Cheap Travel Trailers For Sale

Planning for an epic getaway or an adventurous family road trip? Yes! But you don’t want to get soaking wet under the tent, do you? 

If you have any these, or other, concerns in mind, we’ve got a bunch of ideas. These cheap travel trailers are more practical to live sustainably and for off-road adventures. 

Nowadays, RVers are more inclined towards buying smaller and towable trailers. These small travel trailers have more advantages as compared to large coaches. 

  • They are cost-effective
  • You can park them easily
  • They give you an area for storing all your precious belongings 

Let’s dig deep into the exciting world of RVs, where you can learn about the unique aspects of different travel trailers, and it will help you in selecting the trailers according to your budget. 

10 Great Cheap Travel Trailers For Sale in 2020

The ten best easily-towable, family-friendly, and lightweight travel trailers that are also light on your pocket are as under:

2017 Palomino Real-Lite

If you are a family of two or three, then the USA manufactured 12R hard-side A-frame is perfect for you. Do you know what makes this trailer fit for fun camping adventures?

This trailer available in used condition provides a variety of luxurious features that includes WiFi, AM, and FM with Bluetooth, USB, MP3 player, appliances that are an exact replication of stainless steel, slate wood interior, and Aux. Ports. 

When you step inside this trailer, on your right, you will find a booth dinette where you can sit and enjoy your delicious meals. On the roadside wall, there is something worth-experiencing. You will discover two burners for cooking mouth-watering meals and a sink to clean all the mess. 

Also, on the opposite of the roadside wall, you will see a micro cabinet that has a microwave, TV, and a countertop. At the rear-end of the trailer, there is a flip-up bed to relax and have a good night’s sleep.

Moreover, every unit has a water filter, a water heater with DSI (can heat to six gallons of water), a shower outside, and a water pump.

The exterior of the trailer provides you with exterior storage for all your outdoor supplies, a gas grill along with a worktable to cook tasty hamburgers, and outside speakers to enjoy the night.


  • Exterior storage
  • Flip-up bed
  • Electric brakes
  • Gas grill
  • Has a 1-year warranty


  • Replica stainless steel appliances
  • Have room for only two or three people 

2008 Keystone Springdale

This used 2008 Keystone (USA) model is popular because of its design, storage, and the ability to tow easily. It is an entry-level travel trailer that is ideal for weekend camping. 

Are you in need of a large trailer that can accommodate more people? This travel trailer has a sleeping capacity of six people. 

It has a booth dinette near the large window with bench seats, which several people loved. Furthermore, on the left-hand side, there is a corner for placing television.

There is a sofa bed slideout at the rear of the trailer; hence this makes it easy for you to accommodate more people. The flooring of the kitchen and living area is made from vinyl.

The location of the bathroom and kitchen is central. The kitchen has double sinks, three burner ranges, a wardrobe, and a refrigerator. 

Moreover, at the front of the trailer lies a queen-size bed. The master bedroom has a separate entrance and closets above the nightstands. The floor of the master bedroom is all covered in carpet. 


  • Accommodates more people
  • Has a one-year warranty
  • Two access doors
  • Sturdy construction 


  • The sofa bed slideout may cause a problem

Jayco Hummingbird 10RK

Jayco Hummingbird travel trailer is manufactured in the USA, and it is available in new condition. This travel trailer is the smallest and ultra-lightweight as compared to other trailers in the Jayco company. 

This baby-bird model fits into the less budget. It is the most sought-after trailer because of its attractive style, flexibility, functionality, high-quality construction, and comfort.

The 10RK is specifically for those campers who like to sleep peacefully and travel fast and light. Moreover, the design of this model is in tear-drop shape. Thus, it separates the sleeping area from the kitchen.

The teddy bear mattress occupies the interior, and overhead cabinets provide convenient storage. Also, the overhead cabinet is a suitable location for placing sound systems. 

The interior’s front wall has built-in USB portals to keep phones charged at all times. Moreover, it has LED lights, tinted windows, and an air-conditioner.

Furthermore, opening up the rear door reveals a petite but well-designed outdoor kitchen. It has a microwave, refrigerator, sink, and a LED TV.

