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Coachmen Chaparral Fifth Wheel RV

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Coachmen Chaparral is one of those few RVs which come under fifty-thousand dollars but with so many features. The series starts with a length of 33 feet, and all the 13 floorplans have a wide range of layouts.


Front: Chaparral has a pigmented white fiberglass cap which doesn’t fade away and looks the same for years.
Coachmen uses turn-tech technology in all its fifth wheels which provide 88 degrees turning radius.

Body: Chaparral comes with Azdel composite side panels. It means that they have barriers under the fiberglass which helps in vacuum bonding.
Most companies put luan barrier which is also good but starts rotting and showing massive delaminating when there’s a leak. This is a serious problem and costs a lot of money to fix.
Azdel not only makes it fifty percent lighter but also a lot stronger than luan, and it also deals very smartly with the leaks.
Chaparral has fully enclosed underbelly which makes it weather resistant. So, if you want to prolong your camping time, you can do it without worrying.

Pass-through storage: Chaparral has big pass-through storage and since it has RV disconnect, you don’t need to take the battery out.
The aluminum bubble wrap at the top provides insulation.
The floor is made of 12-inch thick aluminum which is very strong and durable.
The wet bag is one piece of molded plastic and not separated in pieces, and so it doesn’t get filled up with water.

Heater: There is a 10-gallon gas and electric water heater. During the usual shower, you can use the electricity, but when you have many people for showering one by one, you can flip the gas as well.

Ladder: Not many middle-profile fifth wheels come with a ladder, but Chaparral does. If you have to clean the top or if you want to spend some time on the top, you don’t need to bring a ladder from the garage.

Wheels: The wheels are made of aluminum and so they don’t rust. The Dexter Easy Flex suspension tire gives a very smooth ride.

Awning: Awnings are equipped with LED strip lights and speakers. There’s also a universal TV mount so you can enjoy watching TV on the outside as well.


Five Biggest 5th Wheels on the Market 1

Lights: All the bulbs inside Chaparral are LED and you don’t need to worry about power consumption or warming up your coach. The bulbs last a long time, give excellent lights and consume very little power.

Floor: The floor is fire-proof linoleum which is easy to clean and it comes with a long warranty.

Doors: All the vertical and horizontal rails, along with the doors, are made of solid hardwood. The cutting and finishing are intricate with elegant glazing. The wood doesn’t peel over time and you can expect them to look the same for years.

Kitchen: Chaparral has a full glass cover stove. While cooking, you can lift the glass up, and if you need more counter-top space, you can bring it down.
The countertop is solid surface and there’s no chance of water getting inside.
There’s an expandable faucet. The sink is made of stone so you can put even the hot pan without worrying about melting it.
The pantry size of Chaparral is commendable. It’s big and split up in many chambers so you can stock up a lot of things here.
The kitchen also has a lot of adjustable drawers.

Bathroom: Chaparral has full solid bathroom surface. The sink is big and nice, and there’s a foot flush porcelain toilet.

Coachmen Chaparral has so many in-built and optional features which make it a really cool camping coach. Its top-notch facilities include 13500 BTU AC, radial tires, extra speakers, 50-inch LED TV, and many others. If you’re looking for a complete budget-packed fifth wheel RV, this is the one for you.

Crossroads Cruiser CR3771MD

Five Biggest 5th Wheels on the Market 2

Crossroads Cruisers are undoubtedly one of the best fifth wheels in the market and the top choice of camping lovers. While riding on it, one feels like being in a real brick house. The good thing about these fifth wheels is that they don’t develop many problems.


This class of cruise has an inch and a half sidewalls. Cruisers still use complete two-inch sidewalls and this is the reason why they run without problems.
These sidewalls provide 25% extra insulation, which runs all the way to the floor where we find an enclosed underbelly.

The bagged doors are just like the ones you find in luxury buses. They are magnetically latched and stay out of the way when you’re stuffing your things. These doors are not just heavy, but also completely insulated. They don’t get affected whether you keep the coach hot or cold.
The height of the compartment is up to the campers’ expectations.
On the bottom, the Cruiser uses a steel band and which ensures that the floor will never sag or drip.

The front compartment is also generous in size and not only do we find a large pastor but also a battery disconnect. This means that the fridge and TV never turn off, but just go on standby while consuming very little power.

