How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Pontoon Boat

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Planning to update your pontoon boat into a new look? There are various options available such as paint, gel coating, and vinyl wrapping.  

The vinyl coating, compared to paint, is cheaper and offers more creativity with your boat appearance. Moreover, these wraps are more environmentally friendly than toxic paints.  

Boat wrap advertisements have high prospects to gain attention. Vinyl wraps offer easily customized graphics and colorful designs.

Eye-catching brand graphics on a boat are more likely to catch attention as compared to the simple design. Moreover, your branding may not be restricted to only marine-related items – just think of Soda drink. 

Let’s dive into the details of factors affecting cost likely to be incurred to wrap a pontoon boat.

The Size of the Boat

One of the most critical factors in calculating the amount you will pay to vinyl wrap your boat is the boat’s size. The bigger the boat, the more cost you have to bear. 

You will find many installers are giving price quotes based on feet, not square footage. For a 14-foot fishing boat, the wrapping price starts from $1400 and goes up. 

The Type of the Boat

It’s not only the size that matters. The second contributing factor in the cost calculation is the type of boat. Whether it is a bass boat/ fishing boat, a pontoon, a cruiser, or a speed boat? 

Type of the boat defines the contours, the complexity of the wrapping job, and the quantity of wrap material it takes.

It is similar to wrapping a rectangular gift, is easy and takes less time. However, wrapping an odd-shaped gift with extra corners and crevices is difficult, time taking, and tricky. The same concept applies to boats.

Vinyl comes in standard width. If your boat demands more than the specific width, your incurred cost will go up. 

Partial Wrap Vs. Full Wrap

The size of the wrap assists determines the budget. Either you wrap the full boat or just a part of it. If you are planning for a half boat wrap, you have to pay roughly about half of the entire wrap cost.

A partial wrap covers a portion of your hull and is so intelligently designed that it flows with the boat contour.

Single Color Vs. Graphics

Single color wrapping gives your boat a new look with the impression of a gel coat or a paint job, and your boat’s exterior shines like new. 

However, some boaters choose to wrap their boats with graphics, company logos, firm identities, and designs. They want to change their boats into floating billboards of those companies.  

Graphics/designed wrap is generally more expensive than a single color. 

How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Pontoon Boat

Well, most of the graphics companies will not advertise their prices online. It depends on multiple factors. You can get a quote by mentioning your boat type and size. 

Moreover, the cost can fluctuate depending upon who does the designing work? If you already made the design/graphics, that will reduce the overall cost. If you ask a design expert to make something for you, that will increase your expense. 

For a custom pontoon wrap design, Print Crazee in Illinois charges between $1200 to $3500. 

Also, cost varies depending on if you hire experts to wrap your boat or do it yourself. In the latter situation, you only have to purchase the required materials

Keeping all the above factors in mind, for pontoon boats, these are the different price ranges:

  • 14 ft: $1400 installed by experts, $800 for materials only
  • 16 ft: $1600 installed by experts, $1000 for materials only
  • 18 ft: $1800-$2000 installed by experts, $1200 for materials only
  • 20 ft: $2000-$2400 installed by experts, $1400 for materials only

For bass boats, wrap cost varies between $1300 to $3000.

  • 18 ft: $2400 installed by experts, $1300 for materials only
  • 20 ft: $2600 installed by experts, $1500 for materials only
  • 22 ft: $2800 installed by experts, $1700 for materials only
  • 24 ft: $3000 installed by experts, $1900 for materials only

For a speedboat/wake boat, depending upon size, here are the wrapping costs:.

  • 24 ft: $3000 installed by experts, $1600 for materials only
  • 26 ft: $3200 installed by experts, $1800 for materials only
  • 28 ft: $3400 installed by experts, $2000 for materials only
  • 30 ft: $3600 installed by experts, $2200 for materials only

Advantages of Vinyl Wrap


Vinyl wrap is more economical than a new gel coating/paint job.


You can easily make a design or graphics of your choice. Get creative and advertise your brand on floating billboards.  

Easy to Repair

It’s effortless to repair vinyl as compared to gel coats. Suppose you find any damaged surface such as tear or rip. Simply, remove the damaged area and paste the vinyl patch with a heat gun.  


The vinyl wrap will give your boat a clean, sleek, and new look.


You can surely get six to seven years of life from the vinyl wrap if it is professionally installed. 


It does not fade itself and protects your boat from sun damage and color fading. 

Time off the Water

The time required to complete the wrap job depends on the boat’s size and type along with portion or complete wrapping. But usually, it’s not more than a few days.

Easy to Clean

It’s easier to clean the vinyl surface; just soap and water will do the perfect job. If you are using a pressure washer, don’t let the water stream penetrate the vinyl surface. Otherwise, it will lift it off. 

Best Vinyl Wrap for Pontoon Boat

Best vinyl wrap is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and won’t peel off in a month. The application of excellent UV resistant vinyl is also essential. 

Otherwise, regular usage in the sun will fade and deteriorate your boat. A UV coating vinyl applied on the top of the wrap will stay for at least ten years without fading. 

Can You Wrap a Pontoon Boat Yourself?

I consider it a complete project and will ask professionals to do it for me. But the answer to the question is, Yes! You can do it yourself.

Many boaters do it and get great results. To save time and money, you have to get proper boat dimensions and calculations.

With little research, you can quickly wrap your pontoon boat. Some essential tools like a heat gun, squeegee, and special knife are required to complete the job. 

Moreover, older boats before vinyl wrap require preparation work like cleaning, removing deteriorated paint, filling, or removing previous wraps. You can do it yourself or hire someone on an hourly basis.

Does Vinyl Wrap Work on Pontoon Aluminium?

Yes, vinyl wrap works equally well on the pontoon boat’s aluminum panel. Your boat will get a modern look. If you are doing it yourself, it needs proper calculations with some expertise.

How to Remove Pontoon Boat Vinyl Wraps?

If you want to give your pontoon boat a new look, you have to remove the old vinyl wrap. These five steps will help you to remove wrap easily.

  • Wash the wraps with warm soapy water
  • Use a hairdryer to heat vinyl
  • Peel off the wraps
  • Remove sticky residue
  • Completely clean and buff the surface

Final Thoughts

The cost likely to incur on a pontoon boat’s wrapping ranges between $1400 to $3000. It largely depends on the size of the boat. Partial or full wrap, along with graphics/design choice, also contributes to cost variation.

Vinyl wrap is the best voice for boat facelift. It is affordable, durable, protects your boat from water and sun, and, most importantly, easy to maintain. For advertisement or customized design on your boat, vinyl wrap is the best choice.