Also, the trailer’s rooftop has solar panels. The exterior storage has very spacious compartments to store camping equipment and other bulky items. 


  • Easily towable
  • LED TV
  • Exterior speakers
  • Top-quality woodwork
  • Full-size bed
  • Exterior storage space
  • Exterior and interior LED lighting
  • Flip-up shelf


  • Wood finish may not attract those who opt for modern design 
  • No bathroom
  • Can accommodate two people

Winnebago Minnie Drop 190BH 

Winnebago Minnie Drop, available in new condition, is a tiny USA manufactured travel trailer. It is slightly heavy; however, it can be an ideal companion. You can tow it easily behind mid-size pickups and SUVs. 

This roomy trailer can fit all the essential amenities. It has a fiberglass roof and aluminum floor with plywood decking. Furthermore, the flooring type of Minnie Drop is vinyl. The rear of the trailer has wide bunk beds.

The u-shaped dinette in the front is perfect for a family of four or six people to enjoy delicious meals. Also, the u-shaped dinette can convert into a bed. 

The location of the walk-in bathroom is in the center, and it is shower equipped. LED lights are present to illuminate and make 190BH trailer bright. 

Moreover, it has a furnace that warms up the chilly atmosphere. For entertainment purposes, it has Bluetooth stereo-system and a LED TV. Also, the placement of USB ports is convenient throughout the trailer to charge all types of devices quickly.

The central kitchen has two burner ranges, a compact refrigerator, a convection microwave, and a small pantry. You can also cook outside as this model has an exterior pull-out stovetop with two ranges.

You can store your belongings underneath the bunk beds and dinette. You can easily access your precious belongings from outside as well. 


  • Aerodynamic
  • Towing is easy by mid-size vehicles
  • Full bath
  • Double size bunk beds
  • Interior and exterior speakers
  • Exterior pull-out stovetop
  • U-shaped dinette
  • Pantry 


  • Compact trailer
  • Orange and green colors may not please neutral color lovers  

Forest River Flagstaff E-PRO E14FK

Flagstaff E-pro E14FK is for those who want to leave the smallest footprint possible. You can tow it easily with any vehicle or small SUV. 

E14FK is a used lightweight travel trailer for those who are in search of a lightweight camper. This USA manufactured trailer weighs less than 3000 pounds. 

Even though this trailer is quite small, it utilizes space to the maximum. It includes several features that make E-pro E14FK a great buy. 

The features are vacuum laminated walls and roof, tinted frameless windows, six-sided aluminum construction, radial tires filled with nitro, aluminum wheels, two solar panels, a tire pressure monitoring system, a WiFi ranger, and 20,000 BTUs furnace. Also, it includes a manual awning and exterior speakers.  

Moreover, the kitchen and the living area have vinyl flooring. True nature-lovers are always in search of a comfortable space to sleep in. E-pro E14FK has a queen size bed for two people to relax comfortably. To accommodate more people, you can convert the u-shaped dinette for extra sleeping space. 

The kitchen is not that fancy, but it has all the amenities such as cooktops with three burners, a medium-size refrigerator, a sink, a convection microwave oven, and an overhead storage unit to store your snacks and meals.

You can either cook your meals indoors or on the gas grill outside. U-shaped dinette provides an ample amount of space for a small family to dine in, enjoy, and play games.  

Furthermore, it has an indoor bathroom that makes camping much easier. You do not have to use public restrooms because of the presence of a wet bath. 


  • U-shaped dinette
  • Eco-friendly 
  • Lightweight 
  • Easily towable
  • Exterior speakers
  • Outdoor gas grill
  • Wet bath
  • Pantry/wardrobe for storage


  • The queen size bed may be small for taller people
  • Compact trailer 

Starcraft Launch Outfitter 7 17QB

Starcraft launching outfitter 17QB is the USA manufactured with six and a half foot ceiling height. The used trailer does not have any slideouts, but the interior is very spacious. 

Starcraft has a magnum roof system that is 50 percent stronger than the other roof’s design. Neutral graphics and fiberglass on the exterior give this travel trailer a very modern and fresh look. 

The trailer’s front has a queen bed, an overhead shelf, and a dual wardrobe (present on each side) for storing all your essentials. 

