that may be a bit different than some of the other offerings you’re seeing out there; the 12STC may be for you.

This is a 12-foot truck camper that is a luxury model and does not have a slide-out.

One thing that the 12STC is giving customers is a model that doesn’t have extra weight, doesn’t have high walls, and also takes the gravity away from the top-heavy center that those traditionally have.

It’s a dry bath model that has a ton of storage and other room but doesn’t have the added weight and height that those other models may feature.

As soon as you’re inside the 12STC, you’re going to see a lot of storage cabinetry in places that most other truck campers don’t use so well.

Because of its size, this North Star is a hit with those who may stand a bit taller; giving you that extra headroom.

The dry bath also offers users the traditional flushing method for a toilet or they have a cassette toilet available as a system as well.

There are some negatives to be found; such as some heating issues when it comes to the thermostat not picking up temperatures appropriately.

The dinette area could use more expansion – at least as an option to some buyers.

At the end of the day, the North Star 12STC is a unique option that is going to be very high quality for most customers who see it. I’m a big fan of seeing this option simply existing on the marketplace and I hope they continue to challenge expectations in the industry.


The 12STC is a no slide-out which means less weight for your truck.  The dry bath featured is amazing and has multiple toilet options for you to pick from.  The kitchen area is seen as a big plus due to its size and quality – you’ve also got ample storage throughout the truck camper.


The thermostat may give false readings at times which could lead to some discomfort.  The dinette might not be big enough for your tastes and the camper has questions about outlet positions.

8. Bigfoot 25C10.4

What Is The Best Truck Camper? 7

Bigfoot Industries has come out with a model that is a premium fiberglass truck camper.

The price tag has a big premium, and buyers will want to know if they get that bang for their buck.

The biggest benefit you’re getting from that premium price is the durability.  The fiberglass construction is an amazing way to build a camper that needs to hold up for years and years into the future – very important if you’re going to make a big investment.

The windows in the back are going to draw a lot of attention right away – especially if you’re looking out to something beautiful (or even if you’re looking into the model from the lot).

Speaking of windows, the large dry bath also has a window! The shower stall is a molded fiberglass model and the quality in that dry bath area is apparent.

Storage is always the main concern, and the Bigfoot passes this test with ease. There are tons of places for storage in this model & customers should feel at ease when thinking about if they’ll have room for all that fun stuff they need to bring along on trips.

All of the tank areas are attended to with a lot of care – kind of a Bigfoot hallmark at this point.


The construction of this truck camper is “Grade A” all the way. This is some of the best work you can find anywhere in the marketplace.

A dry bath is a beautiful unit that is quite impressive to be found in a camper like this. The overall quality of the Bigfoot all-around just proves that Bigfoot Industries has taken extreme care to build a very high-quality product that is going to last over a long period – great for buyers who want a camper for the “long haul”.


The price tag is always going to be a concern (for some).  Light switches need to be assigned, which is kind of odd. Some design choices fit sort of awkwardly such as the fridge door or the dinette and bed area. Be sure to check that out if you’re looking at a model.

9. Alaskan 8.5FD

What Is The Best Truck Camper? 8

Alaskan Campers is a company that has a long tradition in the truck camper game. They’ve been manufacturing campers for decades and have put a lot of information gathered over the years into this model.

One note before I get into the specific truck camper – Alaskan is a small team company. These are not mass manufactured so the idea is that employees can specialize and bring a high level of quality to each part of the camper they make.

I like the personal feel of dealing with a somewhat smaller company, but it can make these models harder to get.

Most people who buy an Alaskan buy specifically because they want a hard side pop-up model.  If that’s what you’re looking for – you probably need to investigate this based on that and that alone.

The dinette area has dual sofas and this area along with the bed are designed with a lot of comfort in mind.

Alaskan campers can be heavy and they honestly don’t have the feeling like a lot of other campers on this list – it’s a very different model and I don’t think it’s bad necessarily, but the design choices will cross it off for a lot of buyers.  That’s okay – but don’t head too far down the path of buying an Alaskan if it’s not for you.

The storage is a big problem for a lot of people compared to other models, and this is really hard to get unmounted out in nature; unless you have your manual jack.


The pros section has to start with the fact that we’ve got a hard side pop-up design here. The quality of the build is high and Alaskan has a proven track record of selling campers that last for years and years.


The 8.5FD is definitely heavy; you may need a pretty big truck if you’re planning on going this route. Storage is a huge concern & you better have a good plan if you go with the Alaskan for your storage needs. The dinette is comfortable but has a table that is roof-mounted which is going to be annoying for some users.

10. Capri Retreat

What Is The Best Truck Camper? 9

The Capri is going for a mix and match approach to building a great truck camper. You have a floor plan that is a true classic but mixes in newer ideas and sophisticated technology.  To top it off, Capri Campers goes with tried and true materials for an interesting mix of new school and old school ideas.

Capri is what I would call a semi-custom company.  Their campers are ordered “custom” from the manufacturing team, but they still only have the Retreat and the Cowboy.

They’re not going to simply draw up from scratch whatever ideas you have in your notebook.

That being said; there is all kind of options and packages that are available to you as a customer. This is a really nice touch that makes you feel in control from start to finish.

The Retreat is hard to review because of Capri’s custom mix and match approach.  The basic model has a lot of room to customize as you need it and it’s supposed to be a light and affordable truck camper model.

The quality of the model is extremely high – there’s no doubt about that.  The bed can be a little claustrophobic, especially if you’re tall.

The shower is bare-bones but fits in well and should fit for most needs.

For a model like this; the storage is really great and you’ve got a lot of shelves that can help you put clothes or anything else you need in the perfect spot.


