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Fifth wheel campers are brilliant for cross country trips, camping, and vacations in faraway places. With a quality Fifth wheel camper, you can have fun and create lifelong memories. However, not all Fifth wheel campers are the same. Some are better designed and have more features than others.

In this article, I will share with you the top 10 front kitchen Fifth wheels. These are campers with kitchens located in the front right next to their living areas. You can easily prepare a hot meal in these campers while interacting with your family or guest(s) in their living rooms.

The list below contains only the best-rated front kitchen Fifth wheels on the market. 

Best Front Kitchen Fifth Wheels

1. Keystone Alpine 3800FK Fifth wheel


  • Shipping Weight: 13,414 lbs
  • Carrying Capacity: 3,086 lbs
  • Hitch: 2740 lbs
  • Length: 41′ 5″
  • Height: 13′ 4″
  • Fresh Water: 54 gal.
  • Waste Water: 44 gal.
  • Gray Water: 78 gal.
  • LPG: 60
  • Tire-Size: ST235/80R16G
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4

The brand “Keystone” is owned by Thor Industries – one of the largest and most successful RV manufacturers in the United States. Thor Industries has been making quality RVs since time immemorial and all their Keystone RVs are known to be quality recreational vehicles with multiple amenities. Keystone RVs are also known to be dependable, comfortable, and affordable.

The Keystone Alpine 3800FK is a front kitchen Fifth wheel. It is one of the most spacious and luxurious Fifth wheels available on the market! 

The best thing about it is its interior. The interior looks stunning. It is also well-planned and genuinely spacious. The thing that stands out the most about this camper’s interior is the fact that it comes with 2 bathrooms. Only a handful of campers are fitted with two bathrooms as a standard.

The second best thing about this RV is its sleeping capacity. This RV can sleep six people. Two people can sleep in its spacious master bedroom, while the rest can sleep in its convertible sleeping areas in its living area. Speaking of the living area, it is wide and it looks and feels spacious.

Next to this camper’s living area, is its front kitchen. The kitchen has a three-burner cooktop, a sink, a countertop, a refrigerator, and an oven. The refrigerator in this kitchen is big and perfect for storing food.

This camper a great option for all those looking for a family-friendly front kitchen Fifth wheel camper.

2. Forest River Cedar Creek 38EFK model (2020 model)

Forest River Cedar Creek 38EFK model (2020 model)

  • Hitch Weight: 2700 lb.
  • GVWR: 18000 lb.
  • UVW: 14354 lb.
  • CCC: 3646 lb.
  • Exterior Length: 41′ 8″
  • Exterior Height: 13′ 5″
  • Exterior Width: 96″
  • Fresh Water: 57.00 gal.
  • Gray Water: 80.00 gal.
  • Black Water: 40.00 gal.
  • Awning Size:16′ & 21′

Forest River makes some of the toughest and most durable Fifth wheel campers. This particular camper is one of the best ones on the market and it is, of course, a front kitchen camper.

This camper is big in size. It is long and it measures just less than 14,500 pounds. This weight should tell you that it comes with many features/ amenities. Although this camper is big, it has a gorgeous streamlined design. Inside, it has an appealing and comfortable design that looks and feels very cozy.

This front kitchen Fifth wheel comes with a big bedroom and it has other spacious sleeping areas. It can sleep six people in total. This makes it for any families with six or fewer members.

It also has a beautiful and cozy living room featuring two hideaway couches. These couches plus the theater seating in this room are enough for families of six or fewer members. In addition to the couches and the theater seats, this camper’s living room has a fireplace, a big-screen TV, and USB ports for charging phones and other devices. 

There is a full bathroom in this camper. It comes with a shower, a toilet, a sink, a washer, and a dryer. 

This RV’s kitchen is a front kitchen. It is a big kitchen that has a countertop, a sink, a dining table, a 4-burner cooktop, an oven, a microwave, and a refrigerator. The refrigerator in this kitchen has an inbuilt quick icemaker. So it is perfect for preparing icy drinks or refreshments.

