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Are you looking for the perfect gift for RV owners? Is it confusing to choose one reliable site out of hundreds to find ideas for some great gifts?

Well, do not worry, I assure you that I have added only the most authentic products in the list. All the 30 great gifts for RV owners have been tried and tested by RV owners alike, and includes some of the best RV accessories for everyone. 

Instead of mentioning hundreds of gift ideas, I have cut down my list to just 30 products to help you make a quick decision. Without further due, let us jump right onto the gifts. 

30 Must-Have Gifts for RV Owners

1. Furrion Vision S 4.3 Inch Wireless RV Backup System

The digital wireless camera is perfect if you want to keep RV owners safe on the road. Its seven-inch monitor and camera system offer 0% interference and 100% clear picture. 

Moreover, the device is easy to install and includes 11 powerful IR LEDs to help the driver see 50-feet away from the RV at night. The combination of the LEDs and the camera will make it a breeze to travel and reverse safely every time. 

Besides this, the device has a 10G force-rated shock-resistant and IP66 Water-resistant case for protection too. Simply connect the unit to a 12-24V DC electrical system and keep an eye on the road even 100-feet back from the steering wheel. 

2. Dometic Towing Extended Mirror

Since RVs are quite long and wide, it is a struggle for drivers to have a clear view of the road behind the caravan. This is where an extended mirror can help RV owners to see far beyond their vehicle.

The Dometic Towing Mirror fits perfectly on existing mirrors of the RV without using any tools. Furthermore, it has an air-balanced design that offers a vibration-free superior vision at high speeds too.

Additionally, you can rest assured that the mirror meets all legal regulations and minimizes the risk of accidents.

3. Solo Stove Portable Campfire Stove

If your friend owns an RV, then I am sure that they also love camping and making s’ mores on a campfire. In such instances, the Solo Stove Lite can be ideal as a gift for them. 

The double-walled stainless steel stove uses wood as fuel and produces much less smoke than a traditional campfire. Moreover, it is lightweight, compact, and can boil water in just eight to ten minutes. 

Hence, your friends can use the portable stove on hikes, tailgating, and camping with ease. 

4. weBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster

Do you get annoyed when you cannot connect with your friends on a trip on their RVs? Well, I have the perfect solution for you. Just gift them the weBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster and enhance their 3G and 4G LTE signal up to 3 times.

Not only is this device compatible with all US carriers, but it also works in moving and stationary RV. Besides this, it is easy to set-up and includes long battery life.

As such, you get high-quality audio, faster internet speed for downloads, and minimum dropped calls. 

It is highly recommended for RVs with more than one cell phone user. 


Since most people use RVs to travel through states and camp on their road trips, there is a probability that they might have to face emergencies. If safety is your biggest concern for RV owners, then the Lantoo 5-in-1 Pressure Gauge will ease all your worries. 

The compact tool includes five vital tools, including a tire pressure gauge, window breaker, seat-belt cutter, LED flashlight, and red safety light.

Therefore, you can prevent any tire blowouts by measuring air pressure regularly. Moreover, the durable tire gauge fits perfectly in your glove box and comes with a rubberized non-slip grip for easy use.  

6. Venzo 4 Bike Bicycle Platform Style Carrier

Do your friends own an RV and love cycling as well? Are they worried about storage space for their bicycles on their small truck campers

You can always give them a durable hitch-mount bike rack to make their trips more fun. For instance, the Swagman XC2 Rack supports two bikes frames up to 56cm and a weight of up to 35 pounds per bike. 

Not only is the frame easy to assemble, but it also includes adjustable ratchet arms to fit your bikes. Meanwhile, the anti-wobble hitch system keeps your bikes stable while driving your RV at high speeds. 

Check out our best RV bike rack review for more information. 

7. RV State Sticker

Looking for a small yet fun gift for RV owners? Consider purchasing the State Sticker Map to help your friends keep track of all the states they have visited.

The 21 x 15-inch map sticks perfectly without any bubbles on windows, doors, or slides of the RV. Moreover, the stickers have a bright, attractive graphic that goes well with your interior decoration. 

