How Much Does It Cost To Replace An RV Floor

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As an RV owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your RV and keep it always in good condition. Like any other important thing in the world, your RV is prone to tear and break down at any time anywhere. Therefore, you are accountable to take care of it and it is your duty to make the necessary maintenance in order to keep it functional.

The RV floor is one of the most components of your RV that can get easily damaged because it is constantly prone to potential abuses. For this reason, checking out your floor from time to time and take care of even small and minor damages is essential in order not to accumulate over time.  If those damages get accumulated and ignored, you will be faced with a serious problem. That’s why early detection is the solution and the answer to a healthy RV floor.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the cost of the RV floor replacement. Generally, the cost can vary depending on the condition of the floor and how much space it covers, it can reach up to $5,000.  It can also vary with the kind of floor replacement you want for your RV and the scope of your work.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace An RV Floor?

This is probably the question you will be asking yourself when you are facing floor damage. The costs of the RV can be quite expensive. Let’s see together the different price options you have.

The cost of the floor replacement can be divided into several sections:

Footage square:

In this section, you will have to identify the size of your RV. How big is it? And how many square your floor cover?

If your RV falls under class B, then we are talking about travel trailer small vehicles.

If your RV falls under class C, then we are talking about a moderate vehicle.

If your RV falls under class A, then we are talking about the big one.

Therefore, depending on which class your RV is categorized you can determine the footage square. However, you have to note that the more free ground space you have inside your RV, the price will increase accordingly.

The materials used for floor replacement:

Your RV might already have a typical floor material incorporated in it. The selection of replacement material totally depends on your choice, if you want to maintain the old one or you want to upgrade it. The materials prices usually differ from one to another depending on which one we are talking about. 

Some are more expensive than others. In some cases, RV owners tend to replace the floor themselves. However, it is recommended not to do so especially if u don’t have special and particular materials. You need to have some experience to reach the desired results.  

In this section, we will be sharing with you some of the well known and common flooring materials that are usually used for home purposes. therefore, you might expect either an increase or decrease in the price for RV purposes.

Laminate (expected cost: $600-$700):

One of the first recommendations of flooring material is Laminate. This is the material you want if you seek the latest house decor fashion for floors while paying an affordable price at the same time. simply put, the Laminate kind of impersonate the reflection of hardwood with a relatively wood textured surface. The top layer is usually a clear coat that can be protected from stains or other color drips. 

In case it got stained over time, then you simply have to replace it with a new brand one. The laminate is considered a very durable and long-lasting material that is easier to take care of. You need to sweep it when it comes to cleaning. 

The material is usually available in different several colors to accommodate with your interior decor. While the square footage price can be very affordable and cheap, you might question, the final price of it. And here comes the labor work. We will see that later in this article.

Vinyl ( expected cost: $140 to $200):

As you can tell by the expected cost to be provided for this flooring replacement material, Vinyl is very if not extremely affordable. Built-in with the latest technology and the newest printing designs, this type of floor material is quite handy and practical. 

Thanks to its construction, you will be able to experience valuable and costly products like woods and stones at a cheap price. Despite being a cheap material, the Vinyl is durable and can resist scratches.

Carpeting: (expected cost: $850 to $1k)

Carpeting will definitely add a luxurious touch to your Rv. The cost will depend on a large scale on what type of carpeting you want. They are available in different patterns, texture, and color models to choose from that suit your style, from traditional to contemporary.

The worst thing about carpets is the fact that gets dirty really easily and the surfaces are likely predisposed to stains and spots. You should also avoid getting them wet so they don’t end up forming mold.

The main and common textiles used to create carpets are nylon and polyester. Nylon carpet wears well, it is abrasion-resistant. The fibers are resilient so they spring back when walked on however nylon fibers are porous and while it accepts color dye easily it also accepts stains easily. 

To overcome this issue manufacturers use a stain treatment early on in manufacture to seal up the fibers, like ‘Stain master’ which encapsulates the fiber. Nylon carpet has a tendency to fade in sunlight; it is more UV sensitive than other carpet fibers.

Linoleum (expected cost: $650 to $900)

This is another floor replacement option that you should take into consideration. It is a little bit on the expensive side but the overall price will largely depend on the first level on your RV size. The bigger you RV, the more money you have to spend. 

Hardwood (expected cost: $1,100 to $2,000)

When we say hardwood, we talk about the real deal. It is the most expensive product you can probably find on this list and the most solid and durable one. The hardwood can last you for a lifetime if you take good care of it. Some of the well-known woods we can name are oak, maple, ash, Brazilian cherry and more. 

This type of wood cans handle heavy use and it is able to maintain its vibrant and dense color tone. The only thing you have to be mindful of is water. Water can cause real damage to the wood. depending on how much square you need to cover with hardwood planks, the price will vary accordingly. If you wanted them to be sealed or stained, you might need to assume some additional expense.

Tile: expected cost: $250 to $750:

The tile falls also under the moderate side of floor replacement material. They are usually modest in design. However, you can always look for fancy designs. The only drawback of the tile is the fact that it is prone to color fade with time. Sometimes, you should expect it to crack.

Cost of Labor:

Besides the cost of the material, you should also add the cost of the labor. Generally, the cost of labor depends on the material chosen to be implemented. the prices you have seen so far, only showcase the material without factoring the work payments.

In some cases, you might need more than just floor replacement. floor joists are sometimes needed to carry on this whole process, and this is where your money adds up.

When To Replace An RV Floor

You should note that your RV floor is extremely important and should not ignore its call for maintenance whenever needed.

There are several situations that may be visible or not on when you need to replace your floor.

  1. the age of your floor: this is usually in the case of purchasing a used RV and you have no idea how old the flooring is? or if it the original one or not? In case you have no information about it, you should contact the old owner or take it to an RV expert repair shop to get further details.
  1. a parasitic growth: if you notice mold growing over your floor, you know its time to clean it. This case happens mostly when you use a carpet of wood and you don’t take care of it with regular cleaning.
  1. Weak and leaky Spots on the floor: this should be fixed instantly without a further wait.


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As you can tell a lot of factors can alter the overall price of your RV fLoor replacement. Depending on the size of your RV, the material you want to use and the cost of your labor, the overall cost can reach up to 6k sometimes. Therefore, makes rue you know exactly what you need and prefer to have and prepare a budget for it.