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Cabin cruisers give you all of the amenities that you need to spend a day, or even multiple days, out on the water comfortably. After being out in the hot sun all day, you can retreat to your cabin to get some shade and relief from the elements. Maybe it’s that time of night when it’s starting to get a little bit chilly; you can go warm up inside the cozy confines of your cabin. It’s also nice to have a cruiser with a cabin in case it starts to rain or gets too windy so that you can escape the harsh elements and have protection somewhere indoors.

Having a cabin on your cruiser completely changes the whole boating experience and makes your boat feel more like a home away from home than just a boat. It allows you to make overnight trips and stay right there in the cabin of the boat, giving you the freedom to travel to all kinds of different places that you may not be able to travel to if you didn’t have a cabin cruiser. It also gives you the freedom to entertain and have guests stay overnight too depending on the size of the cabin and amount of beds that it has inside.

Most cabins offer everything you would need to stay in them overnight, including a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping quarters, electricity, hot water, and in many cases air conditioning and heating. It’s sort of like an RV or a camper, only it’s for the water instead of for the road. You can sleep in it, cook food in it, use the restroom or shower in it, and just hang out and relax in it.

Some cabins are larger than others, so it is important to determine how many people you’ll be having aboard your cabin cruiser when deciding what size cabin cruiser to get. If you have a large family or like to entertain a larger group of guests, then it is probably best to go with a larger sized boat that is equipped to fit a big group comfortably so that your guests all have somewhere to sit and are not cramped.

However, if you only plan to use the cruiser for you and your partner, friend, or small family, then a larger cruiser may not be necessary for you. Luckily, cabin cruisers come in all different sizes and layouts, so there’s something that’s suited for everyone’s needs.

Taking a look at what features and amenities a cabin cruiser have to offer is another thing that can help narrow down which cruiser is best for you and your needs. Some cabin kitchens have both stoves and ovens, while some do not.

There are some boats that come equipped with outdoor grills and entertainment areas as well, while some other boats do not. Think about how much use you would really get out of the different features and amenities when you make the decision of which cabin cruiser is best suited for you. If you know that you like to hang out outside the majority of the time, going with a boat that has an outdoor grill and entertainment area may be a good choice for you and your needs. If you know that you like to spend a lot of time inside the cabin, finding a boat with a larger cabin that has more amenities in it may be a better choice.

There are, of course, some cruisers that have both of these things if you find yourself not being able to choose one over the other. Since I know that different people have different needs, I’ve compiled a diverse list of cruisers that each have different features and amenities so that you can more easily choose which one is best for you. I’ve also given the pros and cons of each cabin cruiser to make it easier for you to compare them to each other.

The 10 Best Cabin Cruisers

Scout 380 LXF Cabin Cruiser

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Scout is known for their attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship, and their 380 LXF cabin cruiser is no exception. The 380 LXF cabin cruiser by Scout is both innovative and luxurious. It has features that many other cabin cruisers don’t have, including its electronically-actuated hidden entertainment station and its electronically-actuated articulating rocket launchers.

With the press of a button, you can reveal the hidden entertainment station, which is complete with a grill, cutting board, sink, tackle drawer, and extra storage space. All of these things are stored away compactly too so that they stay out of your way and you can hide them away again once you’re finished using them. It’s perfect for entertaining because you don’t have to go inside of the cabin to cook; instead, you can use the grill and stay outside while you cook with the rest of your friends and family.

The articulating rocket launchers can be either raised or lowered with only the touch of a button. This feature makes loading, unloading, and accessing rods much easier. These launchers also work in conjunction with the SureShade awning that this cruiser is equipped with, so when the SureShade awning is in engaged, the rocket launchers will be engaged automatically as well.

