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Carson Optical was established by Richard Cameron in his mother’s basement from which he started importing and exporting a wide variety of products from the USA and Japan. As the business expanded, the company moved from the basement to a warehouse in New York, where the company started offering its own range of manufactured binoculars and other optical products such as microscopes and magnifiers. As we know today, Carson has grown into a well-known brand and gives robust competition to other well known and flourishing brands in the field of optics. Cameron realized in his early business days that he needed to concentrate on the user experience and provide improved products which could satisfy all the needs of the potential and current customers. Major media publications and articles have also played a major role in the company’s overall growth and expansion.  Read on for our Carson VP Series Binoculars Review.

Carson VP Series Binoculars Review – Innovative Design

For over 28 years Carson has been satisfying the needs of its customers and now has a full time dedicated team of professionals whose sole purpose is to keep its customers happy and content. Over the past several years, this team has been innovating brand new technologies for their products and accessories to satisfy the needs of its expanding client base.

The company possesses advanced CNC & 3D rapid prototyping machines which allow their R&D team to examine and improve their concepts before final implementation and production. Moreover, within this small period of time, Carson has secured over a hundred patents throughout the optic field which helped them develop their brand name in the broad market. The company has been able to compete successfully with earlier existing brands through these new and better innovations.

Quality Production Values

Carson has always been known for its quality-built products. It has been among the top competitors in the US market in the field of optical products. The sole agenda of the company since its launch has been the production of high-end quality products which could gain the trust and confidence of its users. These users have motivated them further to create more and more products with innovative technologies. Carson has also been successful in attaining praise from several renowned magazines and tech experts around the world for their quality products.

The Carson Binoculars Range

Carson Optical currently offers a huge range of binoculars which can fit any requirement and usage, including wildlife tours, bird watching, traveling, etc. All the binoculars have been grouped into series according to their coating, optics and the build quality. Currently, the highest quality range provided by the company is its Carson VP Series Binoculars.

Carson VP Series Binoculars Review

Carson VP Series Binoculars Review

Carson VP Series

The VP Series comes with roof prisms and offers 5 variants under the series ranging from the largest 12×50 variant to the most compact, the 10×25 variant. The complete series features the BAK-4 prism and completely multi-coated optics. These binoculars come with phase correction coating on the prism glass which is waterproof. The 5 Variants available in this series:

  • (VP-832) 8×32 Binoculars Carson VP Series
  • (VP-842) 8×42 Binoculars Carson VP Series
  • (VP-042) 10×42 Binoculars Carson VP Series
  • (VP-250) 12×50 Binoculars Carson VP Series
  • (VP-025) 10×25 Binoculars Carson VP Series

User Review:

I have been searching for the perfect pair of binoculars now for about a little over 3 months and my search finally ended when I came across this series of Carson VP binoculars which fulfilled almost all my requirements and most probably are among the best pairs of binoculars that I have ever come across. Moreover, it comes with a really impressive kit that offers you almost all the accessories required for improved handling and use of this spectacular pair of binoculars. If you are looking for the perfect pair of binoculars, whether you are a professional or an amateur, the Carson VP series might be the one for you.

The quality that they offer at such a price cannot be compared to any other brand with which I am familiar. The extremely lightweight and easy to handle body make it even more effective and alluring. The range that CARSON offers from the compact to the full sized binoculars fulfills any kind of requirement that you desire for your purpose. One of the major advantages of using the Carson VP series is that they can be used very easily by the people that wear eyeglasses.

The ultimate deciding factor for this quality-built set of binoculars is its all black, sleek and classic looking body and the lifetime warranty provided by Carson that covers usage damage of any kind. They are not only happy to repair your product but they would provide you with a brand new pair of binoculars if required to do so.

Every set of binoculars comes with a lens cleaning cloth and a nice case which would hold all your essentials and a neck strap. The lens quality is very good and provides you with an extremely high-quality resolution for far away objects. However, this brand name is not as popular as other bigger brands, but I assure you that they are not going to disappoint you and you would surely be much happier choosing them over an overpriced known brand.

If you are a traveling, bird watching, on a wildlife safari or simply an adventure enthusiast, the VP series offered by Carson would be the best choice as it provides high definition resolution in all conditions with the best quality.

Basically, there are 5 different models available which can fulfill your different needs and requirements. They are available in the variants mentioned below:

  • 10 x 25 mm
  • 10 x 42 mm
  • 12 x 50 mm
  • 8 x 32 mm
  • 8 x 42 mm

It is one of the handiest and most precise binoculars available on the market in this price range. It comes loaded with a number of features which are very hard to find in any of the other binoculars. Some of the unique features that CARSON offers are as follows.

