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Not as expensive as motorhomes, travel trailers can still pack a punch in terms of comfort and luxuriousness. To demonstrate this, we’d like to share the list of our favorite high-end travel trailers with you.

The travel trailers we picked for today’s material are quite pricey, but they do have a couple of remarkable things to justify their price. And we think that you’ll also find a few things to wow over.

Our favorite high-end travel trailers

Airstream Classic 33FB Travel Trailer

high-end travel trailers

Up first on the list of our favorite high-end travel trailers is the 33 feet Airstream Classic 33FB. There also are 30 feet travel trailers in the Classic series, as well as a twin-bed 33FB, but we chose the queen-bed 33FB because we like large beds more.

The Airstream Classic probably is the priciest travel trailer line you are going to ever see. Costing around $150-160 thousand, Classic travel trailers have the price of cheaper class A motorhomes.

What makes this travel trailer cost such unbelievable money though?

Well, the main reason for this is the luxurious wooden interior with handcrafted elements, as well as top-of-the-line appliances. From certain angles, you may not even realize that you are looking at an RV interior – it’s much more premium-feeling than most RVs out there.

The Classic series is a Maybach of travel trailers of sorts, hence its extremely steep price tag.

Now, what does this travel trailer have to offer aside from premium build quality?

The answer is that it has got everything that one would probably expect for such a price. At the basics, this travel trailer is no different than much smaller and cheaper models, but everything it has to offer is more functional and convenient.

Take the bathroom for example. Sure, a lot of travel trailers – even those sized half the Classic 33FB – have bathrooms with a sink, shower, and toilet. But very few of them are going to have the same amount of room the 33FB delivers, as well as things like a heated shower floor or heated towel bar.

And yeah, they probably won’t have the residential feel that the Classic 33FB’s bathroom has.

Plus, cheaper travel trailers probably won’t have things like a full entertainment system with a 60-inch TV, a 9 cubic feet refrigerator, a 15,000BTU AC unit, as well as 5 sleeping spots.

There are plenty of other things in the Classic 33FB travel trailer that are worth mentioning, but we could go on and on describing what it has to offer. This is just the surface, but it should be enough to give readers an idea of what the Classic 33FB is about.

Airstream Globetrotter 27FB Travel Trailer

Our 10 Favorite High-End Travel Trailers of 2020 1

The Airstream Globetrotter series is much simpler than the Classic line we’ve just overviewed. However, it isn’t too cheap either, costing around $100 thousand. The Globetrotter line doesn’t have the same luxurious feel as the Classic line, but it does have plenty of things to offer nonetheless.

In the Globetrotter series, there are two 25 feet and two 27 feet floorplans. Again, we chose the longer floorplan with a queen bed, the 27FB.

The Globetrotter 27FB definitely isn’t as comfortable as the travel trailers in the Classic line, but it still has features absent from many, if not all cheaper travel trailers.

Unlike Classic travel trailers, the entire Globetrotter line has sleeping space for six people, which is a very respectable number even for the biggest travel trailers out there. So while this RV isn’t too luxurious, it has one more sleeping spots for people who need it.

This travel trailer has ample interior room, which allowed Airstream to equip it with a shower and toilet with sink in separate compartments. This is quite an interesting solution, and it may actually be better than having an all-in-one bathroom due to size limits.

The kitchen and dining areas have plenty of dedicated room as well. Aside from providing the RV’s inhabitants with plenty of wiggle room, the increased free area allows for bigger appliances, like the 6.7 cubic feet refrigerator, plus both a microwave and an oven.

The Globetrotter 27FB doesn’t have the entertainment capacity of the Classic 33FB with its huge 60-inch TV, but it does have a smaller Samsung TV to make up for it somewhat.

Once again, there’s much more to the Globetrotter 27FB than we can possibly cover on this material. However, if we were to characterize it with one word, we’d say that it is the more compact variant of the Classic 33FB with less luxuriousness.

And yeah, this travel trailer is actually the lightest on our list – it weighs just 6,074 pounds when empty!

