can you snowboard with glasses on

Winter is just around the corner and there is nothing enjoyable and exciting than snowboarding. This winter sport offers a sense of liberation and exhilaration than no other sport. That’s why slopes become millions of people’s favorite destinations. However, you may want to make sure that your health is at check. In this article, we will be giving special focus on glass wearers while snowboarding.

It is essential for people o understand and realize that eye protection is one of the things that should be taken care of when doing outside activities whether it is the hot season or the cold season.

While there exists so much cutting edge snowboarding gear associated with your snowboarding activities, those who wear glasses find it hard sometimes to include their eyesight demands in their fun sporty activities.

Before we jump right into this article? Let’s have a look at the different challenges that people with glasses face while playing these kinds of sporty activities.

Can You Snowboard with Glasses on? Are Contacts Better?

You absolutely can snowboard with glasses on simply by using a pair of over the glasses goggles (OTG).  They are both comfortable and provide all the protection provided by standard goggles.  If you’re comfortable using contact lenses, then that provides many more options when it comes to choosing a pair of goggles, so can be a better option if you’re a contact lens user.


It goes without a doubt that a wrong setup can make your whole fun and exciting day at the slope, snowboarding, uncomfortable and disappointing one. Those who wear glasses and still want to enjoy riding their snowboard in the winter season are always in a constant struggle on keeping up with the eyesight. Two main challenges these people face are fog and goggles. 

Let’s have a brief analysis of both these 2 situations.

The fog challenge: at some point during your day, your body’s warmth or your breath can fog up your glasses or your goggles especially when both our mouth and nose are covered up for extra warmth and protection. 

The fog will impair your visibility and make it harder for you to see and keep up with your ride safely. Not only, but a drastic change in the temperature can also make your glasses or goggles to fog up as well. This can make it quite unpleasant for you to clear it up now and then, just to make sure that you have good visibility to avoid any potential harm. After all, clarity and visibility are two important aspects to carry on in anything you do.

The second challenge we have mentioned is the goggle. Now for those who are not familiar with snowboarding, the goggles are a set of protective glasses in an adjustable or flexible frame. Usually, normal sighted people can purchase standard snowboarding or skiing goggles without any further considerations.

The problem is if it does not fit you, it can create some pain at the level of the nose bridge. And if you happen to be someone who wears glasses, inappropriate goggles can push your glasses up toward your forehead which can be very uncomfortable and inconvenient. 

Not only that, tight goggles can bend your frame and damage them sometimes. Moreover, some goggles can be too loose and end up slipping down your face, requiring time out to constantly adjust them.

All these challenges make you just want to get rid of the goggles and stick to your normal glasses to avoid the hassle. However, that’s not possible nor healthy as normal glasses won’t shield you from Ultra Violet rays. 

The UVR is known to be stronger and intense at a greater altitude. Its reflectiveness on the snow can even lead to serious problems like snow blindness. The main point, here, is that you need UV protection for such kind of activities. Your normal glasses won’t do the job.

That’s why we have compiled together 3 main popular options that people with glasses tend to think of when they are planning to do snowboarding. These options can help you enjoy your day hassle-free.

Best Options for Snowboarders or Skiers Who Wear Glasses

In this section, we will be discussing the 4 main solutions one can look for to avoid facing those previously mentioned challenges. While these 4 main option solutions differ in terms of price, flexibility, needs, and preferences, choosing the right one for you is crucial to make sure you have the proper and clear sight when snowboarding. 

It is also important to get the advice of your doctor on any decision you have taken. Checking with your doctor can make you feel at ease especially with your eyes conditions. 

The three main solutions we will be discussing today are:

  • Contact lenses
  • OTG goggles
  • Prescribed lens inserted
  • Prescription goggles
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These 4 realistic options will help you make a memorable day at the slope. Makes sure to check them out!

Ski Goggles That Fit Over Glasses (OTG)

The OTG, also known as “Over the Goggles”, is a popular ski/snowboarding oversized goggles that are particularly made to be worn over the glasses. They are quite spaced enough in the interior to fit your glasses without having to squash your face or bend your frames. 

However, they will not certainly stay secured on your face all the time. Sometimes you can experience bent frames or random scratches on your lenses or more. Yet, you should know the OTG goggles are designed to fit with different types of glasses. Nevertheless, the smaller your glasses frames were the more adaptability and convenient you are going to possess with different goggles trademarks.

The best thing about the OTG goggles is the fact that they have a small section out of the frame that provides you with resting comfortably your glasses without the need to press it and clutch it into your face.

If you are planning to purchase OTG goggles, it is better to keep in mind some of several factors and key features in order to determine the best and proper fit for you.

Here are some of the key features to look for in snowboarding Goggles:

  • UV protection 

This is one of the important factors that you should take into consideration. Almost not all, snowboarding goggles provide UV400 as a measure which prevents all dangerous ultraviolet radiation.

