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Buck Model 119

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Do you wonder at times that if you find yourself in an unexpected survival situation, then what type of knife would you want at your side? You will probably be contended to have almost any knife with you at such a situation. But obviously, you would be happy and safe if you carry the best survival pocket knife with you. All of us have our personal choices on what makes the perfect survival knife for adventures like hiking or camping into the woods. If you are looking for the perfect utility knife to carry into the wild, then Buck 119BKS hunting knife should be your only investment. Read on for the rest of our Buck Model 119 Special Survival Knife Review.

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Buck Model 119 Special Survival Knife Review

The steel blade of the Buck 119BKS has a very sharp and perfect tip for puncturing, making it the perfect utensil for the skilled hunter in you in order to make quick and sharp movements when required. This is made in the USA and it comes with a leather sheath that is very easy to slip into your pocket or onto your belt. As a hunter, if you wish to have the best knife without any extra and unnecessary feature, then the Buck 119BKS hunting knife will fit in your budget as the perfect hunting knife.

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The Buck 19BKS, known for its versatility, is a large, American-made hunting knife that can deal with anything like skinning, dispatch, quartering, field dressing and even the precise tasks like filleting a fish. This is the knife almost every angler or seasoned hunter wants to have.


Design and construction: Buck 119BKS knife has a curved blade that enables you to make a small or a long cut with complete ease. The edge comes with a slight tip. The base of the knife is very easy to hold and manipulate which will help in sharp and concise cutting. The handle is black in color and comes with a silver tip at its base. The design of the knife makes it perfect being a hunting gear, with the added advantage of concealing it when required. The length of the blade is about 6 inches and the overall length of the knife is 10.5 inches so you can easily carry it or hide it. The knife weighs 7.5 ounces and the thick sheath enables you to carry it with complete ease. The 6 inches clip point blade comes with a hollow grind and is made from 420HC stainless steel with a hardness of 58 HRC. The handle material is of phenolic plastic or wood with an aluminum guard and base. The blade has an excellent design ideal for carving notches for snares and traps, trimming branches, daily chores and also for skinning game.

Blade: The 6-inch long blade is made of 420HC stainless steel that makes it easy to sharpen the knife, and increases durability during regular and constant use. 420HC steel offers wear resistance of very high carbon alloys and deliver corrosion resistance of chromium steels. The blade has a great combination of corrosion resistant quality with amazing strength for wear resistance along with durability. The blade is designed in a way that it has a clip point that offers deeper and faster puncture, but it is slightly weaker than a drop point. The blade has a satin finish with excellent edge retention quality. One thing that you would need to invest in is a very good quality strop to sharpen the edge of the knife and prevent any drag.

Buck Model 119 Special Survival Knife Review
Buck Model 119

Handle: The handle of this knife is either made of wood or resin. Both of them fail to give a proper grip in case of wet conditions, but even then it will not lead to any unfortunate incidents due to slippage because of the way the handle is shaped. If you feel uncomfortable holding the knife for any wet work then you can use gloves. The wooden handle comes with a brass pommel and a guard while the plastic, resin material comes with silver features.

Sheath: The Buck 119BKS comes with a leather sheath that holds the knife securely. The sheath is made up of very good quality leather and it allows for safe transportation in your bag or on your belt. The sheath is helpful in protecting you or the blade’s edge. You will find plenty of custom sheath materials but it is best to opt for the pure leather one.

Clip: The knife has a crescent tip making it thinner along with a sharper point. This helps in providing great control while undergoing detailed work and cutting hard things. It is perfectly suited for proper and intentional punctures like making new holes in your belt or creating any other type of puncture. The point of the blade, in other words, the clip, is great and effective for detail work but it is not that strong like the thicker clips on drop points and skinners.

Build quality: The knife has a very good quality control with the aluminum guard and pommel fitting perfectly well on the handle. The knife feels very solid and sturdy when you hold it. The tang goes through the properly fitted handle and because of the tough steel construction, the knife has the ability to take abuse and withstand weathering. This knife is definitely meant to last for years as long as you know how to properly take care of it.

Customization: If you are not conscious of your budget, then you can spend a few more bucks in order to customize this knife with different and advanced-level blade finish, blade steel and handle material. This knife has the ability to be customized according to your preferences. But you will need to spend more money in order to get a customized version of Buck 119BKS.