Crossroads has its own proprietary double seal system and they’re completely failsafe whether you’re in storage or you’re in transit.

The Cruiser has a glass exterior which is not frequently found in many RVs. It uses Phylon which is still fiberglass but gives a better performance.

Another good thing about Cruiser is that you find all the utility switches at one place and not scattered around all over.

On the behind, there’s a ladder which leads to the roof. It can be used for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

An advanced feature about Cruiser is that there’s a rubber stack dampener in between the aluminum wheels. They keep the moving parts lubricated and enhance performance and longevity.

All the windows, except the tall ones at the back, can be opened for cross breeze so that you can receive good cross ventilation. They use a different type of window seal, which doesn’t cause leaks or fogging.


Five Biggest 5th Wheels on the Market 3

The interior has an Espresso Design. The sofa is memory-foam and can be easily folded to create a sleeping space for kids and guests. The two recliners are as comfortable as the sofa and can be folded like sleeping beds.
The cabinets above the espresso décor are strutted so they don’t fall and are easier to reach.

The dining table and the four chairs around them are free stands i.e. they take less space. The table comes with an extension which helps in creating extra space. There’s also a monopoly box under the table which can be used for keeping extra stuff.

The position of the TV is such that it can be seen from anywhere inside the living space. Since the Bluetooth enabled DVD player and stereo are in-built, there’s no need to bring such stuff. However, if you still want to bring something, then there’s enough space.

Kitchen space is bigger and fuller and there are drawers everywhere.

You’ll find a lot of storage space in the hallway as well.

The bathroom has a porcelain foot flush toilet. There are two medicine cabinets above the sink and you also get a nice spacious shower.

The beds have a lot of under-bed storage. The Bed is 60*80 queen sized, and the mattress has a gel-top which makes it very comfortable.
The headboard is a little dark because of the shelves over it, but that’s only good for those who love sleeping in the dark.

Cruiser Aire 28SE is perfect for those campers who go on camping with their family. There’s plenty of space for kids to roam around, and you get so much space that you’ll never run out of them. If you go on camp with so many things and you’re looking for a fifth wheel RV which can accommodate all of it, then you need Crossroads Cruiser Aire 28SE.

Puma Unleashed 381FTB Fifth Wheel

Five Biggest 5th Wheels on the Market 4

Puma Unleashed 381FTB weighs in at 14,00lbs.
Let’s dive in to look at its other great features.


The front of Unleashed 381FTB is made of molded fiberglass with gorgeous blue-accent LED lights. There’s also a marker light on the top and a pin box cover to match the front.

At the bottom, there’s a diamond plating which prevents stone chips from getting into when you’re driving through a gravel path.
If you are on dry camping or when you don’t have power hookup, then the solar panel can help in keeping the battery charged.

On the front, there’s also a generous storage compartment which accommodates a battery with extra space for other things. There’s also a power jack and this is where you turn the lights on and off.

On the side opposite to the door, there’s large basement storage, which runs from one side to the other. There are also two thirty pound tanks, one on each side.

There’s a shower on the outside with a city water hookup for sewer connection.

The kitchen at the back has an extra grey tank with additional hookup for sewer. It also has a freshwater tank.

There are stove and furnace vents at the top along with a water heater that runs on both gas and electricity.

The roof ladder is optional, and you can get it if you want to have access to the roof. Also, if you want to take your bike or an extra generator for your camp, then you also get a flip-down cargo rack.

On the back, you get access to a satellite cable hookup and the power connections.

One remarkable feature is that you can also get the option of an outside kitchen with refrigerator, induction, basin, and water heater.


Five Biggest 5th Wheels on the Market 5

The entry door is friction-hinge door along with a separate screen door. The friction-hinge has two advantages: a) there are no latch holes to hold the door, and b) the door stays in whatever position you leave it. The screen door is just an additional door and it connects to the main door.

The entry door leads into the kitchen which is right at the back. You’ll find plenty of space in the kitchen with lots and lots of cupboards and drawers.

The double-door refrigerator can work both on electricity and propane tank.
There’s plenty of countertop space in the kitchen and since the sink is also coverable, it only adds to space.

The three burner stove also has a glass cover, By lifting the cover, you get access to the burners, and when you’re not cooking, you get another little bit of extra space.
Below the stove is an oven and above it is an in-built microwave oven.

