Fiberglass Camper Travel Trailers

Planning for a recreational trip for almost a week or so? Then traveling in the camper travel trailers can be the best option for you. These cozy travel trailers make you feel like home no matter wherever you are. 

Also, they let you carry every important stuff along with you on the trip. So, you can feel secure and comfortable. Besides this, there are many purposes of fiberglass camper travel trailers. 

They can be your vanity vans or can be your mobile restaurant. Thus, there are numerous advantages to owning these camper travel trailers. 

In this article, you are going to get all the basic information about 10 Great Fiberglass Camper Travel Trailers. Also, the article contains all the aspects you need to look before buying your own camper travel trailers. 

10 Great Fiberglass Camper Travel Trailers

Right before looking for any fiberglass camper travel trailer, you must read about these top 10 picks of travel trailers. 

Classic Casita Experience

Want to experience something stylish yet comfortable? Then you must go for the Classic Casita Experience. With this luxurious and modern travel trailer, you can add life to your event or trip.

This travel trailer features two separate interconvertible sleeping areas to accommodate four to six people easily. Moreover, you can also convert these sleeping areas into dinettes. Nice meal for 6 people inside the trailer – not a bad idea!

Out of the two dinettes, the one placed at the screened window provides a perfect view while dining.

The Classic Casita Experience comes in two different sizes, weights, and models. Be it deluxe or standard model; you can always opt for two sizes – 16 feet or 17 feet. 

Also, this fiberglass camper travel trailer is light in weight. Hence, it makes mobility easy.

As I told you Casita Experience offers two models; deluxe and standard. What’s so different about them?

The deluxe model features a bath and shower. Other than this, it can accommodate up to four people. Whereas, the standard model lets six people sleep easily in it. Also, the standard model is easy to set up and maneuver. 

Its insulated interior provides sufficient space for storage. In addition to this, the interior is airy and well-ventilated because of the windows. 


  • Easy to set and tow
  • Spacious and accommodating
  • Light in weight


  • Low accommodation capacity in Deluxe model

Oliver Legacy Elite

Oliver Legacy Elite is famous for its small towable size and weight. Its decent and spacious design offers you an amazing experience while camping. More of its important features are as under.

Measuring around 18.5 feet, this travel trailer runs on a single axle. Despite its double-hulled body of fiberglass, the trailer is light in weight. Hence, it needs minimum fuel to run. 

The travel trailer comes in a unique design of a double-hulled body. Furthermore, this vehicle is suitable for all seasons as it has a durable fiberglass body.

Coupled with the durability factor, another cool feature of the Oliver Legacy is it’s monitoring system. Now you can see how your battery’s performing or how much water is left in the tank. In short, it keeps you updated with the status of your camper, so that you can take necessary precautions beforehand.

The trailer includes two interconvertible dinettes. You can use the one-sided dinette for seating two people. Then, the dinette on the rear provides seating space to almost five people. 

Pretty cool option, isn’t it? Use any of the dinettes according to your need and mood. 

And mind you; it’s not just about seating; the one-side dinette transforms into a single bed, and the one on the rear becomes a standard floor size bed. It measures 74 inches by 52 inches. In short, the trailer offers ample amount of space for sleeping so you can never miss your naps.

Another top feature of Ollie is its solar power supply, so you never miss a single moment of your trip. Thanks to this facility, you can now explore more beyond your camping site, without fearing about the power cuts. 


  • Offers solar panel
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ample space


  • One standard model is available only

Venture RV’s Sonic X

The giant Venture RV’s Sonic X is one of the favorite choices of campers. Due to its sturdy design and body, the trailer serves multiple purposes. You can even use it as a temporary facility for film crew. Alternatively, it can be a mobile restaurant in fairs and festivals. 

Measuring around 26 feet in length, this is one of the biggest trailers among our picks. Its revamped model of 2020 can accommodate a whole family. 

What makes people go crazy about this trailer is its sustainability. As it is equipped with a solar panel and water filtration system, this trailer has everything to let you tour tension-free.

Featuring four solar panels of 100 watts and a 2000 watt inverter, this trailer has enough power to keep the AC on. Besides this, it can also go for a longer duration of five hours without constant charging.

Furthermore, the water filtration systems of this trailer can draw water easily for up to a distance of 75 meters. 

