Shelter: That’s the most basic need for anyone. It’s a living place that can simply range from a bench to sleep on, to a million-dollar mansion – changes from person to person, according to their needs and how much they can afford.

Sheds are a popular option for people who want low cost and small houses. They usually consist of a single story with a roof on top. You can see them in gardens or parks allotted for such constructions.

But when I talk about transforming a shed into a house, that’s quite a detailed story. There are plenty of things to consider before even going for it. So, let’s get right into it.

It’s better to start from the things that directly or indirectly impact your decision to convert a shed into a house.


The cost of a shed depends on many factors. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Size and structure

The size of a shed can vary from a small-sized shed for just storing some tools or a large-sized shed that can act as a warehouse as well. Sheds used by residents are usually small in size, as they’re just meant to store their belongings or keep their pets inside.

On the other hand, commercial sheds, used in farms, seaports, are huge, and a lot of facilities.

Sheds can even be a size of a 20 sq ft apartment or bigger as per your needs be. You would also have to keep the location in mind, most probably a place with suitable weather conditions.


The type of materials used for the making of a shed can differ. Some sheds use a metal sheet over a metal frame; some purely make use of wood as the primary material.

Some sheds are also made from high-quality plastics, depending on the need and the amount of money invested. The flooring can either be of wood, plastic, or concrete.

If you have less money, and you want a sturdy, long-lasting shed, it is best to choose steel. Steel is also eco-friendly, durable, and will last longer.

Timber shed houses would provide a beautiful view, but they need more maintenance and are not long-lasting, as they can easily be affected by pests, fires, and water seepage.

Converting a Shed into a House

The needs and wants of people changes over time, depending on their income, social status, or just say, the weather. There are a lot of people who do not have the amount to move into an entirely new abode, so they try to make changes to the present one.

Upgrading a shed into a house for living brings certain things into consideration. There are certain sheds that can be turned into a house. If you don’t have that amount of capital to buy a house, you can always look for a pre-built shed house or make your own.

Converting vs. Buying a New Shed

Turning your existing shed into a house is always a better option than buying a new house. It would save you the necessary money and time to install, and would not lure you into any further complications.

When starting off with your existing shed, it would be difficult for you to change the overall look of the structure. You will have to work on the interior and might have to change it according to your needs.

Building your own shed-house will take more time than buying a pre-built one. But making your own has its advantages, you will get to choose the design and the overall look too. You can also decide what type of material you want to use in the making to make it more long-lasting.

While making your own shed house, you do have an option to choose if you want it to be movable or not. Portable houses would not be as strong as the ones constructed with concrete and fixed in one place.

When making changes, you will have to get some legal procedures done, just to keep yourself safe from any problem later. The better the construction, the longer lasting your shed-house would be.

Necessary Customizations for Your Shed-House

There are a lot of customizations you can do to your existing shed. Each customization would make your shed-house look better and provide you a sense of relief.

  • Add some colors

Painting your existing shed can bring out a new look from outside. It would look much fresh and add to the beauty of the surroundings. The right color would blend in with the surroundings, giving it a soothing look.

  • Let the air in

Windows can be an excellent addition to the shed-house. You can add windows on the walls, and a window on the roof to get some daylight in. It will help brighten your shed-house, and on the other hand, it will give you a beautiful view of the sky at night.

Windows would also help provide a relaxing environment, letting fresh air inside, giving your shed a sound ventilation system.

  • Turn the light on

Adding an electricity extension to your shed-house would allow you to use electrical appliances in your shed-house. You can install lighting systems, an air conditioner, an electric oven, and other useful stuff.

  • A cozy couch

Furniture always adds to the beauty of any place you visit. A sofa to sit, some chairs, a lamp, and a table can be a good option. To save money, you can always look for pre-loved stuff available online or at different stores.

  • Home decor

The living space always needs some decoration to make it more appealing and lively. Indoor plants can be an excellent addition. Some fancy lights, a painting on a wall, and light decorations can add to the beauty as well.

You can also apply vinyl on your floor, which is available in different designs and texture, which will boost the overall experience.

Installation of a bookshelf or some wall organizers can help you in keeping your stuff. A TV would be a good piece of entertainment for you in your spare time.

  • Energy-efficient

The most important feature used in the shed houses these days is the installation of a solar-powered panel, that would keep you away from the hassle of getting an electrical connection.

The power absorbed from the sun during the day time would let you use different electrical appliances throughout the day, saving you on your bills as well.

How Much will the Conversion Cost?

This is one difficult question to answer. The answer varies due to various reasons.

Upgrading to a shed house from a shed is a good option, saving money and also having the luxury to own a decent home in your own budget. These homes are smaller, easy to make and manage, take less time to build, and, most importantly, they are affordable.

  • Material cost

The cost of the raw material used in the making of a shed house will vary from place to place. A piece of wood or a sheet of steel in one place would have a different price at the other place.

Houses made from wood are nice to look at but require maintenance. On a tight budget, you should always opt for steel built. Plastic shed houses are still an option, but their walls aren’t so sturdy and stable and do not allow you to hang stuff on them.

  • Labor

You cannot build the structure all on your own unless you have the necessary equipment and expertise. Labor (skilled and unskilled) would also be a factor in the price change.

  • Pre-built shed

Buying pre-built shed houses would not be a good option, as they are generally made of inferior quality products. They usually start at $2500 and have higher rates for different sheds.

You would be able to pick from the available choices, but customizing it to your needs can be difficult. For more information regarding small and portable houses, you can visit Crow Survival, and find out all you need to know.

  • Cost of other services

The cost of professional fees does add up to your cost as there would be governmental interference. The designs and the materials used would have to be of a certain quality and standard. Getting an electrical connection will add up to your cost.

Most of the part of your total cost would be spent on the interior of the shed-house. For example, a $5 light bulb or $700 television set can bring a cost change. You would need furniture and some essential electrical appliances.

A good ventilation system, a security system can be an add-on feature. Ventilation might be necessary if you live in warm or hot climates. Without proper ventilation, your shed can become prone to bacterial growth.

To provide a rough idea, converting a shed into a shed house can cost you some $2500 to $30,000 or even more, depending on your preferences and what expenses you can afford on its production.


The things to remember when trying to make your shed house would be the size, location, type, furniture and facilities, and the structure or the number of rooms inside.

It is better to get help from a designer who might charge you, but in the end, he will bring out a design that might be the most suitable and sustainable according to your needs.

Last but not least, do check in with the legal authorities while making your shed-house, as there are a set of standards that need to be matched varying from place to place. The legal obligation would be necessary, as, in certain places, it is illegal to build a shed-house.