RVing brings excitement and joy to your life. Every day, you explore a new place, pass by beautiful scenic locations, taste fresh food, meet new people, and much more. However, with these amazing experiences, you need to consider numerous factors.

These factors may include stocking up of your supplies, managing your funds, and, most importantly, your overnight stay at a safe place to ensure your well-taken rest and good health.

When it comes to an overnight RV stay, it’s ok to be frugal sometimes. It’s completely normal if you don’t want to spend $25 to $80 for just one night when all you need is to sleep and hit the road next thing in the morning.

You must have known Cabela’s for its sturdy and top quality sporting gear for hunters, boaters, fishers, and campers. But do you know that they offer free overnight RV parking in their parking lot as well?

You can recognize Cabela’s from a distance due to their unique exterior. There are over 80 stores all over in the United States and Canada.

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s are under the same ownership as Bass Pro Shops acquired the latter in the year 2017. Thus their number of stores combined exceeds 175 outlets.

All the details you need to know about Cabela’s overnight RV parking are as follows:

Does Cabela’s Allow Overnight Parking? 

Yes, Cabela’s allows overnight parking.

You’ll find most of the Cabela’s stores that allow overnight RV parking at their parking lots. However, few don’t.

We would recommend you call the manager before you arrive at their location to check if they permit free overnight parking at their parking lot.

Most of the time, managers at Cabela’s would allow and welcome you. However, there may be few cases when you would get a straight forward ‘no’ in response to your query.

A manager has to look into numerous factors before he allows it. In addition to the manager’s reasons, sometimes there is a restriction on overnight RV parking by the local ordinances. Such a situation takes authority from the manager as well.

RV Parking Lot at Cabela’s

At Cabela’s, there are two portions in the parking lot. One part is for regular cars, while the other is designated for trucks and recreational vehicles.

Usually, the parking area specified for RVs is at the back of the store. The parking lot is well-lit and clean, away from most of the noise and hustle-bustle of the customers visiting the store.

Why Do Some Outlets Do Not Allow Overnight RV Parking?

There are a variety of reasons due to which a particular outlet doesn’t allow overnight parking at their parking lot. Some of the rights are as follows:

  • The store is present in a jurisdiction that doesn’t allow overnight parking at any store. This prohibition takes away the authority from the manager to have a say on the matter.
  • The crime rate at that specific town is comparatively high due to which manager wouldn’t allow overnight parking. The purpose is to protect your assets and the store’s reputation by avoiding any unwanted incident.

Rvers’ Odd Behaviour

Another reason is the foul behavior of some of the people who don’t respect the favor they get from the store. As a result, they get a permanent ban for themselves and others.

For instance, by

  • Damaging the store’s property
  • Staying more than one night or the time discussed with the manager
  • Making the parking lot dirty by littering or leaving the trash behind
  • Fighting with others or creating an unwanted scene.

Are there any Prerequisites? 

There are no definite prerequisites for your overnight RV parking at Cabela’s. But we would recommend you to call the manager before you arrive at the location.

Your call serves the purpose of asking if the specific outlet allows overnight or not. Moreover, you can specifically ask if there are any prerequisites for your overnight parking and stay.

A Tip

Discuss some of the following questions in advance as well:

  • Are you allowed to run your generator?
  • Can you extend your awnings?
  • Would the manager allow you to put your leveling jacks down?
  • Are there any hook-ups available?
  • Can you spread your slide outs?
  • Is the parking lot flat or on a slope?

We would recommend you to discuss the expected time of your arrival, whether you’ll be arriving during the business hours or after the store closes for the day.

It is always wise to arrive during the working hours, so you can meet the manager in person, introduce yourself, and enquire about anything you want to know.

Behave Responsibly to Show Your Gratitude

We know the store poses no restrictions on you during your overnight parking and staying at their parking lot. Nonetheless, remember their favor and behave accordingly.

