Best Used Class C RV

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The RV world is full of options, from small campers to luxurious motorhomes.

Today, we are interested in Class C RVs that are used so that they can fit in your budget. Buying a used RV means you can get one with more features than a new one at the same price. 

However, picking the right one can be a tough job. You want to pick one that is well maintained and fulfills your needs.

To make things a bit easier for you, we have listed down best used class C RVs under $100,000. Check each one out before choosing the ultimate motorhome for yourself. Read on.

What are Class C RVs?

RVs are classified into three classes (A, B, and C) based on size and looks. These classes share some common characteristics, but they widely differ in size and looks.

In this article, we will see some of the best used class C RVs. If you are new to RVs, let us tell you something about the C class.

Class C RVs lay somewhere between the A and B classes. They are a compact version of larger RVs.

These motorhomes are built on truck chassis, and they extend over the truck cabin. 

Class C is a popular choice among average-sized families. They have sufficient living space for an average family, usually an overhead bed and a king or queen-size bed for sleeping, and other basic amenities.

Class C RVs have sufficient storage tanks, storage compartments, a decent stove, dinette, bathroom, and so on. They also have entrance doors on each side for easy access.

These RVs can weigh from 10,000 to 12,000 pounds, but it can vary. 

You’ll find a class B motorhome or a trailer cheaper than a new class C RV. On the other hand, class A RV is more expensive than class C RV.

Class C has a starting price of around $78,000 and can go up to $250,000 or more.

With this type, you always have a choice of choosing from simpler to more luxurious models. We will be covering all of that for you. But first, let us quickly review why you should go for class C.

Why Choose Class C RVs?

If you think that class A is too expensive for you and class B is not spacious enough, class C is the middle ground between the two. 

Class C RVs are usually easy to drive, and many of them are affordable. They have enough space for storage and people, making them ideal for many outdoor enthusiasts who frequently find themselves on the road.

These motorhomes can accommodate up to seven people and have more sleeping capacity than class B RVs. Moreover, they have a convenient entrance and exit with the side doors.

Other features include a dinette that folds into a sofa or bed to accommodate more people. Storage spaces such as wardrobe, cabinets, and overhead units, wet or dry bath, not to forget other amenities.

Some models have a slide-out feature to enlarge the kitchen, living area, or other parts of the RV.

Since motorhomes are built on the truck chassis, you can tow anything behind the truck, such as a boat. Due to these reasons, most people find it to fit their travel needs.


  • They’re affordable and provide value for money.
  • They offer more storage and sleeping space as compared to class B RVs, with an over cab bunk and spacious storage compartments.
  • Compact motorhomes are easy to drive due to their design.
  • It is easier to find camping spots for class C motorhomes.
  • You don’t have to hitch and unhitch anything.
  • A standard Ford truck can be easily repaired.
  • You get better mileage than class A.


  • Maintenance is more expensive than towable RVs.
  • Although motorhomes have interior storage and sleeping spaces, they have limited exterior storage.
  • Lesser windows than class A.

Best Used Class C RVs Under $100,000

Let’s shift the spotlight to our list of the best Class C RVs in your budget.

2019 Jayco Redhawk

Jayco is a family-owned company founded in 1968. In 1971, the company entered the travel trailer market, building 1,100 trailers in the first year, followed by the fifth wheel market in 1972. By 1980, Jayco had established itself amongst the renowned manufacturers of the RV industry.

Despite being the largest privately-held RV manufacturer in the world, Jayco has never failed to give families their most memorable time with their high-quality RVs.

2019 Jayco Redhawk 26XD has an uncompromising construction, promising affordability in the best value. The interior wood finish gives this RV an unmatched homely atmosphere.

Redhawk is built on the standard Ford E450 chassis. The fresh water holding tank of the RV has a decent capacity of 47.0 gallons. The body of the RV is aluminum with fiberglass side-wall construction.

The Redhawk is spacious, with one slide out and a sleeping capacity of seven with one queen-size bed and two convertible sofa beds. The heating and cooling systems include an air conditioner and an automatic heater.  