The 250-ampere lithium battery is powerful enough to keep the solar panels charged for five hours. Also, you can charge your mobile phones and heavier appliances. 

Thanks to its sturdy body and wheel that you can now easily go off-road. With its 15 inch tires, you can go anywhere you want. Other than this, the guard bars provide safety to the bottom of your trailer.

From murphy beds to bunks, glass doors to kitchen, the trailer is all equipped with everything that you need on a daily basis. Thus, it keeps your trip smooth, hassle-free, and luxurious.

If you are a fan of the European style kitchen, then you are going to love this model. You will find a fridge for ample storage. So you can easily keep your fruits, food, and beverages safe there. 

Also, it contains a stove with three burners. Lastly, the kitchen also contains a stainless steel sink. 


  • Revamped model
  • Solar panel available
  • Features filtration system


  • Offers standard model only

Little Guy Max

As the name suggests, this fiberglass camper travel trailer from Little Guy Max is little in size. However, it offers all the unique functions that other trailers offer. To know more about its specifications, keep reading:

Although the trailer comes in a standard model, it provides all features which you might get in the deluxe of other trailers. 

From sleeping area to kitchen and baths, this trailer has a lot to offer you in its standard model. There are different color options so you can easily get the color of your own choice. 

On top of that, you can also add other add-on features in your Max trailer.

In its comfy sleeping area, almost three people can sleep easily. Also, the interior offers a large storage and seating space. We bet you’d fall in love with Max’s classy interior. It has all you can imagine. 

  • First, its hardwood cabinets add style to the trailer
  • Second, the stainless sink in the kitchen keeps your kitchen rust free 
  • Third, the kitchen contains a two-burner stove with a glass top
  • Fourth, there is a kitchen pantry of full height. So you can never face a cluttered kitchen. 
  • Fifth, it also features a 24 inches TV. Lastly, it offers a queen-size bed.

Hence, this trailer has all you need to make your weekend lively. 

The trailer has a complete package for your entertainment. With its Bluetooth connectivity and DVD Playback, you can enjoy whatever you want. 

Also, exterior speakers and exterior TV mount add a cinematic look to your trip. In addition to a bedroom TV, there is also a 24 inches dinette TV. 


  • Features entertainment system
  • Classy kitchen
  • Ideal for smaller families


  • Only the standard model available

Casita Independence

If you are looking for fiberglass camper travel trailers for a couple only, then Casita Independence is going to be the ideal option for you. This trailer has been designed especially for two people, to make your journey hassle-free. 

With its two cozy permanent beds, the trailer provides enough space to let two people sleep easily. Also, the beds are placed in such a way that there is enough space in the trailer to walk around. 

You will find sufficient storage space in this trailer. Also, it provides easy access to the bathroom and kitchen without disturbing the other person. 

There are three full-sized windows with a picture screen. Not only do these windows allow proper ventilation in the room, but they also add sufficient light in the room. Hence, you will feel no suffocation in the room at all. 

Unlike the other Casita model, this trailer is only available in one premium size of 17 feet. Also, due to the fiberglass body, the trailer is light in weight. Thus it is easy to maneuver and tow the trailer.

If one size was a turn off, you can afford a smile seeing there are two model options. Yes, Casita Independence can be had in a deluxe model, and a standard model. 

As always, the deluxe model can accommodate only two people at a time, while the standard model, with spacious interiors, can accommodate up to four people easily. But the standard model doesn’t give you that much luxury as you would get in a deluxe model. Yes, you don’t get a spacious and comfy bathroom in the standard model. 

Another positive is, you can upgrade your Casita trailer by adding other optional features. For instance, you can add a patio awning or a furnace, or even think about adding roller shades, tongue jacks, trailer cover, and a distribution hitch. 

This way, you can customize your trailer the way you want.


  • Well-ventilated
  • Easy to tow 
  • Available in two models


  • The deluxe model can accommodate only two persons

Escape 21

Ready to escape out of the hectic daily routine? Escape 21 is there for your service. No matter if you are new at RVing or a professional one, this pick is going to help you a lot during your trip.

The sleeping area of this trailer is spacious enough to house almost four people. Also, you can convert the rear dinette into a double bed. 

Other than this, there are eight inches plus mattress with seat cushions. In addition to this, you will also find reading light in the room.

Its open design provides ample storage capacity. So you can take all the important stuff along with yourself on the trip. 

