Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Review
Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Review

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Are you planning a memorable adventure in the wild? Then you definitely need to figure out probably the last survivalist tool that you will be holding in case everything else is lost. That is how important a survival knife can be for outdoor pursuits. However, not all the camping or survival knives that are available are created equally. Read on for the rest of the Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Review.

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Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Review

Hence, you need to choose the right kind of knife for your requirements and that is when Fallkniven A1 survival knife comes into place. This is the ultimate choice for owning the best survival knife. It can be used to cut between the branches in the woods to make your way through, cut animals to prepare food, defend yourself from the predators, dig, or make spears and arrows.

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Fallkniven A1 survival knife is the ultimate Swedish survival knife, which you can any day expect a black ops operator to pull from a sheath during the rescue. It is definitely not a beginner’s knife and it strictly means business by its structure and features. The knife, with the technical design and ergonomics, exceeds the international standards for value, strength and personal security. It is an all-purpose knife for very heavy duty use. The extremely powerful blade is composed of hard and tough laminated VG10 steel that helps it withstand the stress of hard use. Given its ergonomic design, it is great to chop with and works really well at all daily tasks. You can easily strike the end of the knife without breaking the grip as the full tang goes through the handle completely. It comes with a sturdy black Zytel sheath to fasten it on your belt. This model works extremely well both in a very cold temperature and in stifling heat. It has a water repelling concept.

Features of Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife

Dimension: The Fallkniven A1 model is a semi-large knife that is perfect to be carried during excursions, hikes or to the campsites. It has an overall length of 280 mm and 160mm blade. It weighs around 305 gm. The thickness of the blade is about 0.24 inch. The blade has a drop point, 59 HRC, laminated VG10 stainless steel, exposed pommel, plain edge and convex grind.

Blade: The blade has a modified drop point design made up of very high-quality steel. It is composed of laminated VG10 Japanese steel that gives more than 20% strength in comparison to solid steel. The laminated VG10 comes with a very sharp edge. The benefit of this stainless steel is that this knife can hold up in cold conditions. The blade also has a convex grind that is extremely easy to chop wood. It is completely reliable to carve. The knife features a full tang that will help you get an amazing grip. The blade comes with a drop point design and features a satin finish that adds to its striking appearance.

This robust blade can withstand very heavy use. The knife is not that heavy and you can use it very efficiently. The blade has a sweeping belly and swedge for giving improved tip strength and amazing penetrating capability. The thick stock is partially flat ground and 6mm in thickness that terminates in a convex edge.

Design: This Fallkniven’s survival knife has a distinct design compared to other survival knives. It is constructed like a military cistern that makes it ideal for generic cutting and chopping activities and also prying a car door. The knife is proven to hold up to 556lbs before breaking in the field. This is one of the strongest survival knives that feature advanced quality construction materials.

Handle: The handle of this Swedish survival knife is constructed of Kraton that is a semi-rubbery, synthetic, high-density polymer. It is a full tang knife with thick laminated stock poking out through the handle. The handle design and construction is very simple with a lanyard tube inset near the pommel and a forward gauge. The handle of the knife is extremely comfortable. The Kraton material has a tackiness to it which is very important for chopping. The grip of the handle is accentuated by fine diamond-shaped texturing. The handle is very thick and gives you enough support and the rubbery Kraton polymer helps in absorbing the shock from hard pounding. The ergonomic handle lets you use the knife for daily chores. The Kraton polymer makes the handle durable and flexible. It also ensures resistance to weathering, chemicals, shocks, and heat. It offers very high traction. The comfort and feel of the handle are excellent even in wet conditions.

Full Tang: This model comes with a full tang with a metal bottom for perfect hammering. You can see the metal at the end of its handle as it has a full tang, which is extremely helpful in case the handle broke off as you would be able to use the knife even then. The protruding metal allows for hammering if required. This is a great feature. With a full tang feature, you will find the knife to be completely unbreakable and the blade will never be removed from the handle. If you want a survival knife that has the ability to withstand a lot of hard use and abuse then you will definitely opt for one with a full tang like this A1 model from Fallkniven.

