How Much Does A Truck Camper Cost

Off-road camping is becoming more of a lifestyle than a hobby. While following hectic schedules and meeting deadlines, the thought of hanging out in the suburbs and quiet forestry must have refreshed your minds often.

Camping requires several gears, and we will go through the most important one, the camper truck. The key features to seek in any camper truck are:

  • Comfort
  • Strength
  • Mobility
  • Value for money

So, whether it is a short bed truck camper or a getaway truck camper that you want, this article will guide you in making an informed decision. Here are some of the best truck camper options for the year 2020, both reliable and cost-effective.

So, how much does a truck camper cost? For a new truck camper, expect to pay between $20,000 and $50,000, depending on features and brand.  Used truck campers can cost as little as $4,000.

Examples of Truck Camper Prices

Hallmark UTE 8.5

Hallmark UTE 8.5 is one of the higher-priced models in my list. Firstly, it is a luxurious camper truck having a base price of $40,995. It is relatively lightweight and weighs about 1643 pounds, so it is ideal for all your off-road camping adventures. 

This truck features a queen-sized bed with the option of under-bed storage. Like most luxury trucks, it is quite spacious and includes standard features such as wet-bath, toilet, shower, and a passenger-side sink. 

Lastly, there is a large kitchen on the driver’s side.


  • Luxurious design made of balsa wood and fiberglass composite.
  • U-shaped dinette (55 inches) for a soothing dining experience
  • Space-saving overhead cabinets
  • Low-profile air conditioner for rough summer camping days
  • 200-watt solar power system and 45 Amps power center

Alaskan 7 Cabover

This is a great hybrid truck with both hard-side and pop-up options. If you love pop-ups but do not like canvas walls, the Alaskan 7 Cabover is just what you need. 

Moreover, it has a robust wall pop-up design supported by a state-of-the-art hydraulic system to give you a perfect camping experience. It is a 1560-pound camper truck and has a base price of $29,899.


  • Full-sized entrance door so you do not have to bend
  • Leather dinette for a luxurious dining experience
  • Suburban furnace (20,000 BTU)
  • Freshwater tank to store up to 27 gallons
  • LED Lighting and 170-Watt solar power system

Bundutec Wild

Compact design, lightweight, and a modern-day outlook, this camper truck has it all. Bundutec Wild comes for a base price of $18,600. For off-road camping trips, this truck is ideal as it weighs just 1610 pounds. 

In addition, it includes all the standard camper truck features such as a 21-gallon water tank, sink, a refrigerator, wet-bath, and a Thetford Cassette toilet.


  • Space-saving Underbed storage
  • Water heater furnace
  • North-south mattress (56×74-inches)
  • 160-watt solar power system

Arctic Fox 811

I simply love the elegant design and luxuriously built of the Arctic Fox 811. It is one of the heavier models in this list, weighing about 4500 pounds on full load. It has a base price of $29,216 and offers good value for money. 

Because of the weight, it may not provide the best off-road camping experience. However, its large spacious basement, insulated walls, and 20,000 BTU furnace are some major attractions.


  • 30-pound propane tanks
  • 50-gallon fresh water tank
  • 45-amp progressive dynamics
  • 170-watt solar power backup

Lance 975

Another expensive camper truck on my list, Lance 975, has everything you need for a perfect camping experience. So whether it is deep wood camping or a mountain adventure, this camper truck can go places with you.

It is priced at $58,305 featuring a queen-sized bed, a dry bath, and an exterior wash station. Moreover, it features in the range of slightly heavier camper trucks with a weight of 3499 pounds.


  • 5 cubic ft refrigerator
  • 45 gallons of fresh water storage
  • 4 sleepers
  • 3 cooktop burners
  • Hard side body type
  • Seamless unloading after camp settlement

Eagle Cap 1200

Eagle Cap 1200 is a heavy-duty camper truck offering a luxurious camping experience at a base price of $56,995. Because of its heavyweight(4930-pounds), it has been specially designed to handle rough terrain.

Eagle Cap 1200 has a spacious 100 sq. Ft. space to offer for four sleepers. Moreover, its luxurious nightshades, hardwood cabinets, and industrial-grade flooring add to the stylish looks of this camper truck.


  • 110-Volt outlet
  • Ladder
  • Padded ceilings
  • LED Lighting for both interior and exterior
  • Low profile TV/radio antenna

Rugged Mountain 9RL

This is something I would suggest if you are looking for an average priced model. Rugger Mountain 9RL is priced at $28,350, weighing nearly 3500 pounds. Because of its price range, it’s an ideal option, especially for starters.

There is a 5 cu.ft. Refrigerator and a 36-gallon freshwater tank along with a 38-gallon grey water tank. What’s more? Its space-saving design offers many options for storage, such as slide-out fishing pole drawers and hardwood cabinets.


  • TPO crowned roof you can walk on
  • Stainless microwave
  • Breadboard walls for better insulation
  • Pull down faucet and a 24-inch stainless steel sink

Four-Wheel Camper Flatbed Hawk

This is one of my favorites when it comes to lightweight and durability. Firstly, it is available at a base price of $27,395, offering great value for money. Secondly, to me, its best features are the simplicity of design and reliability. 

Because it is a pop-up camper, it’s designed mainly for off-road adventures. Hence, its full-load weight is just 2100 pounds. It’s a good option for half-ton pickups as well. 

For an average truck camper, it has a relatively large 320-watt solar power system, one of the best among the similarly priced trucks.


  • Indoor shower
  • Portable toilet
  • Spacious 72×78 inch bed
  • 130-litre DC compressor refrigerator
  • 20-gallon fresh water tank

nuCamp Cirrus 820

This camper truck costs $30,000 approx. I think it is one of the most prospective designs for the future because of its luxuriously crafted interior and sturdy exterior. Therefore, for off-road adventures, it becomes a handy option. 

Another feature that attracted me the most was its infinity flooring. Secondly, it also features a FROLI sleep system, which is still unique in this price range.


  •  210- Watt Solar System
  •  8-inch Torklift Glow Steps
  •  A dry weight of 2685 pounds
  • Permanent dinette with a pass-through window

Outfitter Apex 8

I believe that this camper truck is likely to do well in 2020. It has a classic design and a heated basement, which is ideal for winter excursions. 

In addition, there is an astounding 44-gallon freshwater tank, so you are good to go for longer adventures. Even with such a large water tank, it weighs only 1450 pounds, so it is ideal for off-road trips. 

To sum up, for $38,995, it has all the features to return good value for money.


  • Insulated Weblon Soft walls to keep the inside cool.
  • Porcelain toilet made from marine grade material
  • 3cu. Ft. refrigerator
  • Composite foam construction which is both lightweight and sturdy
  • Power backup with Onan 2500 Generator

Final Words

Since we have covered a broader range of prices, there are suitable options for all. If you are new to truck campers, it’s great to check out truck campers for sale. It might save you some precious bucks.

In a nutshell, with such versatile options and features available, you might get confused. One the other hand, the wider range will also let you decide which features you can ditch and the ones you need the most in your camper truck.