Jayco 2020 Jay Flight Bungalow 40FBTS Travel Trailer

Our 10 Favorite High-End Travel Trailers of 2020 2

The Jayco 2020 Jay Flight Bungalow 40FBTS travel trailer may not be as insanely luxurious as the Airstream travel trailers, but it does have a plentitude of other things to offer to those who don’t wish to pay over $100k for a travel trailer.

Before moving forward, it should be mentioned that the 40FBTS is only one of the floorplans available in the 2020 Jay Flight Bungalow line. We just chose it because it seemed to be the most interesting among them.

Now, let’s see what this travel trailer has to offer.

First of all, this travel trailer is 40 feet 2 inches long, which makes it the second longest RV on the list and overall one of the longest RVs out there. And it is thanks to its size that the 40FBTS has quite a few features to surprise us with.

For example, have you ever wanted to have two toilets in your RV? Well, you can with this travel trailer since it has one bathroom with shower & toilet, as well as an additional toilet compartment. All thanks to the increased amount of free space available in this RV!

Or how about the huge living area with a sofa bed, two recliners, and a big dinette? Or the kitchen with its 18 cubic feet residential-style refrigerator and a central island? Not to mention that there is plenty of wiggle room in between of all the stuff that this travel trailer has!

Of course, as a downside, this travel trailer weighs 11,090 pounds when dry, about 2,000 pounds heavier than the Airstream RVs. You’d need to have quite a vehicle to tow this thing.

But given that the 40FBTS costs the third of the Classic 33FB travel trailer, its increased weight doesn’t really seem like a big downside.

Jayco 2020 Eagle 338RETS Travel Trailer

Our 10 Favorite High-End Travel Trailers of 2020 3

The 2020 Eagle 338RETS travel trailer is a little bit more compact than the Jay Flight Bungalow 40FBTS travel trailer that we’ve overviewed, but there are plenty of things in it that may be more interesting to some people.

First of all, weighing 9,645 pounds when unloaded, this travel trailer is nearly 1,500 pounds lighter than the 40FBTS travel trailer. 1,500 pounds may not sound too much when you are dealing with weights close to 10k pounds, but it actually is a huge difference.

The Eagle 338RETS travel trailer is a bit shorter as well, sized at 39 feet 2 inches in length. It is also 96 inches wide – 6 inches narrower than the 40FBTS – as well as has an interior height of 87 inches, 9 inches shorter than the 40FBTS.

Figures show that there are some more or less noticeable limitations to the free room available in the Eagle 338RETS travel trailer. And while this travel trailer is more compact, we can’t say that the area difference is hugely detrimental.

This travel trailer doesn’t have two bathrooms, for example, but it has a roomy bathroom with a large residential shower. In the kitchen, it has a smaller central island, but the kitchen area overall doesn’t feel even remotely limited.

On the other hand, the scale of things is definitely a little smaller in this travel trailer, like its smaller 8 cubic feet refrigerator (the 40FBTS had an 18 cubic feet unit), which still is pretty big. However, those who want more may opt for the optional 13 or 21 cubic refrigerators.

In the end, the 2020 Eagle 338RETS travel trailer basically is a bit smaller variant of the 40FBTS RV we overviewed above.

Coachmen Spirit/Northern Spirit 3379BH Travel Trailer

Our 10 Favorite High-End Travel Trailers of 2020 4

Going even smaller on our list! The next travel trailer we’d like to showcase is Spirit/Northern Spirit 3379BH by Coachmen, which is a less expensive and more compact alternative to the Jayco RVs showcased above.

The Spirit/Northern Spirit has a plentitude of floorplans with varying sizes and features. The largest and most comfortable among them is the 3379BH floorplan, hence why we chose it for our overview.

Measuring 36 feet 11 inches in length, this travel trailer isn’t the smallest on our list, but it looks and feels small after the two huge Jayco RVs we’ve just reviewed. And while this travel trailer doesn’t have as much room as Jayco trailers, it’s quite a comfortable unit.

The layout in this floorplan is quite similar to that in the Eagle 338RETS RV as well, but there are some differences that should be mentioned.

