How Much Does Pop Up Camper Insurance Cost

When people are interested in getting into the RV lifestyle, the first RV they look at is a popup camper.

Two of the most important reasons that draw them to popup campers is the fact that they do not cost as much as other types of RVs and they weigh considerably less.

With a popup camper, they are able to reduce the chance that they might overspend, as well as towing a popup camper is much easier to do than any other type of towable RV.

Compared to fifth wheels and travel trailers, popup campers do not require you to be a seasoned driver. Given that pop-up campers do not cost as much, most people tend to wonder if getting insurance is worth the risk.

Getting your popup camper insured might not be legally compulsory in every state, however, it is still better to get it insured.

The majority of states in the country are bound to have laws making liability coverage compulsory, especially for popup campers and towing trailers in general. So if you decide on purchasing a popup camper with a loan, your lender will compel you to also insure it.

Additionally, if you decide to rent a popup camper, the dealer or owner would include a mandatory insurance policy with the rent agreement. Should you refuse, you will be unable to take the popup camper on the road.

Possibly the only time insurance might not be compelled would be when you purchase the camper using your funds. It is at this point of sale that you can choose to opt-out of getting insurance, however, this depends on what state you live in.

it does not matter if you have a brand new popup camper or it is a preowned one, getting insurance for your popup camper can save you from unexpected expenses. 

What exactly is a popup camper?

A popup camper can be defined as a basic pull a form of an RV. Typically, a popup camper has basic amenities, with a few of them not including a bathroom.

It is possible to purchase a preowned popup camper for less than $1,000. Getting a brand new popup camper can cost anything from $5,000 to as high as $23,000 or more depending on the brand and optioned amenities.

Given that the prices of a popup camper are incredibly low, it does force people to question if they need to insure their camper.

How much does it cost to insure a popup camper

How much you pay for insuring your popup camper tends to depend on a variety of factors. For one, the type of coverage you get matters and it tends to differ from one insurance company to another.

If you are unsure, the best thing to do would be to request for quotes so that you can better determine your choice.

400;”>Insuring your popup camper can on average cost anything from $75 to $400 per year. This range should only be seen as an estimate, as your premium might be higher or lower depending on a host of factors.

Why do I need to insure my popup camper? 

Just as any other type of RV, a popup camper can become damaged as a result of various reasons. For starters, your camper could be involved in a fender bender with another automobile on the road.

The damage could also be caused by another car while your camper was stationary. You can’t even take natural disasters such as floods, tornados, or storms out of the equation as they can also damage your popup camper.

Severe weather systems tend to cause damages that might be too expensive for you to pay. It is at this point that your insurance kicks in. 

Apart from damages like thee ones above, your camper could get vandalized or even stolen. you can also have the belongings that you stored in the popup camper stolen also. These are just some of the glaring reasons why you should get insurance.

Does my regular car insurance cover my popup camper? 

 It is possible for the insurance policy on your car to cover your camper’s liability given that it is the car that tows the popup camper.

However, before you head out onto the road, it is important that you check if your specific policy covers this. Most of the time, your camper is seen as an extension of your car even if it is not completely attached.

That being said, not every car insurance provider offers full trailer insurance, so it is important to do your research and find out which car insurance providers offer the policy.

What variables factor into the cost of insurance?

There are quite a lot of factors to consider when trying to calculate the cost of insuring your popup camper. Some of them are out of your control.

However, this section of the article aims to highlight the factors to better help you decide what popup camper is suitable for you given its insurance value.

How old is the camper?

The amount you pay for your premium will typically depend on if your popup camper is brand new or if it is a preowned one.

If your camper is new, your insurance premium is bound to be high given the current market value of your popup camper is also high. And as a result of this replacement parts or repairs will be more expensive.

An older, preowned camper is likely to cost less to insure for the exact opposite reason, it is old enough to have available parts and its age shows its reliability.

The brand of the popup camper

If the popup camper in question is one that comes with great amenities and is seen as a luxury model, you are bound to have higher premiums. Base models with basic amenities will cost less to insure.

The year the popup camper was made

This also decides the premium and is in line with the first point. the newer the model year, the higher your insurance premium is going to be.

Dimensions of the camper

In this instance, just how large or small your camper is can play a part. When your popup camper is bigger, you pay higher premiums. So if you are looking to save on insurance costs, you should look into purchasing a smaller popup camper.

What safety features doe the popup camper have?

When your popup camper has great safety features it goes a long way to assuring your insurance provider that it is safe and that could go a long way to helping the cost of your coverage come down.

Your location

It might seem strange but where you live can play a part in how high or low your insurance premiums are. When you live in an area that is prone to storms or tornadoes, you are likely to be charged higher premiums for your popup camper.


Deciding to insure or not insure your popup camper has to be taken only after you have correctly understood the laws regarding insuring a camper in your state. Should you take the step to insure your camper, you should be aware of the factors that could influence how much you pay as premium.