The 10 Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailers of 2019

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The sleeping area is crucial in travel trailers, regardless of how much of it you need. Some people are pretty happy with having a single queen bed in the RV. However, a few RVers out there need many more than 2 sleeping spots.

Bunkhouse travel trailers are excellent in terms of sleeping room. And if you happen to be looking for the best bunkhouse travel trailer, our top 10 will probably be of great interest to you.

The best bunkhouse travel trailers

Jayco 2019 Eagle HT 324BHTS Travel Trailer

Bunkhouse Travel Trailers

Up first on our list of best bunkhouse travel trailers is 2019 Eagle HT 324BHTS by Jayco, which is one of the higher-end travel trailers offered by this manufacturer.

This RV isn’t the best on our list when it comes to sleeping capacity, but, in our opinion, it is excellently balanced when it comes to comfort and price.

Let’s begin with what interests us today the most, which is sleeping space. The Eagle HT 324BHTS travel trailer has 5 sleeping spots – 2 in the rear sleeping compartment, 1 in the tri-fold sofa in the living area, as well as 2 in the queen bed in the bedroom.

This allows for quite a respectable amount of sleeping space, albeit not as much as in some other RVs on our list. On the other hand, this travel trailer is among those models that offer excellent comfort.

Thanks to its length of 38 feet 5 inches, the Eagle HT 324BHTS travel trailer boasts pretty much any amenity that one would expect from an RV. With this travel trailer, you are getting a very roomy bathroom with a shower, sink, and a toilet, an excellently equipped kitchen with a central kitchen island, a spacious entertainment & dining area, plus an outdoor kitchen.

Interestingly, Jayco has designed the rear sleeping compartment with entertainment in mind. Beneath one of the bunks are what Jayco calls game chairs, and across is a mount for an optional TV. This little corner has been definitely designed with the console gamer in mind.

In the end, richly equipped, the Jayco Eagle HT 324BHTS travel trailer seems to be designed to satisfy a wide range of RV requirements.

Jayco 2019 Jay Flight Bungalow 40BHQS Travel Trailer

Those who feel that Jayco Eagle HT 324BHTS doesn’t quite have the sleeping capacity in it may find the Jay Flight Bungalow 40BHQS a better option. Built bigger and heavier, this travel trailer is overall more aimed at comfort, including that of sleeping. Furthermore, Jayco claims that this is America’s #1 travel trailer.

And their claim is pretty believable, we must say.

The Jay Flight Bungalow HT 40BHQS travel trailer has 7 sleeping spots – 4 in the rear compartment, 1 in the hide-a-bed in the living area, and 2 in the queen bed in the bedroom. While 7 sleeping spots again aren’t the most that we are going to see today, it probably is going to be enough for the majority of people out there.

The Jay Flight Bungalow 40BHQS travel trailer is arguably less versatile than the Jayco Eagle HT 324BHTS. Namely, we thought that the gaming area in the rear of the Eagle HT RV was a really nice touch for video game lovers. No such thing is present in this travel trailer, albeit it still has an entertainment center in the living area.

What this travel trailer definitely excels at is bathroom space. The Jay Flight Bungalow travel trailer has 2 bathrooms – one of them has just a toilet with a sink, while the other is a fully-equipped bathroom with a shower, toilet, sink, and a little area for linen.

You may also like this travel trailer if you will be journeying to hot areas. Aside from a 15,000BTU central AC unit, this RV has ceiling fans in the living room and the bedroom for a little bit of additional coolness. The AC should be able to suffice in most situations, but the ceiling fans could provide an extra punch on especially hot days.

When it comes to the kitchen area, the previous Jayco trailer is better, in our opinion. It had more countertop area, as well as offered an outdoor kitchen for those who like to spend most of their time outdoors.

However, it is undeniable that the Jay Flight Bungalow 40BHQS has its own very unique specialization. And some people are going to like it more than the Eagle RV.

Starcraft Mossy Oak Lite 31BHS

Starcraft generally produces cheaper RVs. And while Starcraft travel trailers may lack the feeling of luxuriousness in them, they do offer no less comfort than pricier travel trailers like the Jayco models we’ve just examined.

From the point of view of today’s material, the Starcraft Mossy Oak Lite 31BHS is excellent – Starcraft boasts that it has sleeping spots for 8-10 people. Those who value sleeping space most of all will probably be very appreciative of what this travel trailer has to offer.

The Mossy Oak Lite 31BHS travel trailer may not be as well-equipped as Jayco RVs in terms of entertainment, but it is a no less comfortable RV. You’re going to get everything that you’d expect from a 36 feet 1 inch travel trailer, including a modern kitchen and a roomy bathroom.

We like the bathroom in this travel trailer in particular. It is, first of all, situated right beside the bedroom, so those sleeping in the bedroom won’t have to cover the entirety of the RV to get to it. In addition, the bedroom actually has two entrances – one from the bedroom and one from the living room – so you don’t even have to leave your bedroom to get to the bathroom.

It’s also quite remarkable that this travel trailer has 2 dinettes – 1 U-dinette in the living room and 1 regular dinette in the rear sleeping compartment. This perfectly complements the sleeping capacity of this travel trailer.