Also, at the left of the entry door, there is a booth dinette and an overhead storage shelf. The wall opposite the dinette has a kitchen. The kitchen includes a compact refrigerator, a single sink (that gives room to prepare the food easily), overhead microwave oven, pantry, and two-burner cooktop.

A Starcraft 17QB bathroom is present at the rear of the unit. The bathroom is very spacious, and it includes toilet, tub, shower, ample space for toiletries and linens, and a small vanity with sink. 

Moreover, the other unique features include a roof-mounted air conditioner, exterior storage, an outside shower, interior, and exterior speakers and a twelve-inch awning to create a space to protect from wind, sun, and rain.


  • Reliable, high-quality construction
  • Tub/shower combo
  • Walk-around queen bed
  • High ceiling 
  • Very roomy
  • High storage capacity
  • 12-inch awning


  • No slideouts
  • No sofas
  • Accommodates fewer people

Escape Trailer 17A

Escape trailer is a Canadian manufactured ultra-lightweight trailer. The used trailer available can make tight turns easily on small roads.

The 17A model has a sturdy construction, and it is made up of Canadian fiberglass. Due to this construction, this trailer is extremely lightweight. Hence, this model becomes easily towable by several minivans and SUVs.

Moreover, mid-size vehicles can easily tow this model. The Escape 17 has lower wind resistance as well as the center of gravity. Hence, it provides better road stability.  

The floor plan of 17A has a double bed (which is permanent) in the front. It has a galley style kitchen with two-burner stovetops, three cubic foot refrigerator, microwave-ready cabinet, and a sink. 

A dinette for four people is available at the rear of the trailer. The dinette is convertible. You can convert it into a bed for additional sleeping space. 

The Escape Trailer 17A does not have a wet bath. Also, it does not contain gray or black water tanks. You will find several overhead storage cabinets along with the ceiling. Thus, it provides more storage space to the campers. 

The interior is made professionally with oak or maple cabinetry, insulating vinyl wall covering, high-quality linoleum flooring, and large windows.

Furthermore, some of the standard features include a two-inch bike receiver, ten-foot power awning, exterior bubble levels, and interior, and exterior LED lighting.  


  • Aerodynamic design
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Lightweight 
  • Permanent double bed
  • Convenient wardrobe for storage


  • No bathroom
  • No black or gray water tanks

Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup 18TO 

Cherokee wolf pup is the USA manufactured small camper that weighs about 3800 pounds. This used condition trailer has an ample amount of space.

Forest River is a lightweight model with a higher tank capacity. The 18TO provides impeccable living space in such a small trailer. 

A unique feature of this model is the hidden bunk that hides above the jackknife sleeper sofa. This model’s floor plan provides comfortable and convenient sleeping arrangements. You will find ample space to store your clothes and other personal belongings.

Also, there are other storage areas as well, such as shelves, cabinets, and exterior storage areas. 

The bathroom at the rear of the trailer has a combo of tub and shower, and it is also kid-friendly. The kitchen has a residential-style faucet, sink, more significant counter space, two-burner stovetop, and a compact refrigerator. 

Other standard features include double-step entry, seamless countertop, a power awning with an LED light to help you stay longer outside. Also, it has USB charging ports, rear, and front stabilizer jerks, and a one-piece walkable deck roof that allows cleaning the unit efficiently. 


  • Hidden bunk
  • Tub and shower combo
  • Spacious
  • Outdoor storage area
  • Aerodynamic radius
  • Outside shower 
  • Sofa 


  • Towing with mid-size vehicles can be a problem
  • The queen size bed may be small for taller people
  • The bathroom might be small

Venture RV Sonic Lite 169VBH

Venture RV is the USA manufactured trailer, and this plus 21-foot trailer is highly functional. Sonic Lite is available in a new condition and is ideal for a family of four.

This model’s floor plan has a living area, bedroom, and dining room at the front. The location of the bathroom is in the center. The double bunk bed is at the rear of the trailer. 

Moreover, the bedroom consists of a foldable Murphy queen bed and wardrobe on both sides. You can push the bed quickly back into its space without worrying about the bedding.

