How Long Will A Travel Trailer Last

How long a travel trailer lasts is a question that’s right at the top when it comes to questions that prospective travel trailer owners ask.

After all, nobody would like to buy a travel trailer that simply becomes unusable after just a couple of years. Thankfully, the majority of travel trailers can last for a minimum of 10 years.

While 10 years might seem like a long time, it is important to know that this is just an average.

Certainly, there are travel trailers that will last much longer and others that will need to be replaced only after a few years.

That being said, maintenance is an important factor in prolonging the lifespan of your travel trailer. The frequency at which you use it is also another factor.

Why is 10 years a travel trailer’s life expectancy?

The actual 10 years does not necessarily culminate at a point where the travel trailer can no longer be used.

What the 10 years do signify, is the time it will take for you to fully get your value for money out of the travel trailer.

Nevertheless, this period only concerns those that use it consistently. If you do not use your travel trailer frequently, then it could last for much longer.

A travel trailer will typically require quite a bit of maintenance. This is because they are typically carried along to pretty uncomfortable locales where they get massively exposed to the harsh climate conditions.

Due to this, they tend to fall into disrepair quickly if an effort is not made to ensure they are maintained. If the effort for maintenance is put in, a travel trailer can last at least 25 years. With 25 years, they become a beneficial investment compared to cars as automobiles are not rated to last that long.

Are there particular travel trailers that last longer than others?

When it comes to the materials used to make travel trailers, there are two popular materials. They are fiberglass and aluminum.

Travel trailers made from each of these materials both have their advantages and disadvantages. For one travel trailers made form aluminum come with panels which can be replaced easily.

Additionally, the material is quite light so it can help increase your truck’s towing capacity. Moreover, aluminum is much cheaper compared to fiberglass. Aluminum also has wonderful breathability, ensuring that mildew and condensation are reduced on the travel trailer’s inside.

Fiberglass, on the other hand, can hold up much better in terrible weather conditions such as hail and rain.

It is also dent resistance, a very important feature considering that you will take your travel trailer to the RV park ground.

It can also offer better insulation compared to aluminum. What this means is that a fiberglass trailer holds onto the heat better during cold weather while staying cool during the throngs of summer. It is also much more durable.

Given all this information, you would typically expect that a travel trailer made from fiberglass would last much longer than ones made from aluminum, given that they are better suited to withstand punishing weather conditions and are durable.

Are there any particular brands that make long-lasting and durable travel trailers?

There are quite a few brands making travel trailers in today’s world. One of the more popular ones also happens to be one that makes the longest-lasting travel trailer.

Travel trailers from Airstream are extremely durable and they are bound to last an owner a very long time. Nevertheless, this should not be your only reason for purchasing a travel trailer from Airstream, as there are other travel trailers that can also provide value for money when it comes to longevity.

400;”>Travel trailers manufactured by Keystone and Forest River also last a long while. They create extremely durable travel trailers that are bound to last you a long time.

What you should know, however, is that just because a brand making travel trailers are not mentioned doesn’t mean they don’t manufacture travel trailers that are long-lasting and durable.

Also, just because, you see a brand name on a travel trailer you are interested in here doesn’t mean shouldn’t conduct adequate research to see if that is the travel trailer for you before making a purchase.

If there is one thing you should do when deciding to buy a travel trailer, it is to conduct sufficient research to ensure the travel trailer you select is one that lasts you quite a while.

Are there specific parts of the travel trailer that wear out?

There are certain parts that wear out quicker than others. For one, your travel trailer’s weather seals would have to either be replaced or properly maintained.

Weather seals tend to exist around your travel trailer’s windows and doors. They are there to make sure that water and air do not find their way into your travel trailer.

As with all things over time, the seals loosen up and the adhesive used to ensure that it remains stuck to the frame begins to weaken. Should this happen, you will have to strengthen the seals.

This can be done using silicone sealant and repair epoxy. It is important to repair these leaks as soon as you notice them. This is because tiny leaks can become large leaks fairly quickly and should that happen mildew and mold would begin to form.

The holding tanks would also have to be properly maintained. This is because your travel trailer’s water tanks hold water for numerous activities you undertake every day.

Those that have been RVing for a while understand that each tank has a different purpose and as such holds a different type of water.

For those that are simply getting into the RVing world, there are three water tanks that all travel trailers hold. They hold individuals the freshwater, black water, and grey water or washing water that comes from the sink and shower.

Typically, freshwater drains via the grey water tank and is typically flushed out alongside the black water. While this might seem like a simple thing, it is important that you carefully maintain your water tanks particularly your black tank.

You should take time out to ensure your pipes are rinsed. Not doing so could cause an unpleasant odor to arise and this could indicate that some equipment has failed.

Last but not least, the most changed aspect or component of a travel trailer has to be the awning, if your travel trailer has one.

This is because your travel trailer’s awning gets exposed to harsh weather conditions the most. You have to do all you can to ensure that it does not get damaged.

For one, if you happen to be caught in a storm and your awning is out, you should move to tilt it down so that it does not catch water.

This is because a growing pool of water can put stress on the awning that it has not been designed to carry and that could end up damaging it.


The amount of time your travel trailer lasts typically depends on a host of factors, but your trailer should be able to last an average of 10 years.