The sofa is a jack-knife sofa, which means it can be dropped down to create an extra bed. Moreover, it has a flip up-and-down holder which can be used either for more space or for the armrest.

The dinette is also elegant and compact. The table is free-stand and there’s also space inside it.

Beside the dinette is the entertainment cabinet with inbuilt CD, DVD, and Bluetooth.

There are even more cabinets in the hallway leading to the bedroom.

The bathroom is fully enclosed with a foot flush toilet, a large sink, and a medicine cabinet. The shower also has a skylight for some natural light.

On either side of the bed are wardrobe cabinets. There is even more storage space above the headboard and across the bed as well. The two windows provide a nice outside view.

The bedroom floor is carpeted, while the rest of the coach has linoleum flooring which is easy to clean.

Whether you’re camping alone or you’re taking your whole family, this giant fifth wheel promises to be your companion. The kitchen at the back is a little out of trend, but also the coolest part about this coach. However, the best thing is that it doesn’t get shut even if there’s a complete power failure.       

2019 Keystone Montana 3731FL Fifth Wheel

Five Biggest 5th Wheels on the Market 6

It’s impossible to talk about best fifth wheels, RV without mentioning Keystone Montana, the number one bestseller of fifth wheel’s in the US for the last fourteen years. Montana is the symbol of luxury, quality, and reliability, and their cutting edge technology is unbeatable in the market.


Front: The front windshield cap is automotive grade windshield which adds a lot of features to the floor plans and this can be seen in the front living room and the bathroom.

The innovative trailer pin box takes up the road vibrations so that you don’t feel the bumps. There’s a hitch version mirror which works as a rear view mirror and helps you in seeing behind when you’re backing.
Under the front cap is a giant storage area where you can put an additional generator.
Slam-latch locks in Montana are all keyed differently, so it’s difficult for someone to break into your coach.

Pass-through: The remarkable thing about the pass-through is that there are no vents and plumbing fixtures hanging down. It’s totally open and free with a vacuum cleaner.
The pass-through has enough space and you can put whatever you want to bring with you.

Sidewall: Montana uses two-inch thick sidewalls construction. On the outside, it has block-foam insulation, while on the inside it’s gel-coat fiberglass. Unlike other fifth wheels, you can easily clean the walls and they always look great.

Stairs: The stairs are made of aluminum. There are four steps which can be adjusted according to foot size, and in addition to being very easy to pull down, they don’t get dirty or wet.

Awning: Montana has an electric awning and you can open it with just pressing a button. You’ll also find two outdoor speakers which can be synced to the radio inside.
It’s got magnetic latches for the TV so you can enjoy your favorite shows from the outside.

Auto-level: This is where Montana leaves every competition far behind it. With six-point hydraulic level, it can auto-level itself no matter what the pitch or degree is.

Heater: You get a 12-gallon electric heater. It uses the DSI spark ignition with quick recovery. As a result, it is able to produce three times recycled water per hour.


Five Biggest 5th Wheels on the Market 7

Door: The entry door is friction-hinged instead of a latch, and this is why the door stays in whatever position you put it in.

Dining area: The dining table and chairs are elegant and they all have extra storage spaces inside them. There are also two chairs in the bed, so that means the dinette can easily accommodate four people.

Kitchen: You get a lot of countertop space, both near the appliance and near the sink. The secondary lip can be folded up to give extra storage.
There are two silverware drawers along with a trash-can, so you don’t need to worry about where to keep the garbage.
The countertops are equipped with USB and 110 plug-in outlets which can be turned up and down.
Montana employs modern appliances. There’s a three-burner electric stove which is simple to use. Below the stove is an electric oven and above it is an inbuilt microwave.
The faucet is residential with a stainless sink which is very easy to clean. The refrigerator works on two batteries and incorporates a 2800 watt inverter which allows it to work for eighteen hours without plugging it in power.
You get access to a large pantry with lots of drawers.

Extras: To keep the coach warm during winter, you get 13 BTU electric fireplace and you don’t always need the propane tank to operate it. There are inbuilt radio and a DVD player which can be connected to the outer speakers.
If you feel like the front window is bringing in a lot of glare, then there’s an advanced electric shade which can be moved up and down.
In addition to the full LED lights and multiple charging stations, there are three fans which can recycle the air inside the camper in less than a minute.