Here is a list of some rules you can follow and be a responsible guest:

  • Be polite and avoid any kind of argument or quarrel.
  • Be courteous, even if the manager has denied your request to stay overnight. They must have their reasons.
  • Avoid littering or leaving any trash behind to keep the place clean.
  • Don’t make unnecessary noise.
  • Turn on the generator only if the manager permits you to do it.
  • Avoid extending your awnings or slide outs.
  • If accompanied by pets, don’t forget to clean up after them.
  • You shouldn’t lower your leveling jack without permission.
  • Remember, you’re there for overnight parking solely; refrain from taking out your grills to barbeque.
  • Avoid lounging on your hammocks or chairs
  • Most importantly, stay there for one night or the time allowed by the manager and be on your way the next morning.

Is there any Security or Other Concerns?

The area specified for RV parking is usually at the back of Cabela’s. It is well-lit and doesn’t pose any immediate danger. Overall the parking lot at Cabela’s is safe.

However, it’s always wise to be extra cautious and take all the precautionary measures to ensure your safety. You don’t know anything about the site or the neighborhood, as it is new to you.

On the backside of the store, it’s usually quiet since you’re away from all the hustle-bustle of customers and employees during the working hours.

We’d recommend you to get done with all the errands and get inside the safety of your RV before the pack-up time. Lock the doors and storage compartments before sleeping to ensure protection.

Are You Alone in the Parking Lot?

It depends on different situations.

Sometimes you’re all alone in the parking lot with no other vehicle parked for the night.

However, other times you can see trucks or other recreational vehicles parked beside you or at some distance in the parking lot, indicating the presence of other folks staying there for the night.

Usually, there is Cabela’s security available. We would recommend you to meet the guards in person and introduce yourself. You may request them to keep an eye on your RV for added measure, as well.

Cabela’s are usually present along the highway. Be prepared to hear some road noise as well.

What to Do In Case of any Unexpected Activity?

In case you experience any unexpected activity, stay put. Never leave your RV or try to take matters in your hands. Call the police if need be.

Remember, you are most likely safest in your RV. If you don’t feel comfortable or anything doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to drive away. You can always find other places to park and stay overnight.

Never compromise on your safety.

Research and Inquire About the Place Before You Arrive

We would recommend you to ask the manager if the area is safe for overnight parking and stay. The manager, being a local, can advise you better or guide you about another option if the store falls in a place with a high crime rate.

You can call the local police to inquire about the specific outlet. They can give you a better insight into the safety conditions of that site.

Does It Cost Money?

Overnight parking at Cabela’s is completely free. They don’t charge a penny for your stay at their parking lot.

Since the permission is strictly to park, refrain from lounging or extending your awnings and slide outs. You should act as if you’re another customer who has come to buy some of their sturdy sporting gear and would be leaving afterward.

Are there any Hook-Ups Available at Cabela’s Parking Lot?

Overnight RV parking at Cabela’s stands out from the rest of stores offering free overnight RV parking, as you’re not entirely without hook-ups here.

Dump Station

Some of Cabela’s offers the facility of Sani Star dump station. You can dump your RV’s gray water or black water upon the payment of five dollars, through your credit card or debit card.

However, if you purchase Cabela’s, you can ask for dump station code at checkout. This way, you can dump your gray water or black water for free.

The instructions at the dump station are clear and easy to understand. The purpose of guidelines is to avoid any mess, by guiding you to dump your gray or black water tank in the proper.

Water Hook-Up

Cabela’s offers a water connection at their site. However, there are no freshwater city hook-ups. You can use the water station. Therefore, water is not potable.

They have signs stating the water is not for drinking or domestic use.

You need to arrange for freshwater yourself.

Electricity Hook Up

Cabela’s doesn’t offer any power hook up. You should come prepared in their parking lot. Charge your gadgets beforehand.

If you get permission from the manager, you can run your generator unless you have solar power to manage your needs in your RV.

What’s in it for Cabela’s if the Parking is Free?

The parking is undoubtedly free; however, the management discreetly wants your business. Since they offer top quality camping gear and many other outdoor sporting stuff along with clothing items, you may be one of their highest potential customers.

They are offering you free overnight stay with hook up facilities as well; why not give them some business, when you need some of that stuff.

You may purchase to show your appreciation and get the dump station code as well.

How to Find the Closest Cabela’s That Allows Overnight RV Parking?

Imagine changing your course to find Cabela’s for your overnight RV parking, only to find the store you have arrived at doesn’t offer overnight parking at all. The time, money, and fuel wasted would only add to the frustration.