The cabin includes a comfortable seating area with a tv and table for you to relax, eat, drink, and hang out with friends in. This seating area also doubles as a bed. The middle part of it has the ability to retract into the boat, making it a U shaped couch or stay up, making it a large bed to sleep in. It has a kitchen equipped with all of the things you could need including a stove, fridge, microwave, and sink, as well as some cabinet space for storage.

There is ample seating on the deck of this boat, so you can have plenty of guests aboard comfortably. It also has a high-tech digital helm on-board system that you can control with the touch of a screen. Between this boat’s advanced technology, unique features, and luxurious seating, it is truly a cut above the rest.


  • Electronically-actuated hidden entertainment center complete with grill, cutting board, sink, tackle drawer, and extra storage
  • Electronically-actuated rocket launchers to make loading, unloading, and accessing rods much easier
  • SureShade awning to provide extra shade on hot, sunny days
  • Digital helm on-board system allows you to control your Garmin screen with the touch of your finger
  • Epoxy-infused hull and Carbon Fiber/E-Glass for added structural strength and stability


  • The cabin is rather small and only has one bed, meaning it can only sleep two or three people
  • The tv inside the cabin is at the head of the bed, so you can’t watch tv while you’re laying down in the bed
  • It is only available in white

Cutwater C-30 Sedan Cabin Cruiser

Guide to Cabin Cruisers Plus 10 of the Best 1

The Cutwater C-30 Sedan cabin cruiser is a fully-equipped, customizable boat that is sure to fit all of your needs. Choose from three colors (White, Midnight Blue, or Caribbean Sand), select your trim package, and decide which add-ons you’d like to make this cruiser the perfect one for you and your needs.

This boat is spacious and perfect for entertaining guests or having family outings on. It has a convertible seating arrangement in its cockpit that can seat up to four adults but can also be tucked away to seat only two and have extra space. Its cabin bulkhead also has an opening in its panel that allows you to reverse the dinette seat if you want to in order to accommodate more guests. In addition to all of this seating, there is also a double seat built into the transom and a pair of cushioned observation seats that are stored underneath the flush hatches.

What really sets this cabin cruiser apart from the rest is the spacious, luxurious cabin that it has. Inside the cabin, is a dinette that is able to seat four people as well as convert into a bed large enough to sleep two to three people. Its kitchen has a large fridge, double sink, stove, oven, and microwave, along with plenty of room for storage, giving you enough room to cook for family or guests comfortably. This boat also includes a forward stateroom that contains an extra double bed and even more storage.


  • Very spacious with an ample amount of seating for entertaining larger groups comfortably
  • Large kitchen that has an oven in addition to the standard stove most cabins have
  • It comes in a variety of colors and trim packages
  • Stepped Keel hull design means that the engine is placed lower, giving you extra headroom
  • 435-hp Volvo diesel inboard for optimal cruising performance and the ability to take the boat on long trips
  • Ten-foot beam provides plenty of room and comfort both above and below deck


  • Some features, like air conditioning, for example, are only available as add-ons for an extra cost

Glastron GS 259 Cabin Cruiser

Guide to Cabin Cruisers Plus 10 of the Best 2

The Glastrong GS 259 cabin cruiser is a great boat for entertaining guests or just spending a day on the water with family. The adjustable cockpit gives it a lot of versatility, allowing you to convert the seats into a large sun lounge for you to lay out and relax on. Not to mention that there’s a full-service refreshment center there too complete with a grill, meaning you don’t have to go inside the cabin to grab a cold drink or cook up a burger.

When you do eventually retreat to the cabin though, you will find a large couch that doubles as a queen-sized bed, another bed, and a breakfast center complete with a fridge, microwave, and sink. It can comfortably sleep up to five people, and although the kitchen is not as large as some other cruisers’ kitchens are, this one still equips you with some essentials to cook for you and your family.

This cruiser also uses a SSV, or Super Stable Vee, hull design to ensure that every ride you take on it is smooth and stable. It has the ability to make tight turns with minimal rocking or choppiness, and it is also very quick to plane. This type of hull design makes the boat easier to handle and steer than some other cruisers that don’t have this type of hull.


