Best Used Cars to Tow Behind A Motorhome or RV

So, you are all set to go on a weekend trip with your family. You’ve prepared your RV or motorhome for the trip. Right at that moment, a question arises in your mind that what would you do if you want to go urgently from your camping spot?

Yes, I know that running on errands on an RV can be hectic. In that case, towing a car behind the motorhome can be the best option for you.

Therefore, in this guide, I have picked some of the best-used cars to tow behind the motorhome. Keep reading to know more about them.

Why Do You Need to Tow a Used Car Behind a Motorhome?

Towing a car behind your RV can save you from many problems, including these:

  • It can help you in getting last moment supplies from grocery or medical stores
  • No need to pack and unpack your motorhome cargo again and again
  • It makes your tour ultra-comfortable

However, towing a new car is not a safe option as it might get damaged from somewhere. So, any used car can suffice your needs. 

Another point that you need to keep in mind is, not all used cars are suitable to tow behind a motorhome. There are certain cars with a massive engine and sturdy body that you can tow behind your RV. 

So, you need to look for such models of used cars that can fulfill all your requirements.

Best Used Cars to Tow Behind The Motorhome

While keeping everything in mind, I have selected some of the best used cars to tow behind the motorhome. Here are the options that you can check:

Chevrolet Spark

While selecting a used car to tow behind a motorhome, the first thing you need to look for is the weight of the car. A lightweight car is easy to tow by a motorhome. 

Weighing only 2400 lbs, Chevrolet Spark makes a better option for you. Also, its hatchback lets you load anything you want in it. Moreover, its sleek design can easily grab the attention of bypassers. 

Another cool feature of the car is that you can stay connected with the world around you. With its 4G LTE WiFi, you can easily connect with your loved ones. 

Other amazing features of the car include automatic emergency braking, forward collision alert, and lane departure warning. In addition to this, you can select any of the 10 available colors of the car. 

Ford F-150

If you want to carry bikes or want to tow a boat along with a motorhome, then Ford F-150 makes a good choice for you. With this truck, you can haul anything at home or even at the campsite. 

Furthermore, its aluminum-alloy body and steel frame provide the strength it needs. So, you can easily rely on this option for towing it back to your motorhome. 

Do you know what makes it perfect for towing behind your RV? It’s actually the six-engine power that adds life to its performance. Other than this, you can get this cool truck in different stylish metallic colors. 

In addition to this, its turbo diesel engine runs on 29 highway mpg. So no matter how long your trip is, Ford F-150 is not going to let you down. 

Nissan 370Z

With its stylish sports car look, the car is going to win your heart. Its 19-inch alloy wheels are the perfect partner for your road trips. Also, its silver metallic color is very catchy for everyone. 

But wait! There is something more than that.

Available with the manual transmission, six-speed option, xenon highlight, and rearview monitor, the car is ideal for your RVs or home motors. Other than this, its 332 horsepower engine provides optimum power to the car. So you can drive or tow the car anywhere you want. 

Chevrolet Silverado

Though you can tow this car only behind a class A RV, it is still loved by many campers and RV owners. With its maximum 2250 lbs load capacity, it can haul and carry anything that you want. 

This bigger, lightweight, yet strongest truck comes with 6.2L V8. Moreover, its turbo diesel engine provides an efficient pickup. 

Featuring a sturdy body, Silverado is the right choice for hauling and carrying heavy loads. Moreover, its 10-speed automatic transmission provides a smooth shift to the car speed. 

Other amazing specs include four-wheel antilock disc brakes, advanced trailering system, automatic start and stop, and much more. So what are you waiting for? This Chevrolet Silverado is going to be your favorite car to tow behind the motor home.

Smart Fortwo

Available in cozy, little size, this Smart Fortwo is ideal for small RVs or motorhomes. Moreover, its lightweight and minimum length make it perfect for towing behind the motorhome. This compact-sized car weighs around 1800 lbs and is ideal for two people. 

Also, its standard model lets you flat tow it behind a motorhome. However, this is not possible in the electric drive model of the car. Moreover, there is no restriction on speed or distance, so you can go somewhere farther to set your camp and home motor. 

Thinking of going camping with your best friend or loved one? Then Smart Fortwo is there to be your roadbuddy for the trip.

Honda CR-V

The car is ideal for towing behind Class C or Class A RV. You can either tow it flat or normal. Also, it is compatible for towing or for commuting purposes. Moreover, this SUV, with its sports body shape, is the perfect partner for your motorhome trips. 

Other than this, its 19-inch alloy wheels provide sufficient road grip. Furthermore, its non-hybrid trims and turbo engine provide you comfort while driving it. 

Also, it offers sufficient space for your cargos. So you can easily place extra stuff in it that you might need for camping. Still, having doubts over this option? Trust me; With this car, your home motor trip is going to be as comfortable as it can get.

