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Do you ever fancy owning a pontoon boat that is noise-free as well as environment-friendly and fuel-efficient?

With the advent of Electric Pontoon Boats, now you can enjoy the serenity of water without any stress of filling the gas or changing the oil. 

The new pontoon boats, equipped with an electric motor, are environment friendly and fuel-efficient.

These electric pontoon boats reduce your carbon footprint and require less maintenance compared to conventional pontoon boats. Hence, it’ll make your days of relaxation trouble-free and ecologically sound.

So, without a further due, let’s dig into reviewing some of the best Electric Pontoon Boats out there.

Best Electric Pontoon Boats: Our Top Ten Picks

To ensure you have the best time cruising with your family and friends, I have rounded up the top ten favorite electric pontoon boats that are guaranteed to provide you with effortless fun.

1. Princecreaft Brio E-17

The sensational Princecraft Brio E-17 uses a Torqeedo electric engine to power itself. This pontoon boat has room for five passengers and a Torqeedo 2.0R or 4.0R engine.

If you are planning to opt for small lakes or lakes where gas engines are not permissible, then Brio E-17 is your go-to option. The small yet powerful pontoon boat has a deck length of 4.9 meters and an overall 5.2 meters length.

The Brio weighs only 592 kg, which is lighter than the regular pontoon boats. It is designed to accommodate all the onboard batteries, chargers, and boxes.

The NMMA & Transport Canada certified electric boat has a black Bimini top, posh and heavyweight upholstery, and a folding swivel driver seat.

Here are some features for you to consider the Brio:

  • Battery switch allowing the onboard power shutdown
  • Storage under all lounges
  • An optional tilt steering mechanism
  • Optional power trim and tilt system for Torqeedo Motor
  • Interior Lighting, stern boarding ladder and navigation lights

The helm of this electric pontoon contains an electric horn, four waterproof speakers, a 12 volts outlet, a quickly released smoke windscreen, and lastly, a rotomolded helm console with an acrylic top.

This 17’1” electric pontoon features a control box, which includes a display panel. The display panel monitors battery supply, voltage, speed, and power consumption.

Who would have thought being environmentally friendly could be this much fun? Well, I would say that Princecraft’s Brio E-17 is definitely perfect for a quiet natural ride with your loved ones.

2. ElectraCraft 162TR

The 162TR by Electracraft comes with sleek styling, avant-garde interior design, and comfortable boarding and handling. This model is at the forefront of electric boating with a combination of a tri-cat design and cutting-edge technology. 

The revolutionary electric boat consists of a convertible top, which can be upgraded to a fiberglass hardtop as per your taste.

This beautiful watercraft is spacious and has room for as many as ten passengers, making 162TR one of the best electric pontoons catering to your entertainment needs. 

The 16’ Electracraft’s 162TR has a cruising speed of four mph, with six mph being its top speed. The electric pontoon can run nine hours without any issue on the average cruising speed. 

If you are a party animal, then 162TR is the one-stop solution for you and your friends. 

That’s because 162TR takes care of your guests’ easy boarding through the chic sliding doors. Also, its fantastic LED lighting system won’t leave partygoers in the dark during those late-night rides. 

Here are some other specifics of the 162TR, which makes it the best electric pontoon boat:

  • Stainless steel Norcold® refrigerator/freezer
  • Fiberglass dining table with a center built-in sunken bottle holder
  • LED docking light and underwater LED lighting
  • Electracraft Custom Windows “Never cover your boat again!” 
  • Helm Cover

The non-slippery Luxury Woven Vinyl Flooring makes sure you and your friends can dance all night long barefoot. Whereas the Fusion stereo with an auxiliary jack, USB port, and four speakers ensures that you can dance along to your dope playlist all night long.

3. Tahoe Sport Fish

Tahoe Sport FishWhen it comes to the manufacturing of Pontoon boats, no one does it better than Tahoe. Tahoe is one of the most reputable pontoon boat manufacturers across the globe.

Tahoe’s Sport Fish pontoon is an electric-powered, luxurious ride perfect for a sunset cruise. The Sport Fish is available in four lengths ranging from 14 ft to 20 ft and is an ideal pontoon for convenient hauling.

This classy boat is purpose-built for fishing enthusiasts and is equipped with a rear fishing center, rod holders, and live well set into the bench. 

The mini-fishing pontoon boat has dual seats at the front so you can get the best of the catches.

Starting from the base price of $19,900, the Tahoe Electric Sport Fish has the following key features for your attention:

  • 7.5’ or 8′ wide 
  • Cadet 2 Rotocast helm stand
  • Color-matched seating kick panels
  • Aluminum Rear Ladder
  • Traditional rear deck

The Sport Fish can carry at least five passengers and features anodized railings, matrix 50 vinyl, and aluminum seat bases. This durable pontoon is also equipped with a gas motor with an engine varying from 40 Hp to 90 Hp.

The helm features Fiberglass Helm Stand with Grey Wood Dash Panels, removable windshield, a Viper steering wheel, and lastly, four stereo speakers.