The kitchen has all the necessary amenities, including a three-burner stove. The vinyl flooring of the space, along with the living room, puts the whole look together.


  • Sufficient sleeping capacity
  • Queen-size bed
  • Built on Ford chassis
  • Sturdy construction
  • Vinyl flooring
  • One slide-out


  • Low mileage
  • Low ground clearance
  • Truck not too powerful

Coachmen Prism

Coachmen RV has more than five decades of building experience of over 600,000 RVs. The company produces practical designs that ensure user comfort. It aims to provide reliable products, keeping customer satisfaction their primary focus.

The Coachmen Prism 2200FS is a practical interior and exterior design. It can comfortably accommodate up to seven passengers along with cargo. It is also easy to drive and park.

The RV has a fuel capacity of 26 gallons, and the fresh water tank can hold 38 gallons. In addition to a spacious bedroom with a queen bed, the large overhead bunk holds up to 350lbs, so the passengers sleep in it.

The smart design bathroom comes with a shower and sufficient storage as well. A three-burner stove in the kitchen and a dinette can be easily used to cook a decent meal and dine in.

The ultra-leather wrapped seats in the RV complete the warm look of the interior. In case it gets too warm, you always have an AC inside to cool things down.


  • Spacious
  • Easy to drive
  • Queen-size bed
  • Built-in back camera
  • Congoleum flooring



2018 Winnebago Minnie Winnie

Winnebago Industries Inc. is a US-based RV manufacturer trusted for its quality and service. The company focuses on delivering consistent quality while continuing to improve through innovation in the processes. It strives to set quality standards in the vast RV industry.

Winnebago’s Minnie Winnie 31D is built on the Ford engine. The RV has an aluminum body with side-wall fiberglass construction and a 55 gallon fuel capacity. 

The Minnie Winnie can easily facilitate six sleepers with a queen-size bed in the bedroom and an overhead bunk. It also has several storage spaces, including basement storage.

The RV has a fair-sized dinette, with vinyl flooring in the kitchen and living area. The three-burner stove in the kitchen allows a decent meal to be cooked for an average-sized family.

The interior of the RV has wood finishing, and one slide out to expand the living space. The heating and cooling systems in the motorhome make it reliable to go out longer distances.


  • Dual glazed thermos insulated windows
  • Basement storage
  • Queen-bed
  • Sturdy construction
  • Proper heating and cooling systems
  • Interior wood finishing


  • Noisy for some owners

2020 Winnebago VITA

The same US-based company has another class C RV that caught our attention. The VIta 24P.

This motorhome is built on the Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter chassis, equipped with hydraulic brakes and a 2-point electric stabilizing system. It has a fresh water tank capacity of 37 gallons. 

The bedroom and bunk of the RV allow a sleeping capacity for four people. A spacious dry bath and toilet with hand flush add to the livability of the RV.  

The motorhome features an air conditioner and a low profile furnace. There are also plenty of storage spaces, including wardrobe and lighted storage spaces.

The motorhome lights up with interior and exterior LED lights. It also has roof vents and mini blinds inside, along with several safety units for maximum protection.


  • Powerful truck
  • Sufficient sleeping capacity
  • Storage compartments with LED lighting
  • Dry bath
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Safety units and vents


  • Hard driving on slightly raised grounds

Forest River Forester LE

Forest River is a North American RV company that manufactures Class A and C motorhomes. The company is a division of Forest River, Inc. that produces RVs, buses, and commercial trucks. Forest River incorporates different experiences from each division into their motorhomes. 

Forest River promises quality and reliability to passionate RV owners. Each RV is carefully built, undergoing close inspections before being delivered to ensure they meet the high standards of the company. 

The Forester LE 3251 is built on the standard Ford chassis. The truck has a fuel capacity of 55 gallons, which is impressive.

The bedroom in the motorhome has plenty of storage spaces and a queen bed with a memory foam mattress for ultimate comfort. The two slide-outs add up to the living space.

