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You love being out on the open road. You love your motorbike. You love being able to set up camp wherever you decide to stop. But you also like to be comfortable and get a great night’s sleep. What you need is a pop-up camper that your motorbike can tow. 

What’s that? A pop-up camper? That’s right, when folded away neatly for transport it looks like a standard motorcycle trailer. When opened out it will sleep two in varying degrees of space. It depends on the model you choose. As easy to erect as any pop-up tent. In a few minutes, you can have your home for the night ready for occupation. Complete with a mattress. No sleeping on the cold wet ground. 

But wait a minute…

Can Your Motorcycle Tow a Camper Trailer?

There is an easy formula to work this out:

(Manufacturer’s Fully Loaded Operating Weight) – (Motorbike weight + Rider Weight + Passenger Weight) = Safe Weight to Tow

The pop-up motorcycle campers weigh between 250 and 400 pounds. You will need a decent-sized motorbike, not a tiny scooter. But the average road bike will cope just fine with a trailer.

Remember: the weight of the rider and passenger should include all the gear they will be wearing.

How Do You Choose the Best Motorbike Trailer?

The basic points are:

  • Cost
  • Weight.
  • Bed size.
  • Additional storage space.
  • Trailer size.
  • Time to set up.
  • Optional extras.


You can expect to pay between $3,000 and $6,000 for a new model. 

Second-hand camper trailers may be available but they are likely to be out of warranty. If exploring the second-hand market you really need to check that the trailer is undamaged. The axels need to be in good working order. The mechanism that allows the tent to “pop-up” should still be working smoothly. Inspect the canvas for damage as well. You don’t want to find yourself awoken by a sudden shower inside the tent.

New camper trailers are competitively priced and there is a model to suit every budget.

The most popular models ranked by price are:

  • Kompact Kamp Mini Mate – $3,195
  • Time Out Camper – $3,995
  • Roadman Campers Queen Size Camper – $4,900
  • Lees-ure Lite Excel – $5,095
  • Aspen Lightweight Sentry – $5,395
  • Roll-A-Home Wide Bed – $5,449


Camper trailers weigh between 200 and 400 pounds. It is vital for the trailer to be well within the safe towing weight for your motorcycle. Because you are going to want to be able to pack food, clothing and other essentials. Plus, the heavier the weight being towed, the bigger the impact on the bike performance. There’s no safe weaving in and out of traffic with a fully loaded camper trailer.

The most popular models ranked by weight are:

  • Kompact Kamp Mini Mate – 265 pounds
  • Roadman Camper: Queen-sized Camper – 275 pounds
  • Lees-ure Lite Excel – 295 pounds
  • Aspen Lightweight Sentry – 325 pounds
  • Time Out Camper – 345 pounds
  • Roll-A-Home Wide Bed – 385 pounds.

You can see the cost of the trailer is not an exact match for the weight of the trailer. The Queen-sized Camper in the Roadman range is light. They know that their customers want the joy of motorcycle road trips. They want a maneuverable lightweight camper trailer with minimum impact on the bike’s performance.

Size of Bed

We all know that a great night’s sleep really improves your day. The size and quality of the bed really matter. Especially if it is accommodating two adults. 

The Kompact Mini Mate and the Lees-ure Lite Excel both provide a double bed. The Roll-A-Home Wide Bed does – as you would expect – have a king-sized bed. The rest provide a queen-size bed as their standard.

Some models, for an extra charge, will allow you to upgrade the bed.  The quality of the mattress also varies from model to model. 

Extra Storage Space

The amount of extra storage space and how you access it makes a difference to the quality of the trip. You spot a great view. You decide to stop for lunch. Do you really want to be unpacking the whole trailer for a quick pitstop? 

When looking for your trailer check out how easy it is to access the storage space while traveling. The Aspen Lightweight Sentry allows easy access to the storage space without unpacking the trailer. The cover also has a zipped pocket with 2.5 cubic feet of storage. It all depends on how you like to manage your road trip.

The amount of extra storage space for extra baggage does vary. The Kompact Kamp Mini Mate provides 15 cubic feet. The Lees-ure Lite Excel gives double that at 30 cubic feet. When comparing models consider how important all that extra stuff is to your enjoyment of your time away.

Trailer Size

This is an important consideration. A smaller lighter trailer is easier to maneuver when towing and setting up. A larger trailer provides a larger base and living area.  But it impacts more on the motorcycle’s performance – stopping for example. A smaller trailer can with some optional extras provide a larger space but not off ground. It’s a trade-off.  

A bike’s handlebars are generally 38” wide. The Roadman Camper is built to this width. This model of trailer tracks behind the motorcycle far smoother than a very wide one.  The width, length and weight will all determine how easy it is to tow the camper trailer over long distances.

Time to Set Up

Most models feature a pop-up mechanism. The time to get it set up and ready for use can vary from a few seconds to a few minutes. According to the manufacturers.

The Roadman Camper makes a special point of the fact that their trailers do not have a pop-up mechanism. Instead, they have sturdy poles and high-end canvas – rot-proof and waterproof. This saves both space and weight inside the trailer. It gives the benefit of additional storage space and there is no mechanism to break. But it does mean that this will take about 7-10 minutes to set up. It’s worth having a trial run at home before arriving in the pouring rain … in the dark. 