Unique Features:

  • Waterproof Body: CARSON comes with a Nitrogen body and sealed O-ring which makes this pair of binoculars completely waterproof and fog proof which increases its efficiency in almost any kind of weather.
  • Phase-Corrected Prism: It not only enhances the resolution but gives you the upper hand for color contrast and sharpness.
  • Eye Relief: It features down twisted eyecups with eye relief (extra-long) which makes these binoculars as effective and efficient for eyeglass wearers as everyone else.
  • Tripod Friendly: Although the VP series does not come with a tripod, it can easily be attached to a tripod within a few seconds and works perfectly with them. This can be a boon for bird watchers and other professionals who require a lot of time and patience for their work.

The VP series comes with the exclusive Binoculars Safe, which is highly effective with a neck strap, soft carry pouch, lens cover and a lens cloth which not only improves the longevity of the binoculars but also ensures its effective and efficient working.

No Fault, No Hassle Warranty:

Carson has a reputation for producing only high-quality products and they possess full confidence in their offerings. They not only back up their product by providing a warranty for the defects due to improper manufacture, they will get your set of binoculars repaired or replaced if it is damaged in the course of using the product, regardless of the cause of damage.

Carson provides great value for money. They are available in compact sizes as well as full-size styles to cater to all kinds of requirements. These stylish binoculars come packed with BAK-4 prism and multi-coated lenses for more rectified sharper viewing. Moreover, they provide a safely kit along with the binoculars for smooth and effective handling. The binoculars come with the brand name of Carson which is enough to engender confidence in the quality of the product. It even comes with a warranty that covers any kind of manufacturing defects or usage damages. No other brand can provide such a quality product at such a reasonable price with such a broad warranty. If you are looking around for a set of binoculars that will suit your needs, this might be your perfect choice.

Customer Reviews

I had a wildlife walk a few days back and the experience provided by this pair of binoculars cannot be compared with the experiences I have had numerous times before. This pair of binoculars has completely changed my perspective while going on an adventurous wildlife tour. Moreover, I love the way they can be handled so easily in whatever place and condition you find yourself. You won’t ever feel like you are carrying a wholly separate object in your hand. The stability provided by the product is just amazing which helps in concentrating anywhere and get a clearer image. The best part is that I do not have to worry about the binoculars getting damaged as they come covered with a lifetime guarantee that builds up a confidence in the user when operating them under critical conditions. Moreover, I have fallen in love with the sky at night. I have spent hours upon hours watching the moon and the stars with this great set of binoculars.

The size of the product, the weight, and the design are just about perfect. You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars more to buy an expensive pair of binoculars as Carson VP provides you with all you require in this reasonable price range. I have been using this pair now for over one month and believe me, no other brand has satisfied me this much, although in the past I have used several more expensive and well-known brands. Another good quality of this pair is its effective handling. You need not worry about the binoculars in your hand; you can just concentrate on the beautiful view in front of your eyes. It moves easily within your hands and you would not be bothered about its handling. You need not second guess yourself over and over again if you are searching for a good quality pair at a reasonable price. This is probably the best option for you. Even I was a bit confused before buying a lesser known brand, but now that I have used it for over a month, it has satisfied me in every way. I would recommend it to all the other buyers around me. To conclude the overall evaluation of the binoculars, here are all its advantages and the disadvantages that came to the fore during its use.


  • A compact, lightweight and ergonomically friendly design which makes its handling easier and more efficient, especially while on a safari or other shaky rides.
  • Easily portable case which provides adequate protection for your binoculars.
  • Very good value for the money.
  • Waterproof and fog proof: Effective use in different kinds of weather will build confidence while using the product.
  • Lens cap compatible heads, which can enhance image quality when the sun is at a right angle with the lens; moreover, it protects the lens from dust and rain.
  • A pretty wide range of views provided by all the variants.
  • More advanced and efficient focus adjustment mechanism.


  • Most of the reviews for the Carson series have been positive. However, for the smaller field glass variants, some of the users have reported unclear views and improper focus mechanism operation, which can be extremely critical.


The Carson VP series provides us with a pretty wide range of binoculars which can fulfill a number of different types of requirements. This might be the ultimate product which will provide you the value for your hard-earned money. If we pay attention to the online user reviews too, the VP series comes out on the positive side for the majority of them. You can try out these binoculars yourself before moving to a final purchase to clarify any doubts. We can assure you that you are not going to regret buying this product.

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