Best Double Decker Pontoon Boats

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What better way to get away from routine life than to cruise on the water in a double-decker pontoon boat with your loved ones?

Double-decker pontoons are also referred to as Funships. This name could be attributed to the slide attached to the secondary upper deck of most double-decker pontoons. The term was initially introduced by Avalon and Tahoe, two popular pontoon manufacturers.

As these boats are manufactured with fun in mind, they can also come with additional pontoon accessories like sun loungers, coolers, and stereo speakers. 

So, let’s get right into reviewing some of the best double-decker pontoon boats without wasting any more time.

10 Best Double Decker Pontoon Boats Review

You can either purchase a double-decker pontoon boat or simply rent one for your cruising trip. Whatever the case may be, you can only ensure a problem-free trip by learning beforehand about some of the best models available in the market and the features they offer.

1. Tahoe Cascade Funship

Tahoe Cascade FunshipWhen looking for double-decker pontoon boats, Tahoe is a name you’ll surely run across. As a popular manufacturer of pontoon boats, Tahoe offers some fantastic models that are perfect for a fun-filled cruise.

The Cascade Funship features a standard cruise interior on the lower with a spacious upper deck with a water slide attached to it. Moreover, it can hold up to 11 to 12 people.

You’re not going to be disappointed by the features on the helm of the boat. The helm stand is made of Ensign II Fiberglass and has a black recessed dash with grey wood accents. The dash also has a removable windshield to prevent water from splashing on your face while you drive.

You can also enjoy music by connecting your phone to the Infinity PRV315BT Stereo through the USB and auxiliary input on the dash. In addition, there’s also a courtesy light on the helmet and. This makes it easier for you to check the GPS Speedometer while you drive during the night.

With an overall length of 25 feet 5 inches. the interior of this pontoon feature:

  • Composite wall panels 
  • Shore or Mist vinyl rear deck with deco carpet
  • A Greywood thermoform table
  • Matrix 50 soft-touch seat vinyl
  • Suspension seating
  • Lounge arms with storage space
  • Low back reclining drivers chair

In addition, this boat has a fuel capacity of 32 gallons. So, you can easily enjoy long cruises without worrying about getting low on fuel.

If you wish to purchase this Cascade Funship, the price starts at around $45,800. Tahoe also gives its buyers the option to customize some of the details on their pontoon. However, this raises the price of the pontoon.

2. Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship

Whether you want to swim, slide or waterski, the Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship is perfect for a fun-filled weekend. This double-decker pontoon boat features a slide with a water pump, an upper-level sundeck, a full lower deck lounge, and a storage center.

You’ll have no trouble steering the Burano steering wheel, located on the fiberglass helm stand. You can connect your phone to the Infinity speakers through the USB/auxiliary port. Additionally, if you need to charge your phone or plug in a device, the helm also has a 12V power source.

Besides, if you wish to fish during your trip, this boat also has a Garmin Striker 5CV Color Fishfinder.

With an overall length of 26 feet 6 inches and a weight of 3070 lbs, this Avalon double-decker pontoon boat can easily fit around 14 passengers. It can also last over longer distances, thanks to its 58-gallon fuel capacity.

The interior of the Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship includes:

  • Interior composite wall panels
  • BTT Vinyl rear deck with deco carpet
  • Smoked glass rectangle table with wine glass cutouts and SST cups
  • Built-in trash cans in the lounge arm
  • Matrix 50 soft-touch seat vinyl
  • Interior mood lighting
  • Battery dual smart switch system

The starting price for this model is $67000. At this price, you still get a motor with sufficient horsepower.

3. Tahoe Cascade Platinum Funship

Tahoe Cascade Platinum FunshipThe second Tahoe on the list, Tahoe Cascade Platinum Funship, is a luxurious double-decker pontoon. It features a slide, a water pump, an upper-level sundeck, a double-wide lounge, and a storage center.

This Funship also features Tahoe’s Waveglider triple 27-inch diameter performance pontoons.

Like the earlier model, the Cascade Platinum Funship also comes with an Ensign II Fiberglass helm stand and a soft touch black recessed dash with grey wood accents. It also has a removable windshield.

In addition to the Infinity PV315BT Stereo, which was included in the previous model, the Platinum Funship also has Infinity Stereo Speakers with chrome grills and lighted speaker rings. If you’re planning to throw a party on your pontoon, these speakers’ high-performance amplitude will not disappoint.

Besides, having a small party on this pontoon is no trouble as it has a weight capacity of 3070 lbs and can hold from 14 to 17 passengers.

It also has a Burano steering wheel with black pearl wood accents. 

At 26 feet 6 inches, this pontoon is also larger than the previous model. You’ve probably guessed by now that the interior of this model also included more features. 