A thing that will be appreciated by those who spend a lot of time outdoors is the outdoor kitchen. Thanks to it, you won’t have to run in and out of the RV to prepare food.

In conclusion, while being perhaps less luxurious and functional than the two Jayco RVs, the Starcraft Mossy Oak Lite 31BHS travel trailer is a much better option when it comes to the sleeping room.

Jayco 2019 Jay Flight SLX 7

Up until now, we’ve overviewed rather long travel trailers. And while they do offer a lot of free space, not everyone has enough garage area to accommodate them.

That’s why up next on our list is the 2019 Jay Flight SLX 7 travel trailer by Jayco. Weighing 3,210 pounds when unloaded and measuring 21 feet 5 inches in length, this is one light and compact RV. Those who have limited storage space and a not too powerful towing vehicle may like this model more than the previous ones.

Plus, this travel trailer is very cheap, so it also is a better option for people on a tighter budget.

Needless to say, to get this kind of compactness and lightweight, you need to sacrifice some free room and comfort. Compared to the previous travel trailers, Jay Flight SLX 7 is less convenient and less well-equipped. However, it still has all the basics that one would want from a travel trailer.

Namely, the Jay Flight SLX 7 travel trailer has 4 sleeping spots, which is great for the size. 2 of the spots are in the bunk beds in the rear, while the other 2 are in the queen bed in the front. For family trips, this travel trailer looks pretty nice.

In terms of amenities, this travel trailer is close to the previous Jayco travel trailers. It still has a bathroom, a decent kitchen, and a dining area, but they are less convenient due to the limited amount of room. Besides, you don’t get things like an entertainment or gaming areas in this travel trailer, as you’d guess.

But when it comes to the easiness of storage and transport, the Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7 is miles ahead of the previous 3 bunkhouse travel trailers.

Winnebago Minnie Plus 31BHDS

Winnebago Minnie Plus 31BHDS is a very nicely built travel trailer. Not the largest RV on our list, this travel trailer feels bigger than most of the other bigger travel trailers we’ve overviewed.

This is due to the slide outs in the left side of the RV. When they are slid in, you don’t have as much wiggle room inside the trailer. But once you park the travel trailer and engage the slide outs, the amount of free room inside becomes quite impressive.

And while some other RVs on our list also have slide outs, their effect isn’t as noticeable as in the Minnie Plus 31BHDS travel trailer.

The amount of sleeping room in this travel trailer is great as well. The Minnie Plus 31BHDS has 5 sleeping spots – 2 in the bedroom and 3 in the rear sleeping compartment. But if you opt for the optional tri-fold sofa in the living room, you get a total of 6 sleeping spots, which is pretty nice.

The kitchen amenities in this travel trailer should also be mentioned. And it’s not about the interior kitchen, which is indeed nicely equipped. We are talking about the convenient pull-out outdoor kitchen that this travel trailer has.

And this kitchen isn’t just limited to a sink or a stove. It has everything you’d expect – a 2-burner stove, a sink, and an exterior refrigerator. This is a great bonus for those who are mostly spending their times outdoors.

The bathroom in this travel trailer is also pretty convenient. As you would expect from an RV of such a size, the bathroom is equipped with a sink, big shower, and toilet, but still has a good amount of free room left.

The Minnie Plus 31BHDS travel trailer also has 2 entertainment centers – one in the sleeping compartment in the rear and one in the living room.

All in all, this travel trailer is a great option for having fun both indoors and outdoors.

Coachmen Apex Nano 208BHS

Coachmen Apex Nano 208BHS is a more middle-sized travel trailer. Not too small, it offers ample interior room. And not too big, it is quite storage-efficient (with its length of 24 feet 11 inches) and not too heavy (3,928 pounds).

All in all, if you felt that the 21 feet 5 inches of the Jay Flight SLX 7 travel trailer weren’t quite enough, maybe this RV is what you are looking for.

In terms of sleeping space, this travel trailer is rather interesting. It has the standard 4 sleeping spots, with 2 in the bunks and 2 in the queen bed. The good thing here lies in the bunk – it’s nearly double the width of regular 34 x 70-inch bunks, so people who move around a lot in their sleep would appreciate the increased width.

The Apex Nano 208BHS travel trailer also has an outdoor camp kitchen. It is a more modest kitchen than what we’ve seen in larger travel trailers. It just has a refrigerator along with a small countertop area, so you won’t be able to cook food outdoors. On the other hand, you won’t have to hop in and out of the RV to get food.

In terms of amenities, this travel trailer is similar to the 21 feet Jayco we reviewed earlier, except that it has a little more wiggle room inside. So again, if your size requirements are somewhere in the middle, this travel trailer may be a good option.

Palomino Palomini 177ORVBH Travel Trailer

The Palomini 177ORVBH travel trailer by Palomino is a rather interesting one. This RV would be a suitable choice for people who need increased storage space and don’t care too much about comfort.

The most interesting feature in this travel trailer is its front storage deck. Sized at 9 x 7 feet and equipped with ramps, it makes transportation of big cargo rather easy. And thanks to the 3,537lbs cargo capacity, you should be able to transport anything that could fit in the storage deck, including “toys” and watercraft.