The biggest difference lies in the rear – in this travel trailer, there is a separate compartment with a trifold sofa, a flip-up 30 x 74-inch bunk above it, as well as another 42 x 74-inch bunk. None of the Jayco RVs had such an area in the rear. In addition, both Jayco RVs had fewer sleeping spots overall – 3-4 depending on the package versus the 5 available in the Coachmen travel trailer.

Another thing this camper has is an outdoor kitchen in the rear, which would allow you not to hop in and out of the RV every time you needed something for eating or cooking.

Other than that, we’d say that this and Jayco RVs are pretty similar, including the bedroom, the bathroom, and the kitchen & dining areas. Like the Jayco Eagle 338RETS trailer, this travel trailer has just one bathroom.

This camper is also lighter than the Jayco RVs. Coachmen for some reason doesn’t indicate the weight of the 3379BH floorplan, but it should be around 8,000 pounds, much lighter than the Eagle 338RETS travel trailer.

Palomino Puma Destination 39PQB Travel Trailer

Our 10 Favorite High-End Travel Trailers of 2020 5

Behold the biggest travel trailer on our list! Measuring 42 feet 1 inch in length, the Palomino Puma Destination 39PQB easily wins the crown from the 40 feet 2 inches long Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow 40FBTS travel trailer we reviewed above.

Furthermore, this travel trailer doesn’t weigh that much when empty – just 10,709 pounds. For some perspective, the shorter Jay Flight Bungalow 40FBTS weighs 11,090 pounds.

So, with its huge size, the Puma Destination 39PQB definitely has plenty of room. But how does it make use of it?

Well, this travel trailer comes with a 72 x 80-inch king bed by default, which is a thing available for the previous RVs only as an option. And thanks to the layout of the bedroom, there still is plenty of room left in it in spite of the large bed.

Secondly, the Puma Destination 39PQB travel trailer comes with two bathrooms, just like it was with the Jayco Jay Flight Bungalow RV. The layout of the bathrooms is a little bit different and seemingly smaller in the Puma Destination RV, but the fact that there are two bathrooms in this travel trailer is nonetheless spectacular.

Another notable feature in the Puma Destination travel trailer is its outdoor kitchen with a microwave, a one-burner cooktop, and a mini refrigerator. As for the inside, the kitchen in this RV features a four-burner cooktop, quite a roomy countertop area, as well as a residential-style refrigerator.

And the last thing to be mentioned about this travel trailer is that it has 5 sleeping spots in total – 2 in the king bed and 3 in the rear sleeping compartment with its bunk beds.

All in all, for those who aren’t restricted in storage room and want the biggest travel trailer possible, the Palomino Puma Destination 39PQB may be a good option.

Palomino Puma 32FBQS Travel Trailer

Our 10 Favorite High-End Travel Trailers of 2020 6


The Palomino Puma 32FBQS travel trailer is more or less a smaller variant of the Puma Destination travel trailer we’ve just overviewed. It’s shorter – 38 feet 8 inches – and nearly 2,000 pounds lighter – 8,959 pounds – than the Puma Destination RV.

And while this travel trailer sacrifices some of its conveniences for the lighter weight and compactness, it does have the key features of its bigger counterpart.

Those who love to dine outdoors will probably appreciate that this travel trailer comes with the same exact outdoor kitchen as in the Puma Destination RV. The number of sleeping spots is also the same in this travel trailer – 5 – albeit its main bed is a smaller 60 x 80-inch queen bed.

There are no second bathrooms in this travel trailer, but the one bathroom that you are getting is quite enough. Accommodating an additional linen shelf, it seems to be even roomier than the main bathroom of the Puma Destination travel trailer.

The kitchen area is a little more compact as well. Its layout is similar to that of the Puma Destination travel trailer, but it has a more compact three-burner stove and non-residential-style refrigerator.

In the end, those who happened to like the Puma Destination travel trailer but didn’t favor its size too much would probably be more interested in the Palomino Puma 32FBQS RV.

KZ Sportsmen Destination 363RL Travel Trailer

Our 10 Favorite High-End Travel Trailers of 2020 7

KZ also has its own Destination line, which is the Sportsmen Destination series. From its 5 floorplans, we chose the 363RL layout since it seemed to be the most interesting to us.

