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If you landed on this page, then it implies that you’re an adventurer lurking for a truck that may sustain you and perhaps your friends once on a cross-country quest. Well, you have come to the right place. We have gone out of our way, tried out different camper trucks, and compiled for you nine of the best camper trucks. These are the prodigies in the game.

Travelling is fun; you visit new places, learn new languages and culture as well as try out different local cuisines. All these can be enjoyed from the inside of your camper truck. That is why you need to settle for nothing short of the best. 

Below is a review of the most effective cross-country camper trucks that have evidenced to be ‘bad-to-the-core.’ These are nine excellent camper trucks that should be in your garage currently. Inclusive is also a buying guide on the factors that you need to consider prior to making your camper truck purchase. Read on!

Factors to Consider When Buying a Camper Truck

Cost of the Truck

One of the most important things to consider before deciding on what camper to settle on is your budget. The price range of the camper has to be within your budget. You don’t want to go for something too expensive that will force you to take out loans, no that isn’t the wisest decision. Also, apart from the upfront cost of the camper, there is also the maintenance cost that not many people put into consideration. With this said, you will realize that getting the right budget for your camper truck isn’t as simple as you thought.

The ongoing costs related to your camper are inclusive of the maintenance costs, storage costs, servicing costs as well as purchasing other accessories. You need to have considered and included all these costs in your budget before making a purchase.


Second, on our list is the storage. Deciding on where you will store your camper is as essential as buying the camper itself. A garage will work perfectly for storing your camper. The only thing that you need to do is to ensure that the measurements are correct beforehand to prevent any inconveniences. 

Some camper trucks are too huge to fit in garages. Leaving them outside isn’t an option. These trucks need to be protected against harsh elements. Otherwise, you will spend lots of cash repairing the truck, not to mention that this shortens its life span.

When it comes to storing your campers, you have three different options; indoors, outdoors, and covered. The type and size of your camper truck will determine what storage type to settle for. Indoor storage is the best of the three, but also the most expensive one. Covered storage allows your truck to be outside but covered. This, however, isn’t effective for severe weather conditions like hails.

Size of the Truck 

Another important consideration is the size of your truck. When it comes to the size, two essential considerations are there to factor in; the weight capacity and the length of the truck bed. The length of the truck bed will determine whether the truck will fit in a long bed or short bed. The weight limit, on the other hand, is usually indicated on the driver’s door.


Maintaining your camper truck is essential. It is your home. Just like you would take care of your home, the same way you need to take care of your truck. One thing to note is that, in order to make the maintenance amount less, you will need to do a lot of work; and there’s no short cut with this. 

For your camper truck to remain in good condition, regular cleaning is required. This is to prevent it from tarnishing and rusting. This also prevents some items form being brittle. Campers that stay for long periods without being cleaned are hubs to infestations. Things that need routine maintenance are inclusive of slide outs, awnings, and corner jacks. Doing so helps them be operational. So, whenever you are buying a camper truck, have this factor in mind.

Quality of the Interior

Everyone loves beautiful interiors. There is no better feeling than when you invite your friend to your place, and they’re amazed by your interior. Likewise, settle for nothing short of this when it comes to camper trucks. The space provided with campers is limited, obviously, but this shouldn’t be an excuse to tamper with the quality. On the contrary, this is reason enough to focus on quality rather than quantity.

The floors of the camper should be fantastic, a state of the art that accommodates everything of all sizes, from water tanks to solar power. The interior should be a work of art that impresses and is appealing to the eye. Also, appliances fitted inside should be of high quality and those which incorporate luxury. The sofas, washrooms, and dinettes should be luxurious.

The quality of a camper truck is determined by its engine power, then secondly, the interior design. This is where you will be living, and you want it to be satisfying. Ensure there are adequate power sockets to facilitate the charging of your electrical appliances. Also, the bed needs to be big enough to provide you with a heavy and lofty good night’s sleep. 

9 Excellent Camper Trucks Reviewed

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Camper trucks provide travelers the liberty to move out on the open road while at the same time providing them with an edifice to crush for the night. It’s like your home has developed wheels and gives you the liberty to visit anywhere that you want to, at the same time providing a snug place to dine, work, and a bed to sleep upon. 

There are many forms of campers; clamshell, wood-framed, atomic number 13 framed, pop-up, in addition to campers with sides. Choose to settle for what fits you and revels in your journey. Remember, there is no wrong choice. It all depends on your preferences and needs. Our list contains the giants in the game. One common thing with the above-mentioned trucks is that they have been made strong and durable, to last you long, and tackle any challenges that come along their way, literally.