The 3m vinyl stickers come with a strong adhesive and can withstand wear and tear without peeling up from the ends. Not only is it a fantastic learning tool, but your friends will feel a sense of accomplishment after sticking a state on the map. 

8. CARTMAN Hand Tool Kit

What better way to be prepared for emergencies than a handy toolbox set at your disposal? If you agree, then the CARTMAN Tool Set can make a perfect gift for RV owners.

It contains 148 ANSI-standard handy tools that are housed in a lightweight, sturdy case. And the best part? All the tools are highly durable and coated with chrome to resist corrosion. 

Overall, you can deal with emergencies and repair things without seeking the help of a professional.  

9. RV CouchCoaster 

Everyone knows how hard it is to remove stains from carpets, sofas, or sheets, and drinking your favorite beverages in a moving RV is just inviting more trouble. 

What if I tell that I have the perfect solution? Undoubtedly, your friends will appreciate the CouchCoaster for their RVs.

The flexible, BPA-free silicone coaster wraps over any sofa arm of at least 5.5 inches, or you can wrap it on the backrest. Moreover, its patented design fits all sorts of drinks, offering optimum stability to prevent any mishaps in the RV. 

You can rest assured that you also get a smart slot for the cup handles too. 

10. BLACK+DECKER dusbuster Handheld Vacuum

If your friends find it hard to keep their RVs clean, you can gift them with the ThisWorx for Handheld Vacuum Cleaner to end their dilemma.

The 2.4-pound vacuum includes a high-power 106W motor, which can suction crumbs, dirt, dust, pet hair, and even liquids. Since it comes with a 16-feet power cord, your friends can reach all the corners of the RV with ease. 

Moreover, the vacuum set includes an ergonomic handle, three all-purpose nozzles, a cleaning brush for the filter, and a storage bag. With a protective lid on the transparent waste container, your trash will remain inside the vacuum. 

11. Car Electric Blanket

If you want to choose a practical gift for RV owners, look no further than the Stalwart Electric Blanket. The blanket will undoubtedly come in handy during winter seasons, camping stops, cross-country RV tours, and emergencies. 

It comes with a long 96-inch cord, allowing you to connect the 12V blanket to your RV cigarette lighter easily. With dimensions of 59 x 43 inches, the 100% polyester blanket is exceptionally lightweight yet warm. 

Even though thin wires run through the blanket, you can still fold it up quickly and store it in a compact place. 

12. IE Laserware Shatterproof Wine Glass

Many people will overlook the idea of gifting a simple glass to their friends, but believe me when we say that RV owners will appreciate this gift quite a lot. 

If your friends love to drink, the IE Laserware Wine Glass can be a thoughtful gift for them. Since there are high chances of breaking glassware in a moving RV, this glass will ease all their worries.

Moreover, the stemless wine glass boasts restaurant-quality material, so you can rest assured that it is shatterproof. If this was not enough, these glasses come with smart laser-etched engravings. Isn’t RV there yet a funny pun? 

13. Instant Pot 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

For small, cramped-up spaces like an RV, you need to think about compact, versatile gifts. For instance, the Instant Pot 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker is ideal for RV owners as well as home kitchens.

The smart electric cooker includes seven appliances in one unit, including a slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker, sauté, warmer, and yogurt maker. Moreover, it has 14 one-touch pre-programmed settings on the control panel for stress-free cooking.

Apart from this, the Instant Pot cooker includes easy-to-clean parts, cooks 70% faster than other cookers, and comes with more than ten safety features.

If all this was not enough, it has a six-quarter capacity, which can accommodate up to five to six people. 

14. Telescoping Ladder

The telescoping ladder can prove to be quite useful for RV owners. Not only does it help to clean the slide-out, but you can check on the roof and make repairs around the RV. 

The OxGord Telescoping Ladder retracts with just one button, allowing you to store it with ease. Besides this, is it safe to use and offers optimum stability with its sturdy, built-in locks.