The motorhome has sturdy construction with fiberglass roofs and an aluminum body. It has interior LED lighting and tinted sliding windows to ensure privacy. The RV also has power locks in windows and the door for maximum safety.

The shower skylight makes the bath appear roomier. The kitchen is also nicely built with a three-burner stove and all the essential amenities.

You can listen to all your favorite songs in your Forester LE with the touchscreen radio that has USB and Bluetooth options.


  • Memory foam mattress
  • Spacious bedroom
  • Two slide-outs
  • Tinted sliding windows
  • Power locks
  • Bathroom skylight
  • Storage spaces
  • Touchscreen radio


  • Low ground clearance
  • Tires not fully capable of off-road driving

Thor Motor Coach Quantum

Next in line is the Quantum made by Thor Motorcoach, a North American RV company founded in 2010. Since then, Thor has built many renowned gas and diesel motorhomes, including Four Winds, Challenger, Chateau models.

Using cutting edge innovations, the company produces different styles, floor plans, and features at affordable prices to suit every individual.

The Thor Motorcoach Quantum RC25 is built on the Ford E-450 chassis. The fiberglass front cap has a skylight, while the high-gloss glazed cabinets with wooden doors create a warm and sophisticated interior.

The RV has a 40-gallon freshwater tank. A bedroom with a queen-size bed and storage spaces is suitable for an average-sized family. Power windows and locks will make sure you are safe no matter where you are.

The kitchen has a three-burner stove with a glass cover, and the dinette across it is nicely planned out for comfort. The interior also has LED lighting and touchscreen radio to complete the RV experience.

If you go for the Platinum package, it will include an exterior shower and window roller shades as well.


  • LED lighting
  • Storage spaces
  • Fiberglass front cap with skylight
  • Sufficient sleeping capacity
  • Power windows and locks
  • Touchscreen radio


  • Truck not too powerful

2019 Thor Four Winds

Another affordable class C RV from Thor is the Thor Four Winds 28Z, built on Ford chassis. The truck has a 55-gallon fuel capacity and a 40-gallon fresh water tank. That means you get more capacity in a small package.

The RV has a welded tubular steel floor and Vacu-bond laminated roof, floor, and walls, which makes it sturdy and reliable. The one-piece fiberglass front cap adds to the overall polished look.

There is no compromise in living space when it comes to the Four Winds range. A mega storage compartment highlights the ample storage in the RV. The bedroom, with a queen-size bed, and a spacious bunk can easily accommodate six to seven people. 

The RV has a vinyl ceiling and flooring with black framed windows and LED interior lighting. The laminate countertops in the bedroom and bath simply make the interior gorgeous as well.

The skylight in the shower and the foot flush are some features of the bath. The kitchen has three-burner storage, which is again sufficient for a regular family.

Thor, as we know, doesn’t compromise on safety, and there is no compromise on safety units in this RV as well. 


  • Vacu-bod lamination
  • Tubular steel flooring
  • Storage compartments
  • Sufficient sleeping capacity
  • LED lighting
  • Vinyl flooring and roof
  • Skylight in shower


  • Might need minor repairs/maintenance

2019 Tiffin Motorhomes Wayfarer

Tiffin Motorhomes is a family-owned business that emerged in 1972, known for its class A motorhomes. As a family-owned company, Tiffins understands the needs of a family who owns a motorhome. For this company, perfecting every RV they create is a matter of personal pride, so you can easily trust them.

Luxury and comfort go together in Tiffin motorhomes. 

The Tiffin Wayfarer has a Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis that spells luxury. The motorhome has a spacious interior and all the Tiffin’s standard safety features.

You have many floor plan options from Tiffin to choose from. The RV has a sleeping capacity of six, with a walk around queen-size bed. You also get overhead storage in the bedroom.

For the ease of driving, lane-keeping, and collision-prevention assistance, make sure you have a fun and safe driving experience. The high beam assistance ensures maximum clarity while night driving. 

The RV has two slide-outs and several storage compartments. The kitchen has a two-burner stove and all the necessary amenities. A walk-in shower in the bathroom adds to the overall comfort of the motorhome.

