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Imagine what it would be like to live away from the noisy crowds, always traveling on the road while you still get to sleep in your bed at night. Sounds like a dream, right? 

An RV can make your dream of adventure come true.

Choosing to live in an RV is just the first of many decisions you will have to make towards getting the right motorhome for yourself. A Class B motorhome can feel like your own home, squeezed into a van. 

If you’re looking for more quality at less price, a used RV is a great option. 

Don’t know where to start? Here’s a list of the best used Class B motorhomes under $200,000. We have chosen the latest models in your budget that promise reliability and practical living. 

Let’s get started.

What are Class B RVs?

Are you excited to meet your future RV? We bet. But before we share our top picks with you, here’s a quick review of Class B RVs and how they are different from other RVs.

Class B RVs, also called camper vans, lay between Class A RVs and towable RVs. If you are not ready to go big with Class A or need more space than towable RVs, Class B should fit you well. 

In simple terms, the Class B motorhomes are passenger vans that have been fitted with all the amenities to live inside them full-time. These motorhomes are more spacious than towable RVs. 

Class B RVs need No attaching to hitches or placing campers on truck beds. It is as easy as driving a regular van.

The best part about Class B motorhomes is that they are affordable, with better mileage than Class C and A motorhomes. That’s right. They are also easier to handle as they are smaller.

However, they are big enough to fit in a kitchenette with a cooktop or counter space, cabinet space, pre-installed fridge, or place to install one. They also have a small dinette where the table might convert into a bed for more sleeping space.

The bedroom of a Class B RV usually has a full bed with storage space. Many companies also squeeze in a little toilet, but if there is one, it’ll be small. If you have to install one yourself, cassette toilets are a smart choice.

Despite the ease of driving, less space also means no overhead bunks like Class C and lesser amenities than Class A RVs. However, some Class B motorhomes have roof pop-ups to make them more spacious by adding more headroom.

Why Choose a Class B RV?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider buying Class B RVs.

Class B motorhomes are the smallest RVs among motorized RVs.They are built on a cargo van chassis without any slide-outs.

Since they are lightweight, they are easier to drive, which means quicker traveling. So, if you wish to spend more time outside your RV than inside, Class B is the right choice.

It is most-suited to single drivers or couples looking for a smooth and manageable vehicle to drive solo or share.

Here’s why you should choose a Class B RV:

  • They are easy and faster to drive than other motorhomes.
  • They are lighter than other RV types.
  • Due to their compact designs, it will be easier to find parking spots for your van.
  • Class B motorhomes give a decent gas mileage.

Here’s why Class B RVs might not be fit for everyone:

  • You get limited living space and less comfort compared to other RV types.
  • Less space means limited storage spaces as well.
  • Class B RVs feature a wet bath or no bath at all.
  • You will find less price difference between Class B and Class C.

Used Class B RVs under $200,000


Airstream has been making high-performance RVs since 1930. The timelessly modern designs of Airstream are manufactured in Ohio, USA, known for their performance, safety, and comfort. 

From walls to furniture, everything at Airstream is handcrafted and assembled with great care at the Ohio headquarters. The insulation in all the RVs is made from recycled glass.

The Interstate Nineteen is embellished with all the luxurious features in Airstream RVs, along with the standard safety units. You will find a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping space, and a living area, all in a compact 19 feet floor plan.

The RV seats four passengers, while the bedroom has a sleeping capacity of two, which makes it suitable for solo drivers, or couples.

The front of the RV looks luxurious with the Mercedes Benz dashboard that has all the needed safety options. The back has a power sofa that extends to a flat surface along with the side seats, to turn into a sleeping space.

You also get storage spaces above the kitchen, sofa, and back seats. The trunk behind the couch can easily hold all your adventure gear and more.

The RV features a wet bath with a shower, toilet, and sink, all in one space. A clothesline completes the fine-looking bathroom.

Coming towards the kitchen, you’ll find a two-burner gas stove, a stainless steel sink, a slide-out pantry, and other basic amenities. The kitchen space is nicely utilized by the manufacturers, considering the RV is Class B.


  • Spacious floor plans
  • Storage space
  • Utilized kitchen space
  • Luxurious interior


  • Limited sleeping capacity
  • On the pricey side

Pleasure-Way Plateau

Since 1986, Pleasure-Way has been manufacturing Class B motorhomes for outdoor enthusiasts. The family-owned company is based in Canada, with 200+ dedicated employees working to serve consistent quality and comfort. 

The company cherishes all its employees and their passion for craftsmanship that makes each handcrafted motorhome up to the quality standard of Pleasure-Way.

The Pleasure-Way Plateau is a Class B motorhome built on the Mercedes Benz chassis. The RV comes in two floor plans: Plateau TS and Plateau FL.

Plateau features a convertible sofa that turns into a queen bed with a sleeping capacity of three. The sleeping foam and sofa cushions are topped with memory foam, and the ultra-leather seating covers are super soft and stain-resistant. All the upholstery in the RV is made to provide ultimate comfort.

The RV has hardwood maple cabinets and a hanging wardrobe for storage. The two dining spaces, one at the front and one at the back, make the dining area spacious. 