  • Polarised lenses 
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Polarized lenses may not be very important at first glance but they are very useful and worth it. They are another kind of filtration that can help reduce and diminish the bright light when the sun reflects on the snow surface.

However, you should keep in mind, that if you are planning to wear polarized lenses on dark days, this can create safety hazards as it will extra dim your vision and make it difficult to examine the slope.

  • Photochromic lenses 

Photochromic lenses are smart lenses that help blocks certain amounts of light and change the tint depending on the light reflected. In another way, the Photochromic lenses can get darker in shining brightness and lighter in dark areas. This is a very cool attribute to have but again, not necessary.

  • Mirrored lenses 

Mirrored lenses help block out up to 15% of lights than the standard one. Usually, they are used in high and dense light weather; otherwise, they won’t be of great use. All in all, understanding the visible light transmission is useful for you to understand the percentage of light blocked. Snowboarding goggles are rated on a scale from 0% VLT (Clear) to 90% (Light prevention).

The greater the percentage, the darker the goggles become. If your goggle becomes darker, you don’t need to worry about reflective light circumstances. The same thing goes for a lower percentage. It will be a better vision in low-light conditions.

 Best OTG Goggles

  • Giro Index OTG Goggles. Created perfectly to fit over your glasses. They are cost-effective yet they do not compromise quality.
  • Smith Optics Goggles. Designed to be incorporated with normal glasses. Depending on your budget you can choose the one that fits and meet with your needs.
  • Lastly Julbo Titan Goggles. While they are on the expensive side, the Julbo Goggles provide unique lens colors and prospects. Designed with high-quality material making them comfortable to wear all day hassle-free.

Prescription lens inserts

The second option is to Wear Prescription inserts goggles.

You might ask what are prescription inserts? they are wider frames that stick to the front of the snowboarding goggles, offering you a larger scope of view and visual acuity. The best thing about these inserts if the fact that they are placed, bit father from your face. 

Therefore there are less likely to be easily fogged up compared to Over the Glasses goggles. Not only that but they are lightweight and easy to take care of.  The Prescription lens inserts are usually customized you can purchase them from any snowboarding sports shop and then have them prescribed from your optical store. 

Why Prescription lens inserts are a good option?

  • In terms of Anti-fog, the prescribed lens can do way better than the OGT goggles. They are better at preventing fog accumulation. This is mainly since the prescription lens inserts rest upon the guard of the goggle for easy ventilation and not near your face where the heat can emanate from it. Furthermore, they are made with an anti-fog coating which makes it even better.
  • Comfort-wise; it is obvious that wearing prescription lens inserts is more convenient and comfortable than wearing your prescribed glasses under our goggles. The last thing you want to be disturbed with is adjusting your glasses when you make an activity that requires a lot of movements.
  • Affordable: prescription lens inserts are less expensive than the other options. Not only that but they are safe and durable.

This is a great and affordable option for those who want to get themselves something better for their eyewear. The design of these lenses differs from one brand to another and from one product to another. However, whenever you change your goggles, you have to change your inserts as well. Nevertheless, you can look for universal lens inserts that are suitable for every kind of goggles.

Prescription Goggles

Our third option is the most expensive and hard to find one; Prescription goggles. However, they do exist. This can be a utilitarian alternative for those who need greater vision support. The prescription goggles will make you have an excellent optical view while enjoying snowboarding.

The thing about prescription goggles is the issue of vision whenever you take them off. That’s why they are normally not recommended. Once you take them off, you will no longer be able to see clearly.

This option is most suitable for professional snowboarders who are looking for a better alternative while they are on the game. With that being said, here are some of the factors that need to be considered when you plan to purchase prescription goggles:

  • Manufacturer: It’s recommended that you do some research on the available manufacturer who designs these kinds of goggles. Then, make sure to pick the best out of them. 
  •  Lens Type: There are two types of Prescription goggle lenses: cylindrical which are flat and have a larger surface and spherical which are curved to diminish the fog.
  • The Tint
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Contact lens

The last option is the contact lens. Any snowboarder should invest in good contact lenses that provide a clean pair and can maintain your eyes moisture and accurate vision. Moreover, most of the contacts have UV protection to avoid any potential harm to your eyes. 

The reason why many people tend to choose contact lenses over prescription goggles is that they are way cheaper even when you want to change them. In the long run, this can be a good alternative and affordable one.

You will notice the amount of comfort the lenses offer to their users instead of using OGT goggles or your glasses.


Now, Thanks to the availability of some solutions, you will never ditch a fun day at the slope just because of the pair of specs. Whether you want to get rid of your glasses or not, you can choose between prescription lens inserts, prescription goggles, OTG goggles, and contact lens, these 4 options will make your life much easier and most importantly much joyful. 

As long as your alternative solution will keep the fog away, choose the right one for you. Regarding our verdict, our pick is the OTG Goggles. If they are properly and well packed, you won’t bother with any kind of potential challenges. They are affordable, convenient and comfortable.  

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