If you look under dinette and bed, you will find sufficient storage space. Other than these spaces, you will also find a wardrobe. Also, you can add further interior storage in the trailer. 

If you want to carry additional stuff along with you, you can easily rely on this trailer. It lets you add further additional capacity in trailers. 

So you can place and organize anything you want. Besides adding extra space, you can also add extra windows for ventilation.

With its single-piece fiberglass shell, the trailer lets you clean the body easily. Furthermore, its body is waterproof. 

So you will have no second thought before camping at the seaside or any other water body. Its durable and secure body protects the interior of the trailer. 

You will find two roof vents in the interior of this trailer. Moreover, you can also customize the interior. 

So you can choose between the oak or maple. Also, there are reading lamps available at your bedside. 

Here you will find a two-burner stove with a glass top. In addition to this, the sink and faucet are made up of stainless steel. Hence there is no worry like corrosion or rust.


  • Ample storage capacity
  • Reading light available
  • Seat cushions available


  • The single shell body can be less durable than other RVs on the list

Airstream’s Globetrotter

Born somewhere in the 1960s, the Airstream gathered massive attention due to its painted words of Globe Trotter. After this, the whole range of Globetrotter was developed for exploration purposes.

Want to explore the world in an ultra-modern trailer? Then Aiststream’s Globetrotter is the best pick for you. So, let’s take a look at some of the worth-mentioning features in this Globetrotter.

Its sleek and crisp design adds style to your trip. Moreover, its neutral color keeps the game luxurious yet modern. 

This trailer offers a spacious floor plan for eight people. So you can easily head anywhere with your whole family. 

Also, you can select between a queen-size bed or twin beds. It is up to you whether you want to place beds on the rear side or at the front. 

Thanks to its spacing capacity, almost six people can sleep in the trailer easily. Thus, it is specially designed for big families. 

Are you feeling like home, even in your trailer? That’s what Airstream actually wants. Its modern kitchen and home appliances are there to make your life easy and headache-free. 

The curved cabinets are there to make you work safely and securely. Also, the blunt-edge countertops with cabinets step up the game. So you cook, store or do whatever you want during the trip.

Who doesn’t love to watch movies or listen during a vacation trip? That’s where this trailer comes to serve you with its entertainment package. Its touch screen stereo and Apple Airplay make your journey memorable.

Also, Wifi and Bluetooth keep all the devices integrated and connected with others. So you won’t have to look for extra cables. Nor is there any connectivity problem. 

One of the great features of this trailer is its perfectly blended color scheme. Copenhagen cream color adds style to the seating. While dark walnut cabinets and white tops perfectly complement the whole interior.


  • Ideal for bigger families
  • Bedding options available
  • Stylish kitchen
  • Well organized color scheme
  • Up-to-date with the latest gadgets


  • No solar panel available

Escape 17

Looking for a small camping trailer, which is easy to turn and maneuver? Then Escape 17 is there for your help. 

Its durable and sturdy body makes your trips safe. What else can you find in this trailer? Readout to know more about it.

The trailer has no wet bathroom. Hence it leaves no messy footprints on the environment. Also, due to this, the whole trailer remains clean and clear. 

Therefore, this trailer is suitable for tent camping. 

Its body is made up of fiberglass in two pieces. The upper and lower body fits into each other perfectly to add durability and strength to the trailer. 

Also, its single axle keeps the movement of the trailer easy. Moreover, the fiberglass body makes the trailer lighter in weight.

In order to keep your traveling cost under control, this trailer offers an aerodynamic design that keeps the weight of the trailer light. Furthermore, you can tow the trailer even with a mid-size SUV or recreational van. 

Other than making the trailer light, this design keeps the trailer stable on the road. Also, its design resists wind effectively. 

Thus, it is a perfect trailer for camping, even in windy and unfavorable seasons.

Its interior is designed in a luxurious way. So you never miss the comfort level of your home. The first two roof vents keep the trailer airy. 

Second, you can customize your interior in either maple or oak flooring. Third, its ultra-modern kitchen makes your cooking effortless. 

Last, you can add a larger fridge of four cubic feet to meet your storage needs.

There is a permanent bed at the trailer’s front. Other than this, there is a convertible rear dinette so you can make a double bed out of it.

For your comfort, high-density cushions are also there.

For your safety, there is an emergency exit in the trailer. Also, there are fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Thus, you can travel with complete safety in this trailer.