  • Ability to convert cockpit seats into a sunbed gives the boat added versatility
  • The cockpit is equipped with a full refreshment center complete with a fridge and grill, making it perfect for entertaining guests
  • Two beds inside of the cabin mean that this boat can sleep up to five people
  • SSV hull design allows for a smoother, more stable cruising performance, even when making sharp turns
  • Multiple exteriors, as well as seat colors to choose from
  • The cockpit has enough room to comfortably seat up to nine people, making it the perfect cruiser for entertaining a large group of guests
  • Stainless steel throughout for added durability


  • The kitchen is rather small and does not have a stove or oven, so you have to go outside to the cockpit in order to grill anything
  • The cabin is fairly small and cramped, so although you can host up to nine people above deck, you cannot fit that many comfortably below deck

Jeanneau VELASCO 43F Cabin Cruiser

Guide to Cabin Cruisers Plus 10 of the Best 3

If you are looking for a cruiser that is top of the line as far as luxury, spaciousness, and comfortability go, then the VELASCO 43F cabin cruiser by Jeanneau could be a great fit for you. This is a huge boat complete with two cabins and two heads. That’s a total of four different levels!

The cabins inside of this boat are extremely spacious and equipped with all of the essentials you need in order to make this cruiser your family’s home away from home. The modern-looking kitchen contains a stove, oven, double sink, fridge, and microwave, giving you the ability to cook a variety of meals for you, your family, and guests. It also has ample storage and a comfy U-shaped dinette with a retractable table in the center of it. Not to mention that the bathroom looks like something straight out of a 5-star hotel, complete with a glass shower and polished hardwood cabinets. There are also enough beds to sleep up to six people comfortably.

This cruiser’s massive, modern cabin is what really sets it apart from other cruisers, but it also has some other great features like the shaft drive and double thrusters, which give this boat optimal cruising capabilities. These features make for a much smoother ride that will make you feel as though you’re gliding over the water.


  • Three beds that are able to sleep up to six people comfortably
  • Spacious, modernly designed cabin with luxurious features like polished hardwood cabinets, glass shower doors, and comfortable seating
  • A total of four levels, two cabins, and two heads, making it perfect for entertaining large groups
  • Shaft drive and double thrusters for a smooth cruising experience
  • Integrated radar arch for a polished, defined look
  • Ample seating in the cockpit for plenty of guests to sit comfortably


  • Only available in white
  • No outdoor grill

Rinker 370 EX Cabin Cruiser

Guide to Cabin Cruisers Plus 10 of the Best 4

The VELASCO 43F by Jeanneau was extremely nice and spacious, but not everyone needs a cruiser that large. If you’re looking for a smaller cruiser that still has space and capability to entertain some guests, or if you’re looking for one to just entertain you and your partner or small family, then the 370 EX cabin cruiser by Rinker could be a great option for you.

The cockpit of this boat isn’t huge, but there is definitely enough room to seat five or six people comfortably. The refreshment station complete with sink, fridge, freezer, an electrical outlet for a blender, and space for a cutting board is perfect for entertaining guests too. The seats are arranged so that everyone can face each other as well, making it perfect for socializing and hanging out above deck.

The cabin of this cruiser is cozy and equipped with all the essentials you need to make it feel like home. It has a communal living room space complete with two comfy couches, each with a table in front of them for dining, a TV, and a kitchen. The kitchen has everything you could need from a microwave to a stove to a fridge to a sink. This living room area is perfect for entertaining guests or for relaxing with family. This cabin also has a separate bedroom with one large bed that can sleep one to three people. If you do have other guests that are staying the night, they could easily sleep on either of the couches though, adding enough space for two more people to sleep. This cabin also has 6’11” of headroom to make it feel even more spacious and less cramped.