Like everything else, the dinette is comfortable as well. You also get solar pre-wiring and power stabilizers installed by Tiffin.


  • Sufficient sleeping capacity
  • Solar prewiring
  • Two slide-outs
  • Power stabilizers
  • Exterior cameras
  • Lane-keeping assistance
  • High-beam assistance at night
  • Luxurious and comfortable


  • Limited stove burners


Founded in 1996, Phoenix USA is an RV company based in Phoenix, USA. In 2009, after the great recession faced by the RV dealers, Phoenix started selling units directly from the factory. The company has since been known for its affordable prices and consistency of the unmatched quality to date. 

Phoenix pays close attention to small details, which is the reason why it has so many satisfied customers.

The Phoenix Cruiser 2910T is built on the standard Ford E-450 chassis. The motorhome extends to more than 31 feet, which sets it apart from other Ford, class C RVs. The three slide-outs increase the floor space, and the efficient floor planning of the Cruiser make it more spacious and livable.

The motorhome has a fuel capacity of 55 gallons and a freshwater tank of more than 36 gallons. You can control the ceiling lights individually so that you can set the atmosphere to your liking.

The extended cab facilitates entertainment for the whole family. The living area is roomy with a dinette on one side and convertible sofa on the other, filling the slide-out space. 

The sofa turns into closely placed twin beds. There’s plenty of countertop space in the kitchen and bathroom. 

The bedroom, with a queen-size bed, moves with the third slide-out. The memory foam mattress and overhead cabinets make it super comfortable and facilitating.

The RV features a dry bath that strategically utilizes space. The skylight in the shower and the full-length mirror on the toilet door makes them appear spacier.


  • Value for price
  • Efficient floor planning
  • Three slide-outs
  • Generous storage capacity in the kitchen
  • Bathroom skylight
  • Memory foam mattress


  • Entrance and slide-outs have low headroom
  • Showerhead quality can be improved


In 2008, Entegra Coach became a part of Jayco. Since then, the company has been making luxury motorhomes with their unmatched innovations and reliable construction.

The company believes in smooth and peaceful journeys, thus, paying close attention to even the smallest of details. In 2018, Entegra stepped forward from class A RVs and started manufacturing class C.

The Odyssey 29K is built on the Ford E-450 chassis that has a 55-gallon fuel tank. It has a beautiful white fiberglass exterior and TuffShell™ vacuum-bonded, laminated floor. The one-piece fiberglass front cap and roof adds to the stylish look.

The exterior has a storage compartment with light and an outside shower, which can come in handy when there are more people.

The RV has a nicely insulated roof, floor, and walls. The interior also has TuffShell™ vacuum-bonded, laminated walls, and Linoleum flooring.

The bedroom has a queen-size bed with under-bed storage and wardrobe for maximum storage capacity. The kitchen features the Furrion all-in-one cooktop and oven, and the Entegra’s legless dinette table makes the area look super classy. 

The motorhome also has a decently-sized bathroom, with a shower skylight which gives you a more spacious feeling. The foot flush makes the toilet easily usable.

Odyssey’s heating and cooling systems are also efficient with an air conditioner and a furnace with an auto-ignition wall thermostat. The power windows and door locks keep you safe no matter where you are.


  • White fiberglass exterior
  • One-piece fiberglass cap
  • TuffShell™ vacuum-bonded, laminated floor, and interior walls
  • Under-bed storage
  • Shower skylight
  • Efficient heating and cooling systems
  • Power windows and door


  • Limited safety units


Class C motorhomes stand out from other RVs due to their compact sizes and spacious interiors. You get slide-outs and more storage spaces in class C than a class B.

The overhead bunk makes the class C motorhomes look different from other classes, while the extra sleeping space is a bonus.

Motorhomes are well-suited to freeways as their tires are not off-road cable, and due to the weight of the RV, the speed of the truck is compromised.

A well-maintained class C RV can easily fall into your budget of under $100,000 if you go for a used one. So, If you can live with fewer windows than a class B RV, class C can be your ultimate choice.