ESEE Laser Strike Review
ESEE Laser Strike Review

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If you could only carry one survival tool for your adventure into the woods, then it has to be a knife, having a good-quality cutting blade that will help you overcome many challenges in the woods and will protect you. It is not unusual that a knife can be the only tool that always gets the word “survival” added to it because when you are in a position to help yourself using your own resources in times of danger, your odds of surviving get much better if you have a good quality knife.

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ESEE Laser Strike Review

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The ESEE Laser Strike knife has been around for quite some time now and time-tested by many users. This knife gets a lot of things done right in terms of quality, functionality and performance. It was earlier designed by TOPS knives but now ESEE manufactures the knife. This knife from ESEE is an amazing display of quality and craftsmanship with the ability to completely and most efficiently be used in any critical situation. While many survival knives in the market are dull and not practical, the manufacturer of this laser strike knife has ensured that it exceeds expectations at a reasonable price. This might not be that inexpensive compared to many other knives but its quality makes value for money. With an included fire starter feature, this is the knife you would not wish to be caught without in the wild. This is a must-have knife for serious survivalists.

The first and foremost thing that you will notice about the ESEE Laser Strike knife is the simple yet classic design. It is not at all a complicated knife. It is a very simple survival knife with a piece of steel and two handle scales. It is 10 inches long with a carbon steel blade of 5 inches, a perfect size that is not too long to carry and use comfortably and gives you amazing cutting power when you need it. The second thing that you will notice about this knife is that it is a little heavy but it is not heavy enough to be a burden to carry and use, but it has got a solid feel that you would not get in any other knife of this size.


Design: The knife is designed to provide top-level performance. The knife works extremely well in any situation requiring aggressive use. This is mainly due to the two main characteristics. One is the ridges at the back of its blade making it anti-slippery and the second one is the amazing design of the handle that is recommended for having the best anti-slippage grip. The robust design of the knife continues even with the sheath. Unlike most other blades that are poor in terms of the sheath design, this knife comes with a solid design that ensures you are able to protect it for years to come and maintain its durability and strength.

Blade: The knife has an extremely durable, carbon steel, 5-inch blade with a black powder coating. The blade is sabre grind but not quite flat, which helps in getting the perfect edge geometry as the blank this knife was cut from was very thick. The blade is made up of 1095 high carbon steel. It has a 4.5-inch cutting edge. The ridges at the back of the blade help in preventing slippage. This knife is extremely strong and has a heavyweight, which helps in perfect chopping and enables it to hack into things that would not have been possible with a blade of this size.

Full tang: The knife has a solid full tang design so it is built around a single 10-inch slab of steel. The full tang will go right through the handle so that it is completely durable. The solid tang matches the outline of the handle and also has a proper-sized finger choil with plenty of metal everywhere making it impossible to break while using in the woods. The full tang feature is very important as it helps prevent any breakage where the handle and the blade meet, so this feature is highly recommended for survivalists. For complete safety and practicality, solid full tang models like this one from ESEE are highly advised to be used.

Cutting Edge: The 4.5 inches long cutting edge is incredibly sharp. Since it is made up of carbon steel, it requires a little more maintenance than stainless steel material but it definitely makes for it through the ability to take and hold an amazing edge. ESEE Laser Strike can stand up to very heavy chopping and batoning without losing its sharpness. The edge of the knife is completely straight for most of its length, helping you to easily sharpen it and the last 1.5 inch curves up to meet the back. The spear point of the edge works really well for fine cutting. The thick, flat back surface of the spear point makes it a heavy-duty, competent skinning knife. There is also some jumping along the back of the blade to provide better control for any precision work.

ESEE Laser Strike
ESEE Laser Strike

Handle: The knife comes with 5 inches Canvas Micarta sturdy and comfortable handle along with a drill divet. The handle is moulded from Canvas-laminated Micarta material which is state-of-the-art material and extremely easy to grasp. Even if it is wet, the Micarta material’s texture makes gripping very easy. The design of the handle highly recommends for a good, anti-slippage grip. The woven surface texture of the handle gives excellent grip under wet conditions also and is complemented by the ergonomic shape. The finger groove behind the choil, bolster at the pommel end and the convex lower side gives a great hand-filling grip. The handle is 5 inches long and equally proportioned to the knife. In case of damage, it can easily be removed using a screwdriver. For more security, a lanyard hole is created through the scales and tank. The left scale has got a recess so as to take the top end of a fire bow that becomes quite a help if you want to light a fire in case of an emergency. It is a very strong and comfortable handle and one of the best features is the bow drill divet that is used to light a fire with a bow. Here, the fire steel flint and the tinder tabs are situated. The plastic material of the handle represents a very good choice in terms of durability and weight. This helps in making the knife lightweight with a solid handle that can work in toughest of situations. There is also a cord holding the handle washer in place. The washer is perfect for anyone who would need to quickly access the flint and tinder because it acts as a screwdriver.