As such, the ladder boasts a high-quality aluminum alloy construction, wide steps, and non-slip traction feet. You can even use the ladder for versatile uses since it can extend from 3.3 feet to 12.5 feet. 

15.Folding Sun Gravity Chair

Even though it is fun to live on an RV or go on long road trips, you want to rest periodically to minimize backaches. For this purpose, I have added this ergonomic zero gravity chair in the list as a gift to RV owners.

With a UV-resistant mesh and comfortable neck pillow on a robust stainless steel frame, the chair provides the best back support, prevents back injuries, and just helps you to relax after a long day of driving.

Moreover, you can use the locking reclining mechanism to adjust your boy in any comfortable position. Simply unfold the chair beside your campfire and enjoy some delicious s’ mores. 

16. Garmin RV GPS Navigator

An RV might not follow the traditional routes that a car does. For such instances, one of the best RV GPS navigators can make an appropriate gift for your friends or family.

The Garmin RV GPS navigator comes with a smart bamboo stylus, hard-shelled case, microfiber cleaning cloth, 12V charger, and screen protectors. It can connect to your mobile phone through an app to help you access live traffic, voice navigation, and multiple hands-free features.

17. RV Travel Journal

An RV travel journal can make a perfect gift for RV owners to help them save their experience in writing. Who does not want to reflect on some of their adventurous memories?

This journal includes an easy-to-fill format and offers many prompts to help you keep track of all the details. Some of these include the date, location, weather, people you met, activities, and what you enjoyed. 

Your friends will surely love securing their road trips for years ahead. 

18. Zippo Survival Kit

The Zippo Match Kit can bear the harshest weather conditions to help you light a campfire or show you the path at night. 

Designed to withstand wear and tear, the typhoon matches come in a water-resistant storage chamber with a reusable strike pad on top of the cap. Moreover, the durable matches float in water and can work even after being submerged in water.

In addition, the four-inch-long matches can burn for up to 30 seconds easily. Since the matches have an ergonomic textured design, you can rest assured that they will not slip from your hand too. 

19. HitchSafe Key Vault

Do you want your friends to enjoy their RV road trips without worrying about robbers and snatchers? Well, I will recommend the HitchSafe Vault to help them secure their keys, credit cards, and cash while they are having fun outside.

While the hitch receiver has high-impact aluminum construction, the HitchSafe Vault secures your valuables inconspicuously. Not only does it install easily, but it is also concealed by a dust cover. 

Moreover, you can set your four-digit combination from over 10000 possible codes. Unlike other key holders, the HitchSafe Vault is far better in terms of quality and safety. 

20. YJHome Mixing Bowl Set

When you live in an RV for an extended period, you do not have the luxury to have all your regular utensils at hand. This is why I have included the YJHome Mixing Bowl Set in this list for RV owners. 

Since the bowl set is stackable, the ten-piece set will only take the space of one in your kitchen cabinet. With a high-quality BPA-free plastic construction, you can rest assured that they are entirely toxin-free too.

Besides this, the measuring cups and spoons are all color-coded and are dishwasher-friendly for easy clean-up. 

21. Stylish Camping RV Mat

If you think that RV owners stay inside their RVs the whole day, you are clearly wrong. Since the living space is quite small, they park their RVs and lay a mat outside during breaks. 

This is why you can always gift them with the practical Stylish Camping Swish Mat for their extra space. The 8 x 18-inch mat is made from a breathable 100% polypropylene material and UV-coated to protect from fading in the scorching heat. 

22. Camco RV Water Filter

RV owners can just filter the local water supply in each state instead of purchasing bottled water every time. Hence the Royal Berkey Water Filter is one of the best RV water filters for their trips. 

It has a 3.25-gallon capacity, which is enough to filter water for two to four people every day. Besides this, the compact, portable filter comes with two purification elements that remove up to 99.999% of microbes from the water.

23. Activated Bamboo Charcoal Bags

RVs tend to hold up bad odor if they are not cleaned professionally regularly. If your friends are traveling with pets or children, you should definitely give them Activated Bamboo Charcoal Bags to save their motorhome from stinking.