Bedroom: The bedroom has a plush king-size bed, and again, there are lots and lots of storage. You can also put the TV across the bed.

Keystone Montana 3731 can be called as the King of fifth wheel RVs. It’s luxurious and spacious and it takes every effort to make you feel like you’re home. If you’re looking for an all-around fifth wheel, then Keystone Montana promises to stand on all your expectations.

2019 Cedar Creek Silverback 31IK Fifth Wheel

Five Biggest 5th Wheels on the Market 8

2019 Cedar Creek Silverback is an updated version of 2018 Cedar Creek. The company has undertaken several mid-year model changes which give the 2020 Cedar Creek some really cool features.


Front: Cedar Creek comes with a new fiberglass cap design at the front and there are two LED lights to assist during the night. The different and updated graphics not only gives the camper a nice look but also provide a high turning radius. The corners have been sloped and they also aid the large turning radius.

Baggage: Cedar Creek uses drop Z frame, which means that you get larger storage. It’s a remarkable thing that the Z frame is covered by colored metal which gives a very clean look.
The storage compartment also has an in-command center with fuses, wires, and relays etc. which are easy to trace during the maintenance process. There’s a central vacuum which cleans the compartment in no time.
The floor of the compartment is diamond rubber plate which prevents things from sliding.
The baggage door is thick and insulated, and it has a slam-lock handle.
Below the storage compartment is a propane hookup for a portable grill.
There are also two thirty pound propane tanks with changeover regulator.

Stairs: The stairs have four adjustable steps with sock assist technology. The outside LED along with stair and porch lights produce very pleasant lighting during the night time.

Awning: The awning is big and electrically controlled. If you want to make the camper bigger, then you can opt for a slide-out awning.
The ceiling is taller as compared to previous versions of Cedar Creek.

Windows: The windows come with single pane glass panels which can be upgraded to double pane panels.

Ladder: The ladder at the back goes all the way to the top and also under the bumper, so it is easy to climb up and down.

Hitch-back: If you want to take a bike on your camp, then you can get a hitch-back cargo.

Auto-level: The camper has a six-point hydraulic jack system which helps in auto-leveling.

Heater: There are a 10-gallon gas and electric heater along with a stove exhaust in the middle.

Maintenance: Cedar Creek makes use of sectionalized panels instead of one monolithic panel, and this is why it is very easy to maintain.  

Docking-station: In the docking station, you get access to the hydraulic on/off switch, slide-out cables, satellite hookups, and also the tank flush tanks.

Exterior: The exterior uses high gloss gel-coat which makes Cedar Creek a little expensive, but a lot cooler at the same time.


Five Biggest 5th Wheels on the Market 9


Door: The entry door is 32-inch wide with shock assist. The extra screen door has storm door features and removable panels.

Living-Space: The interior living-space has completely different floor and countertop design.
There’s a beautiful overhead light and a noiseless ceiling fan.

Kitchen: One thing you’ll never run out of in the kitchen is the countertop space. There’s plenty of space around the oven. The inbuilt microwave oven is large and has a nice glass door.
There’s a three burner stove with electric ignition.
Since the slide-out in the kitchen doesn’t have carpets, so you can easily clean the floor if something gets spilled.
The faucet is high-rise and the sink is made of stainless steel. The sink-covers match the countertop and provide extra tops.
The pantry area is also very large with more than enough shelves.
There’s a trash can as well so you don’t have to hang the garbage here and there.

Five Of The Best Small 5th Wheel Trailers

Furniture: The sofas have new theatre seat features and they are electrically powered.
The windows are large and provide a wide view of the campsite.
The dinette is elegant with free stand chairs and tables, and they all come with extra storage spaces inside them.  

Bathroom: It’s big with a solid surface sink and porcelain toilet. There are a medicine cabinet and plenty of cupboards to keep clothes and towels.

Bedroom: The bedroom is simply amazing. You can get a king-size bed. There’s a 32-inch TV across the bed, and again, lots and lots of spaces and charging stations.

If you’re not new in the camping world, then you definitely know how amazing Cedar fifth wheels really are. And with 2020 Cedar Creek, you only go a step ahead.