However, you can avoid such a situation by knowing beforehand which of the outlets coming your way allow overnight parking and which don’t.

Some ways to find out, Cabela’s that allow overnight parking are as follows:

Visit the Official Website

You can visit Cabela’s official website and check the location of the closest outlet. On the website, you would find the places with two colors, blue and green.

Blue denotes Cabela’s while green indicates Bass Pro Shops. Both stores are under the same ownership. Remember, management at Cabela’s is more welcoming to RVers as compared to Bass Pro Shops. The latter may allow you to stay overnight sometimes, but mostly they deny such favors.

Call the Manager

Although Cabela’s are mostly welcoming towards RVers, sometimes they may deny overnight RV parking at their parking lot.

To avoid such a situation, we would highly recommend you to call the manager and ask if you can park your RV at their parking lot for the night. You shouldn’t leave anything to chance.

Another critical aspect to consider is the simple fact that not all employees are aware of the company’s policies at that specific location. Please ask for the manager specifically to avoid any ambiguity and discuss the needful.

Overnight RV Parking

OvernightRVparking is a top-rated App with factual information. Their database includes information of over 14000 locations all over the United States and Canada.

You get to know about the exact status of the specific store you’re looking for. The App or the website gives information such as overnight RV parking allowed, not allowed, seasonally allowed, even the rules (if any) for overnight parking, and much more.

The annual membership charges are 29.99 dollars.


Another reliable way to check if the specific store you’re looking for allows overnight RV parking is the website called Allstays. The data is updated regularly.

It is also available in the form of an App so that you can install it on your phone or other gadgets for your convenience.

What Are the Alternatives to Cabela’s Overnight Parking like Wal-Mart? 

There are numerous other alternatives if you can’t find Cabela’s on your route or if the parking lot is full due to which you have to drive away and look for another option.

Some of these alternatives are:


Costco is a membership warehouse available at various locations throughout the USA and Canada. Most of the stores allow overnight RV parking at their site. However, some don’t.

We would recommend you call the manager and discuss if you can stay overnight.

There are no hook-ups available at Costco.


Wal-Mart is a store available almost everywhere in the USA and Canada. They offer overnight RV parking mostly at the parking lots of Wal-Mart SuperCenters.

Some outlets do not allow overnight parking due to changes in policies, a prohibition from local ordinances, or numerous other reasons. Call the manager before arrival to avoid any inconvenience.

There are no hook-ups available at Wal-Mart parking lot.

Cracker Barrel

400;”>Cracker Barrel has over 650 outlets all over the United States and Canada. They offer well-lit parking spaces with a demarcated area for RVs. However, calling the manager to check if you can stay overnight is a must.

Cracker Barrel does not offer any hook-ups for your RV.

Flying J Truck Shop

The Flying J Shop has parking spaces designated for RVs and large trucks. The spot is strictly available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

In some sites, the Flying J has some free spots (maybe six or eight) for RVs. You can use the rest of the places for a fee of $15 per night.

Are any Of the Alternatives Better Options?

Sometimes you don’t just want to stay and sleep at a dull parking lot with no facilities available. How about staying at beautiful locations with hook-ups available?

You can find a variety of such amazing places; however, such luxury comes at a price. Don’t worry; it’s worth the money.

BoonDockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome is a club formed by RV owners in the United States. Many well-off people have listed their properties to help fellow RVers by providing them a place to crash for the night.

The club is expanding with over 1000 locations all over North America. The neighborhood is generally safe, and you may get to meet new people there.

The owner may provide you electric and water hook up facilities for free.

Harvest Host

With this website and App’s subscription, you get access to over 650 locations all over the USA. The annual subscription costs 79 dollars per annum.

These locations include access to numerous wineries, farms, orchids, breweries, and many other serene spots with tranquil sights.

Your access can go up to 1000 locations if you buy an additional annual subscription of 20 dollars. Thus in 99 dollars per year, you get access to over 300 golf courses around the United States for overnight RV parking, as well.

Final Thoughts

It’s a great initiative by Cabela’s to support and assist the RVers in the United States and Canada.

Free parking space with a dump station facility and water (not potable) connection is a huge favor for the RV owners.

Be a responsible guest and respect the courteous favor by Cabela’s, don’t damage their property. If possible, purchase something to show your appreciation.

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