Toyota Corolla

With an efficient fuel capacity of this Sedan, you can’t have further doubts about your choice. However, if you are picking the manual model, then you can tow it behind your motorhome. Otherwise, this option is available in sporty Corolla S. 

Well, there is no doubt that Corolla is still the top choice for new and traditional customers. With its manual transmission and towing capability, this option can win your heart in moments. In addition to this, its 17 inches alloy wheels, rear spoiler, and navigation system makes it ideal for commute and towing purposes. 

Be it the 2016 model or the latest one, Toyota Corolla can easily meet your expectations and needs. So go get your favorite model of used Toyota Corolla now to tow it behind the RV. 

Buick Regal GS

Due to its sports sedan shape, this Buick Regal is one of the best options to tow behind an RV. Looking for its coolest feature? Here is the answer. With its three drive control options, the car lets you actually interact with the road. No matter if you choose Touring, Sports, or GS, this car responds well according to the setting. 

Moreover, these options let you adjust suspension, steering, and other driving features according to the road. So you can feel comfortable while driving or towing it. Other than this, the car features a nine-speed automatic transmission. Also, its mid-size style is cozy yet luxurious for your trip. 

Afraid of towing or driving it on dry roads? With Buick Regal GS, you can turn your worries into confidence. Featuring All-Wheel Drive with twin-clutch, the car provides you a perfect grip and keeps your ride smooth. 

Ford Fusion

Due to its sufficient interior space and safety options, Ford Fusion can be one of the best used cars to tow behind the motorhome. Thanks to its hybrid model and perfect gas mileage, which offers you a long trip with up to 42 mpg. 

Other than this, you can easily flat tow the hybrid version behind your RV. however, old models are fit for normal towing. Its comfortable sedan look adds style and comfort to your drive. So you can easily go for errands while camping anywhere. 

Available in gas, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid powertrain options, the car lets you improve your driving efficiency with complete control. Also, its CO2 reducing technology leaves a minimum footprint on your environment. Thus, you won’t have to worry about environmental issues while driving the car.

Jeep Wrangler

This has been one of the top priorities of campers. With its sturdy look and flat towing capacity, Wrangler is an ideal pick for your motorhome. Also, due to its Torx Tool Kit and easy towing setup, you can easily flat tow the car behind your motorhome.

Thinking to go for off-road camping? Then Wrangler can be your partner on such trips. Moreover, you can easily tow its both manual and automatic models. So you won’t have to specify the transmission needs. Thanks to its modest size, you can tow it behind any C or A class RV. 

Another cool feature of the car is that you can easily remove its doors, roof, or anything else you want to. To do this, all you need is its Torx Tool Kit. After which you can customize it according to your needs and mood. 

Scion iM 2016

Due to its small, compatible design, and efficient hatchback, Scion iM is the right pick to tow behind the motorhome. With its six-speed manual transmission and five-seat interior, the car can be your comfortable partner for camping and off-road trips.

What makes this car unique from other options is its affordable price. Also, it requires minimum maintenance. So, you won’t have to worry about its repair and maintenance while camping.

Need such a car that is cozy, stylish, compact, but at an affordable price? Then Scion iM 2016 is there for you. It can add life to your camping moments. 

FIAT 500 Abarth

Want a lightweight car which you can flat tow behind your RV? Then your wait is over. FIAT 500 Abarth is there to meet all your expectations. With its two-seat interior, this car is ideal for couples and friends. Its manual transmission lets you drive the car with all fun. 

Moreover, its turbo engine with 160 horsepower is perfect for your family road trips. So you can enjoy every moment of your trip. Also, its compact yet cool look can make you fall in love with this car. 

Want to know more about it? FIAT’s aerodynamic shape and clutch operation make your drive efficient and smooth. Other than this, its 17 inches sleek, black aluminum wheels provide the best grip and control over the drive. 

Buick Enclave

While towing a used behind any motorhome, something that can add the cherry on the top is the WiFi hotspot option. This is what you can get from Buick Enclave. Other than this, there a long list of other excellent features that you can enjoy in the car.

Its three-row seating option makes it unique from our other picks. However, the car is a bit heavier than our other options. Other than this, its cool SUV look is ideal for towing behind an RV or motorhome. 

Available in different metallic colors, this car is all ready to fulfill your needs and expectations. 

So, What Have You Decided?

Towing a used car behind your home motor can save you from many problems. You can go anywhere you want, and you don’t have to pack and unpack the whole RV again and again. Therefore, to help you find the best used car to tow behind the motorhome, I have selected a few options for you in this guide. 

I hope that making a choice at the last moment won’t be difficult for you. Just make sure you choose the one that matches your needs. 

All set? Have a safe RV trip!

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