But unlike toy haulers, you would need to think about protecting your stuff from weather elements since the front deck isn’t covered from above. A simple cover should suffice though.

What about the interior of this travel trailer? Well, this RV is 31 feet long, and nearly a quarter of its length is occupied by the front storage deck. As a result, you don’t have too much interior storage to work with.

This travel trailer has no slide outs, so things are a little cramped in it. The Palomini 177ORVBH is no less equipped than the other compact travel trailers on our list, but it isn’t too roomy.

When it comes to the subject of our material – sleeping spots – this travel trailer is decent. It has 4 sleeping spots – 2 in the 27 x 74-inch bunk beds in the rear and 2 in the 56 x 80-inch queen bed in the front.

The Palomini 177ORVBH travel trailer also has a decent kitchen area, plus a compact bathroom with a toilet and tub. And in front of the kitchen area is the 30 x 70-inch dinette with sofas on the side.

So all in all, when it comes to the interior, the Palomini 177ORVBH travel trailer is similar to any other travel trailer on our list, except things are noticeably more compact in it. What makes this RV really stand out is its spacious front storage deck.

Grand Design RV Transcend 32BHS

Grand Design RV is quite renowned for their RVs that are more oriented on luxury.

The Grand Design RV Transcend 32BHS travel trailer – not a too pricey model, by the way – arguably is the most functional and comfortable travel trailer on our list. Sized at 36 feet 11 inches long, this definitely isn’t the biggest RV on the list, but it has got a lot to offer for its size.

Let’s begin with the sleeping area. With its 7 sleeping spots, this travel trailer is indeed an excellent bunkhouse – 4 of the sleeping spots are in the bunks in the rear sleeping compartment, 2 in the bedroom’s queen bed, and 1 in the tri-fold sofa in the living room.

What’s even better about the sleeping spots in this travel trailer is that all of them aren’t too far out from the bathroom. The thing is that the Transcend 32BHS travel trailer has two bathrooms – one between the bedroom and the living area and one right by the sleeping compartment and the tri-fold sofa in the rear.

So at night, regardless of where you are sleeping, going to the bathroom won’t take much effort from you. This will be especially appreciated by people who have limited mobility.

We also like that this travel trailer has an outdoor kitchen, which again helps with minimizing movement when you need to prepare or get food from the refrigerator.

So when you think about it, this travel trailer seems like a great option if there will be people with limited mobility with you. Even if this isn’t the case for you, it is a great option for larger parties.

Dutchmen Coleman Light 3015BH

Yet another bunkhouse travel trailer with 5 sleeping spots! This time, it is Coleman Light 3015BH by Dutchmen. With its 34 feet 9 inches of length and average shipping weight of 7,030 pounds (which includes common options ordered by buyers), this travel trailer is a pretty light one.

Now, how is the sleeping area distributed in this travel trailer? Well, 3 of the 5 sleeping spots are in the bunks in the rear sleeping compartment, while the other 2 are in the queen bed in the bedroom. This is quite a traditional setup for bunkhouse RVs with 5 sleeping spots, as you can see.

Being one of the smaller RVs on our list, the Coleman Light 3015BH travel trailer still has a good amount of comfort to offer. This mainly is thanks to the slide outs in the left side of the RV, which, when engaged, free a lot of room in the travel trailer.

When it comes to amenities, this travel trailer is very traditional, and there isn’t anything particularly notable in it. The Coleman Light 3015BH still has the crucial facilities like a kitchen (indoor & outdoor) and bathroom, but we’ve seen more interesting layouts in some of the previous RVs.

However, this RV has a feature that isn’t very common in low- and mid-end travel trailers. The Coleman Light 3015BH has powered tongue and stabilizer jacks, allowing for easier setup at the campground.

In the end, if you were looking for a comfortable yet light bunkhouse travel trailer, the Dutchmen Coleman Light 3015BH may be a good option for you.

Heartland Pioneer BH 250

Lastly, those who are looking for a very light bunkhouse travel trailer with 5 sleeping spots will probably find the Heartland Pioneer BH 250 travel trailer interesting.

This travel trailer definitely isn’t the smallest and the lightest on our list with its 5,175 pounds of dry weight and 29 feet 10 inches of length. However, given that this travel trailer has a sleeping room for 5 people, these figures are very respectable.

The layout of sleeping spots in this travel trailer is pretty remarkable. In the rear, Heartland has placed a double bed with a bunk above, which accounts for 3 out of the 5 sleeping spots in this RV. And the other 2, as you’d expect, are in the bedroom.

This travel trailer is not only quite short but also narrow. As a result, it has a little bit more limited amount of room in it, particularly because it has no slideouts to free up some interior space. Things are somewhat cramped in the Pioneer BH 250 travel trailer.

On the other hand, this travel trailer is still pretty well-equipped with appliances. It has all the basics that were present in larger travel trailers, but you are getting less room and comfort from them.

In conclusion, if we were to pick one killer feature in this travel trailer, we’d say that it is the amount of sleeping space it has for its size.

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