Sheath: The Laser Strike’s sheath, made from Kydex, is a very durable piece of gear and includes tension adjuster to make it fit well. It even comes with a belt clip so that you can easily clip it onto your pants. The sheath has a good number of lashing holed down its edges and also a drain hole at the bottom. The retention system is amazing. When you sheath the knife, it locks in firmly so that it will not fall out on its own, unless you draw it out. At the side of the sheath, there is a slot and a tension bolt is fixed through that slot. The sheath works normally if the bolt is slid to the bottom-end of the slot. But if you slide it to the top, the knife gets locked firmly in the sheath and will not come out even if you pull it very hard. This ensures complete security. The sheath has got a removable paddle with very high-quality steel belt clip. The paddle can be mounted on either side of the sheath through the lashing holes with the supplied bolts.

Metalwork: All the metalwork of this knife has got a lightly textured matt-black coating that keeps it completely inconspicuous and also provides extra protection against rust.
Performance: The performance of this knife is at the highest level in the market. It is really hard to find a good performing knife at the same price like this one. It comes with the sharpest blade and performs the best with high skills. The carbon steel blade makes it easy to cut anything and everything. The blade is solidly made from a durable material, making it one of the most attractive options for survivalists in the market. The slightly bent design enables easy sharpening and can tackle any surface.

When in the wild, you should definitely own a good-quality knife for your safety that is sharp and durable. ESEE Laser Strike has been successful in exceeding all the expectations that serious survivalists have from a good-quality knife. It has passed the field test successfully and proves to be extremely effective in survival issues under various cases like:

  • Splitting tinder
  • Protecting yourself against wild animals
  • Starting a fire for cooking and keeping warm
  • Skinning animals
  • Shaving off the wood chips

You can even use it to kill animals, skin them or cut through the pieces of wood if required. It is, however, not meant to clear away brush because of its small size, but it excels as a knife in all other aspects. This knife from ESEE is ideal for all critical situations. When it comes to survival and safety, you definitely need a knife that you can always rely on. Because this has a solid full tang, it adds to its advantage of being the best knife to be taken to the woods. This knife is in a class of its own in terms of durability, functionality and performance.


  • The knife is extremely powerful with a solid and sharp blade of 1095 carbon steel.
  • It is a solid and sturdy camp knife with ideal dimensions.
  • The knife comes with a washer for removal of the handle.
  • The handle can be easily removed or replaced, if damaged, using a screwdriver.
  • The solid full tang feature prevents any breakage or damage of the knife, making it completely durable.
  • The sheath from Kydex is extremely durable and also features a tension adjuster for holding the knife securely with the amazing retention system.
  • The carbon steel of the blade makes it solid and extremely sharp.
  • The knife includes a flint and tinder.
  • The handle has an amazing grip and is anti-slippery even in wet conditions.
  • The knife is very easy to maintain and sharpen.
  • It is affordable.


The blade is likely to rust and stain if it not properly taken care of by the user. Although it is common for all knives, you should be aware of it in order to regularly clean and lubricate it for proper maintenance and longevity of the knife.

Final Thoughts

The ESEE Laser Strike is an amazingly robust and very effective knife, capable of fine cutting, slicing, batoning, chopping and skinning, all at its small size. It has an amazing design and innovative touches, making it look very attractive and classy. If you wish to own a simple, good-quality and dependable survival knife then this is the one for you given its easily affordable. It has a reasonable price given the qualities of being solid, sturdy, durable and extremely comfortable to use with excellent cutting power. The best part is it can be used to light a fire in the woods.

The ESEE Laser Strike is one of the best knives available in the market, offering value for money and having an overall simplicity and approach. It has been proved by this knife that even the simplest design and approaches can deliver excellent results when used in the right way. This is highly recommended for serious survivalists for being a strong, durable and aggressive knife.