I can assure you that Sport Fish is the perfect fit for you to be on the water in an ecofriendly way with your family and loved ones.

4. Misty Harbor Explorer 1480 EF

Misty Harbor Explorer 1480 EFMisty Harbor Pontoon Boats are manufactured in Fort Dodge, Iowa, in their 115,000 square foot facility. For the last three decades, Misty Harbor has been producing one of the best designed electric pontoon boats present on the waters today.

The Explorer series by Misty Harbor mainly targets fishing enthusiasts. The 1480 EF model is a spacious electric pontoon that can accommodate all your fishing gear and equipment.

What’s the best part about this model? It’s affordable, and an entry-level Pontoon Boat with an excellent price point starting from $15,835.

The 14’ Explorer can carry five passengers and has a Hp rating of 40 Hp. This elegant fishing boat comes with a rear and entry ladder, a Bimini top with matching boot, and an enhanced Hull design.

Following are some specifications for the Explorer 1480 EF:

  • M10 Explorer Console w/ switch panel and 12V outlet
  • Roto Molded Plastic Bases
  • Upgraded Steering Wheel
  • Chrome 4 step Ladder
  • Clip-On Crib Cover

To ensure your fishing trip’s comfort, the Explorer consists of a round floatable table, and premium quality Veada Furniture refreshed with Puma Vinyl.

Misty Harbor is more than just a brand name, and their customer knows what #LivingTheToonLife is all about. I can assure you that Misty Harbor’s Explorer 1480 will give you a chance to make zillion memories with your loved ones and nature.

5. Elux Marine Stealth

Elux Marine StealthWho doesn’t enjoy a cruise trip with their loved ones on a luxurious yet eco-friendly pontoon? If you are one of these, then Elux Marine’s Stealth pontoon is all you need to know about.

Elux Marine Inc. is a pioneering Minnesota based boat manufacturing company that launched its groundbreaking all-new Elux electric luxury fiberglass pontoon this 2019.

This ultimate all-electric pontoon delivers a seamless boating experience for you, with no emissions to pollute and no ignition to fail.

This luxurious 24.5’ fiberglass pontoon requires a 72-volt 420 Amp lithium battery pack to power itself. The battery boasts an inboard electric motor that speeds up to 14 mph.

Stealth can easily accommodate 12 passengers and carry 2100 lbs. It features GPS navigation and a five-star sound system and costs $89,000.

Here are some mouth opening features of the famous electric pontoon Stealth:

  • GPS Simrad GO9 XSE with TotalScan transducer sonar
  • Infinity stereo with eight speakers, subwoofer, Bluetooth
  • Livorsi electronic throttle
  • HoLife 6KPA handheld portable vacuum 
  • USB 2.1A dual charger socket power outlets

Stealth is equipped with the latest accessories that make up for its high cost. These include boat fenders, pull-up cleats, drawstring boat cover, removable table, and lastly, recycling and trash bins. 

Elux Marine’s mission is to augment the pontoon experience by using the clean power of electricity, making the fun sustainable for you and your future generations as well. 

6. Princecraft Brio E-15

Princecraft Brio E-15Just like its radical twin Brio E-17, Princecraft’s 15-foot electric motor has very similar specifications and features the mighty German-built Torqeedo electric engine.

The Brio E-15 can carry around four people at least, along with a Torqeedo 2.0R or 4.0R engine, It’s the ultimate pontoon for small lakes or lakes that do not allow gas-powered engines.

Unlike regular pontoons, Brio E-15 is lightweight, which maximizes the motor efficiency and makes the pontoon easy to haul.

The Brio Electric series is compatible with two Torqeedo models, the Cruise 2.0R and the Cruise 4.0R, using a battery voltage of 24 Volts and 48 Volts, respectively.   

The Cruise 2.0R can conveniently replace a 5Hp gasoline outboard whereas, 4.0R can replace an 8 Hp gasoline outboard.   

It’s just got a shorter pontoon and deck length. It still looks incredible, though it doesn’t give you a lot of room entertainment.

As compared to the E-17 Brio, the E-15 has just got a shorter pontoon and deck length of about 4.6 meters. But the high-performance pontoon is a head-turner wherever it goes, for its sleek design and German engine.

Here are some features of Brio E-15, that will make you consider this pontoon for your next cruise:

  • Stern boarding ladder
  • Storage under all lounges
  • Optional console door
  • Optional power trim and tilt system for Torqeedo Motor
  • Control for electric engine

You can also upgrade the boat for its premium offerings; these optional features include a mood package with bow snack table, anti-skid vinyl flooring, raised rails, and more.

This maneuverable pontoon is guaranteed noise-free to go on a soothing trip while laughing and enjoying nature with a handful of friends.

7. Elux Marine Breeze

Elux Marine BreezeAfter the success of its luxury recreational pontoon boat Stealth, Marine Inc. launched its less pricey version called Breeze in 2020.