  • Conveniently placed refreshment station in the cockpit complete with fridge, freezer, sink, electrical outlet, and counter space
  • Enough seating in the cockpit to seat five or six people
  • Cozy cabin with a full kitchen, two couches, and one large bed
  • Dual Side Shore Power connections to make it easier to visit other marinas
  • Joystick controls and auto glide trim tabs make controlling and maneuvering this boat much easier
  • The bedroom is separate from the living room for added privacy


  • Not as large as some other cruisers
  • Only one bed, making it not ideal for hosting overnight guests
  • The kitchen does not have an oven
  • Only available in white

Sea Ray Sundancer 350 Cabin Cruiser

Guide to Cabin Cruisers Plus 10 of the Best 5

Another great option if you’re looking for something a bit smaller is the Sundancer 350 cabin cruiser by Sea Ray. This is the perfect cabin cruiser for a small family or couple, as it has enough seating in the cockpit for four or possibly five people to sit comfortably, as well as one large bed and two small cots in the cabin to sleep up to four people. This is the perfect size for families with one or two children as the kids can sleep in the cots and the parents can sleep in the larger bed.

The deck has a grill and sink right on the backside of the cockpit so that you can cook without having to inside the cabin. However, the cabin does still have a kitchen equipped with a stove, microwave, sink, and fridge so that you can cook inside too. It also has two couches and a tv so that you can hang out inside the cabin after a long day out in the sun.

The cabin is an open floorplan style, but the steps create a bit of a barrier between where the living room and large bed are and where the two small cots are. The bed is out in the open though, so it does not allow for as much privacy as a cabin with a separate bedroom or a privacy barrier.


  • Grill and sink outside near the cockpit so you can cook and entertain on the deck
  • Cozy, compact design perfect for small families or couples
  • The kitchen comes equipped with all of the essentials, including a stove, fridge, microwave, sink, and storage space
  • There are two small cots in addition to the bed for extra sleeping space, allowing this cabin to sleep up to six people comfortably


  • There is no separate bedroom or privacy barrier, so the bed is out in the open, meaning that there is not much privacy
  • The boat and cabin are both on the smaller side
  • The kitchen does not have an oven
  • Only available in white

Aspen 32 C100 Escape Power Cat Cabin Cruiser

Guide to Cabin Cruisers Plus 10 of the Best 6

The 32 C100 Escape Power Cat cabin cruiser by Aspen is unique from other cabin cruisers because of its asymmetrical hulls. One of the hulls is 35% wider than the other, which may seem strange, but because of the type of engine this cruiser has, the asymmetry of the hulls actually helps the boat run in a straight line when you take your hands off of the wheel. The compensation for engine torque that the asymmetrical hulls create gives you a smooth, even cruising experience, allowing you to cruise at a high speed of just under thirty miles per hour. While this may not be the fastest moving boat out there, it goes at a pretty decent speed when taking into account how large it is.

The unique design of the hulls isn’t the only thing that makes this cabin cruiser great though. This boat has a spacious cockpit that is perfect for entertaining a group of guests, hanging out with your family, or fishing. This cockpit has not one, but two refrigerators as well as a sink, so you can stay hydrated while you’re out in the sun all day, mix up a drink for your guests, and even store your catch of the day all right there in the cockpit.

The inside of this boat is just as spacious and full of awesome amenities as the outside of it is. The cabin of this boat sleeps up to six people with its kind bed, which is located in the private bedroom area, dinette that converts into a queen bed, and space for a single bed in the smaller hull section. This means that you can host guests overnight or have room for the whole family to sleep comfortably. The kitchen inside the cabin has all of the essentials that you need to cook a variety of meals too, including a stove, oven, sink, fridge, and microwave.