These 15 100g charcoal packs come in sealed linen bags that match with the RV décor and include a rope loop to help your friends hang them in trouble spots.

Reusable for two-years, you simply need to just place them in the sun for a couple of hours every month to rejuvenate them. 

24. Weber Portable Gas Grill

If your friend is an avid fan of grilling and owns an RV, what is a better gift then the Weber Portable Gas Grill?

The grill offers 160 square inches of cooking space on its durable porcelain-coated cooking grates, enough to suffice a small family. Besides this, it features a powerful 5500BTU burner and a smart electric ignition to get your grill started in no time.

25. Kindle Paperwhite

Instead of purchasing hardback books for your friends, you can opt for a Kindle Paperwhite. Not only will it be space-saving, but they can also have access to hundreds of books on their long road trips.

Unlike books, Kindle can help you read even in the dark with its built-in adjustable light. Moreover, it offers an ample storage space of 8GB ram on its 300ppi glare-free screen and includes a powerful battery that can last for weeks.

26. Bose Portable Speaker

Since you cannot carry large speakers on your travels, the Bose Portable Speakers will make an ideal gift for those who love music. Weighing just 10.4 ounces, the speaker plays loud yet clear audio on camping trips and even hikes.

It features a waterproof design with a rugged, crack-proof exterior for durability. Apart from this, the speaker has up to six hours of playtime and offers wireless Bluetooth pairing for a truly hands-free experience. With a built-in mic, you can use the speaker to take calls too.

27. Solar Inflatable Lantern

If you are looking for a cool yet practical gift for RV owners, then the Luci Lux Solar Lantern will be an ideal gift for your friends.

The inflatable lantern can be deflated into a compact flat solar panel and hung in the sun to charge. After a complete charge of seven hours, you can inflate the lantern and light the ten LEDs for almost 24 hours. 

Moreover, the lightweight lantern comes with four different lighting modes and is perfect for emergencies too. 

28. La Crosse Wireless Weather Station

It can be quite helpful for RV owners if they are aware of the weather forecasts. As such, they can take the necessary precautions beforehand or make plans accordingly. 

For this purpose, the La Crosse Wireless Weather Station is suitable for displaying the weather forecast on its 7.5-inch screen. Apart from this, it shows the indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity, time, date, barometric pressure, and even the moon phases.

If this was not enough, you could even use the versatile station to set alarms and timers. 

29. Portable Hammock

The Mac Sport Hammock is perfect for RV owners who do not mind taking a nap in the outdoors. It comes with a comfortable pillow, a canopy for shade, and even a lower storage space. 

Along with this, the heavy-duty stainless steel frame offers durability as well as stability. You can set it up in minutes and fold it up compactly to save storage space. Moreover, it includes double attachment on the edges for your safety too. 

30. Camper Levelers

This is one of the best RV accessories that an RV owner should definitely have. Instead of wasting time by trying to level your RV using blocks or planks, use the Andersen Hitches Levelers to get the job done in less than five minutes.

Suitable for trailers with a weight of up to 30000 pounds, the levelers can lift the RV four inches from the driver seat. You simply have to use one leveler on the low side of the trailer and join your family for camping.  


If you are looking for the perfect gift for RV owners, then look no further than our top 30 recommendations in this list. Since all of our products have been tested and used by RV owners themselves, you can rest assured that your friends will definitely appreciate them.

I have listed down something for everyone. So if your friend is an avid reader, you can gift them a Kindle Paperwhite or the inflatable solar lantern for ample reading light. On the other hand, clean-freak RV owners will appreciate the vacuum cleaner, bamboo charcoal bag, Berkey Water Filter, or the CouchCoaster.

Besides this, I have mentioned multiple compact, handy gadgets like the CARTMAN Toolbox set, telescoping ladder, Typhoon Matches, and GPS navigator, which can even help RV owners in emergencies. Just read through our list and find the ideal gift best-suited for your friend or family.