Clarks Women’s Wave Andes Review

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Based out of England, but with an international presence and a global reputation for producing only some of the best footwear money can buy, the Clark Shoes company has more than 1000 branded stores franchises located around the world – making them one of the largest and most influential footwear, on the planet.

This allows the designers Clarks to play with resources than most of their shoe companies just don’t have access to, giving them an advantage when it comes to producing high quality, comfortable, and durable shoes like the Clarks Women’s Wave Andes options.

Beautifully designed, and the perfect pair of casual shoes that will feel right at home out and about throughout town while running errands as much as they do while running hills, hiking, or hitting the track, the shoes are designed to cradle and protect your feet with an orthotic footbed every step of the way.

If you’ve been looking to get your hands on a quality pair of durable, relatively inexpensive, and aesthetically pleasing women’s shoes that are going to protect your feet – and do a fine job at it – you need to look into the Clarks Women’s Wave Andes shoes ASAP.

How true is the fit?

According to online reviewers that have spoken about the overall standardized fit of these Clarks Women’s Wave Andes shoes, 71% found that they fit “true” and “as expected”.

This should give you a lot of confidence purchasing the standard shoe size that you order with all of your other footwear, though you will want to know that any of the people that were these Clarks Women’s Wave Andes shoes did report that they started off a little bit tighter and a little bit snugger than they expected right out of the box – though they did loosen up almost overnight to become much more comfortable without sacrificing stability.

Full and half sizes for women are available in these shoes come in two different widths – “standard” and “wide” are available. This lets you really dial in the overall fit of these shoes to find something that you are really going to be happy with!

What kind of shoes are these, really?

As we mentioned above, these shoes are casual shoes and aren’t quite going to fit in in more formal or professional settings.

At the same time, these shoes aren’t expressly athletic shoes, either – though they are going to be quite capable if you are doing a bit of walking or jogging in these shoes. If you’re looking for supportive athletic shoes to help you tackle more grueling workouts and to provide you incredible support while you push your body to your physical limits, you might want to look elsewhere.

These are the kinds of shoes that you want to slip into after you get home from work, while you’re hanging out on the weekends, or as you cruise about town and take care of your shopping and your errands.

Clarks Women’s Wave Andes Review
Clarks Women’s Wave Andes Review

What kind of gait are these designed for?

Because these are casual shoes and not expressly athletic shoes, they do really well with a standard gait that isn’t going to have your feet overextended or your legs putting excessive pressure each footfall.

These shoes hold up best and provide the highest possible level of support when you are wearing them during low to moderate activity levels. They look fantastic, and the rubber sole on the bottom of the shoes is going to provide you with plenty of protection and extra durability, but you don’t want to push these shoes beyond their own comfort zone or you may find that they just aren’t able to live up to your two lofty expectations.

Support and comfort

As far as overall support and comfort is concerned, the Clarks Women’s Wave Andes shoes really knock it out of the park in both aspects.

With a heel height of 1 inch, the patented Clarks high-end construction materials and construction practices, and an orthotic footbed installed in each and every one of these shoes, you are going to find them to be safe, stable, durable, and comfortable – especially if your “old shoes” were doing a number on your feet.

The extra cushion orthotic footbed is one of the best in the industry, the kind of thing that you’d expect from the folks at Clarks. It utilizes a gel substance to cushion each and every individual footfall according to your own biomechanics. Pressure will be evenly distributed across your foot – with special care given to your heel, your arch, and the toe box – and you’ll feel like you are walking around with lightweight pillows on your feet!

Quality of materials and design

As we have highlighted numerous times throughout this quick review, the Clarks Women’s Wave Andes shoes continue to carry on the legacy of Clarks as far as the quality of materials and design are concerned.

Leather and synthetic materials are found throughout the upper of these shoes, and the rubber sole is high density to improve stability, traction, and durability all at the exact same time. These are the kinds of shoes that you shouldn’t have any trouble wearing on a daily basis for a year or longer, it’s unlikely that they are going to show too many signs of wear and tear should you do exactly that!

Clarks shoes have always been some of the most durable since this company first opened up their shop for business. Many people feel that they are formal shoes in footwear options are some of the most durable options on the planet today, but this reputation has begun to attach itself to more casual options like these as well.

Clarks Women’s Wave Andes

Final Verdict

All things considered, you would do well to look closely into all that the Clarks Women’s Wave Andes shoes bring to the table.

Smartly designed, utilizing high-end construction materials throughout, and engineered to cradle and support your feet with every single step, these are the kinds of shoes that are going to bring your feet a tremendous amount of relief.

You’ll actually find yourself spending more time on your feet and you were before, but your feet are going to feel better than ever, too!

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