A private wet bath, a medicine cabinet with mirror, storage space, and a rack expand the storage capacity. You also get a handheld showerhead for more comfort and ease.

Plateau makes use of up-to-date technology with the 7-inch touchscreen control panel that controls lights and other units. It also has awning style windows, vinyl flooring, and fiberglass insulated interior walls for reliability and a polished look.


  • Decent sleeping capacity
  • Memory foam bed and cushions
  • Ultraleather upholstery
  • Bathroom storage spaces
  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Fiberglass interior wall insulation


  • Expensive maintenance of Mercedes van
  • Too many windows might compromise privacy for some users

Pleasure-Way Tofino Camper Van

Another innovation of Pleasure-Way in Class B RV is worth mentioning. Their Tofino Camper Van is built on the Dodge Ram ProMaster 1500 Van Chassis, giving it a sporty touch.

It has a 17 ft. 9 inch floor plan, which is suitable for a Class B RV. If you think it’s less spacious, the pop-up roof expands to an extra 49″ x 72″ overhead bunk, which is accessible by ladder.

The four-season capable van features cutting-edge technology such as the 80-amp lithium charger and the Xantrex 2000 watt Pure-sine wave inverter. The awning style windows add to the overall look of the RV.

The rear sofa that manually converts into a bed and the single burner induction cooktop is perfect for a solo driver or a couple who is looking for some outdoor adventure. The dining table fits on an adjustable tripod base to perfect your meal with your partner. 

You can also add in some atmosphere with the dimmable LED lights that can be controlled by the touchscreen control panel.

The Tofino has a nicely planned kitchen with a stove, sink, laminated countertops, and other necessary amenities. 

The RV has white maple cabinets and rear cargo storage for your camping gear and other luggage. The interior walls are insulated with fiberglass, and the excellent heating and cooling systems make it an all-rounder.

You can get your Tofino in bright silver metallic, deep cherry red crystal red, or granite crystal metallic.


  • Roof pop-up and overhead bunk
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Convertible bed
  • Touchscreen control panel
  • Storage spaces
  • Good heating and cooling systems
  • Variety of colors


  • Low engine power
  • Some users might find the design too simple

Coachmen Galleria

Coachmen RV has been producing first-rate RVs for the US since 1964. The company has since been committed to keeping strong relations with its owners and dealers.

In 2008, Coachmen became a division of Forest River Inc. that has been manufacturing Coachmen branded Motorhomes (three classes), Travel Trailers, and Fifth Wheels. All the production by Coachmen is headquartered in Indiana.

The Coachmen Galleria has four different floor plans, all of them built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis. We recommend you to check out the 24A, a budget-friendly floor plan. Although 24Q has our liking too, it is more on the expensive side.

The Galleria 24A has two permanent twin beds that sleep two. The bed has power-inclined storage underneath, and plenty of overhead storage with motion sensor lighting. 

The wet bath is compact with a sink and shower. 

In the kitchen, you get solid surface countertops, an induction stove, rack, and cabinetry. The extending hardwood table can make your life a lot easier with the limited space of Class B motorhomes.

The RV also has Lane-assist sensors and High-beam assist for safety. 


  • Refined exterior and interior
  • Memory foam sofa
  • Storage spaces and motion-sensor lighting
  • Basic amenities
  • Removable table


  • Low ground clearance

Winnebago Revel

When talking about RVs, Winnebago never goes unmentioned. Winnebago Industries Inc. is a leading US manufacturer of luxury RVs, incorporating innovation, quality, and service in outdoor lifestyle products. The company is continuously reinventing processes to perfect designs and set quality standards in the industry.

The Winnebago Revel is built on the new Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis. The sturdy construction of the motorhome and the 4WD option means you can go off-road whenever you have to.

Revel has a full-sized power lift bed with a sleeping capacity of three. You can lift the bed to turn the space into a storage area. You also get under bed storage and an all-in-one gear closet. The tinted Euro acrylic windows and doors have power locks for privacy and safety.

In the kitchen, you get a single burner induction stove, a sink with glass cover, and a laminate countertop. You can easily make a meal for two in the given space.

The pull-up interior dinette table allows for more space when you are done using the table, while we also have a fold-down exterior table and light. The interior LED ceiling lights are dimmable to create the perfect atmosphere inside. You can control other features using the system monitor panel.

The RV also features a wet bath with a powered roof vent and a flexible showerhead for user comfort. 

Along with the high-beam assist and brake assist, you get other safety units in the RV for maximum safety and comfort.


  • Off-road capable
  • Full-size power lift bed
  • Power windows and door locks
  • Storage spaces and roof rack
  • Pull-up dinette table
  • Safety units


  • ABS plastic wall coverings might not be visually appealing to some users
  • On the expensive side

Winnebago Travato

Another Winnebago that managed to get on your list is the Travato. Built on the Dodge Ram ProMaster chassis, this Class B RV offers four floor plans. 

The Travato 59G and 59GL have twin beds with an overhead flex bed system that provides extra sleeping space throughout the van, so extra space is more usable. These floor plans have a sleeping capacity of four.