Sheath: The knife is shipped with Zytel polymer sheath which is simple and lightweight in nature. Polymer sheath has a lot of advantages like they are very easy to clean and this Zytel sheath features a drain hole so that it can survive in the wet conditions. This polymer sheath does not react to water or extremely cold weather. The sheath holds the survival knife securely and helps in easy one-hand insertion and removal. It hangs freely as it has got a simple belt loop. The belt loop will require you to remove the belt in order to put the sheath on or take it off the belt as there is no quick release with any snap closure or Velcro. You will, however, not find any way to carry it horizontally. On an average, the molded injection Zytel sheath offers a neat and secure safe and a very strong combination of qualities that you may find attractive.

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife Review
Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife

What is the Knife Good for?

The survival knife is a versatile one that exceeds your expectation in terms of quality, standards and value. It is an amazing bushcraft knife to be used by you in the wild and is most likely to set up a global standard. Meant for military personnel, this knife does it all and is ideal for the following purposes:

  • Cutting anything that you need.
  • Chopping during your daily activities.
  • Protecting against any attackers or to kill any animal for food. The razor sharp product can be really defensive when required. You can keep your distance in case you are attacked and you are required to defend yourself as it is about 11 inches.
  • Prying can be easily done using this knife.
  • Hammering is also possible as the knife features a protruding blade at the end of the hand which will help you to hammer and cut through brush with complete ease.

If you are in search of an amazing all around sharp and durable blade, then this excellently crafted knife is meant for you. The A1 survival knife is very expensive but amazingly efficient one that serves all purpose well. With a fully functional, sturdy, no-slip handle and a curved edge, this Swedish knife will be very useful as a defensive tool that can be used for daily chores too. It is much better served as a survival strategy tool for all your outdoor requirements.


  • This survival knife from Fallkniven is very sharp and extremely durable in nature.
  • The 11 inches length of the knife helps you to keep your distance while you are defending yourself whenever you are attacked. The length is a plus point for a serious jungle survivalist or hiker in you.
    It has been tested by the military to check for the military toughness and sharpness and is proved to have a very sharp edge even after you have used it for years.
  • It does not react to extreme temperatures.
  • The knife comes with an ergonomic design with various functionalities attached to its handle and blade that makes it the only choice as a survival knife.
  • It has been known to be the finest knife with an evenly distributed weight that makes it a perfect throwing knife for you in any sort of competition or for the hunt of wild hog. The handle is so well crafted and well fitted along with the A1 being sharp out of the gate, that it makes the knife to have one of the best finishes in comparison to other survival knives in the market.
  • The full tang that is covered in a material known as “Thermorun” helps in resisting heat, extreme cold weather, scratches and hard use. It allows for a very good grip even in wet conditions.
  • The blade is meant to be used comfortably for a very long period of time with very much less fatigue than other survival knives. The convex grind and cobalt steel material of the blade makes is super tough and also helps in keeping a sharp edge for a long period of time. The pommel, being bare metal, is very effective as a striking utensil.
  • The knife is meant to do small detailed work as well as baton very heavy firewood.
  • The solid metal of the knife can withstand vigorous work.
  • It features a safety element called the finger guard to save you from hurting yourself.
  • The Zytel sheath maintains the dryness of the knife and helps in withstanding wet conditions.


  • The blade is made up of laminated stainless steel of cobalt makes it a very hard blade which also means that it is very difficult to sharpen the blade. It could be very hard to sharpen it in the wild if the sharpness goes away from the edge of the knife.
  • The Zytel sheath has a poor design and is a bit weak in nature.
  • The Kraton grips tend to become very tacky.
  • This survival knife is a little expensive and might not be an option for you to buy if you are on a budget.

The Fallkniven A1 is the knife that is needed to be experienced by you in order to fully appreciate it. The sleek and simple look of the knife makes it really attractive. Everything lies in the convex grind and the slab of steel and the knife just does its job perfectly. The Zytel sheath totally works and is very lightweight in nature, making it more comfortable. It is a very high performing sheath, only that it does not have any added feature of bells and whistles. But, overall the knife is thoroughly impressive and cuts exceedingly well.

The amazing blade of 6.3 inches made up of advanced-quality steel features very high-quality materials and has got an excellent finish. Also, with a handle meant to perfectly fit in your hand and having a classic blade look and finish, this blade is the incarnation of the perfect all-purpose survival knife. The knife has got amazing reviews and very high rating in the market. These facts will speak a lot about the popularity and reliability of the survival knife from Fallkniven. It is a highly recommended survival knife if you are planning to go for an adventure into the wild as it will definitely help you as an effective defensive tool and you can also use it for your regular activities like cutting and chopping.