Here are some of the features:

  • BTT Vinyl rear deck with deco carpet
  • Smoked glass rectangle table with wine glass cutouts and SST cups
  • Built-in trash cans in the lounge arm
  • Matrix 50 soft-touch seat vinyl
  • Interior mood lighting
  • Battery dual smart switch system

Thanks to this double-decker boat’s 58-gallon fuel capacity, you can enjoy long cruises with your friends and family without fussing about refilling on fuel.

The more luxurious the product, the higher the price tag. This Platinum Funship starts at $67000. This price can increase if you add some custom features to the pontoon.

4. Avalon Catalina Funship

Avalon Catalina FunshipThe Avalon Catalina Funship is a smaller, less expensive version of the earlier model. Don’t worry; a smaller pontoon doesn’t equate to less fun. This double-decker pontoon still offers some fantastic features that will ensure you and your family have an amazing time over the water.

If you want to relax as the pontoon cruises on the water, you can simply clip up to the upper deck and sunbathe. Alternatively, you can also have a fun time whisking down the waterslide.

The high-performance fins on this Avalon boat will ensure you have a smooth, fun-filled trip with your family and friends.

The black soft-grip steering wheel, located on the fiberglass helm stand, is quite easy to manage. Moreover, the helm has a removable windshield that protects you from getting sprayed in the face by water as you drive.

This Avalon double deck pontoon boat has an overall length of 25 feet 5 inches with a maximum weight capacity of 2590. To clarify, this means it can hold up to 11 people.

Some of the interior features on this boat include:

  • Composite wall panels 
  • Shore or Mist vinyl rear deck with deco carpet
  • A Greywood thermoform table
  • Matrix 50 soft-touch seat vinyl
  • Lounge arms with storage space
  • Low back reclining drivers chair

With a fuel capacity of 32 gallons, this double-decker pontoon will have no trouble covering large distances.

5. Premier 310 Escalante Black-Out Edition

Premier 310 Escalante Black-Out EditionIf you’re looking for a double-decker pontoon boat with a distinct design and excellent engineering, then the Premier 310 Escalante Black-Out Edition is for you. Manufactured by Premier Marine, this pontoon offers high-quality craftsmanship and high-level safety.

This Premier boat features Prosperity furniture with a filler couch, teak wood tables, directional speaker mounts, stainless cup-holders, paper towel holders, and many more.

Additionally, the Escalante Step Gallery includes an electric sink, wine cooler, crystal caddy, curve porta potti, and a vanity mirror. If you want to change into your swimsuit quickly, this pontoon also includes a changing room that provides you with privacy to change comfortably.

The 12 feet long upper deck features a water slide and a 9 feet non-evolution bimini. It also includes a Go Light, which is a remote control spotlight. This spotlight is incredibly helpful while driving at night.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you look at the Liberty Deluxe Helm features of this pontoon. Some of these features include:

  • Spotter Camera
  • Tilt Steering
  • Refrigerated Cup-holder
  • Stereo- MA 400 Remote
  • 6 MA Speakers
  • 10 Inch Ma Sub
  • Zenith Wheel
  • Beacon II Electronics

Space will not be an issue on this Premier pontoon. With an overall length of 31 feet 5 inches and a weight capacity of 3900 lbs, this double-decker pontoon can hold up to 24 passengers. 

6. Jungle Float Sport

If you have fun in mind and having a good time is your main priority while looking for a double-decker pontoon, I suggest you look at the Jungle Float Sport. The unique thing about this pontoon is that it features not only a waterslide but also a trampoline.

Its superior aluminum design promises high performance, making this pontoon great for active boating.

At the main level, this Jungle Float pontoon features luxury wood-free seating with enough space for 15 passengers. Moreover, the premium teak flooring is resistant to scratch and mildew. The rectangular ⅛ feet tubing wall is insulated with sturdy metal panels.

The heat-treated bumper on this pontoon is anti-slip and anti-scratch. So, you’ll have no trouble while climbing in or out of the pontoon.

If you’re tech-savvy, you’ll love the Jungle Float Sport touch screen control, which includes LED displays and multiple charging ports.  

Your boating experience will be super smooth and fun thanks to the extra thick 28-inch diameter large pontoons and the high-speed lifting strakes. The latter not only increases tracking but also provides on-plane acceleration.

If you’re concerned about the slide and trampoline’s safety and sturdiness, you have nothing to worry about. The trampoline is Olympic graded and is double layered with powder-coated springs. It can bear up to 600 lbs.

Furthermore, the water slide is high-impact, roto-molded. The water pump on it can pump 3 gallons per minute.