  • Aerodynamic design
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Fridge up-gradation facility
  • Latest fire-safety equipment available


  • Features no solar panel
  • Smaller bathroom

Airstream’s Flying Cloud

Airstream Flying Cloud is all about traveling with comfort, style, and luxury. You can never miss a single moment of fun with this fiberglass camper travel trailer. Airstream models have always been trendy, as they focus more on looks and out-of-the-box designs.

And Flying Cloud is a great example. Its versatile and unique design makes it family-friendly. Also, its sleek design adds style to your trip.

Other than this, the shiny silver color of the exterior makes the trailer distinguishable from anywhere. Hence, it is ideal for your family and friends. 

Do you know what the best feature of this trailer is? Well, it offers you 16 spacing plans from which you can choose your favorite one. 

Now, it is completely up to you which type of plan you want according to your comfort, mood, and people. 

Also, it can accommodate almost six to eight people for sleeping at a time. Hence, this trailer is ideal for larger families or any bigger event.

In addition to windows and vents, you will also find a rear hatch in this trailer. Although this feature was limited to special editions, the manufacturers decided to add this feature to this model. So you can have an additional ventilation facility.

Just open the hatch while having lunch or dinner. So you can enjoy an airy and breezy atmosphere while having dinner or lunch. 

Bring whatever you want to keep with you while camping. With Flying Cloud, you will not have to look for extra spacing options. In its roomy cabinets and spacious interior, you can place anything you want. 

So do not forget to bring your sports kit, food, beverages, and other additional stuff before heading towards your destination. 

For your convenience, this trailer offers a variety of modern and state of the art appliances. So you can enjoy your love for cooking even at camping. 

The kitchen has a four-burner stove. Along with it, there is a cooking vent and an optional microwave.

Another amazing feature of this fiberglass camper travel trailer is its solar kit. You can add an optional solar kit or solar panel for your convenience. Thus, the trailer gives you a sustainable solution to your charging and battery problems.

Other than this, you can also add a battery to upgrade your trailer. Hence it is a complete package for your entertainment and safety. 


  • Additional ventilation capacity
  • Features entertainment system
  • Solar panel available


  • No extra spacing options

Casita Heritage

This fiberglass camper travel trailer from Casita Heritage is perfect for larger families. So you can enjoy the weather and adventurous journey with all of your family members. Here is what else you can expect from this travel trailer.

Its stylish and sleek design upgrades your journey. You can go anywhere you want with this camper travel trailer. 

Also, its sturdy fiberglass body adds strength to the trailer. Thanks to its lightweight, the trailer is easy to tow, turn and maneuver. 

The trailer accommodates almost four to six people in its sleeping area very efficiently. Thanks to its convertible dinettes, making space to sleep is not a problem anymore. 

Other than the sleeping area, you can make room for a seating area in your trailer. This convertible dinette offers a seating capacity for four people conveniently. 

Thus this trailer is ideal for larger families. Also, you can go on a vacation trip with your friends.

You can either choose from standard and deluxe models of this trailer. The deluxe model offers a sleeping area for four people. 

Also, it contains a shower and a spacious bathroom. You will also find a roof-mounted AC in the deluxe model of this trailer. 

Whereas, the standard model is spacious enough for six people. Also, for ventilation, there is a vent on the roof. So your trailer can stay airy and cool.

This travel trailer is available in two different sizes. So it is up to you to either go for a 17 feet or 16 feet size option. 

Furthermore, due to being light in weight, the trailer is easy to tow and easy to move. 

You can update your fiberglass camper travel trailer by adding some features. For instance, you can add a furnace or a patio awning into your trailer. 

Other add-on options include shades, jack, hitch, etc.


  • Light in weight
  • Sturdy
  • Spacious


  • Lacks solar panel


Ready to go on a calm, soothing, and hassle-free journey? Then you must look for the top fiberglass camper travel trailers first. 

This way, you can upgrade your trip and can stay connected with your loved ones. However, picking the right trailer can be a difficult task. 

So, to help you find the right one, we have picked some of the top fiberglass camping travel trailers. These selected fiberglass camper travel trailers are here to make your journey memorable. 

Also, you can use these camper travel trailers as your on-the-go restaurant or shop. Thus, you can safely rely on our picks to make your event mesmerizing. 


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