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The folks at Bushnell have always been responsible for producing some of the best optics in the world of shooting and spotting, as well as world-class golf rangefinders, birdwatching scopes, and general-purpose binoculars that take engineering principles to the next level.

If you’ve been looking for a quality ultracompact spotting scope that isn’t going to break your bank account but can be depended upon in almost any situation to provide crisp, HD, and accurate images – especially at incredibly long ranges – then you need look no further than the Bushnell Sentry 789332 spotting scope!

Bushnell 12-36x50mm Waterproof Ultra Compact...
  • Hunting scopes spotting
  • Made of the highest quality materials

Some might notice that the 50 mm objective lens that comes with the Bushnell Sentry 789332 spotting scope isn’t quite as large as most people are used to with a traditional spotting scope, but that’s the kind of trade-off you make when you get your hands on a piece of ultracompact equipment like this. And besides that, it continues to produce a high-quality image across all ranges of magnification that will have you adjusting to the 50 mm objective lens almost right out of the box.

There might be a little bit of “softness” to images at the maximum zoom capacity with this particular ultracompact spotting scope from the folks at Bushnell, but other than that it definitely isn’t anything to be worried about.

Bushnell Sentry 789332 Ultra Compact Spotting Scope Review

Measuring in at just 8.7 inches long and weighing just 21.5 ounces, this is exactly the kind of ultracompact spotting scope you’ll be able to bring with you pretty much anywhere and everywhere you like without any restriction whatsoever. It’s short I relief of just 14 mm can be a bit of an adjustment for sure, but again that’s the kind of trade-off that you make when you get your hands on an ultracompact piece of equipment – especially if you are used to taking advantage of only full-sized spotting scopes in the past.

Altogether, the Bushnell Sentry 789332 is one of the smallest ultracompact options money can buy as well as one of the lightest. It’s perfect for tossing in your go bag or keeping in your glove box, always having it on hand when you want to pack it into the field.


Here’s what you get

Right out of the box, you’re going to get the Bushnell Sentry 789332 spotting scope with 100% waterproof capabilities, a fantastic representation of the ultra-compact field when it comes to spotting scopes today.

On top of that, you’re also going to get a compact tripod that is effortless to set up and a lot more stable and secure than it looks coming out of the box. A lot of the folks that have already purchased the Bushnell Sentry 789332 spotting scope in the past mentioned that they were almost certain they would have to replace the tripod almost immediately – but most of them (if not all of them) decided to keep the compact tripod that the system came with, just because it’s that useful and that dependable.

You are also going to get a patented Bushnell car window mount accessory with purchase of the Bushnell Sentry 789332 spotting scope. This is a big piece of the puzzle (and a pretty pricey accessory if purchased all on its own and independent of a spotting scope from Bushnell), and allows you to mount your new ultracompact to an incredibly stable surface – your vehicle – without any headache, without any hassle, and without the risk of ever causing any damage to your vehicle along the way.

A soft-sided carrying case, as well as a premium hard side carrying case, are included with your Bushnell ultracompact. Both of these cases are well-designed, made out of only the finest quality construction materials, and fit the spotting scopes and the included accessories perfectly.

Finally, a scope glove is going to protect your optics and the spotting scope shall itself. It’s not quite as nice as having independent scope caps, but if you’re looking for extreme protection you may as well pop your Bushnell Sentry 789332 spotting scope right into the hard case on a regular basis.

Benefits of the Bushnell Sentry 789332

The Bushnell Sentry 789332 has ineffective magnification range of between 12x and 36x which makes it picture-perfect for ranges up to 150 yards out or so – but after that things get a little bit limited. You won’t find any chromatic aberration whatsoever, but instead a clean, clear, and sharp image produced with fantastic color and clarity that only much more expensive spotting scope options on the market today routinely feature.

You’ll have ineffective field-of-view of 65 feet at 1000 yards when stretched out to the maximum magnification, as well as a field-of-view of about 140 feet when you have it at the lowest magnification setting. It is a little bit short when compared to full-size spotting scopes, but again we’re talking about something with a 50 mm objective lens – and it’s not that bad at all.

Effortless to use, with easy to manipulate and well-knurled controls that can be adjusted with gloves or when the scope or your hands become wet. The magnification wheel is located centrally (just around the eyepiece) and the focus knob is just the right of center on the very top of the spotting scope itself.

This makes for a very intuitive to use system that you’re going to enjoy, especially since all of these effortless controls are matched to a porro prism design that utilizes BAK this is a top-quality option from the folks at Bushnell -4 prism glass.

Bushnell Sentry 789332 Ultra Compact Spotting Scope Review
Bushnell Sentry 789332 Ultra Compact Spotting Scope Review

Drawbacks of the Bushnell Sentry 789332

Overall, you won’t find very many shortcomings when looking at the Bushnell Sentry 789332 spotting scope, side from the few minor issues that we highlighted above.

The 50 mm objective lens is a bit shorter than most expect, the range of field at maximum magnification is also a bit confined, and spotting things outside of a range of about 150 yards can really start to get fuzzy.

But if you’re looking for an ultracompact spotting scope the odds are pretty good you understand there are going to be some limitations with the performance of any spotting scope outside of the parameters it was engineered for, and when you hit the “sweet spot” of performance for the Bushnell Sentry 789332 it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Bushnell 12-36x50mm Waterproof Ultra Compact...
  • Hunting scopes spotting
  • Made of the highest quality materials

Final Verdict

This is a top-notch option at an affordable price tag from the folks at Bushnell, especially as far as ultracompact spotting scopes are concerned.

Protected fully by the limited lifetime warranty that’s standard with Bushnell equipment, and utilizing high-end construction materials and components including a rubberized protection around the body of the scope as well as general waterproofing materials throughout, this is adorable, trustworthy, and reliable system you can depend on for years and years to come.

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