You control your own destiny when it comes to the weight of this model – which I’m going to assume you’re a smart buyer and include that as a “Pro”.  The shelving units are awesome and provide a ton of space. USB ports are found easily and the kitchen should provide you with enough space to cook up something edible.


The biggest problem with the Retreat is a word I haven’t mentioned in this review yet – there’s no toilet on board.  You do have the option for a “portable” – but that’s going to be a death blow for some. Kitchen storage is hard to find as well as cabover storage being non-existent.

11. Palomino SS-550

What Is The Best Truck Camper? 10

Palomino wanted to create something they felt was very unique when they built their SS-550 model, and as we go over the features; I think you will see where that creative direction took them.

This company hasn’t always had the best reputation; so they’ve been working on improving what people think about them as well as their camper offerings.

If you’re still in that old camp; I think it would be best to update what you think – this SS-550 had a fairly high quality from top to bottom.

The biggest drawback for most users of an SS-550?  The lack of a bathroom.

The SS-550 features a North-South cabover. It’s not the lightest model on the market – there are honestly trade-offs at every step of the way with the SS-550; but you’re saving where it matters for a lot of buyers… on the bottom line.

You should have a model that is half-ton compatible as long as you take the time to do your homework. The dinette area switches into a very ample bed – the floor plan really seems to make a lot of sense no matter where you look.  Everything seems to fit together in a sensible way and fits together with a nice design that shows Palomino put some nice thought into this model.


The SS-550 has a decent level of quality for what you pay. You have a floor plan that has a lot of storage opportunities and seems to make a lot of sense. Many people will like the dinette/bed switch process.


You don’t have a bathroom with this model – and you also don’t have a shower or toilet.  While I’ve stated that the quality is good; it’s definitely that – good, not great. It’s not top of the line when it comes to certain seams; so you need to temper your expectations as a buyer.

12. Rayzr FB

What Is The Best Truck Camper? 11

Rayzr is new on the truck camper scene and they’re trying to break through with some concepts that may not have been seen before in the industry.

Rayzr wants to compete based on a new look (it’s a really interesting design) and going for a lightweight; half-ton; a cheap model that is really pushing some boundaries that we’ve seen in the truck camper industry for a while now.

It’s an interesting idea – so let’s get into some more details!

They really wanted to go for a simple idea that wouldn’t get complicated when they designed this model.

The Rayzr has a lot of downsides and compromises that come along with being such a light and cheap model. The cabover bed isn’t here and that in and of itself will cross some potential buyers off the list.

There’s also no bathroom or toilet or shower, so you’ve got some downside there as well.

On the flip side; this isn’t meant to be the most luxurious option; it’s really just meant to get you out of tents and get you some more comfort if you’re going away for weekend trips.

It doesn’t break the bank, but even the durability comes into question at times as well.  For me personally, it’s not what I would want to see in a truck camper – but if you’re conscious about money and need something basic; this isn’t the worst thing in the world.


The Rayzr is lightweight and quite cheap compared to a lot of other models. For something this size, you do have decent storage available. The bed doesn’t need any kind of set up and it should accommodate four seasons. Cost-effective.


This list might read a little heavy-handed, so again just adjust your expectations.  You don’t have a shower, you don’t have a bathroom, you don’t have a toilet. There’s no fridge.  You don’t have an option for a water heater and there’s also no grey tank. Some of the quality of seals have also been questioned on this model.

13. Adventurer 80GS

What Is The Best Truck Camper? 12

Adventurer Manufacturing has become known for making adjustments and listening to customers.

In theory; that should lead to an excellent review for the 80GS – and guess what?  Generally, I liked this model. Let’s get into it:

The design really shines through as a model that has been adjusted over the course of several years. The feel and look of the camper are excellent. It’s really a modern environment.

Every part of the camper feels open and really inviting. The dinette should be good for multiple people & it is an easy transformation to set a more spacious mood with the sofa lounger.

The slide-out kitchen is going to give customers a lot of space in that area and is a big plus for those who need space to make their food the way they want.

If you’re familiar at all with truck campers; the floor plan is going to feel comfortable to you.

The weight of the unit is not heavy and should give you plenty of opportunities to use this truck camper – depending on your model and fit.

The storage in the 80GS isn’t the best, and for people who need their space it may be a challenge and they may want to look elsewhere. There’s also some problem with tank size and needs there.


The kitchen is a big draw point for a lot of people – the space there is virtually unmatched. To go along with that kitchen is a big dinette area that actually has room for four people which is a nice feature to have. The 80GS feels like a home with its traditional design.


The holding tanks were my biggest drawback – I think they need to do a lot of work there. Some people won’t love the feel of the wet bath and the fact that it lacks a sink.

14. Hallmark Milner

What Is The Best Truck Camper? 13

The Milner has a traditional feel while not being the lightest truck camper.  The bang for your buck is also a little bit questionable here.

However, where the Milner can really shine is through its overall quality. The fiberglass construction in the camper is fantastic.

Storage options are found everywhere and are really high quality. The Milner offers a great way to bring a fair amount of stuff with you on the road.

The fact that they’ve been refining the Milner over such a long time leads to a great design and a feeling that you’re right at home.


This is a high-quality camper with a lot of fiberglass construction. You have a standard fridge which is great for a lot of customers. It’s almost like the Milner doesn’t have anything “crazy” attached to it – but everything that it does really stands out.


The biggest problem that someone may have with the Milner starts with price.  It’s in sort of an awkward position in that regards where it’s not the cheapest model but it’s also not the nicest model. It’s the middle of the road proposition that can make it hard to find value or define exactly who their customer is.

There aren’t too many huge concerns though.  If you want to nitpick; the outlet locations could be better and an occasional design decision could be questioned.