Travato features a wet bath with a flexible showerhead, and a toilet with a foot pedal to make usage easier. You also get a medicine cabinet and wardrobe cabinet for storage. 

You will find cabinets and overhead storage space in the kitchen. It also has a two-burner range top, stainless steel sink, and Corian countertop that gives the area a polished finish. If you want to prepare a meal for two, you can do so without a problem.

The RV has exterior and interior LED lighting, and power windows and door locks, so you are safe inside, and aware of the outside at all times. You can control the RV systems through the systems monitor panel.

Additionally, we find good heating and cooling systems in the Travato, with 215-watt solar panels and inverter, making it a four-seasons motorhome. The safety units in the RV are up to the Winnebago standards as well.


  • Flex bed system
  • Good sleeping capacity
  • Storage spaces
  • Kitchen has a polished look
  • Power window and door locks
  • Good heating and cooling systems


  • No visual barrier between the kitchen and sleeping area

Fleetwood Irok

Fleetwood RV has been manufacturing RVs for over 65 years, with an annual production of 20,000+ RVs, including mercial buses, yard trucks, and ambulances. The company is a part of the REV Group, Inc., which has 18 manufacturing facilities and 29 vehicle brands across the US.

Vacu-Bond™ Construction and Tuff-Coat Fiberglass Walls are two of the many features of Fleetwood RVs that make it America’s favorite motorhome company.

The luxury Class B camper Fleetwood Irok has two floor plans, and both built on the ProMaster 3500 chassis. The motorhome has a standard sturdy aluminum body with fiberglass side-wall construction and interior vinyl flooring.

The RV features advanced technology such as the Samsung LED Smart TV, Blu-Ray player, and ECO charging system so you can always make the most of your time inside. 

If you are looking to spend more time inside your RV, the Irok has a rear sofa living area with overhead cabinets. You can go for either of the two floor plans, FSD or FSL, as both of them are equally spacious and sleep up to four people.

You also get plenty of storage space at the front as well with the overhead cabinets.

The Irok has a wet bath in the front with a toilet, shower, and a power vent fan. In the kitchen, you get a single burner stove, sink, and other necessary amenities.

We love the interior custom-made high-gloss wood, solid surface countertops, and deluxe lighting controls by Fleetwood. The motorhome has a rooftop solar panel and power windows for comfort. 

You can get your Irok in bright silver metallic, granite crystal metallic, or sandstone pearl.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Advanced technology
  • Spacious sleeping space
  • Storage spaces
  • High-gloss interior wood
  • Power windows
  • Classic color options


  • Low ground clearance
  • Windows smaller than average size

ModVans CV1

ModVans is a fairly new RV manufacturer, based in Ventura, California. The company aims to build RVs for modern lifestyles, re-innovating the concept of camper vans. The ModVans are built on Ford chassis by an employee-owned corporation.

The ModVans CV1 is an affordable, Class B motorhome with removable RV components. You heard us right. If you don’t need a toilet, cabinets, or the second-row seating, you can remove all of them. This makes it possible to turn your RV into a full-size cargo van.

The CV1 is built on the Ford Transit T350 chassis, and the passenger seats are upholstered in high-quality leather. The highlight of the RV is the 2nd-row seating for kids and pets. 

You can fold the seats into a bed for two adults. The RV seats five passengers, while it sleeps four adults on the Downstairs Bed and a Top Pop-up Bed. 

You can install the Downstairs Bed over the storage cabinets and disconnect it to store it behind the 2nd-row seats. The panels and cushions can be stored on top of the passenger side storage cabinet.

Moreover, the vents on the furnace and rooftop A/C are positioned and angled strategically to ensure comfortable sleeping temperatures.

The kitchen has a two-burner stove, a sink, and a storage area. ModVans has used durable and lightweight materials for the cabinet and countertops that ensure long-lasting durability.

The toilet of the motorhome is accessible from the inside and outside too. If you don’t need the toilet, you can easily remove it for more living space.

You can choose from three different window styles based on the Ford factory windows.

The CV1 also has plenty of storage spaces with the passenger side storage cabinet, driver side storage cabinet, and the rooftop storage rack.

You will also find LED interior lighting and good heating and cooling systems in the RV. You can always switch on the car stereo for long road trips.

Crowsurvival has added ModVans CV1 to its 5 Best Class B RVs for Full-Time Living.


  • Removable RV components
  • 2nd-row seating
  • Storage spaces
  • Two beds
  • Toilet accessible from outside too
  • Three window options
  • Good heating and cooling systems


  • The sliding door might be too exposing for some users

Final Thoughts

You can go for any of the RVs above, depending on your needs and likings. However, before choosing an RV, you will need to think about the features that are necessary for you, and those that don’t bother you. 

Whether you prefer more windows, more cooking space, or something as simple as a foldable dining table, these things can make all the difference in a Class B RV. Since you have a limited living area, you don’t want what you don’t need in your RV.

To make sure you make the right choice, consider the number of people that will be using the RV and then make a list of all the essential amenities you will need. Not only the interior but the exterior matters as well. 

Go for a motorhome that has a sturdy construction and get all the safety units checked to ensure maximum safety.

Happy RVing.