Truck Camper


A Truck Camper is best described as a portable camper that has been specifically designed to load onto to the chassis or bed of a pickup truck.

The beauty of the slide-out design means that they are easy to load or unload, which means you can use your truck for other activities besides camping.

Truck Camper

  • Size: Between 8 and 20 ft
  • Price: Between $5,000 and $60,000
  • Accommodates: Sleeps up to 6 adults


If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive way to get away camping and you own a truck, then a truck camper is a great choice that’s well worth considering.

Their size, lack of complexity (few moving parts) and lightweight nature make them the obvious choice for traveling on rougher roads or where wind shear could be an issue.

If you’re keen on your outdoor sports and need to get into and out of remote parts of the world, a truck camper might be the only practical option available to you. You can even detach the truck camper once you’ve reached your destination allowing you to use your truck for other matters.

Despite the relatively small footprint, many truck campers have all the essential amenities, including toilets, kitchens, sleeping areas, and entertainment systems. If you need even more space, then you may wish to opt for a model with a slideout which can substantially increase the liveable space.

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