Elux Marine’s Breeze is 21’ in length and can carry ten passengers effortlessly. Like Stealth, Breeze also requires a 72 Volt Lithium battery that functions the electric motor at a continuous 20kw power.

The sturdy lithium battery ensures zero emissions in air or water, making sure there is no exhaust to smell. So if you are tired of gas spillage and oil slicks, Elux Marine’s Breeze is the solution to your problems.

The luxurious haul, available for $69,000, is designed to provide you with a trouble-free experience, making its operations and maintenance super easy. 

Following are Breeze’s specs that will give you more reasons for electric boating with the ELUX pontoon: 

  • Liquid-cooled PMAC brushless motor
  • On-board battery charger: Delta Q1500, 1200W max. DC output power
  • Livorsi electronic throttle
  • Scanstrut ROKK wireless phone charging cradle
  • LED bow and anchor lights

Apart from the specifications as mentioned above, the Breeze also consists of some state-of-the-art accessories. 

These include an 8′ x 10′ bimini top, a removable table, cup holders, snap cover with poles, optional center-lift trailer, and a stainless-steel transom gate.

Elux Breeze assures a noise-free electric boating experience where you can enjoy nature, listen to music, or have a quiet conversation with your loved ones without having to shout over a gasoline-powered engine.

8. Ray Electric ElectroCat 2017

Ray Electric ElectroCat 2017Just like all the aforementioned electric pontoons, Ray Electric’s ElectroCat is purpose-built to provide you a fun deck or fishing experiences. 

This spacious electric pontoon is a great fit for family entertainment. The pontoon features a plethora of amenities, including its beautiful fiberglass, sport steering wheel, AM/FM stereo system, and premium furnished seating with plenty of beverage holders. 

The 2017 Electrocat model is equipped with Ray Electric Outboard System 400 capable of producing 48 volt – 4 HP. 

Here are some of the specifications you may consider for Electrocat:

  • Extruded Z-bar chassis
  • Carefree MariDeck vinyl flooring
  • Captain Sport Bucket Seat on a slide
  • Ray Efficient Fiberglass Hulls
  • 9’ Sunbrella Bimini
  • Ray Remotely Adjustable Height Transom

If you have a large family and love fishing or cruising with them on lakes, rivers, ElectroCat is the best option. 

9. Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 XL

Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 XLThe Sun Tracker Bass Buggy 16 XL can carry seven passengers and is made to provide you great value for money. With its 16’ long and 8’ wide deck, the spacious beast can be used for various recreational activities. 

The electric pontoon supports your relaxing needs by providing a plushy L-lounge with storage holders beneath it. 

To cater to your fishing activities, dual bow fishing chairs provide you comfortable spots, along with a livewell, which is perfect for placing your keepers. 

Last but not least, Bass Buggy consists of three gates that provide quick access to the water, along with a foldable ladder, to provide you and your family an excellent swimming experience. 

Here are some specs for you to consider the Bass buggy:

  • 10+LIFE™ Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 24” (60.96 cm) diameter multi-chambered pontoon logs
  • Rotomolded furniture substructure
  • Forward-console 9-gal. (34.07 L) 
  • Console w/drink holders, vertical rod holder, rocker switches & storage space

With a No Haggle No Hassle price of just $10,995, the Bass Buggy 16 XL is a great value for families who want to make memories together on the water.

10. Moggaro Pontoon 500

Moggaro Pontoon 500Our last and favorite one is the Moggaro Pontoon 500. Moggaro has been producing aluminum pontoons characterized by maximum comfort, variety of designs, and styles. 

That’s why it’s significant clients are nautical tourism companies and resorts. The gorgeous electric pontoon is designed in a way to host a variety of parties making your special day more eventful.

You can distribute, decorate, and adapt the uses based on your requirement. Moggaro highly values your needs; therefore, this luxurious pontoon allows you endless customization.

So be it a BBQ party, a wedding, or a romantic dinner with your significant other, the 5.8-meter pontoon adds a beautiful outlook to your boating experience.  

Here are some specifications of the Moggaro Pontoon you might want to consider:

  • Hull length of 4.98 m
  • Beam 2.78 m (2.9m fender included)
  • Outboard engine up to 50 hp
  • Electric engine up to 20 kW
  • Modular assembly furniture

The Moggaro Pontoon 500 is powered by an electric motor, which not only makes it noise-free but eco-friendly as well. 

The electric pontoon is definitely worth your investment. It enhances your boating experience as if you are living in the sea.


Pontoon boats have evolved beyond just a form of leisure and conveyance. They have evolved into demonstrating a lifestyle that offers calming days on the water.

However, with more and more environmental pollution, greener and more sustainable recreation have also become evident. Electric pontoon boats are the one-stop solution for all your problems. 

Electric pontoon boats are not only cost-efficient, durable, noise-free but are also a viable solution against environmental cruelty. 

I hope our top 10 favorites give you an idea about electric pontoons and their usage to create cherishable memories with your loved ones.