Parents with young children usually like the feature of double beds. There is a large door, called pack n play door, which is present at the rear of the rig. The large door at the end also allows you to load your gears quickly.  

You can enjoy the company of your family members on a nice comfy sofa. Also, it allows you to set up freestanding tables with two foldable chairs to transform space into a dinette.  

The full kitchen gives you the provision to prepare delicious meals. It consists of a single door refrigerator, a convection microwave, two-burner ranges, a single sink, and a pantry or closet. 

What makes this RV a long term investment? The unique feature of this RV is its roof. One-piece fiberglass roof prevents leakage. Thus, it has the potential to last long.

Other standard features include highly-efficient LED lights, solar panels, black-tank flush, backup camera, and a Safe-tek box with a USB charger. 


  • Convertible Murphy bed
  • Sofa 
  • Pack N Play door
  • Double bunk beds
  • Pass through storage
  • Foldable chairs
  • Freestanding table 
  • Safe-tek box


  • No bench seats
  • No slideout 
  • The queen size bed may be small for taller people

KZ Escape E191BH

The USA manufactured KZ Escape is a lightweight and expandable trailer. It can manage to squeeze all your essentials in a compact space. 

This brand provides you a combination of functionality and comfort in one. This bunkhouse available in a new condition is an ideal camper for an adventurous and fun family getaway.

KZ E191BH is the only brand that utilizes Aqualon edge material and alum-a-tough roofing. Thus, it proves that it is built to last for many years. 

The build features of this portable trailer are not constantly available in the market. It offers tongue and wood plywood floor and maple cabinets. 

The master bedroom is present at the front of the trailer with a huge window that brings all the daylight and beautiful surrounding views. 

A booth dinette does not only create a dining area, but you can also convert it into a sleeping area. The construction of dinette is done on the slide; thus, it eliminates traffic jams and opens up the space that is usually the problem in smaller rigs.

Across the booth dinette, is a kitchen with a compact refrigerator, two-burner stovetop, a sink, a microwave, and limited space for the counter.  

Moreover, there are two bunks at the rear of the trailer beside the bathroom. You can also flip the bottom bunk open to store your belongings; thereby, it provides space for extra storage. 

Other special features include ten-inch power awning with LED lights, cable hookups, and an exterior pass-through storage.    


    • Sturdy and long-lasting construction
    • Pass through storage
    • Convertible booth dinette
    • Bunk beds
    • Interior and exterior speakers


  • Window may leak
  • The battery may die while storing
  • Shower may leak

How to Choose a Right Travel Trailer?

When buying an RV for vacationing purposes, choose the one with appropriate size. The average travel trailer that can fit six people easily has a maximum area of about 400 square feet. Thus, it makes a rig neither too big nor too small.

The convenient size trailers allow owners to park anywhere easily. Also, it is crucial to take notice of all exterior factors while buying the trailer. It indicates how robust the rig is. 

Being a potential buyer, it is also essential to look at the interior of the trailer carefully. Amenities will be different in numerous trailers. It mostly depends upon the size and how much you are willing to pay for a rig. 

You will find the necessary facilities in every trailer, like bedroom, kitchen, and dinette. However, the special features may differ. Also, it is essential to check the lighting system. Ask yourself such questions such as, Is natural light adequate? Do these curtains have the capability to mask the light?

Moreover, several travel rigs have a lounging space in the form of a corner sofa bed and pull-out beds. However, the size of the couches in different trailer models may differ. 

Make sure that your trailer should have an entertainment hub. It is a must to have a television at least. Other entertainment systems such as radio, DVD player, WiFi, mp3 player, and a CD player will perk up your adventure. 

Hearty and wholesome meals add enjoyment to the wonderful adventure. The kitchen should be spacious to cook and wash the dishes with ease. Also, the dining area should have a table and two chairs, at least. 

The bathroom is essential in a travel trailer. It should have ample space. Also, it is a plus point to have a shower in a travel rig. 


Impulsive buying is never better. When you have all the information at hand about the different travel trailers, it becomes easy to choose from the best brands.

All in all, the person should know what he truly wants. Then he can opt for a travel camper that will meet his requirements for exterior, interior, amenities, and size.

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