Shape and ergonomics: The classic clip point shape has a very versatile design and can help you deal with different types of tasks. The handle is also quite ergonomic and the rounded edges are really comfortable to use. The slightly curved nature in the front of the handle and the butt being angled forward prevents your hand from sleeping on the blade and hurting yourself. It feels great to hold the knife with your hand and it can be comfortably used in any grip with perfect ease and effectiveness.

Size and weight: This is a very large hunting knife whose has not changed much in the last 40 years. Only the metal has been changed which led to the fluctuation in the weight, but the size and shape have remained the same. The overall design and size have stood the test of time and the knife us very functional and one of the most sought after hunting knives. This knife is relatively lightweight, making it perfectly ideal for skinning since it is very easy to maneuver and you do not need to worry about the weight or size of the knife that much.


  • The knife has an amazing edge retention ability. You can literally spend numerous seasonal hunts out and then find out that this knife still has the same edge retention. It is as sharp as a razor and it remains so for a very long time even after regular usage. After several sharp cutting and chopping, you will find that the knife requires some sharpening along its edges to maintain the performance.
  • It is very easy to sharpen the knife using a good quality strop. With a steel material, this 6 inch knife will provide you with the perfect sturdy look along with a controlled feeling. You can easily cut and puncture using quick movements with this knife and you will get the required effect from the Buck 119BKS knife. After multiple uses, it will need a little bit of sharpening which can be done very easily and will last longer. It is one of the easiest knives to sharpen whereby you would have to spend only a little time. You can just clean and sharpen the knife to prepare it for hunting and then store it in the leather strap to prevent from dulling.
  • The tip of the knife is very easy to care for and sharpen and it will not become dull over time. You just need to store the knife properly in order to preserve it then it will lead to higher durability.
  • The knife is extremely easy to use irrespective of the fact whether you are a beginner or an experienced hunter. With practice and a little bit of skill, it will be extremely easy to hold and control this lightweight hunting knife. The curve of this knife will automatically make it easier for you to use this knife efficiently. Be it puncturing or cutting either in a straight manner or in a curved way, it can be done easily using this knife from Buck.
  • The handle is very comfortable to hold and offers a very good grip.
  • The knife is lightweight, durable and has a sturdy construction.
  • The knife has a highly functional, classy and traditional design. The blade is made up of the traditional 6-inch 420HC steel that ensures sharpness and durability of the blade. The usage of traditional and pure leather sheath for easy transportation and comfort, keeping your knife and yourself safe at all times.
  • With a straight edge across the blade, you can use the knife for multiple purposes ranging from fine work to heavy work like cutting woods.
  • The knife is quite inexpensive in comparison to various other knives in the market. It offers amazing benefits at a lower price.
  • The knife is lightweight and very well balanced that makes it very quick and convenient to carry and use anywhere you want to.


  • The blade steel can lead to rust if it is not maintained properly. It requires proper maintenance otherwise it will become dull and filled with rust.
  • The wooden or resin material used in the handle is not good for use during cold weather and you cannot use it if the handle is wet. So you need to additionally invest in gloves to wear and use the handle if you need to do any wet work. The plastic handle is also prone to scratches.
  • You will need to additionally invest in a good quality strop in order to sharpen the edges of the blade as it becomes dull after repeated use.
  • This knife from Buck requires extra upkeep for maintenance and durability, which means you have to make additional investments.

The Buck 119BKS special hunting knife has been among the top sellers since its inception. Even though this knife is not that heavy like a survival knife, it works just the way you want it. It can easily handle going through the woods and logs with very little difficulty. It can be used to make feather sticks also. It is also capable of being used to whittle a skewer and harvest and cube the meat in order to place on the skewers.

The knife has been received really well by the users and it has got multiple positive reviews for being one of the most versatile knives in the market even after having certain issues like the inability to work in cold weather due to a wooden handle, etc.

The Buck 119BKS is a classic looking knife with a traditional look that is rarely seen in other knives. It is the perfect, all-around knife for any fisherman or hunter and is capable of handling any task ranging from filleting fish to breaking down game. If you are in need of a good knife for hunting and you want to use it regularly then this knife will be the perfect choice for you.


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