3. Jayco Northpoint 383FKWS Fifth wheel

Jayco Northpoint 383FKWS Fifth wheel

  • UVW: 13,495 lbs
  • CCC: 3,005 lbs
  • GVWR: 16,500 lbs
  • DHW: 3,750 lbs
  • Length: 43′ 7″
  • Height: 13′ 5″
  • Width: 8′ 0″
  • Fresh Water: 75 gal.
  • Gray Water: 37 gal.
  • Black Water: 37 gal.
  • Water Heater: 10 gal.
  • Black Water (secondary): 37 gal.
  • Furnace BTU: 40,000
  • Propane: 60 lbs
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4-6

Like the Keystone Fifth wheel I reviewed first on this list, this Jayco Fifth wheel is also made by Thor Industries. It is one of the other brands owned by Thor Industries. All Jayco campers are known to be strong and to have multiple amenities. 

This Jayco camper is a Fifth wheel. While most Jayco Northpoint campers have their kitchens located in the back, this particular one has a front kitchen. The kitchen is relatively large when compared to the kitchens normally found in Fifth wheels. In it, you will find a 3-burner stove, a sizeable oven that can roast a chicken, a big refrigerator, and a countertop for preparing meals. This camper’s kitchen also includes a sink. 

One of the most impressive things about this camper is that it has an impressive fresh water capacity of 75 gallons. This volume of water can push you and your family for several days. 

However, the best thing about this Jayco Northpoint Fifth wheel is the fact that it can sleep many people. A total of six people can sleep in this trailer. Two people can sleep in its main sleeping area/ bedroom, while others can sleep on its two convertible sofa beds.

This Jayco Northpoint camper has a spacious and luxurious living area. This is because it has multiple slide-outs that you can open to make it spacious when you reach your camping destination. 

One more thing I must mention about this Jayco Fifth wheel is the fact that it has a hidden external kitchen. So if you like preparing meals outdoors while camping, it will be a very attractive option for you.

4. Palomino Columbus 387Fk front kitchen Fifth wheel

Palomino Columbus 387Fk front kitchen Fifth wheel

  • Hitch Weight: 2255 lbs
  • GVWR: 16200 lbs
  • UVW: 13047 lbs
  • CCC: 3,153 lbs
  • Exterior Length: 41′ 2″
  • Exterior Height: 12′ 4″
  • Exterior Width: 101″
  • Fresh Water: 75.00 gal.
  • Gray Water: 78.00 gal.
  • Black Water: 39.00 gal.
  • Awning Size: 19′

The Palomino Columbus is an impressive Fifth wheel camper. It has been around for years. The current version (the 2020 version) is one of the best campers ever made! This is because it is spacious and it has a big front kitchen, a big living area, and multiple storage areas. It is also because of the fact that it is perfect for families since it can sleep six people.

The specific Palomino Columbus model with a front kitchen is the 387FK model. It is a brilliant model with a big bedroom in the back. The bedroom is big because it has a slide-out (one of the camper’s six slide-outs). The bedroom has a big bed fitted with a premium quality mattress. Sleeping it will feel no different from sleeping in your own bed. 

Two convertible sofas in this Fifth wheel can be used as additional sleeping areas in case you want to travel and camp in it with your family.
If you love cooking, you will love the kitchen in this Fifth wheel. This is because it is spacious and it has multiple features and amenities including a refrigerator, a large oven, a multi-burner cooktop, a countertop, pantry shelves, and so on. 

What is most impressive about this Fifth wheel’s front kitchen is the oven. It is perfect for baking cookies, biscuits, or preparing chicken. 

As is the case with the best campers, this camper comes with a full bathroom which includes a shower stall and a toilet. 

It is an amazing RV, to say the least!

5. Keystone Montana 3740FK

Keystone Montana 3740FK

  • Shipping Weight: 13,755 lbs
  • Carrying Capacity: 2,745 lbs
  • Hitch: 2,560 lbs
  • Length: 40′ 2″
  • Height: 13′ 5″
  • Fresh Water: 66 gal.
  • Waste Water: 39 gal.
  • Gray Water: 78 gal.
  • LPG: 60
  • Tire-Size: ST235/80R16G
  • Sleeping Capacity: 6

This is the second Keystone Fifth wheel in this list of top 10 Fifth wheels with front kitchens. This is a clear indicator that Keystone brand campers by Thor Industries are very good quality recreational vehicles.