The main feature in this particular floorplan is its entertainment area with a theater seating, plus large sofas on the sides. All the floorplans have entertainment areas, but the one of the 363RL travel trailer looked the comfiest and better-designed to us.

We didn’t say anything about the size of the 363RL travel trailer, by the way. Sized at 40 feet 9 inches in length, it is quite a roomy RV. At the same time, with a weight of 8,740 pounds when unloaded, it definitely isn’t the heaviest RV on our list.

What such a size allows for in this RV is excellent comfort, obviously. Among the notable amenities in this travel trailer is the huge 70 x 80-inch king bed, the roomy bedroom with some wardrobe space, quite a big kitchen area with an 18 cubic feet refrigerator, and, of course, a bathroom with all the essential amenities plus a linen washer/dryer.

Another thing that we also wish this travel trailer had is an outdoor kitchen. Not the thing that is needed by everyone, an outdoor kitchen adds a little bit of convenience to the journey nonetheless.

Overall, we think that the main feature of this travel trailer is its entertainment area. The rest of its features are more or less common in other travel trailers on the list.

Starcraft Launch Outfitter 31BHS Travel Trailer

Our 10 Favorite High-End Travel Trailers of 2020 8

Starcraft is one of those RV manufacturers that produce relatively cheap travel trailers. The base package Starcraft Launch Outfitter 31BHS costs just shy of $40 thousand. It’s not a particularly cheap travel trailer, but it is far from being as pricey as the Airstream travel trailers, for example.

Aside from that, this travel trailer isn’t too big, measuring 36 feet 1 inch in length. On the other hand, weighing 7,435 pounds, it is one of the lighter trailers on our list.

In spite of its cheapness, the Launch Outfitter 31BHS does have a couple of interesting features to offer to those who have a tighter budget.

The first thing that catches the eye in this travel trailer is its sleeping capacity. There are 8-10 sleeping spots available in this travel trailer, which is an insane number. Larger families would surely appreciate the amount of sleeping space this travel trailer has got.

In addition, this travel trailer surprisingly has two dinettes – one in the rear sleeping compartment and the other in the living area. This greatly complements the amount of sleeping space the Launch Outfitter travel trailer has.

The kitchen area in this RV resembles those in the other travel trailers, but there isn’t as much space available for it due to size constraints. Nonetheless, it delivers plenty of convenience with its residential-style refrigerator, the double sink, and the three-burner stove.

The bathroom is also relatively small in this travel trailer, but the great thing about it is that it has two entrances, allowing you to access it from either the living area or the bedroom.

In the end, this travel trailer seems like an excellent option for those who need as many sleeping spots as possible in their RV.

Grand Design RV Reflection 315RLTS Travel Trailer

Our 10 Favorite High-End Travel Trailers of 2020 9

And the last travel trailer on our list is Reflection 315RLTS by Grand Design RV, which is quite a luxurious RV model. But it isn’t quite like the pricey Airstream travel trailers – it is more similar to the Jayco RVs.

Not the biggest travel trailer on our list, the Reflection 315RLTS nonetheless packs quite a punch. Its 37 feet 11 inches long body allows it to deliver a respectable amount of free room, especially in the living and kitchen areas.

There is plenty of stuff packed in this RV as well. How about a spacey entertainment area with a fireplace, a 40-inch TV, and theatre seats? Or maybe the richly equipped kitchen with a convection microwave, a 12 cubic feet refrigerator, and a central island?

Things are looking good in the bedroom as well. And while the 315RLTS floorplan isn’t the best floorplan in the Reflection series in terms of sleeping space, it still delivers plenty of sleeping room with its queen bed and the tri-fold sofa.

The bathroom in this RV is also good, but it isn’t as remarkable as in the bigger RVs on our list. It’s roomy and all, but some of the other travel trailers we overviewed were more convenient and residential-like.

With everything described above in mind, we think that this travel trailer is a suitable option for people who want as many amenities as possible for a not so steep price.

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