  • Asymmetrical hulls compensate for engine torque, creating a smooth, straight cruising experience when you take your hands off of the wheel
  • The cockpit is very large, making it ideal for entertaining large groups of people or fishing
  • The cockpit has two refrigerators, so you can store a variety of drinks, snacks, and fish you may catch if you’re fishing
  • The cabin has enough beds to sleep up to six people
  • The kitchen inside the cabin is fully equipped with all of the essentials, including an oven
  • Premium sound deadening creates low sound and vibration levels


  • The highest speed that this boat is able to cruise at is just under thirty miles per hour which isn’t very fast
  • Only available in white

Sea Ray 370 Venture

Guide to Cabin Cruisers Plus 10 of the Best 7

The Sea Ray 370 Venture Is a small but powerful boat. Don’t let the small size deceive you; this boat has a large cabin with lots of space and a queen size bed as well as a full-size settee. This cabin can sleep up to five people, and it also has a large equipment and storage room where you can access the air conditioner, water heater, and generator. The kitchen does not have a stove or an oven, but it does have a microwave, sink, and fridge, so you still have some freedom to cook different things.

There is also another fridge above deck in the spacious cockpit, along with enough seating for six people to sit comfortably and a retractable table that you can put up when you want to use it and tuck away when you don’t to create more space. The Sea Ray 370 Venture was built with both comfort and convenience in mind, which is why they’ve created such a compact design that still allows for enough room for you and some guests or family to hang out comfortably without feeling too crowded.

One of the standout features of this boat though is its outboard power. This boat comes equipped with pair of Mercury’s 300 hp Verados outboards that are conveniently stored underneath the aft sun pads. Storing them here not only keeps them out of your way, giving your more space on the cockpit, it also allows for easy access to them in case you need to perform any maintenance on them, as well as protects them from the water. This will prolong the life of the outboards and allow for a better performance. These outboards also allow the boat to cruise through shallow water more safely and easily.


  • The cabin has enough bed space to sleep up to five people
  • The compact design allows for a large storage and equipment room inside the cabin
  • The cockpit is spacious enough to sit six people comfortably and has a fridge to make entertaining easier
  • Mercury’s 300 hp Verados outboards allow for optimal cruising performance and efficiency, even when cruising through shallow water
  • Dynamic Running Surface system creates low sound and vibration levels, as well as automatic leveling planes for a smoother, more even cruise


  • The kitchen is very small and does not include a stove or an oven, limiting what things you can cook on the boat
  • The overall size of the boat is fairly small, so it is not ideal for entertaining large groups of people
  • Only available in white

Hunt 44 Express Cabin Cruiser

Guide to Cabin Cruisers Plus 10 of the Best 8

If the Sea Ray 370 Venture sounded like it may be too small for you and your needs, then the Hunt 44 Express cabin cruiser may be more of what you’re looking for. This boat is very roomy and uses a flush deck to create an open atmosphere perfect for entertaining large groups of guests. Both the above deck portion of the boat and the cabin are extremely spacious, and it even has two bedrooms below deck. This makes the cabin perfect for two couples to sleep in and both still have privacy. It also has a convertible settee, meaning that this cabin can sleep up to six people comfortably.

The cabin also has a kitchen that is fully equipped with a two burner stove, fridge, sink, microwave, and even a dishwasher. The storage is conveniently built into the walls of the kitchen as well, meaning that it takes up less room and gives you more space to cook. Between the amenities of the kitchen, the ample cabin space, and the ability to not only sleep six people but to give everyone privacy when they sleep makes this cabin perfect for hosting overnight guests. This boat even has a washing machine on board!

This boat is just as luxurious and fully equipped above deck as it is below. The cockpit of this boat is very spacious with plenty of seating to entertain a large group of guests. It also a fridge, an electric grill, and an ice maker meaning that you don’t have to go down into the cabin to mix up a drink or cook up a burger. Instead, you can stay above deck with your guests and continue socializing with them.