The Keystone Montana series RVs are known for being strong and ruggedized. They are some of the best campers for off-road and off-grid camping! This particular model, the Keystone Montana 3740FK, is a brilliant front kitchen family recreational vehicle! This is because it has a very generous sleeping capacity of eight people. In other words, it is camper that you can use to take your family camping or to an amazing cross country destination even if your family has many members. 

The Keystone Montana 3740FK comes with a full bathroom which includes a standard toilet and an enclosed stand up shower. 

This camper comes with a big front kitchen. The front kitchen includes a big refrigerator that can handle frequent travel on rough terrain. It also includes a big three-burner stove, a small oven, a countertop, and a booth dinette that can sit four. It is a very nice kitchen for preparing nice and hot meals. 

If you intend to camp away from civilization for days at a time, you will love this camper’s 66-gallon freshwater tank capacity. 

However, if you decide to stay off-grid for days at a time, you should buy a wastewater tank (a portable one) because this camper’s black water tank is somewhat small.

6. Heartland Big Country BC 3895 FK

Heartland Big Country BC 3895 FK

  • GVWR: 16,500 Lbs
  • Dry Weight: 14,141 Lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 2,907 Lbs
  • Carrying Capacity: 2,311 Lbs
  • Width: 8′-0″
  • Height: 13′-3″
  • Length: 42′-3″
  • Square Feet: 426 Sq Ft
  • Sleeping Capacity: 5-6
  • Fresh Tank: 65 Gal
  • Gray Tank: 90 Gal
  • Black Tank: 90 Gal
  • Water Heater: 12 Gal
  • Furnace: 40,000 BTU

Heartland has been making brilliant big-size campers for a very long time. Even though the company is now part of the Thor Industries group (the same company that makes quality Keystone RVs), it still largely maintains its original identity. 

The Heartland Big Country BC 3895 FK Fifth wheel is a big front kitchen camper. It is massive because it has multiple slide-out sections that you can open to make it more spacious when you reach a camping destination. When all of this camper’s slide-outs are deployed, you can camp in it comfortably with your family without feeling squeezed.

This Heartland RV comes with a sizeable private bedroom in the back. This bedroom has a comfy king-size bed and multiple storage areas. 

In this camper’s main living area, there is another big bed (a queen-size bed) and two convertible sofas. In total, six people can sleep comfortably in this camper. 

The front of this camper has a good size kitchen for food preparation. This kitchen includes a nice size countertop, a 3-burner stove, an oven, and a refrigerator. 

It also comes with a full bathroom and it has a maximum freshwater capacity of gallons. 

The only thing you may not like about it is its weight. It weighs over 14,000 pounds. However, because it is a big-size camper, this is expected,

7. Forest River Cardinal Limited 402FKLE

Forest River Cardinal Limited 402FKLE

  • Hitch Weight: 2,420 lb.
  • GVWR: 15,500 lb.
  • UVW: 12,329 lb.
  • CCC: 3,171 lb.
  • Exterior Length: 41′ 1″
  • Exterior Height: 13′ 3″
  • Exterior Width: 96″
  • Fresh Water: 64.00 gal.
  • Gray Water: 76.00 gal.
  • Black Water: 29.00 gal.
  • Awning Size: 10′ & 15′

In my opinion, this is one of the best front kitchen Fifth wheels ever made. This is because it has a front kitchen, a breakfast bar, two entry doors, a private suite, a bathroom, an outdoor shower.

The thing I love the most about this Forest River camper is the fact that it comes with a nice size kitchen area. The kitchen has everything you need to prepare nice home meals when camping. The breakfast bar is located next to this kitchen.

The middle of this camper is its living area. It has theater/ sofas, a big fireplace, and a TV area. So it is perfect for relaxing. 

The aforementioned private suite comes with a big bed that can accommodate a Serta mattress. The bed has a power outlet on either side and multiple storage areas including a wardrobe. 

Like all the Fifth wheels I have mentioned so far in my article, this one too has a full bathroom.