Optional Extras

Different models provide a different range and type of extras. All for an added cost. It’s worth looking carefully at what comes with the standard package. Too many extras might mean you would be better with a different model if the budget is tight.

A good range of extras allows you to customize your trailer so it really suits you and your needs. Sometimes it’s simply the pleasure of having your trailer’s wheels match your beloved motorcycle. Or you might really need a kayak rack. Or somewhere to hang your AC unit. Most of the models provide a good range of options. 

Best Motorcycle Camper Trailers

1. Kompact Kamp Mini Mate

Kompact Kamp Mini Mate

A budget-friendly basic motorcycle camper trailer priced at $3,195. This has been produced and used for over 30 years. Lightweight at 265 pounds. It comes with the smallest bed as it only provides a double bed. But that bed does come with cushions and the interior is carpeted. Also included in the cost: a luggage rack, LED lights and two stabilizer jacks. 

Additional storage space of 15 cubic feet and at the peak you get 6’ 4’’ headroom.

The manufacturer confidently states that you can have it ready for use in 2 minutes.  The trailer and lid are made from fiberglass. 

An additional awning will cost $200 or you can add an extra room and an awning for $700. There are some other optional extras like a swivel coupler and alloy wheels.  Even with the added extras, it is still the least expensive camper trailer.

You can read more about it here.

2. Time Out Camper

Time Out Camper

This model weighs in at 345 pounds. After the tent has been neatly folded inside the trainer you get an extra 16 cubic foot of storage space. A queen-sized air mattress, as well as a table and chair,  are included as part of the package.

This will take about 3 minutes to erect. 

It has a steel frame with aluminum side panels. It has a fully elevated living space which leaves the mud on the ground and is carpeted throughout. It comes with a luggage rack and stabilizer jacks as standard. 

The basic model costs $3,995 but you can upgrade to a deluxe model for additional features. More storage space and standing space. A bigger bed.

You can read more about it here.

3. Roadman Campers – Queen-sized Camper

Roadman Campers – Queen-sized Camper

This is a pretty lightweight camper trailer at 275 pounds. The trailer body is 38” wide. It’s no accident that this is also the width of most handlebars. It makes this a really great towing experience. This is priced towards the top of the range at $4,900. The manufacturers are aiming to provide a high-quality lightweight motorcycle camper trailer.

The set-up time for this is a little longer between 7 to 10 minutes. This is not a pop-up design. The reason for this is to save space inside and outside of the trailer. It also keeps the weight down. This can store an additional 225 pounds of extra baggage. Keep in mind your bike’s towing capacity when loading it up. 

The tent is well constructed and very robust. It comes with four good-sized windows. A queen-sized mattress sleeps two adults comfortably. Lots of additional accessories available.

You can read more about it here.

4. Lees-ure Lite Excel

Lees-ure Lite Excel

This is still fairly lightweight at 295 pounds. A lot of extra storage space – 30 cubic feet. It comes with a double bed. This is a genuine pop-up design. The manufacturer claims that it takes seconds, not minutes to erect.

The manufacturer offers a build your own trailer option so you can customize your camper trailer just how you want it. Add extra rooms or tweak the look. Or you can buy an off the shelf model.

At $5,095 this is one of the more expensive models which is why additional storage space is included.

You can read more about it here.

5. Aspen Lightweight Sentry

Aspen Lightweight Sentry

This is one of the heavier models at 325 pounds. It includes a foam mattress, not an air mattress. It is a queen-sized bed supplied with cleanable covers. When packed and ready to go the trailer is 6’ long and 5’ wide. 

It is constructed from a single-piece reinforced fiberglass body. The storage compartment is accessible when you are traveling and when the tent is erected. A handy feature if you are making a stop for lunch or do some shopping on your way out. Additional storage of 22 cubic feet.

This trailer comes with a travel cover as standard. The cover includes a zippered pocket with 2.5 cubic feet of storage.

Many accessories are available such as a kayak rack. Expect to pay $5, 395 for the basic model.

You can read more about it here.

6. Roll-A-Home Wide Bed

Roll-A-Home Wide Bed

This is the heaviest trailer at 385 pounds and the most expensive at $5,449. It does feature the biggest bed – a king-size. The strong fiberglass body has double the options of Henry Ford. You can get it in white as well as black.

The tent benefits from five screened windows. You can add an extra room made from screening or fiberglass if you need extra space. This is a wide trailer at 73” and long at 80”. At this size and weight, you need to be careful when towing and you would want a bike with a decent amount of power. It is roomy though so it all depends on how much your home comforts on the road matter to you.

You can read more about it here.

7. Motorcycle Tear Drop Campers

Motorcycle Tear Drop Campers

This hasn’t been mentioned above because it isn’t a motorcycle camper trailer. It is more of a mini caravan. It is hard-sided and it only sleeps, one person. It is really heavy so only suitable for the very largest motorcycles.

If you are a solo traveler with a huge motorcycle, and you like to go into bear country … then this could be the perfect solution for you. There’s no set-up because it is basically a little caravan. 


If you love going on long road trips on your bike, then a motorcycle camper trailer can really enhance the experience. Suitable for all budgets and tastes. Freeing you to explore wherever your wheels can take you. Giving you comfortable and consistent accommodation wherever you find yourself staying. The comforts of home in a compact package. As a mobile holiday home, these are easy to clean and maintain. An excellent investment in quality leisure time.