  • The cabin has enough beds to sleep up to six people, as well as two separate bedrooms for added privacy
  • The kitchen is fully equipped with all the essentials, including a stove, fridge, sink, microwave, dishwasher, and storage
  • There is a washing machine on board
  • The cockpit is spacious and has a fridge, grill, and ice maker, making it perfect for entertaining large groups of people
  • Deep V-hull allows boat to cruise through choppier water smoothly
  • Joystick handling with computerized dynamic positioning for easier control and maneuvering of the boat


  • The kitchen of this boat does not have an oven
  • The boat is very large and takes up a lot of space, making it not ideal for smaller docks
  • Only available in white

Sabre 38 Salon Express Cabin Cruiser

Guide to Cabin Cruisers Plus 10 of the Best 9
Sabre 38 in Portland Maine

The Sabre 38 Salon Express cabin cruiser has a sensible and nautical design to it that you will want to show off to all of your friends and family. It combines classic, traditional craftsmanship with new, state of the art technology, creating a unique boat that is perfect for both entertaining guests or just relaxing with the family. The cockpit seats four to five people comfortably and is complete with a polished cherry wood table that you can slide out of the way when not in use to give you more room.

Inside the salon, you’ll find a U-shaped seating arrangement along with another cherry wood table, and just three steps down from that, you’ll find yourself inside the cabin. This is where the kitchen and the one master bedroom are located. The kitchen is equipped with a stove, fridge, microwave, sink, and ample storage, giving you the ability to cook a wide variety of meals. Since it is a few steps down from the salon, it is separate from the common area but still close enough and open enough that you can talk and interact with guests in the salon while cooking in the kitchen. The bedroom contains one queen-sized bed that can sleep up to two adults, or two adults and one child. It also has a door that you can shut if you’d like for added privacy.

This boat is equipped with smaller engines, which allow it to reach higher speeds by using less horsepower, adding to the efficiency and performance of the boat. The IPS pod drives and joystick control also make maneuvering and controlling this boat much smoother and easier, even in shallower water or close quarters. This is a great boat for a couple or small family due to how sensible its design is and how easy it is to operate and maneuver.


  • The layout of the boat keeps each area separate from each other, while still remaining open enough to interact with people in different areas of the boat
  • The kitchen is fully equipped with all of the essentials, including a stove, fridge, microwave, sink, and storage
  • The bedroom has a closable door for added privacy
  • Smaller engines are more efficient and allow for the boat to go faster with less horsepower
  • IPS pod drives and joystick control allow for easier maneuvering, even in smaller spaces
  • Classic nautical design throughout the boat


  • Although there is ample seating throughout the boat, each area only allows for about four people to sit together
  • There is only enough sleeping space for two adults, or two adults and one child, to sleep comfortably
  • The kitchen has no oven
  • Only available in white


As you can see, there are many components and factors to consider when shopping for a cabin cruiser that is right for you. Perhaps the most important thing to take into account before looking into what other features the boat has to offer is the size of the boat. You want to be sure that the cruiser you get is big enough to entertain however many people you plan to entertain on it. You also want to be sure that its cabin has enough sleeping space to sleep as many people as you plan to have stay overnight on it.

If you only plan to use the boat for yourself and your partner or immediate family, a smaller, more sensible boat could be perfect for you. It would feel a lot more intimate than a larger boat and give you just the right amount of space for you and a few others. However, if you plan to do a lot of entertaining on your cabin cruiser, a larger boat with amenities such as a grill and fridge in the cockpit and ample sleeping space in the cabin may be a much better choice for you and your needs.

Taking a look at the boat’s engine and speed capabilities can help you narrow down your choices too. Just keep in mind that if you want a boat that has the ability to cruise a bit faster, you may have to compromise for one that is a little bit smaller. Typically, large cruisers can’t cruise as fast as smaller, more compact ones because they are carrying much more weight.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what different features and amenities to look for when shopping for a cabin cruiser. I hope that this guide has been helpful and that you can finish reading this article equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to choose a cabin cruiser that is right for you.