This camper’s special features including an automatic leveling system, noise-free A/Cs, and a ruggedized body.

8. CrossRoads RV Cameo CE4021FK

CrossRoads RV Cameo CE4021FK

  • Dry Weight: 12846 lbs
  • Exterior Length: 41 ft 11 in
  • Carrying Capacity: 2554 lbs
  • Hitch Weight: 2710 lbs
  • L.P. Gas: 60 lbs
  • Exterior Width: 8 ft 0 in
  • Sleeps: 4
  • Fresh Water: 64 gal
  • Black Water: 38 gal
  • Gray/Galley Water: 76 gal

This CrossRoads RV camper is the first of two CrossRoads Fifth wheels I have included on this list. I have included it because it is a quality, luxurious, and cozy front kitchen Fifth wheel. 

The camper features a front kitchen that is built to impress. It has a multi-burner cooktop, an oven, a refrigerator, a countertop, a sink, a pantry, and several other things that make it impressive. Next to it, there is a dinette with two chairs. 

This camper’s living room is located in the middle of it. It is a spacious and cozy living area featuring theater seats, a sofa, a fireplace, and a big-screen TV. The electric fireplace in this camper’s living room is the first of two. The second one is located in the camper’s bedroom. These fireplaces make this CrossRoads RV Cameo camper very cozy.

In addition to a fireplace, this camper’s bedroom has a big king-size bed. You will really enjoy sleeping in this bed.

Next to this camper’s bedroom, there is a full bathroom. 

The most unique thing about this camper is the fact that it is prepped for winter. So if you want to live in it fulltime, you do not have to worry about cold weather a lot. 

9. CrossRoads Cruiser CR3841FL

CrossRoads Cruiser CR3841FL

  • Dry Weight: 12,528 lbs
  • Carrying Capacity: 2,772 lbs
  • Exterior Length: 42 ft 0 in
  • Hitch Weight: 2,592 lbs
  • L.P. Gas: 60 lbs
  • Exterior Width: 8 ft 0 in
  • Fresh Water: 64 gal
  • Black Water: 44 gal
  • Gray/Galley Water: 82 gal
  • Sleeps: 6

This is the second CrossRoads camper on this list. It is a beautiful camper with awesome features including a fireplace, two bedrooms, a loft, a full bathroom, and a power awning. It is perfect for large families.

The two bedrooms in this camper include a master bedroom with a king bed and a second bedroom with a matt loft on top of a tri-fold sofa.

This vehicle’s main living area is located in the rear. It is a big living area with a sofa and comfy theater seats. Opposite the sofa and the seats, there is a massive TV.

This CrossRoads camper has a front kitchen as you expect. The front kitchen has a nice counter for preparing home meals.

This CrossRoads Cruiser RV has got multiple special features including power seats, a streamlined body design, an automatic leveling system, a heated underbelly, and a 35,000 BTU fireplace. It has space for a washer, a dryer, and other appliances.

In short, it is perfect for camping and for staying off-grid for long.

10. SandPiper 38FKOK

SandPiper 38FKOK

  • Hitch Weight: 2,256 lb.
  • GVWR:15,823 lb.
  • UVW: 12,823 lb.
  • CCC: 3,000 lb.
  • Exterior Length: 41′ 9″
  • Exterior Height: 13′ 5″
  • Exterior Width: 96″
  • Fresh Water: 50.00 gal.
  • Gray Water: 134.00 gal.

This is probably the least famous front kitchen Fifth wheel among the ten I have reviewed in this post. However, this does not mean it is any less special than the other campers.

It comes with a front kitchen, a living area, a bedroom, and a bathroom. What is special about it is the number of features it comes with. Its features include an underbelly armor, roller shades, a thick carpet, withdrawable entry steps, great interior lighting, a backup camera, a power awning, folding chairs, a quality soundbar, a big-screen television, a water filter, a fiberglass exterior, a heater, an air conditioner, and stainless steel appliances.

It is a great Fifth wheel camper with a front kitchen.


This article shows that there are many quality front kitchen Fifth wheels on the market. If you have been looking for one, you now know which ones to consider. I hope the information I have provided will be useful in helping you choose the right one for you and your family.