The Evinrude G2 engines on this pontoon ensure smooth sailing as you have fun with your friends and family.

7. Premier 220 SunSpree Sky Deck

Premier 220 SunSpree Sky DeckAnother Premier on this list, the Premier 220 Sunspree Sky Deck is a fun boat with an upper deck and slide. 

With an overall deck length of 21 ft, this pontoon has a gasoline tank with a fuel capacity of 29-gallons. 

This pontoon features signature sports furniture with two lounge seatings upfront and an L-shape seating at the back. You could put your drinks in the built-in cup-holders on the round table as you relax on the seating.

Additional features include:

  • Trash storage
  • Paper towel holder
  • Bimini Trailering kit

The helm includes a tilt steering wheel and a comfortable helm chair with an adjustable pedestal. You’ll also find a stereo MA300 with 4 MA speakers.

8. Premier Sunsation 240

Premier Sunsation 240Premier pontoons are mainly divided into three series; luxury, fish, and cruise, and touring. The Premier Sunsation 240 is part of the latter series. 

If you’re looking for some fun and entertainment, this double-decker pontoon will be great for you. 

With an overall length of 24 feet 5 inches, this pontoon has a standard pontoon layout. You’ll find two lounges upfront and an L-shaped seating at the back with a table. The overall design of the boat gives it a sleek modern look.

You don’t have to worry about compromising style for comfort as all the seating on this Premier pontoon is covered with soft vinyl, which is comfortable and looks and feels like real leather.

Moreover, if you have kids in the family, you won’t have to deal with stains and dirt on the seats as the vinyl doesn’t catch stain, and is quite easy to clean.

If you wish just to relax, you can sit back and put your feet up on the movable ottoman with built-in cup-holders. You can also store drinks in the cooler that’s built inside the ottoman.

All of the seats have storage space underneath. So, you don’t have to worry about your equipment lying around as you zoom on the water. 

If you want some privacy to change into your swimsuit, you can simply pull up the pop up changing room hidden underneath the lounge on the front of the pontoon.

The wide helm of the Premier Sunsation 240 includes:

  • Carbon fiber gauges 
  • Hummingbird fishfinder 
  • Bluetooth stereo 

The optional upper deck gives you additional space to sunbathe and relax. Furthermore, on particularly sunny days, it provides shade to the people sitting underneath it. The upper deck also has a water slide attached to it.

9. Catamaran Cruiser 12×30 Pontoon Beast

Catamaran Cruiser 12x30 Pontoon BeastIf you’re looking for a double-decker with a basic design that’s big enough to fit a small group of people, then this 12×30 Pontoon Beast is the option for you!

The floorplan of this double-decker pontoon boat includes two L-shaped seatings in the front with a smaller seating at the back. The helm is located underneath the upper deck with a small seating area and changing room.

You can smoothly ride on the water with the standard 60 hp Yamaha 4 stroke motor of this double-decker pontoon boat. Moreover, the deluxe seating combined with all-aluminum railings gives this boat a simple yet elegant look.

If you’re the type to enjoy sunbathing, the upper deck is perfect for you. Plus, it also includes a water slide. So, if you’re in the mood for some fun in the water, you can just whoosh down the slide.

Furthermore, you can also add custom features to this double-decker pontoon.

10. Solid Craft Boats

Solid Craft BoatsIf you wish to customize a double-decker boat according to your preferences completely, I suggest taking a look at Solid Craft Boats. The company specializes in building high-quality pontoons using superior materials.

Their double-deck feature allows you to choose between single and dual designs. You’re also given the option to choose between the following sizes:

  • 10 inches x 24 inches
  • 10 inches x 30 inches

The flooring of Solid Craft Boats is made of tongue and groove aluminum, which is welded to the frame for additional strength. The pontoon includes a 25-year aluminum deck warranty, so you have nothing to worry about.

Furthermore, seamless flooring is not just durable but can be easily cleaned.

Building your custom platoon is not difficult; just go through these three steps:

Step One: Select a Deck

You can choose between a single or double deck.

Step Two: Choose between Single or Double Side

Double-deck pontoons, in particular, are available with single or dual sides. 

Step Three: Select your Seating and Flooring

Finally, choose your seating and flooring options. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself when deciding on specifics:

  • How many seats do you need? 
  • What material do you want your seating to be? 
  • How much storage do you need? 
  • What type of flooring do you need? 

Depending on your design, you can also get a quick quotation on the Solid Crates Boat website.


Whether you’re renting a double-decker pontoon boat or are purchasing one, prior knowledge can help you select the best model. Through this post, I’ve introduced you to some of the best double-decker pontoons in the market.

I hope this post has helped you figure out your requirements as well.